Adam DuVander
The former ProgrammableWeb Executive Editor, Adam is an API and developer content consultant at EveryDeveloper. Previously he worked at API companies SendGrid and Orchestrate, and wrote for Wired and Webmonkey. Adam is also the author of mapping API cookbook Map Scripting 101. Find him at
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Urban Airship Push on Kindle Fire: "It Just Works" 12-06-2011
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Personalization API Rapleaf Ponies Up $1 Million to Support Developers 09-07-2011
Intuit and Salesforce Show Promise of an API Partnership Future 09-07-2011
Yahoo Maps API: So Long, Old Friend 09-02-2011
SXSW 2012: The Year of the API 08-31-2011
InfoChimps Bundles Many Location Sources in One API 08-30-2011
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SimpleGeo Switches Pricing Models, Alters Free Plan 08-01-2011
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Redesigning the Netflix API: No Versions, Many Endpoints 07-28-2011
Twilio Adds Analytics to its Voice and SMS Platform 07-20-2011
API Report: Inside Electronic Signatures 07-20-2011
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750K Twitter Developers: New Site Supports Their 1M+ Apps 07-11-2011 Brings Mood Detection to its 20,656 Developers 07-08-2011
New "Try It" Feature Uses Google Discovery API 06-27-2011
Factual and SimpleGeo Create One of the Largest Business Listings Databases 06-23-2011
Social Media Aggregator Brings "Postcasting" to Brands 06-21-2011
Netflix API Ditching DVD Endpoints to Focus on Streaming 06-18-2011
Yahoo Maps Finally Taken Off Life Support: Gone By September 06-17-2011
Twitter Mashup Count Leaps Past Flickr 06-14-2011
Query Wikipedia By Location in 36 Languages 06-09-2011
The Most Popular API Pairings May Surprise You 06-09-2011
Apple Goes Big With Twitter Integration in iOS 5 06-06-2011
700 Social Mashups: Twitter and Facebook Reign 06-06-2011
15 New APIs: Device Location, Stock Prices and Disposable Email Addresses 06-05-2011
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C'est Magnifique: Google to Offer Paid Version of Translate API 06-03-2011
Read/Write Photos Coming to Twitter API, Videos Next? 06-02-2011
Win a Ticket to Velocity: Why is Performance Important for APIs? 06-01-2011
13 New APIs: Switzerland Maps, Barcelona Biking and The Bible 05-29-2011
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Google Translate API to Go "Kaputt" in December 05-27-2011
Twitter's Other Ecosystem: Twitter-derived APIs Double in One Year 05-26-2011
API Business Models: Then and Now 05-25-2011
1 in 5 APIs Say "Bye XML" 05-25-2011
Who Belongs to the API Billionaires Club? 05-25-2011
Thanks ProgrammableWeb Sponsors 05-24-2011
45 New APIs: Google, PubSubHubbub and Taxi Booking 05-22-2011
23 APIs Used in 7 Days: Instagram, Yahoo Travel, Twitter and Google Charts 05-21-2011
Twitter Extends New OAuth Deadline For Apps Accessing Direct Messages 05-18-2011
Industrious E-Signature Hacks: Petitions, Delivery Slips and Parental Consent 05-18-2011
90 of Top 200 Sites Have No Mobile Version, Says New API 05-17-2011
31 New APIs: Google Tasks, Website Screenshots and MapQuest Static Maps 05-15-2011
24 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, and Twitter 05-14-2011
MapQuest Adds Transit to Directions APIs 05-13-2011
Google Takes Places Public with Needed Features and 100,000 Daily Calls 05-11-2011
Google's API for APIs Makes Sense of Its 80+ Services 05-10-2011
37 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, Google Maps, TypePad and Freebase 05-08-2011
18 New APIs: Gravatar, Internet Radio and Semantic Analysis 05-08-2011
41 New APIs: Rotten Tomatoes, Email Marketing, Expedia and Image Editing 05-01-2011
16 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon Mechanical Turk, Facebook and Zappos 04-30-2011
Social Avatar Hack Takes Top Prize at The Next Web Hackathon 04-29-2011
Auto-check-in App Wins Factual Hackathon 04-27-2011
27 New APIs: Location, SMS and Thomson Reuters 04-24-2011
23 APIs Used in 7 Days: YouTube, Google Fusion Tables and Twitter 04-23-2011
Web 2.0 Apocalypse: Amazon EC2 Flop Shows Cloud Isn't Invincible 04-21-2011
