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evvnt API: Getting The Word Out To A Larger Audience 07-31-2013
KarmaCRM API: The Magic Ingredient For Successful Sales 07-30-2013
Vidyard API: Creating Video Campaigns That Hit The Mark 07-29-2013
Printful API: Online Selling Without The Hassles 07-26-2013
Good Old Fashioned Shopping Just Got High Tech: Estimote API 07-24-2013
Paddle API: A Quick Check-Out Makes Happy Shoppers 07-23-2013
Tumbz API: Finding The Opinions That Matter To You 07-22-2013
Everlapse API : Moving Pictures Take Photo Sharing To New Heights 07-19-2013
Never Miss A Beat With The WhatsNew? API 07-18-2013
The Transit App API: A Trusted Tool For The Daily Traveller 07-15-2013
Know Your Apps And Make Better Business Decisions: App Annie API 07-12-2013
MailWriter API: For The Love Of Sending Letters 07-10-2013
Fanbible: A Mashup Of Rock n' Roll Proportions 07-09-2013
Fancy Photos Are A Breeze With Ribbet's API 07-08-2013
Trippin' In API: Instant Insight Into What's Hot And What's Not 07-05-2013
Droplr API Opens The Door For Even Better File Sharing Options 07-02-2013
HackPad API: A Handy Tool For Document Collaboration 07-01-2013
SEO Success: BrightEdge API 06-28-2013
GoMummy API: Shopping Heaven For Mums 06-27-2013
Save Energy. Save Money: ecobee API 06-26-2013
Glympse API: Location Sharing With More Control 06-25-2013
ZOWi API: A Digital Quizmaster For Effective Learning 06-24-2013
How Are You? API: Taking Better Care Of Your Health 06-21-2013
Onehub API: Serious Security For File Sharing 06-20-2013
ActiveStandards API: Making Sure Your Site Measures Up 06-19-2013
Fighting Off The Fraudsters: Socure API 06-18-2013
Converser API: Hear It Straight From The Customer's Mouth 06-17-2013
Moves API: Making Every Step Count 06-14-2013
Tito API: Just The Ticket 06-12-2013
Giving Digital Advertising The Tools To Thrive: Vizu API 06-11-2013
One Line Of Code And Your Video Functionality Is Sorted: CameraTag API 06-11-2013
Creating Good Content Is A Breeze With Textbroker's API 06-06-2013
SignNow API: Document Signing Goes Paperless 06-05-2013
An App That Always Remembers A Face: Animetrics Face Recognition API 06-04-2013
Carpoolworld API: Need A Ride To Work? There's An App For That! 06-03-2013
Competitive Delivery Options For Retailers: Deliv API 05-31-2013
Bizimply API: A Management Tool To Banish The Paperwork 05-30-2013
Effortlessly Adding Communication To Games And Apps: Talkray API 05-29-2013
WP Remote API: Easy Monitoring For Multiple Worpress Sites 05-28-2013
WhateverWeb API: Let's Go Mobile! 05-27-2013
Mention API: Know Who's Saying What About Your Brand 05-24-2013
Share Entire Conversations With TweetVue's API 05-23-2013
When Text Doesn't Quite Get The Message Across: SayRoom API 05-22-2013
Oh Hey World API: The Quick Way To Let Everyone Know You've Arrived 05-21-2013
Hoppit API: Choosing Food Based On Mood 05-20-2013
Get People Talking About Your Content With Popyoular's API 05-16-2013
Say It With Style: Access Daily Quotes With They Said So's API 05-15-2013
Reliable Statistics, Come Rain Or Shine: Weather Source API 05-14-2013
Just Play The Music! Multiple Sources Welcome: API 05-13-2013
Convo API: Communication Gets The Job Done 05-10-2013
WhatsOnMyBookshelf API: Making Your Used Books Go Further 05-09-2013
Ready-Made Multi-Messaging Functionality: Whispir API 05-02-2013
