Eric Carter
Eric the founder of Dartsand and Corporate Counsel for a power tool manufacturer. He is a frequent contributor to technology media outlets and also serves as primary legal counsel for multiple startups in the Real Estate, Virtual Assistant, and Software Development Industries. Follow me on Google+
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Google Transcoder API Enables Direct to Consumer Media Streaming 11-18-2020
Firebase Enhances Platform with Emulator Tools, Data Analysis, and Performance Insights 10-28-2020
RapidAPI Launches API Test and Monitoring Platform 10-23-2020
IMB Bank Announces Open Banking Platform 10-06-2020
TravelPerk Adds Open API Platform to Work trip SaaS Offering 09-30-2020
Flutter Expands OS Support to Include Windows 09-28-2020
Amazon Adds Contact Flow APIs to Amazon Connect 09-23-2020
ClearBank to Offer Multi-currency Bank Accounts via API 09-18-2020
GitHub CLI 1.0 has Shifted to General Availability 09-17-2020
Amazon Introduces Data API for Redshift 09-11-2020
SpyCloud Introduces Password Exposure API 09-10-2020
Browser Access to Postman Now Available 09-03-2020
LA Partners with Airbnb to Cut Down on Illegal Rental Listings 09-02-2020
Cloudian Announces New Support for Container-Based Apps 08-31-2020
Google Releases Alpha Version of Jetpack Compose 08-27-2020
Automotive Titling Corporation Launches Granular Fees API 08-26-2020
Autogrow Releases API for its Greenhouse Smart Sensor 08-25-2020 Launches Blockchain Node Service 08-24-2020
Reddit Changing API Reports 08-21-2020
Bees360 Introduces Drone-based Underwriting Platform API 08-20-2020
Red Hat Introduces OpenShift 4.5 08-20-2020
Metal Pay Announces Early Beta Release of its Proton Open SDK 08-18-2020
KickEX Launches Open API for its Crypto Exchange 08-17-2020
Oracle Introduces Autonomous JSON Database 08-14-2020
Planet Introduces Developer Trial Program 08-13-2020
Datadog launches Automated Error Tracking Service 08-12-2020
AIH Technology Announces Inclusive Facial Recognition API 08-11-2020
Unsplash Open Sources its Image Library 08-10-2020
IBM's OpenAPI Comment Parser Brings API Reference and Code Development Together 08-07-2020
Microsoft Introduces Open Service Mesh With Intention to Donate to CNCF 08-06-2020
Facebook Introduces v8.0 of Graph and Marketing APIs 08-05-2020
Apple Adds App Attest API to Device Check Services 08-04-2020
Google Building Trust Token API to Help Combat Fraud 08-03-2020
FXCubic Introduces Real-time Markup API 07-31-2020 Introduces Gloo Federation Adding Multi-Cluster Control Feature 07-30-2020
Backblaze S3 Compatible APIs Now Generally Available 07-30-2020
Firebase Releases New Productivity and Connectivity Tools 07-28-2020
Cloudflare Introduces Cloudflare Workers Unbound 07-27-2020
Mode App Adds Open Banking, Top Up Feature 07-24-2020
Okta Introduces Java Library for PASETOs 07-23-2020
Marketstack API Provides Lightweight, Cost-Effective Access to Stock Data 07-21-2020
Vericred Adds ICHRA Affordability Calculator API to ICHRA Development Kit 07-20-2020
Audit Requirements Coming to Unverified YouTube API Projects 07-17-2020
Chrome 84 Now Stable 07-16-2020
Adzerk Announces API and SDK Betas 07-15-2020
eBay Launches New APIs as Its Developer Program Turns 20 Years Old 07-14-2020
Co-Operative Bank Kenya Announces Open APIs 07-13-2020
Riot Games Provides Game Data Via New Valorant API 07-10-2020
Google Android 11 Beta Focuses On People, Controls, and Privacy 07-09-2020
Microsoft Adds Text Analytics for Health Preview to Azure Cognitive Services 07-08-2020
Ireland Launches COVID-19 Tracker App 07-07-2020
Shopify's Delayed 2020 Versioning Now Taking Effect 07-06-2020
Hasura Introduces Hasura Cloud 06-30-2020
Keycard Offers NFC-Powered Hardware Wallet for Cyptocurrency Transactions 06-26-2020
AWS Introduces App Builder for Non-Coders: Honeycode 06-25-2020
AfterShip Makes E-Commerce Shipping API (Postmen) Free 06-24-2020
Security Researcher Saves 100 Million Starbucks Customers' Personal Data From Exploitation 06-23-2020