$25,000 E-signature Hackathon From DocuSign Coming in May 04-21-2011
Google Maps Courts GIS Developers With Google Earth Builder 04-20-2011
200 Developers to Take on European Hackathon 04-18-2011
25 New APIs: Beer Data, Social Sharing and eBook Search 04-17-2011
Quick, Only 3 Days to Enter AppCircus at AppNation 04-17-2011
19 APIs Used in 7 Days: Zappos, Amazon, YouTube and Facebook 04-16-2011
How to Become Mashup of the Day 04-15-2011
Over $100,000 Awaits in Developer Contests 04-15-2011
Multi-party Video Chat Platform Sees Growth, Goes Mobile 04-14-2011
Global Data Visualization Platform Nabs Top World Bank Prize 04-14-2011
The "GlueCon 15": Attend GlueCon to See Their Demos 04-11-2011
19 New APIs: Streaming Music, Phone Verification and Cloud Storage 04-10-2011
38 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook and Netflix 04-09-2011
Bring Your Social Networks to Your Service Business 04-07-2011
Father and Son Build Twitter Mashup for 2012 Elections 04-04-2011
20 New APIs: FitBit, and Very Short URL Shortener 04-03-2011
35 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook 04-02-2011
Data 2.0 Coming Next Week as Future Uncertain 04-01-2011
SimpleGeo's "Fast and Easy" Geo Database Exits Beta 03-29-2011
54 New APIs: USA Today, Dynamic DNS and Creative Commons Music 03-27-2011
30 APIs Used in 7 Days: Netflix,, Facebook and Google Geocoding 03-26-2011
Browser Apps May Finally Work: "Greasemonkey in the Cloud" 03-23-2011
Foursquare V1 Gets an Expiration Date 03-22-2011
Best New Mashups: Japanese Earthquake Maps 03-22-2011
Create Your Own Instagram With New Aviary Effects API 03-21-2011
16 New APIs: Rackspace, Rapleaf and Streaming Radio 03-20-2011
19 APIs Used in 7 Days: Wikipedia, eBay, Verizon and YouTube 03-19-2011
Zappos to Provide Order History Via OAuth API 03-17-2011
Popular Video Search Added to the Tweet Index 03-16-2011
TED Conference to Open Its Video Library Via API 03-14-2011
SXSW Accelerator Chock Full of APIs 03-14-2011
Contest With a Twist: Non-Mobile Location Apps? 03-14-2011
33 new APIs: Bing Translation, Node.js Hosting and On-Demand Printing 03-13-2011
27 APIs Used in 7 Days: Adobe, Facebook, Amazon and Yelp 03-12-2011
Twitter Indexer Topsy Adds Funding, Rejuvenates Real-time Search 03-10-2011
Thanks ProgrammableWeb Sponsors 03-10-2011
Google to Host Developer Day at SXSW 03-09-2011
3,000 Web APIs: Trends From a Quickly Growing Directory 03-08-2011
Best New Mashups: Follow Photos with Instagram Apps 03-07-2011
54 New APIs: Wikipedia, Live Chat, Text-to-Speech and Cloud Collaboration 03-06-2011
28 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, Bing, Amazon and Google Maps 03-05-2011
Disqus API, Features Can Out-Open Facebook Comments 03-02-2011
Paid Yahoo Search BOSS API Will Support OAuth, Optional Ads 03-01-2011
WikiLocation: A Geo API for Wikipedia 03-01-2011
Mobile Devs Going to SXSW Should Join the Circus 02-28-2011
Tap Me Launches iPhone Ad Platform, Plans API 02-28-2011
41 New APIs: Instagram, eNom Domains and Ericsson 02-27-2011
47 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google, Facebook, Github and Twitter 02-26-2011
Once Slow to Expose Its API, Instagram Goes Real-time 02-24-2011
Yahoo to Pull the Plug on MyBlogLog on May 24 02-24-2011
Coupon Aggregator Handling 11 Million API Queries Per Day 02-24-2011
Best New Mashups: Real Estate Goes Everywhere 02-21-2011
41 New APIs: AT&T, Verizon and Live Internet Radio 02-20-2011
36 APIs Used in 7 Days: Quora, PicPlz, Amazon, Foursquare and Facebook 02-19-2011
Twitter Employee Writes Bot to Tweet Expiring Netflix Instant Movies 02-16-2011
Zappos API Growing Up: Version 2 Coming This Week 02-15-2011
Facebook Dating App Brings New Meaning to "Liking" 02-14-2011
52 New APIs: MasterCard, Joyent and AT&T 02-13-2011
32 APIs Used in 7 Days: YouTube, Netflix, Facebook and Twitter 02-12-2011
Instapaper API Goes Read/Write, But Only For Paying Users 02-09-2011
Best New Mashups: Apps for Foodies 02-09-2011
Ambitious MasterCard Includes Payments in Beta APIs 02-09-2011
Social Aggregators Get More Sophisticated With 'Connected' 02-09-2011
FreshBooks Offers Developer Revenue with Add-on Store 02-08-2011
Instagram API Accepting Sign-ups for Public Beta 02-07-2011
