Candice McMillan
United Kingdom
Candice McMillan is a copywriter and lifestyle blogger working between London (UK) and Nice (France). Her interest in all things API came out of a close working relationship with dev team, Lab19 Digital, where she has been involved in the conceptualising and content management of a variety of new applications.
cmcmillan1's ASSETS
Runscope Simplifies API Test Management With New Import/Export Functionality 11-19-2015
Houndify API Brings Conversational Interface To Things 11-13-2015
PayPal Launches Webhooks For Payouts 11-11-2015
Apple TV API to Allow Third Party Devs to Use Universal Search Feature 10-06-2015
Glidera API Provides Bitcoin Buy Sell Functionality For Third Party Apps 08-27-2015
Money20/20 Hackathon Is Back: $125K in 24 Hours 08-11-2015
Bugsnag Events API Provides Cross-Platform Error Monitoring 08-06-2015
FitBark API Brings Lifestyle Tech to the Canine World 08-05-2015
Quini Launches API For Wine Reviews And Ratings 07-10-2015
SpeechTrans API Provides Instant Translation Functionality 06-30-2015
PromisePay API Provides Digital Payment Functionality 06-30-2015
Attendify API Helps Developers Create Event Apps 06-24-2015
SkyPrep API Provides E-Learning Tools for Educators 06-17-2015
Aircall API Provides Phone Support for Business' 06-09-2015
MixerFactory Mixmoov Video API Offers Auto Video Rendering 06-09-2015
Infermedica API Provides Healthcare Diagnostic Insights 05-21-2015
Bose Releases SoundTouch Developers API 05-18-2015
MailChimp API V3.0 Has Officially Arrived 05-11-2015
MotaWord Announces New Translation API 05-06-2015
Myfox API Allows Integration With Home Security Products 04-30-2015
Kandy Real-Time Communication Hackathon Offers $10,000 to Winner 04-29-2015
W3C Publishes Updated Draft for Clipboard APIs and Events 04-28-2015
FaceAffinity API Provides Personality Metadata 04-20-2015
Traackr API Helps Marketers Build Influencer Networks 04-18-2015
Red Canary Python API Simplifies Carbon Black Data Access 04-13-2015
Workfrom Places API Helps Find Remote Workplaces 04-08-2015
Detect Nudity API Automates Image Censorship 03-31-2015
Google to Support Pointer Events API in Chrome 03-31-2015
Paytronix API Provides Loyalty Functionality Access 03-26-2015
Mailgun API Default Set to V3 03-26-2015
Could Kimonolabs' March Madness API Have Saved Your Bracket? 03-24-2015
TriageLogic Announces Clinical Answering Service API 03-17-2015
Clash of Clans API Issues Keep Players Out of the Game 03-05-2015
Zillow Adds Neighborhood GetDemographics API 03-04-2015
Coinding Hackathon Encourages Bitcoin Game Development 01-29-2015
'Pay With Bitcoin' Via Braintree's Bitcoin API 01-27-2015
Kassabok API Provides Simple Budgeting Functionality 01-23-2015
TryMyUI API Provides Usability Insight 01-22-2015
Embed Real-Time Chat Functionality Via Slack's Messaging API 01-19-2015
GitHub Search API Improves Content Accessibility 01-12-2015
Insteon Opens Connected Home API, Encourages Innovation 01-08-2015
Apps For Europe Will Reward Best Open Data App With 5,000 EUR 12-18-2014
Migme's Developer Program Monetizes Emerging Markets 12-17-2014
Ifeelgoods Launches API For Rewards Fulfillment 12-17-2014
Printchomp Print API Brings Scalable Print Functionality to Apps 11-26-2014
Google Maps Offers Developer Access To Street View 11-25-2014
Android 5.0 Lollipop Introduces Native Screen Recording 11-14-2014
Scratch API Allows Access to Its Creative Learning Data 11-13-2014
FreshMail API Provides All-in-One Email Marketing Functionality 11-06-2014
SiteSpect Announces Expansion Of Its Testing APIs 11-04-2014
Sococo API Offers Office Collaboration Tools For Third Party Apps 11-03-2014
YouTube WatchMe For Android Brings Live Broadcasting To Third Party Apps 10-30-2014
Diffbot Analyze API Enables Automatic Data Extraction 10-30-2014
Pearson's Second Student Coding Contest Extends Submission date 10-29-2014 API Simplifies Crowdfunding Integration 10-23-2014 API Puts Machine Learning Functionality at Developers' Fingertips 10-15-2014
Landlord Secure API Offers Rental Security Features for Landlords 10-13-2014
Dash Launches Chassis API, Exposes Connected Car Data to Third-Party Developers 10-08-2014
APIcon UK: Why You Should Consider Your API a Product 09-26-2014
APIcon UK: Why Developers Should Take Linked Data Seriously 09-25-2014
Dropbox Announces New Features In Its Datastore API 09-19-2014
Vacation Labs API Provides Online Booking Functionality for Tour Operators 09-18-2014
MyJobHelper API Provides Job Search Content for Third-Party Apps 09-16-2014
Autodesk View and Data API Provides 2-D and 3-D Viewing for Apps 09-10-2014
Gain Complete Control of Your App with the Traffic Monitor API 09-10-2014
TripAdvisor Content API Provides Location-Based Info For Travel Websites And Apps 09-03-2014
Cycling Analytics API Provides Tools That Help Cyclists Keep Track 08-29-2014
AnyMeeting API Offers Proven and Scalable Videoconferencing Functionality 08-29-2014
Everyone API Puts Valuable Telephone Data at Developers' Fingertips 08-21-2014
Exist API Opens the Window to Personal Data Analysis 08-19-2014
STAT!Ref API Brings a Wealth of Information to Healthcare Apps 08-13-2014
Tradier Removes Innovation Barriers With Free Developer Sandbox 08-11-2014
EmoVu Reads Facial Expressions for Better User Experiences 07-25-2014 API Aims to Please Event Coordinators 07-23-2014
The Weclapp API Helps Keep Customers Happy 07-21-2014
GraphHopper's API Helps Get You From A to B 07-15-2014