Printzel API: Creating Stylish Photo Books Goes Mobile 05-01-2013
Managing SEO Clients Is Easy With MySEOTool's API 04-30-2013
Osmosis API: Get All The Facts First - The Best Way To Start A Design Job 04-29-2013
For All Things Dice Rolling, Card Shuffling And General Board Gaming: BoardGameGeek API 04-26-2013
Prefer To Listen To The News Rather Than Read It? Umano's API Is For You 04-25-2013
PassDefense API: Reliable Security For Your Web Users 04-24-2013
Positionly API: How Visible Is Your Website In The Jungle That Is The World Wide Web? 04-22-2013
Now The Power Is In Your Hands With Leap Motion's API 04-19-2013
Don't Send Mails In Vain: Email Pie API Let's You Know What Is Legit 04-18-2013
Wattpad API: A Social Platform For Storytellers 04-17-2013
FaxLogic API: Equipping The Analogue Fax Machine For The Digital Age 04-16-2013
Contactually API: Keeping In Touch With The Most Important People In Your Business - The Customers 04-15-2013
Cost Effective Communication On The Go With Red Oxygen's API 04-12-2013
Push Entertainment API: Winning Customers Over With Cool Stuff 04-11-2013
Little Bird API: Making The Right Connections 04-10-2013
Crittercism API : Combatting App Errors Before They Cause Real Damage 04-09-2013
VoiceShot API: Keeping The Lines Of Communication Open 04-08-2013
Successful Option Investing With PowerOptions' API 04-05-2013
Keep Track Of Spending Patterns With The SutiExpense API 04-04-2013
Imagine Light And Ambience Control At Your Fingertips - There's An App For That! Philips Hue API 04-03-2013
Even Simpler Online Payments With Ripple's API 04-02-2013
Prefer To Pay Cash? Digital Money For Online Transactions With Rixty's API 04-01-2013
Pay With Plastic For Snappy Transactions: Plastiq API 03-29-2013
Escapio API: Narrowing the Hotel Search To Top Quality Only 03-28-2013
Buzzboot API: Staying On Top Of The Social Media Buzz 03-27-2013
The Planets Nu API: This Is Space War 03-26-2013
MessageMe Succeeds Despite Blatant Facebook Snub 03-25-2013
Abra Mobile Websites API: Go Mobile Or Go Home 03-22-2013 API: More Do Equals More Done 03-21-2013
If It's All Greek To You, WhatLanguage's API Can Help 03-20-2013
TidyClub API: Time To Clean Up Your Club's Administration Mess? 03-19-2013
Message Bus Plus Zapier Equals Endless Email Centric Possibilities 03-18-2013
Walk Score Travel Time API: Save Fuel, Walk More 03-15-2013
Blitline API: For The Image Processing Jobs You'd Rather Not Do 03-14-2013
Seizing The Power Of Collaborative Knowledge: Deskarma API 03-13-2013
GROUPcentric API: Making Apps More Social 03-12-2013
TitanTV API: Never Miss Your Favourite Show Again 03-11-2013
Straightforward Shipping With EasyPost's API 03-08-2013
Shotgun API: Streamlining The Creative Process 03-07-2013
Converting Spoken Word To Text: VoxSigma API 03-06-2013
Every second counts: Keep track of billable time with Chrometa's API 03-05-2013
Stay On Top Of What's Happening In Your Area With LairOut's API 03-04-2013
No More Nasty Cab Fare Surprises: TaxiMe API 03-01-2013
Turning Telephones Into Effective Analytics Tools: Call Tracking Metrics API 02-28-2013
Everybody Loves A Good Deal: RoyBoyDeals API 02-27-2013
Travel Plans Made Easy With Momondo's API 02-26-2013
Brush Up On Your Music Knowledge With The WhoSampled API 02-25-2013
Face To Face Communication Between Businesses And Customers: Idiligo Inside API 02-22-2013