42 New APIs: Sprint, TD Ameritrade, Verizon and KISSMetrics 02-06-2011
32 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and MTV 02-05-2011
New York City Touts Its API on Subway Advertisements 02-03-2011
Hey Mobile, Thanks for All the APIs 02-01-2011
Shopping Online Gets Local With Retailigence Apps 01-31-2011
29 New APIs: Facebook Games, Amazon Email and PicPlz Photo Filters 01-30-2011
16 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, Amazon, Twilio and MusixMatch Lyrics 01-29-2011
The Varied Ways to View Google's Many Developer Tools 01-27-2011
Free and Without Limits: MapQuest Navigation Engine Available as API 01-25-2011
Best New Mashups: Find the Lyrics, Instantly 01-24-2011
35 New APIs: Facebook Chat, Coupons and Tournament Brackets 01-23-2011
26 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, eBay, Google Maps and Etsy 01-22-2011
The Web Overreacted to Facebook's Latest Privacy Issue 01-20-2011
47 New APIs: Quora, MapQuest and Google 01-16-2011
32 APIs Used in 7 Days: Groupon, Twitter, Zillow and eBay 01-15-2011
Popular LinkedIn Mashup Hits Limits: "Can We Pay?" 01-15-2011
Mapping Granddaddy Goes OpenStreetMap, No API Key Needed 01-13-2011
Instagram Shuts Down Developers, Plans Official API 01-12-2011
Best New Mashups: Radio Station Tricks Reborn 01-11-2011
29 New APIs: URL Shortening, Domain Registration and Email Marketing 01-09-2011
Quora Can't Wait Any More, Releases Alpha API 01-08-2011
23 APIs Used in 7 Days: FedEx, LinkedIn, and 01-08-2011
CloudMade Acquires Mobile Mapping Company, Goes Cross-Platform 01-07-2011
API Growth Doubles in 2010, Social and Mobile Are Trends 01-03-2011
40 New APIs: Google, Facebook Analytics and PayPal Subscriptions 01-02-2011
23 APIs Used in 7 Days: Yahoo Weather, Google Maps and YouTube 01-01-2011
64 New APIs: Real-time Facebook, Twitter Streaming and Google Shopping 12-26-2010
21 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google, Twilio, YouTube and Twitter 12-25-2010
Google Base Axed in Favor of New Shopping APIs 12-20-2010
75 New APIs This Week: Instagram, AOL ShoutCast and Two Social Network Platforms 12-19-2010
18 APIs Used in 7 Days: PayPal, Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook and 12-18-2010
Give Santa Directions with Open MapQuest API 12-17-2010
The Full-featured, Unpublished Instagram API 12-15-2010
Best New Mashups: Novel Uses of Social Connections 12-15-2010
50 New APIs This Week: USA Today, Google, SimpleGeo and Shutterfly 12-12-2010
20 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, Foursquare, Tropo, Twitter and Wikipedia 12-11-2010
Open APIs: Why Bother? Here are 5 Reasons 12-09-2010
17 New APIs: Twitter Utility, Two Way SMS and Multi-party Video Chat 12-08-2010
Cloudstock Hackathon Kicks Off: Registration Open 12-06-2010
55 New APIs: SMS Text Messages, Cloud Email and Location Marketing 12-05-2010
24 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, Flickr, Amazon and Yahoo 12-04-2010
Plan Your Cloudstock Hackathon App, Registration Opening Soon 11-30-2010
Best New Mashups: Stretching the YouTube API 11-29-2010
17 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter 11-27-2010
34 New APIs This Week: MapQuest Directions, URL Shorteners, Coupons and Fraud Prevention 11-21-2010
24 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, YouTube, New York Times and Google Maps 11-20-2010
Cloudstock Hackathon Invites Devs to Mash the Cloud 11-17-2010
Gnip Selling Twitter Firehose Access, But You Can't Display Tweets 11-17-2010
Best New Mashups: What it Takes to be Map-tastic 11-16-2010
35 New APIs: SMS Messaging, Shopping Cart Migration and Semantic Tools 11-14-2010
55 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon, eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube 11-13-2010
The "Magic" Behind Apple's Username/Password Twitter Login 11-12-2010
Apple Makes Biggest Twitter Mashup Since Google 11-11-2010
On Veterans Day, Where Are the Arlington Cemetery Mashups? 11-11-2010
Twitter Goes JSON-Only With One API, More to Come? 11-10-2010
Mostly Obsolete, Google Maps Data API to be Deprecated 11-10-2010
23 New APIs: Hyperlocal Neighborhood Data, Online Shopping Cart and Carbon Footprint Service 11-07-2010
