Alex Stone
Virginia-based web developer. I'm into cool ideas and phones. You may recognize me from such mashups as Super DVD Robot! and the upcoming Twitter app, Birdcage.
alexstone's ASSETS
OneRPM brings the Music Marketplace to Your Band's Facebook Page 08-05-2011
MusixMatch Lyrics API Brings Order to Chaotic Lyrics Listings 07-11-2011
Fancy Twitter Website Usable Even Without Twitter Account 07-07-2011
MetaPhoto Converts Geo Data to Photo Metadata 06-22-2011
An API to Turn Any Web Content into an Android app 06-15-2011
The Semi-Unofficial Facebook Graph API Explorer 05-16-2011
Aviary Effects API Goes Public, Celebrates With Contest 05-11-2011
Echo Nest + Rdio = Remember Pandora? 05-06-2011
1 Weekend, 3 Great Twitter Applications Built on Infochimps 04-18-2011
New Widgets and Graph-like API Expands LinkedIn's Reach 04-15-2011
Greplin, the Google Search For Your Life Stream, Built on APIs 04-13-2011
Your Facebook Soon Available in Print, Like the Old Days 04-12-2011
Wallabee: A Faster, Field Notes-inspired Gowalla 04-12-2011
Dating Made Easier for Foursquare Fans 04-08-2011
Rdio API: Full Streaming Music Plus Affiliate Program 04-08-2011
Instapaper and the Concept of Monetizing Your API 04-07-2011
The FitBit Gets a Personal Fitness API 04-01-2011
Mega-mashup Memolane Helps You Remember Everything 03-30-2011
A Novel Location Sharing Approach: Be Useful 03-28-2011
Google Leans Toward OAuth 2.0 Support, Currently "Experimental" 03-24-2011
Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Apps to APIs 10-28-2010
Social Logins Made Easy with Janrain 10-19-2010
SalesClark Bringing the Sales Clerk Experience Online 10-15-2010
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The Facebook API: An Ever-changing Source of Frustration? 10-12-2010
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The Music Industry and the Developers That Can Save It 10-01-2010
Wynn Netherland: Ruby Mashup Dev's Best Friend 09-28-2010
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Putting Rap on the Map. Literally. 08-31-2010
DC Metro Gets a Transit API 08-30-2010
Location Stalking Via Your Tweeted Photos 08-27-2010
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Use APIs to Explore Your Town 08-17-2010