Dinesh Hapuarachchi
Entreprenuer who can bring in a high level of awareness towards any business. Rapid adaptability to change, evolve and interact with situations and problems. Focus beyond the usual standardisation and bring in values of simplicity via agile solutions. Transcending brand awareness in to a meaningful purpose by creating true values through products and services. The whole experience has gifted me comprehensive knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship. I have been able to successfully establish the company and within a very short period I was able to win contracts to manage school and embassies in Berlin city. I have been able to overcome all the challenges and end of the day run the business for almost 2 years with a gross income over 30,000 Euros per annum. For consultation you may contact me via email. Lankanath Gebäudemanagement (LGM) is a rapid developing Start up facility management company based in the Start up Capital of the world in Berlin, Germany. We provide customized Facility & Industry management services to households and companies which includes many number of services such as Building care services from Colour Washing to Eco friendly cleaning services to Garden Management and more. The team at LGM has decades of professional experience in these areas and currently provides Hygienic cleaning services to number of schools in Berlin. Please contact us for all your Facility management needs in Berlin and in Germany. Our commitment to our valuable customers are a fare price with a high standard of quality in what we do. We are an officially registered company in the German Government with the Tax number 17/330/00345. Please visit us for more information at (www.lgm-lankanath.berlin).
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