Instant Meme Still Going Strong: 16 Instant Mashups 11-05-2010
Teleport Anywhere with Google Maps Street View 11-05-2010
Quova Adds Free IP Geolocation API 11-04-2010
Cubit Uses a Google Map to Gather Input 11-04-2010
Early Mashup Pioneer Opens Hyperlocal API 11-03-2010
Facebook Places API Goes Read/Write, Adds Venue Search 11-03-2010
Best New Mashups: Doing Good With DonorsChoose 11-03-2010
Twitter to Promote Tweets First in API Timelines 11-01-2010
Google API Console Opens Up Millions of Queries Daily 11-01-2010
29 New APIs This Week: Email Marketing, Cloud Syncing and Barcode Generating 11-01-2010
14 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Maps, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube 10-30-2010
Mobile Commerce Gets Easy With Appcelerator and PayPal 10-28-2010
Facebook and PayPal Team Up For Micro-Payments 10-27-2010
10 New APIs: Twitter Search, URL Shortening and Weather Forecasts 10-27-2010
How Digg's API Exposed 159 Fake Accounts Digg Claims Were Internal Tests 10-27-2010
Stock Data API Hints at Future of Data as a Service 10-26-2010
URL Shortening Goes Enterprise with BudURL.Pro 10-26-2010
Amazon Accidentally Bites Some Developer Hands with API Limits 10-25-2010
At Least Four Ways to Search Twitter Via API 10-25-2010
26 New APIs: Photo Sharing, Mobile Barcodes and Feed Aggregation 10-24-2010
39 APIs Used in 7 Days: Yelp, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube and Flickr 10-23-2010
MapQuest API Searches OpenStreetMap Data Without Limits 10-21-2010
Guardian Makes Music and Literary Apps Easier With Linked Data 10-20-2010
Best New Mashups: New Takes on Shopping APIs 10-20-2010
Google Maps API: Now Serving 350,000 Websites 10-19-2010
22 New APIs: Personal Information Management, Web Hosting and IP Geolocation 10-17-2010
30 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon, Blogger, Flickr, Foursquare, Google Maps, Twitter and Yelp 10-16-2010
Best Buy Commerce API Enables In-App Purchases 10-12-2010
22 New APIs: Dictionary, Data and Domains 10-10-2010
41 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Latitude, iTunes and Facebook 10-09-2010
Thanks ProgrammableWeb Sponsors 10-07-2010
Facebook Changes Offer Users Clarity 10-07-2010
Best New Mashups: New Twists on Twitter 10-06-2010
Foursquare Outage a Chance to Test for Errors 10-05-2010
24 New APIs: SMS, Cloud Storage and Lyrics 10-03-2010
35 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter 10-02-2010
Mashup Case Study: Ripped Records 09-30-2010
Fitness Site Finds APIs Help Cut Development Costs 09-29-2010
GeoIQ Relaunches with First Location Analytics Platform 09-29-2010
Can a Platform Succeed Without a Popular Service? 09-28-2010
11 new APIs: Google Predictions, Amazon User Management 09-26-2010
40 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Search, Flickr and Twitter 09-25-2010
500 YouTube Mashups 09-24-2010
APIs Feed "Instant" Frenzy 09-23-2010
Programmer Builds Unofficial Hacker News API 09-23-2010
Will Factual Become the Go-to Location Database? 09-22-2010
Lucky Lady: 13 New York Times APIs 09-22-2010
A Rainbow of APIs: Orange, Yellow, Green 09-20-2010
11 New APIs: Travel, FCC and Real-time Push 09-19-2010
29 APIs Used in 7 Days: Flickr, Google App Engine and Bing 09-18-2010
Will Twitter Open Its Canvas to Developers? 09-17-2010
NPR API Architect Headed to Netflix 09-16-2010 is Now One Giant Mashup 09-14-2010
100 Apps in 100 Days Awarding 100+ Prizes 09-13-2010
New Job Title: API Engineer 09-13-2010
8 New APIs: Music Snippets, Restaurant Ordering and Email Customer Service 09-12-2010
30 APIs Used in 7 Days: YouTube, Google Visualization and Yahoo Maps 09-11-2010
13 New APIs: Twitter Search, Social Spending and Local Transit 09-05-2010
41 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon, Twitter and YouTube 09-04-2010
Maps Without Maps Shows Off Google's Styles 09-03-2010
What Happened to Enterprise Mashups? 09-01-2010
16 New APIs: Movie Reviews, Payments and Weather 08-29-2010
53 APIs Used in 7 Days: Flickr, Twitter and Foursquare 08-28-2010
Yahoo Okays Revenue Streams in its Social Streams 08-26-2010
Last Chance to Vote APIs Into SXSW 08-26-2010
New MapQuest Directions API Built on Open Data 08-24-2010
