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Google Maps API v3 Adds KML, Traffic, and Bike Routes 05-12-2010
Facebook Makes Huge API Changes - Open Graph Protocol and Much More 04-22-2010
Yahoo's New Geo Concordance: a Geographic Rosetta Stone? 04-05-2010
Google Adds CSV and KML Upload Support to Maps Data API 04-02-2010 "We're more an API company than an applications company" 03-24-2010
Google Says Goodbye to API Keys with New Geocoding API 03-10-2010
iPhone and Android: How One Mashup Does Both With Google Maps API V3 03-02-2010
NYC BigApps Contest Winners Announced: Data Gets Mashed Up 02-05-2010
US Government Launches API - Gives Free Access to Small Business Resources 02-03-2010
Twitter Announces Details on Chirp, the Official Twitter Developer Conference 01-26-2010
Official Twitter Developer Conference Coming in April? 01-19-2010
Twitter, Pandora and MapQuest Coming to Your Car 01-07-2010
Ford's SYNC System to Enable "Cars as a Platform"? 12-22-2009
Bing Maps API Gets StreetSide Panoramas and Enhanced Bird's Eye Imagery 12-18-2009
Google Releases Fusion Tables API for Visualizing and Sharing Data 12-15-2009
Google Maps Gets Aerial Perspective Imagery 12-08-2009
Bing Maps Goes Silverlight: Now with Streetside Immersion, Enhanced Bird's Eye View, Photosynth, and More 12-02-2009
Google's "YouTube Direct" Open Source Project Lets You Solicit Videos on Your Site 12-01-2009
New Open Web Foundation Licensing Used by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Facebook to Open Source Standards 11-19-2009 Read-Write Mapping now with Media Layers and iPhone SDK 11-16-2009
New Twitter API to Include Location-Based Trends 11-10-2009
PayPal Releases PayPal X and Launches $50,000 Developer Challenge 11-05-2009
Spotted in the Wild: Google Wave Federation Server 11-03-2009
Intuit's New QuickBooks Services Bridge the Desktop and the Cloud 10-27-2009
API Business Models: To Pay or To Charge Developers, That Is the Question 10-26-2009
Wolfram Alpha Releases Their API 10-16-2009
Facebook Lets You Easily Integrate into Sites and Widgets with New Create Application API 10-15-2009
Google Maps Gets Major Upgrade with More Details and Data 10-07-2009
Yahoo Home Page Now Open to Mashup Developers 10-06-2009
Google Wave Public Preview Goes Live 10-01-2009
An Open Mashup Alliance for Enterprise Mashups 09-29-2009
Google Releases Sidewiki API - a Programmable Commenting System for the Web 09-23-2009
ESRI's New Web Mapping APIs Site Is Full of Goodies 09-22-2009
Create a Virtual Workforce with LiveWork's "Cloudsourcing" API 09-17-2009
US Government Opens-Up to OpenID and Information Cards 09-09-2009
The New York Times Upgrades Its Congress API - Lets You Compare Voting Records 09-09-2009
Google DocList API Now Lets You Upload & Download PDFs 09-02-2009
Google Releases New Static Maps API 08-27-2009
Twitter API Adds Location Data - Tweets Get Realtime Geo 08-20-2009
Not Dead Yet: Yahoo's Term Extraction API Lives to Fight Another Day 08-18-2009
NPR Opens 80,000 Transcripts via New Transcript API 08-17-2009
Twitter Announces Retweet API 08-13-2009
Customize Your Site Search Via the Google AJAX Search API 08-11-2009
LyricWiki API Runs Into Trouble Over Lyric Licensing 08-06-2009
Gliffy API Lets You Get Diagrams and Flowcharts via Code 08-03-2009
Intuit Backs a New Open Source Community 07-27-2009
Enterprise Mashups Continue to Gain Momentum as Part of Enterprise 2.0 07-23-2009
FortiusOne Releases Open Source Geocoder. Is Geocoding Becoming a Commodity? 07-21-2009
Microsoft Shuts-Down Its PopFly Mashup Tool 07-16-2009
Yahoo Extends YQL: Adds INSERT Command to the Internet 07-09-2009
Yahoo's Placemaker Yields the GeoMaker Project 07-03-2009
All for Good: Volunteer Opportunities Via API 06-30-2009
Google Releases Virtual Keyboard AJAX API 06-25-2009
Yahoo SearchMonkey Adds More Structured Data, NewsML, and Google Base 06-18-2009
Digg Gives Developers More Ways to Make Money 06-18-2009
Google Wave: Developer Preview and Hackathon 06-15-2009
Yahoo Application Platform Apps Go Live 06-11-2009
Goodbye Virtual Earth, Hello Bing Maps 06-10-2009
Make Money with Maps Using Google's New Maps Ad Unit 06-03-2009
Google Wave: A Whole New Communication and Collaboration Platform for the Web 05-28-2009
Google Maps API v3 Launched 05-27-2009
Google Launches Web Elements: Easy Copy and Paste Widgets 05-27-2009
Get Real-time Web Site Analytics with the Chartbeat API 05-27-2009
US Government Launches 05-22-2009
Google Launches New Maps Data API 05-20-2009
Yahoo Releases Placemaker: A Geo-Enrichment Platform 05-20-2009
Google Enhances OpenID API and User Experience 05-14-2009
Times Wire: The New York Times Makes Its Newswire API Shine 05-12-2009