Bongo International API: Opening Up Even More Shopping Avenues To Online Consumers 02-21-2013
People Saying Nice Things About Your Business? Broadcast It: Propers API 02-20-2013
Property Solutions API: A Simple Solution For A Complex Task 02-19-2013
SongMeanings API: No More Broken Telephone Between Songwriters And Music Lovers 02-18-2013
Smart Learning With Drillster's API 02-13-2013
Who Says A Wedding On A Budget Can't Be Fabulous? Wedding Perks API 02-12-2013
Social Recipe Sharing: We Eatt API 02-11-2013
Could You Be The Creator Of The Next Big Music App? OpenEMI Music API 02-06-2013
A Professional Touch For Social Snaps: PhotoCat API 02-05-2013
The Hunt For A Parking Spot Ends Here: ParkMe API 02-04-2013
In-Game Product Placement Advertising Without The Complicated Stuff: MediaSpike API 02-01-2013
Real Time Communications Made Easy: AddLive API 01-31-2013
Easy Payment Options Equals More Sales: Mygate API 01-30-2013
Banish The Bugs With Errorception's API 01-29-2013
Don't Get Ripped Off: Kelly Blue Book's InfoDriver API Provides Trusted Info For Car Buyers And Sellers 01-28-2013
Shop Around For A Better Deal: Idealo API 01-25-2013
Everyday Is A Significant Day With Anniversarator's API 01-24-2013
Smartphone And Tablet App Creation For The Non-Programmer: MagPlus API 01-23-2013
Checking The Court Docket Manually Is So Outdated: Docket Alarm API 01-22-2013
Restaurant Ratings By Real Restaurant Goers: MenuMania API 01-21-2013
Online Trading's A Breeze With PayPoint's API 01-18-2013
Advanced Ad Serving And Management Under One Roof: Ad Server Solutions API 01-17-2013
Is Your Business More Productive? Check! Checkmarkable API 01-16-2013
A More Appetizing Way To Deal With Client Invoicing: Pancake API 01-15-2013
Quick And Easy Currency Conversions With Xchangeonline's API 01-14-2013
Streamlining Fleet Management: Shaw Tracking Hours Of Service API 01-09-2013
Sleep Like A Baby With The Help Of The Beddit API 12-21-2012
What Not To Wear: Make The Right Choice With Dress Code Finder's API 12-20-2012
Quick And Easy Messaging With Flocknote's API 12-13-2012
Say It With Pictures: Doodle Republic Chatoon API 12-12-2012
Plan Your Cab Rides With TaxiFareFinder API 12-11-2012
Converting Physical Customers Into Cyber Fans: PosterOven API 12-10-2012
Travel With A Homely Touch: 9Flats API 12-07-2012 API: A Social Space For Film Buffs 12-06-2012
Lager Lovers Unite: TheBeerSpot API 12-05-2012
Get A Spot In The Digital MarketPlace With FetchApp's API 12-04-2012
Waste Less Waste: Earth911 Search API Makes Recycling Easy 12-03-2012
Send More, Save More: Cost Effective Emailing With The Sendy API 12-03-2012
Put In Your Two Cents' Worth: Opinionage API 11-30-2012
There's Safety In Numbers: Group Runs Made Easy With RunAlong's API 11-29-2012
Create The Right Impression With The Perfect Dating Profile API 11-27-2012
Helping Musicians Reach The Fans: BandPage API 11-26-2012
Communicate With Customers 24/7: API 11-08-2012
Pollstar API: Keeping Music Fans In The Know 11-07-2012
Sell The Benefits Of Solar With Clean Power Estimator's API 11-06-2012
Emergency Rescue For Lost Data: OfficeRecovery API 11-05-2012
Let Your Inner Artist Out With QueekyPaint's API 11-02-2012
For The Things You Want To Know: ForWhereIAm API 11-01-2012
Nip Errors In The Bud With Shopping Cart Diagnostics API 10-31-2012
Know What Makes Your Users Tick: UserClues API 10-30-2012