Viralheat Turns It Up With Social Trends API 08-24-2010
WeatherBug Provides Geo Overlays for Map Mashups 08-23-2010
12 New APIs: Email, SMS, Video Embedding and Link Expanding 08-22-2010
32 APIs Used in 7 Days: YouTube, and Twitter 08-21-2010
With Jambool, Google Bought Another API 08-20-2010
Time Warner Cable Hints at Future TV API 08-20-2010
Facebook Location API Launches: Read Only For Now 08-18-2010
Real World Mashup Connects Bike to iPhone, Location 08-18-2010
Get Embed Code for Videos and More With One API Call 08-17-2010
How Fflick Uses APIs to Tap the Movie Hivemind 08-16-2010
Twitter Basic Auth Will Truly Disappear August 30 08-16-2010
15 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, Foursquare, Twilio and Twitter 08-14-2010
Record Your Phone Calls With MyPhoneTap 08-13-2010
Twitter Search History Dwindling, Now at Four Days 08-12-2010
Local Deals For Your App an API Call Away 08-11-2010
20+ Google JavaScript APIs in One Playground 08-11-2010
Facebook Application Tabs Are Getting Smaller 08-10-2010
Best New Mashups: One, Two, Three Foursquare Apps 08-10-2010
Twitter Adds Promoted Tweets to the API 08-09-2010
Digg API Version 2 Coming Soon 08-09-2010
5000 Mashups 08-09-2010
21 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon,, Facebook, Foursquare, Wikipedia and YouTube 08-07-2010
Gowalla Officially Released Write API, the Right Way 08-06-2010
Tesco Takes its Grocery App Mobile 08-05-2010
New Job Titles Show APIs Moving Mainstream 08-05-2010
Foursquare Dating App: Check-in and Check Out 08-04-2010
New API Shows How Much Money Your Users Make 08-03-2010
More Transit Agencies Opening Up Their Data 08-02-2010
How to Make YouTube Embeds Less YouTube-y 08-02-2010
Gowalla's Write API: the Experience is Distributed 07-30-2010
Cash and iPads Abound With Developer Contests 07-30-2010
37Signals Acquires Developer's Campfire iPhone App 07-29-2010
Twitter Streams: a Glimpse of Future Realtime APIs? 07-29-2010
Making Mobile Apps? Not With These APIs 07-28-2010
Twitter Blocks Only Available Via API 07-27-2010
How to Drink from the Google Buzz Firehose 07-27-2010
Best New Mashups: Keep It Local 07-26-2010
Twitter OAuth Countdown Hits Three Weeks 07-26-2010
FYI, Check Out This abbr. API ASAP 07-23-2010
Code for America Seeks Fellows for 2011 07-21-2010
Twitter/FourSquare Mashup Aids Electronic Eavesdropping 07-21-2010
The API You Need $25,000 to Use 07-20-2010
Marketers Discover APIs, Thanks to FourSquare 07-19-2010
Evernote to Promote Platform with App Store 07-16-2010
Zappos Comes to its Senses, Allows Mobile Apps 07-14-2010
Reporting with Data: How the New York Times Uses APIs 07-14-2010
Virtual Water Fights Abound in FourSquare Mashup 07-13-2010
Mine the Information Behind the Search with These APIs 07-12-2010
Facebook Buys NextStop, Shutting Down Site and API 07-09-2010
NYTimes Shows How Civic APIs Should Be Built 07-08-2010
100 Video APIs 07-07-2010
Realtime Underground Feed Released Then Removed 07-06-2010
Best New Mashups: Doing More With Geo-Data 07-05-2010
Tweets for Troops: Gratefulapp Sends Twitter Postcards 07-02-2010
Best New Mashups: World Cup, Interview Questions, and Innovative Online Dating 06-30-2010
Be Part of 300 Million "Shared Experiences" with Messenger Connect 06-28-2010
UK Grocery App Makes Shopping Easy 06-28-2010
FourSquare Mashup Lets You Find Popular Places 06-25-2010
Phone Poll Mashup Acquired by SurveyMonkey 06-24-2010
Yahoo Launches PlaceFinder - Says Goodbye to Geocoding API 06-23-2010
Find Zip Codes With This Useful Map 06-18-2010
Audiggle Windows App is Like Shazam for Your Desktop 06-16-2010
Four Twitter Mashups Available as One API 06-15-2010
Twitter Q&A Service Searches Questions 06-14-2010
Bing Health Map Shows Promise of Open Government Data 06-11-2010
What Twitter's Means for Link Shortener APIs 06-10-2010
New Job Requirement: Experience Building RESTful APIs 06-09-2010
Bing Wants Your Apps on Its Maps 06-08-2010
600 Shopping Mashups 06-07-2010
4 Mashups to Help You Follow the BP Oil Spill Crisis 06-04-2010
400 Twitter Mashups 06-03-2010
Yahoo Opens First Ever Fantasy Sports API 06-02-2010
Zappos to Launch API For Shoes 06-01-2010