Google's Latitude Apps Give a Glimpse of New Latitude API 05-07-2009
GitHub's New API Lets You Mashup Git Repositories 05-05-2009
Google Releases O3D: A 3D API for Web Browsers 04-23-2009
Maponics Releases API for Neighborhood, ZIP Code, and Carrier Route Boundaries 04-17-2009
Microsoft Virtual Earth API Gets Improved 3D, Geocoding, and Performance 04-14-2009
Google Earth Now Goes From the Ocean Floor to Mars in 3D 04-06-2009
Are Enterprise Mashups a Viable Option for Wall Street? 04-02-2009
Microsoft Virtual Earth Gets a 3D Flight Simulator 03-26-2009
Microsoft Live Search API: Now Serving Over 3 Billion Calls per Month 03-24-2009
FilmCrave Releases API for Movie Data 03-18-2009
JackBe Issues Challenge to Define Enterprise Mashup 03-17-2009
Google's Friend Connect Gets an API 03-13-2009
The Guardian Launches API: News as Platform 03-11-2009
Shizzow's Location-Based Social API Goes Public 03-10-2009
Realizing Transparency Through Federal Government APIs 03-04-2009
Green Thing Labs: An API to Do the Green Thing 02-27-2009
Mashups Quickly Emerging through PaaS 02-25-2009
Google API Now Lets You Get Documents in Many Formats 02-20-2009
CloudMade: Using OpenStreetMap to Chart the Future of Mapping 02-17-2009
Yahoo's Fire Eagle Powers the iPhone Locator App Sparrow 02-13-2009
Capital Markets Firms to Spend $35 Million on Mashups in 2009 02-10-2009
Reading Radar: Mashing Up the New York Times and 02-06-2009
Kiva Launches Microlending API 02-04-2009
Google Combines OpenID and OAuth in new Hybrid Protocol 01-30-2009
The New York Times Releases Best Sellers API 01-28-2009
Google's JavaScript APIs Get a Playground 01-23-2009
Google to Shut-down 3 APIs 01-16-2009
Yahoo Boosts Its Open Strategy Reading with Y!OS Docs 01-12-2009
Apple Brings Geotagging to iPhoto Via Google Maps 01-08-2009
DeepEarth: Microsoft's Open Source Mapping Control 01-05-2009
OpenSocial Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby Libraries Released 12-29-2008
The New York Times Rolls Its Own Map Mashup: Represent 12-27-2008
Add OpenID Support to Your Site with RPX 12-24-2008
Yahoo Opens Mail with New Application Platform 12-16-2008
Google Updates Terms of Service for the Google Maps API 12-15-2008
Thematic Mapping Engine: Create Thematic Map Mashups 12-12-2008
Google Earth Mashups Coming to the Mac 12-10-2008
Mashups Get a Hosted Database with 12-05-2008
New Google Map Utilities Enhance the User Experience 12-03-2008
Yahoo Begins Limited Testing of OpenID Simple Registration 12-01-2008
SpatialKey Mashes Up QuickBooks Customer Data 11-20-2008
Get Hyperlocal News via the API 11-17-2008
Urban Mapping Releases Mass Transit Proximity API 11-13-2008
Dapper MashupAds: Easy Contextual Display Ads for Any Site 11-12-2008
Freeing UK Government Data 11-07-2008
Google Visualization API Goes Server-Side 11-04-2008
Yahoo Keeps Opening-up 10-28-2008
Multimap Releases Free Map API 10-27-2008
Google Maps API Gets Reverse Geocoding 10-24-2008
Google Gears Geolocation API Gets WiFi 10-22-2008
The New York Times Releases Its First API 10-15-2008
A Preview of YAP: the Yahoo Application Platform 10-14-2008
Map Mashups Using ESRI Seen in the Wild 10-10-2008
Netflix API Launches 10-01-2008
Zillow's API Expands the Reach of Real Estate Data 09-30-2008
Yahoo and Mashable Extend BOSS Mashable Challenge 09-29-2008
Microsoft Virtual Earth Adds SOAP, More 3D, and Weather 09-26-2008
Oracle Moves into the Cloud with the Help of Amazon 09-25-2008
Google Chrome Support Added to Google's JavaScript Library 09-17-2008
5 Best Practices for Mashups 09-11-2008
MTV API Now in Public Beta: Music Videos Anyone? 09-05-2008
More About Google's Health Data API 09-05-2008
Virtual Earth Aerial Photography Now Available for Purchase 08-29-2008
3 Top Data Formats for Map Mashups: KML, GeoRSS and GeoJSON 08-27-2008
Google's New Geolocation API for Gears 08-25-2008
Money, Ads, and Maps: Is Mapvertising the Key to Monetizing Mashups? 08-21-2008
NPR Wants Suggestions for Their Next API Version 08-19-2008
Create Flash Map Mashups with UMap 08-18-2008
Yahoo Fire Eagle Geo-Location Service Goes Public 08-13-2008
UK Government Offers New £20,000 Mashup Prize 08-12-2008
3 Ways to Improve Your Map Mashup 08-11-2008
Yahoo Local API Now Lets You Search Along Routes 07-30-2008
5 Ajax Libraries to Enhance Your Mashup 07-28-2008
An API for Freelancers: FreeAgent 07-24-2008
Google Transit Feeds and Mass Transit Mashups 07-21-2008
National Public Radio to Launch NPR API 07-16-2008
New Mapping API via ESRI ArcGIS 07-14-2008
Tangler: An API for Discussion Forums 07-08-2008
UK Government Moves Forward with Data Sharing, APIs, and Mashup Contest 07-04-2008
Build Agnostic Map Mashups with Mapstraction 07-03-2008
Google Releases New Finance Portfolio API 07-02-2008