Digital Messaging Success With Message Bus' API 10-26-2012
Actwitty API: Creating Organized User Footprints On The Web 10-25-2012
Home Appraisals Made Easy With The Eppraisal API 10-23-2012
Spoilt For Choice: Even Better Shopping With Bootic's API 10-22-2012
Join The Global Classroom With The Khan Academy API 10-19-2012
Listen And Learn: Top Customer Feedback With Medallia API 10-18-2012
Setting Trends with the Boutine API 10-16-2012
Remote Potato Brings Your Media Files To You 10-15-2012 Puts Art At Your Fingertips 10-10-2012
Connect With Customers On The Go With The Hipmob API 10-09-2012
Stand Out In The Crowd: SEOlytics Shows You How 10-08-2012 Provides All You Need To Know About Your BirthDate 10-04-2012
An API For Creating Personalised Postcards: 10-02-2012
TypePad AntiSpam Aims To Create A Spam-Free Blogosphere 09-28-2012
RED ALERT Ensures Rapid Response 09-27-2012
MyCaption Boasts Accurate And Secure Voice Recognition Technology 09-26-2012
Promoting Events Online Made Easy With 09-25-2012
There May Be Hope Yet For Apple's iOS 6 Maps 09-24-2012
Secure Messaging Fit For The Professionals - SWAT Uses ArmorText 09-21-2012
Twitter CEO's Response To Peeved Developers 09-20-2012
Ask The Right Person, Get The Right Answer 09-19-2012
An API for Your DNA: Genetic Discovery Made Easy 09-18-2012
How Vegan Is Your Booze? Barnivore Gets The Answers 09-17-2012
"Social Media Hub" Reluctantly Gives up on Twitter 09-14-2012
The Geonotes App for iPhone and Android has arrived 09-13-2012 Turns Bloggers Into DJs 09-12-2012
LocalGuiding Says Locals Know Best 09-10-2012
Running Club App Creates Virtual Running Clubs 09-07-2012
Everyone's An App Builder With AppNowGo 09-06-2012
Behance API Gives Talent An International Platform 09-05-2012
Intelligent Learning With CCKF's RealizeIt API 09-04-2012
Muvi: Lights, Camera, Action For Web And Mobile Devices 09-03-2012
The Giving Lab Gives Back 08-31-2012
It's All About The Money: Twitter Partners With HootSuite 08-30-2012
For Those Who Know What 'Slug Bug' And Volkswagen Have In Common 08-29-2012
Work Hard And Stay Healthy With HealthJibe 08-28-2012
Stay In The Loop With Twitscoop 08-27-2012
Next Version Of Twitterrific To Be Launched As Planned Despite Twitter API Changes 08-24-2012
Blog Spam Hits The Road With Comment SPAM Wiper 08-23-2012
Customer Service Transformed - Radish Systems Release ChoiceView Visual IVR API 08-22-2012
Journey Plans Made Smarter With Travel Time 08-21-2012
Be A Fly On The Wall With Review Trackers 08-20-2012
Get The Best Business Advice With Clarity 08-17-2012
Build Apps For Facebook At Your Own Risk 08-16-2012
Guardly Helps Users Stay Safe, Via API 08-15-2012
Avocado Best Served As Guacamole: An API For Couples Apps 08-10-2012
TinyGrab Makes Screenshot Sharing Social 08-09-2012
Copify Takes It To The Next Level With The New API 08-08-2012
Digitize The Paperwork With Captricity API 08-07-2012
ImageShack's Yfrog Social Takes On The Big Guns 08-06-2012
Big Art Mob Puts Street Art on the Map 08-03-2012
Google Releases Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API 08-02-2012
Harness The Power of Everybody's Bright Ideas - Brightidea API 08-01-2012
Feed Your Inner Fan With The Fanatix API 07-31-2012
Instagram gets the cold shoulder as Twitter blocks "find friends" API 07-30-2012
Stay on Top of Twitter Trends with the Twirus API 07-26-2012