Give Your Maps Some Context With Open Source Menu 05-31-2010
Twitter Influence Tool Gets Game-Like Achievements 05-31-2010
Twitter to Remove "Unofficial" Search Endpoint Next Week 05-28-2010
Location-based App Contest LocationWild Starts Saturday 05-28-2010
Need a Vanity Phone Number? Call 888-API-DEPOT 05-26-2010
Hey, Big Spender: The Million Dollar API 05-25-2010
3 Reasons Google Isn't Too Late With the Latitude API 05-21-2010
Make Your Google Map Stand Out With Styles 05-20-2010
Google Announces "Places" to Search Businesses and More 05-20-2010
Google Follows MapQuest With Driving Directions Web Service 05-20-2010
Google Maps API v3 Goes Into Production 05-19-2010
Best New Mashups: 3 Very Different Apps 05-19-2010
Developers: Foursquare Wants to Show Off Your Apps 05-18-2010
Citysearch and Yellow Pages Team Up Via API 05-14-2010
Google Moderator Gets API and Example Apps 05-13-2010
Mashup Can Start a Phone Poll in Minutes 05-11-2010
Open Data Event Rallies Developers 05-11-2010
TaxiCity: A Game Combining Open Data and Bing Maps 05-06-2010
Best New Mashups: Explore Color, Language and Cities 05-05-2010
Twitter Changing Search API to Include Popular Tweets 05-05-2010
OAuth is the New Hotness: 76 OAuth-enabled APIs 05-03-2010
Coming This Week in SF: Open APIs for Government 05-03-2010 Location-Sharing Band-Aid or Useful Mashup? 04-30-2010
E-commerce APIs: Store Site in a Box 04-29-2010
Apple Buys Siri: Largest Mashup Acquisition Ever 04-28-2010
Lessons from Yahoo's iPad App in the Cloud 04-28-2010
Google To Host First Ever Transit Developer Unconference in NYC 04-27-2010
PageRank For Twitter Launches - For a Fee 04-27-2010
Unlikely Live Traffic: In The Water 04-26-2010
Twitter's Many Geo APIs 04-26-2010
Reuters Offers $25,000 in Prizes to Build Innovative Financial Mobile Apps 04-23-2010
Best New Mashups: Track Links, Prices and Corporations 04-21-2010
Free Phone Number Lookup Service Gets You Location and Carrier 04-20-2010
Best Buy's Shopping API Now Offers Product Reviews 04-20-2010
Twitter Goes Anywhere With New API 04-19-2010
Use the Factery API to Get Important Text From Searches 04-18-2010
Weather Sites + Bing Maps 04-16-2010
Finally, Twitter Gives Developers a Home 04-15-2010
Twitter Reveals: 75% of Our Traffic is via API (3 billion calls per day) 04-15-2010
Will Promoted Tweets Be Sent Through the Twitter API? 04-14-2010
Twitter Mashup Growth: 2009 Was Big, Now What? 04-14-2010
iPhone App Finds Trees in NYC's Concrete Jungle 04-13-2010
Top 10 Things Every Twitter Developer Should Know 04-13-2010
Open WiFi Geo Database Adds Writable API for Data Capturing 04-12-2010
Do Your Civic Duty Via API 04-12-2010
5 Years Ago Today the Web Mashup Was Born 04-08-2010
Want to Search the Web in Python? Try Search Spider 80legs 04-08-2010
Best New Mashups: Who's Feeling Aggregated? 04-08-2010
How Twitter's 1 API Gave Birth to 43 New APIs 04-07-2010
SimpleGeo is the Location Database API We've Wanted 04-05-2010
Best New Mashups: Get At Hidden Data 04-01-2010
Foursquare API Fuels Third-Party App That May be a Better Foursquare 03-30-2010
New Y Combinator Class Is Full of APIs 03-25-2010
Google Launches Maps Elevation Data API 03-25-2010
Mapping Meaning: Showing Social Impact With Open Action 03-24-2010
Google Lets You Get The Bugs Out With IssueTracker API 03-23-2010
Marketing APIs: Promotional Site in a Box 03-22-2010
Infrastructure APIs: New Site in a Box 03-19-2010
The Feeling's Mutual: the Twitter-related API I've Been Wanting 03-17-2010
Bing Maps Get More Visual Thanks to Flickr's API 03-16-2010
Person Search API from Whoozy, Not Just for Stalkers 03-16-2010
DVD Collector Remixes Best Buy API to Share Compilation 03-15-2010
Best New Mashups: All About Status Messages 03-12-2010
Love a Local Business? Prove it with Intuit's Foursquare Mashup 03-10-2010
Celebrate Your Developers: a Lesson From Mobypicture 03-09-2010
An API That Shows Where You've Been 03-08-2010
GMaps Pedometer, Now With Optional G 03-05-2010
See Where the Queen Catches the Bus 03-04-2010
Technorati API Disappears: No Longer Representing the Technorati 03-04-2010
Search Thousands of Movie Clips, Assuming You Can Get API Access 03-03-2010
VC Funded Map Mashup Zooms Out 03-01-2010
