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Firebase Adds Hosting to Speed Real-Time App Development 05-14-2014
Aylien's Text Analysis API Makes Sense of the Internet 02-20-2014
Apps for Energy Hackathon Coming to a City Near You 01-23-2014
With $18M Funding, SMS Cloud Carrier Nexmo Revving Up to Add Voice 01-22-2014
PubNub Announces Bitcoin Exchange Solution Kit 12-11-2013
Firebase Enables Integration with 250 Apps through Zapier 11-26-2013
Runscope's Sheehan: SDKs Add Unnecessary Layers of Abstraction 11-25-2013
PubNub Connects the WebRTC Dots With a Template 11-21-2013
Real-Time App Development Platform PubNub Introduces Serverless Access Control 10-23-2013
Fuse Seeks to Meld Your Car Data With Your World 10-22-2013
Mechanical Nun Parses Sins, Dispels Your Guilt Via API 10-16-2013
Mogreet Drops Pricing on SMS 10-04-2013
Payvia Adds New Features To Bill-To-Carrier Mobile Payments Platform 10-04-2013
Display Your Content the Way You Want. Launches Platform Independent CMS 10-02-2013
Letting It All Hang Out and How Data Can Serve Us 10-02-2013
What Just Happened? Gnip’s New Twitter Search API Can Help You Find Out 09-30-2013
Putting Together a Travel Package? Relax and Let the iZento API Do It for You 09-30-2013
Service Objects Launches API for Online Address Verification 09-27-2013
Apple Announces iOS 7 Tech Talks in Six Major Cities 09-26-2013
Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo Join Forces in Developing Premium Ad API 09-26-2013
Plaid Raises $2.8M for API that Opens Banking Data to Developers 09-26-2013
Chrome Getting Rid of Apps and Plug-ins Based on Popular NPAPI 09-25-2013
Bella Solutions Introduces API for SugarCRM Integration 09-24-2013
Real-Time App Development Platform PubNub Snags $11M to Expand Sales and Marketing 09-24-2013
More Fitness Data Anyone? Salutron Launches LifeTrak API 09-23-2013
Constant Contact Adds Five Mobile Partners to Its AppConnect Program 09-23-2013
Jawbone Swings Open the Doors to Its Fitness Tracking API 09-20-2013
Twilio Announces Picture Messaging and Drops Price on SMS in North America 09-18-2013
Mobile Developers: Get Ready for the Sprint Hackathon October 17 09-17-2013
WSO2 Announces 4 Webinars Supporting Best Practices for API Manager 09-16-2013
Find and Watch Your Favorite TV Show or Movie with the Guidebox API 09-13-2013
Taking a Break or Did Kobo In Reality Lose Access to the Goodreads API? 09-02-2013
How to Get Into Disrupt SF for Free: Hack Your Way There 08-30-2013
Amazon Extends Associates Program to Android Developers 08-30-2013
Will Yahoo Make Flickr Awesome Again? Let's See What It Does with IQ Engines 08-29-2013
ABOL Software Launches Multicarrier Shipping API 08-29-2013
YAY Looks to Expand Stock Photo Business with Image API 08-28-2013
YouTube Ups Quota for New Developers, Leaves Microsoft Out In Cold 08-27-2013
Facebook Updates Android SDK with Simplified Open Graph Integration, Snazzier Login Button and More 08-26-2013
Email List API Lets Visitors to Your Site Order Email Lists Directly 08-22-2013
At Long Last, Buffer Lets You Schedule Posts to Your Google+ Page 08-22-2013
Program Got Bugs? Bugsnag Will Keep You Posted 08-21-2013
Google Brings Google+ Domains API Out of Beta, Targets Corporate Use 08-20-2013
PayPal Opens REST APIs to Rest of World 08-16-2013
Dinner Reservations à la Facebook with OpenTable 08-16-2013
Evernote Rate Limits API to Encourage Responsible Programming 08-15-2013
Path Expands API with 13 New Partners Including WordPress, Over and Strava 08-14-2013
OpenStreetMap Anyone? OpenCage Is Making the Data More Accessible 08-08-2013
Hootsuite Ropes $165M in Series B Funding to Pay Off Investors, Fuel Growth 08-06-2013
LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner: Robust Ads API Program 'High Priority' 08-05-2013
Google Invites Developers to Try Real-Time Reporting API 08-02-2013
What's in That Can of Peas? Kwikee Will Tell You 08-02-2013
Ready to Go Shopping? Diffbot’s Product API Parses Product Data 08-01-2013
Nexmo Gaining Traction in Wholesale Text Messaging Market 07-26-2013
AlchemyAPI Updates API, Brings Deep Learning to the Masses 07-25-2013
Softphone Company CounterPath Announces Bria for Windows API 07-24-2013
Standard Treasury Wants to Bring Banks into the 21st Century 07-23-2013
Textalytics Launches Family of Industry-Specific Text Mining APIs 07-22-2013
Study Reveals $157B Telecom Network API Revenue Opportunity 07-19-2013
Printful API Lets You Print T-Shirts, Posters and More in Small Numbers 07-18-2013 Brings Mobile Access to Secure Enterprise Documents 07-17-2013
Sell Your Digital Goods Online with Instamojo 07-15-2013
Chrome Packaged Apps Ramps Up with iTunes and Bluetooth Capabilities 07-12-2013
HeyWatch's Robot API Simplifies Video Encoding Integration 07-11-2013
Dropbox’s New Datastore API Lets Third-Party Apps Sync Data 07-10-2013
Firebase Adds Android to Mobile Support 07-09-2013
Twitter Bans Auto Follow, Relaxes Display Requirements 07-08-2013
Dish Opens Second Screen API to Partners 07-05-2013
With Firefox 23 Beta, Firefox Opens Social API to All 07-03-2013
Twitter Ushers in Second Round of Ads API Partners 07-01-2013
Searching for a Parking Space? Streetline Releases Free Basic API 06-28-2013
Leap Motion Opens Airspace, Expands Beta Testing 06-27-2013
Text Message Marketing: Slick Text Debuts API 06-24-2013
Registration Begins for API World 2013 in San Francisco 06-21-2013
Thermostat Maker Ecobee Launches Home Automation API 06-20-2013
Ringadoc Debuts ‘Anywhere, Anytime’ Doctor Answering Service API 06-19-2013
Elastic Path Secures $8 Million for Digital Commerce API 06-18-2013
TWUBS Debuts Twitter API Compliant Chat Tool 06-17-2013
Lights Out for TweetDeck, SilverBird and DestroyTwitter as Twitter Officially Retires API v1 06-14-2013
CiRBA Releases API for Optimal Virtual Machine Placement 06-13-2013
Frames, Motions, Gestures: A Sneak Peek into the Leap Motion SDK 06-11-2013
WSO2 API Manager Adds Multi-Tenancy to Latest Release 06-10-2013
NYU Student Who Tweets Every U.S. Drone Strike in History Releases API 06-05-2013
Amazon Joins Single Sign-On Game with ‘Login with Amazon’ 06-03-2013
Rallyverse, a platform that helps companies become socially adept, releases its API 05-31-2013
New App Based on Google Maps Eliminates Blind Spots in Video Surveillance 05-27-2013
Twitter Extends V1 Cut-Off to Allow for More Testing 05-23-2013