Data is Journalism: Politics API from The Guardian 03-01-2010
How to Search Twitter Profiles by Web or API 03-01-2010
Instant Geo-tweet Maps: Just Add UMapper 02-28-2010
Best New Mashups: Random Chat, Twitter Chat and Tide Spying 02-26-2010
Refine Your Site Concept With Prefinery Beta Testing 02-25-2010
New API Puts Neighborhood Geo Boundaries Within Reach 02-24-2010
Car Dealer API Opens a Closed Industry 02-23-2010
Use Postage to Send Email From Web Apps 02-22-2010
How to Make Sense of a User's Geolocation 02-22-2010
NBC Creates Mashup to Track Olympic Tweets 02-18-2010
Sears, the Oldest Retailer in U.S. Has Newest API 02-18-2010
3 Reasons Geocoded Tweets Haven't Caught On and 2 Reasons Not to Worry 02-17-2010
Where did Van Gogh Paint That? Find Out on a Map 02-12-2010
Best New Mashups: Social Graphing, Realtime Emotions and a Virtual Assistant 02-12-2010
MapQuest Finds The Point With Improved Address Geocoding 02-11-2010
Music Site Uses YouTube API - Causes Record Labels to Pull Videos 02-11-2010
Bean Counter's Delight: 4 Accounting Services With APIs 02-10-2010
Vancouver Olympics Mapped by Google and Microsoft 02-09-2010
Google's Secret Weather API 02-08-2010
"Ultimate Mashup" a Glimpse into the Future 02-05-2010
UK to Pay Developers of Public Mashups 02-04-2010
Top 10 YouTube Mashups of All Time 02-02-2010
eBay Tool Provider Auctiva Launches AMP, a Platform for Ecommerce Marketplaces 02-01-2010
Why Can't You Share Photos on FourSquare? 02-01-2010
Best New Mashups: Album Art, Facebook Friends and Geo Aggregator 01-29-2010
How To Scribble And Share Customized Google Maps 01-27-2010
5 Productive To-Do List Apps With APIs 01-25-2010
Make Your App Interesting With Unique Avatars 01-20-2010
Get Real-Time Traffic Data At No Cost 01-20-2010
TweetDeck Chooses Yahoo Maps To Show Geo Tweets 01-15-2010
Best New Mashups: Geo Tweets, Geo Photography, Geo Almanac 01-14-2010
Earthquake Detection Shaken Up with Twitter API 01-13-2010
Developer Tries to Open Transit Data 01-12-2010
Yahoo Puts Shopping API on the Clearance Rack 01-11-2010
Will Future Mobile Apps "Bump"? 01-08-2010
FourSquare Open to All, No Longer City-Centric 01-05-2010
On Deathwatch: MyBlogLog Service and API May Be Closing 01-05-2010
Find The Words With ChartLyrics Lyric API 01-04-2010
Twitter Doubling Down With Geo APIs 12-31-2009
Map Any Image With New UMapper Release 12-24-2009
Best New Mashups: Count Tweets, Find Graffiti and Watch YouTube TV 12-23-2009
Help Indie Musicians (And Get Paid) With ArtistData API 12-21-2009
Get JavaScript Access to Google's Flash Maps API 12-17-2009
Lots of PayPal and Freelance API Jobs Out There 12-14-2009
Way To Go, Ernest Marples! UK to Free Postal Code Database 12-11-2009
MySpace Releases One API, Buys Then Kills Another 12-10-2009
Twitter Developers: Watch For Changing Response Codes 12-09-2009
8Tracks Debuts API At Music Hack Day Boston 12-07-2009
Best New Mashups: Audio Blogging, Stock Photography and Monster T-Shirts 12-04-2009
Twitter Uses Its Own APIs For New Mobile Site 12-03-2009
CloudMade Makes Map Data Integration Easy, For a Price 12-03-2009
Use Your Android Phone to Track the U.S. Congress 12-02-2009
How News Sites Are Using Maps 11-30-2009
Best New Mashups: Friends on a Mug, Jobs Near Friends and Score Your Website 11-27-2009
Visit Your Favorite Twilight Locations on a Bing Map 11-26-2009
Sunlight Government App Hackathon Coming To 7+ Cities 11-24-2009
LinkedIn API Platform Goes Live: Your Resume and Business Network Now Have an API 11-23-2009
Google Maps API v3 Now Includes Driving Directions 11-23-2009
Fill In The Blank With Wikipedia Quiz 11-20-2009
New Billing API Helps Chargify Your Website 11-18-2009
NextStop's Next Step? A Travel Guide API 11-17-2009
Library Uses The New York Times API to Let You Find Most Popular Books 11-17-2009
Location Sharing FourSquare Finally Shares Its API 11-16-2009
BigOven Bakes Recipes in the Cloud 11-16-2009
GoDaddy Helps You Find Domain Names Using Bing Maps 11-13-2009
Microsoft Bing Adds Computational Search From Wolfram Alpha 11-12-2009
A Contest To See If Your Search Idea Has Legs 11-12-2009
Will You Get Into College? Ask The MyChances API 11-09-2009
NYC Subway Map - Now From Google 11-07-2009
Factual Launches Open Data Platform, Including API 11-06-2009
A Sign Of The Times: The First Foreclosure API 11-02-2009
Excuse Yourself Early With 'Escape My Date' 10-30-2009
Don't Look Now, But MapQuest Might Be Great 10-29-2009
Amazon Launches RDS: a Relational Database in the Cloud Service 10-28-2009
Library of Congress Opens Historic Newspaper API 10-27-2009
Best New Mashups: Price Tracker, IM Bot, and Soccer Simulation via Twitter 10-23-2009
Facebook Churning Out API Updates 10-22-2009
TownMe Launches Read/Write Location Data API 10-21-2009
Tweet a Photo, Get a Penny 10-20-2009
Map Mashup Gets Rockefeller Grant, Goes Open Source 10-19-2009
Government Data Contests Abound: SF, NYC and Australia 10-14-2009
OpenStreetMap Joins the Static Maps Club 10-12-2009
Best New Mashups: Twitter Voicemail, e-Snail Mail, and Search Term TV 10-09-2009
82 Shopping APIs 10-08-2009
UK Government Reaching Out to Developers. Again. 10-07-2009
New API Proves Trends Are Trending 10-05-2009
Guardian Opens App Gallery - From Mobile to Music to Politics 10-02-2009
Twitter Adding Group Functionality As 'Lists' 09-30-2009 Shows U.S. Stimulus Dollars as Map Mashup 09-30-2009
A Music API That Pays You Money 09-28-2009
Best New Mashups: Twitter Heat Map, Guardian Vizualization and Facebook Chat 09-25-2009
How To Secure APIs and Mashups 09-24-2009
Trendsmap Shows What's Happening Where on Twitter 09-23-2009
Why Aren't There More Transit APIs? 09-21-2009
Why Are You So Popular, 09-18-2009
An API That Can Tell If You're Dead or Alive 09-16-2009
What Language Are You Speaking? There's an API for That 09-15-2009
Should APIs Always Be Backwards Compatible? 09-14-2009
On the Same Day: London Paper Opens API, Announces Publication is Closing 09-10-2009
You Can Has LOLCat API - Do You Want? 09-08-2009
Make Bing Maps Sing In PHP 09-04-2009
3 Ways to Track Your Rank on Twitter 09-03-2009
Orbitz Uses Street View: Another Sign That Mashups Are Serious 09-01-2009
Let Google Be Your Geo Database 08-31-2009
Create Customized Maps in the Cloud with Amazon EC2 and Tile Drawer 08-28-2009
3 Finalists Rise to the Top in Apps For America Contest 08-26-2009
MapQuest Zooming Away With Its Features 08-25-2009
FriendFeed Updates API, Gets Bought, What Next? 08-24-2009
Tesco Promises 2 Years of Service for Their Grocery API 08-20-2009
No Telling How Ernest Marples Freed the UK Postal Code 08-19-2009
Crowd-Caption Your Videos With YouTube's Newest API 08-18-2009
Yahoo Quietly Axes Two Search APIs 08-13-2009
Access Five Twitter APIs in One 08-12-2009 API: Like Twitter for Live Video 08-11-2009
Get Some Green For Your Green-Themed Site 08-10-2009
URL Shortener Gets Squeezed Out, Discontinues Service 08-10-2009
Being Optimistic at the Deathbed of Yahoo Search API 08-07-2009
Twitter Developer Tips From the Guy Who Wrote the Book 08-05-2009
Digg Planning a Read/Write API 08-04-2009
Is Free Enough For ESRI to Gain Web Mapping Traction? 07-31-2009
Mapify a MediaWiki with New Extension 07-28-2009
Hidden Google Feature Shows User Location 07-27-2009
4 Hip Transit Authorities With APIs 07-24-2009
Travel Safely Abroad With This Government Mashup 07-24-2009
Hillary Clinton Uses Google Maps API 07-23-2009
Google Creates Its Own Mashups 07-22-2009
MapQuest Opens Its Directions Data 07-21-2009
Spinvox's Paid API Gains Developer Traction 07-21-2009
Twitter API Change Highlights Security Issues 07-20-2009
Google Calendar Goes Gadgety 07-16-2009
Music Hack Day Goes to 11 07-15-2009
Eggs, Milk, Bread - the World's First Grocery API 07-14-2009
Google Maps Knows Where You Are 07-13-2009
Music Hack Day Takes the Stage 07-10-2009
Open the Data, Dump the Garbage 07-08-2009
How to Add Geo Data to Your Blog Posts 07-06-2009
Twitter Increases Rate Limits by 50% 07-02-2009
Explore Seven Years of NYC Murders 07-02-2009
6 Fun Sites to Track Your Trails 06-19-2009
Mapping Meaning: How MercyCorps Uses Google Maps 06-17-2009
IP Geolocation Worst Practices 06-02-2009
Practice Abstract Maps with Mapstraction Sandbox 05-28-2009
3 Great Store Locators from Big Brands 04-27-2009
Crime Mapping Snafu Caused by Erroneous Geocoding 04-07-2009
3 Free Ways to Geolocate By IP 03-31-2009
Make Sense of Confusing Twitter Hash Tags 03-20-2009