Google Maps Celebrates 15th Birthday with New Customization Features 06-22-2020
Google Maps Team Announces Beta for Local Context 06-22-2020
Profile Software Launches Acumen-net eFX 06-19-2020
Coinbase Announces New Open Source Specification: Rosetta 06-18-2020
Ekata Adds Network Score to Identity Verification Dataset 06-16-2020
Hoss Launches New API Monitoring Platform 06-15-2020
OpenAI Announces API Access to New AI Models 06-12-2020
Vue.js 3.0 Soon to be Generally Available 06-11-2020
DCS Announces IoT API 06-10-2020
MuckRock Announces Beta for New DocumentCloud API 06-09-2020
Hasura Introduces New GraphQL Data Federation Feature: Remote Joins 06-08-2020
Strapi Community Edition Now Generally Available 05-29-2020
Excelfore Launches SDK for eSync Standard Data Pipeline 05-28-2020
XCM Expands Tax and Accounting API Portfolio 05-27-2020
EsriX Announces Crypto Block Trading API 05-27-2020
Zappar Provides SDK Access to AR Libraries 05-26-2020
CreditRegistry API Aims to Fight Dud Checks in Nigeria 05-22-2020
Supermetrics Overhauls its Marketing API 05-21-2020
Microsoft to Unify Win32 and UWP APIs under Project Reunion 05-20-2020
VoltShare Brings API-based, Keyless Encryption to Enterprise Apps 05-19-2020
How Will Facebook's Acquisition of Giphy Impact API Integrations? 05-18-2020
Google Ending Support for JSON-RPC and Global HTTP Batch 05-15-2020
myCOVIDrisk API Allows Companies to Track COVID-19 Risk to their Business and Workforce 05-14-2020
Google Adds Temporary Closures Field to Places API 05-13-2020
Codugh Pays Developers for Every API Call 05-12-2020
Rank One Adds Periocular Algorithm to Facial Recognition SDK 05-11-2020
Alpha Roc Opens Crypto Arbitrage Algorithms through API 05-08-2020
Flutter v1.17 Released 05-07-2020
Facebook Releases v7 of Marketing and Graph APIs 05-06-2020
Backblaze Introduces S3 Compatible APIs for its B2 Cloud Storage 05-05-2020
OpenPayd Now Part of EU's SEPA Payment Scheme 05-04-2020
Altitude Angel announces Surveillance API 05-01-2020
Twitter Introduces New Endpoint in the Fight Against COVID-19 04-30-2020
Docketwise Makes Its Immigration API Public 04-29-2020
Verizon's Yahoo Knowledge Team Launches YK-COVID-19 Dataset and API 04-28-2020
Zerion Introduces DeFi SDK 04-28-2020
Square Announces Terminal API Beta 04-24-2020
Currencycloud Introduces Cross-border Payment Tracking API 04-23-2020
Microsoft Updates Azure Maps 04-22-2020
Pastebin Abruptly Discontinues Scraping API 04-21-2020
API Backdoor Exposes Android Users' Sensitive Data 04-20-2020
VeChain Introduces Thor v1.3.3 04-16-2020
Uber Introduces New Distributed Computing Library: Fiber 04-15-2020
Frollo Launches Open Banking API for Australia 04-14-2020
McLeod Software Introduces Digital Freight Matching API 04-13-2020
TensorFlow Adds QAT API to Optimization Toolkit 04-10-2020
Google Delays API Sunsets and Supports Developers in Wake of COVID-19 04-08-2020
Google's Local Home SDK Now Available as v1.0 04-07-2020
Coding Dojo Launches Volunteer Program for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19: Tech for America 04-06-2020
CORD-19 Consolidates 45,000 Coronavirus Scholarly articles for Researchers 04-03-2020
Farm Market iD Launches Agribusiness API 04-01-2020
Google Launches COVID-19 Public Datasets Program 03-31-2020
Zoom Stops Facebook SDK Use after Data Sharing Exposed 03-30-2020
GitHub Bug Bounty Program Turns 6; Big Plans Ahead 03-26-2020
Coronavirus Disrupts Google Chrome Development 03-25-2020
Spotify Launches Podcast API 03-24-2020
COVID-19 Data: Will the Open Source Community Succeed Where the Federal Government Failed? 03-23-2020
Google Ending Support for JSON-RPC and Global HTTP Batch 03-20-2020
Oracle Introduces Java 14 03-19-2020
Coronavirus Increases Demand on Chat Apps; Outages Ensue 03-18-2020
AppBrilliance Launches MoneyMovement SDK 03-17-2020
Google Beta Releases Cloud AI Platform Pipelines 03-16-2020
OpenWater Opens Application and Review Management Software to Developers 03-12-2020
Google to Ban App Engagement in Prohibited Categories 03-12-2020
US HHS Introduces New Healthcare APIs 03-10-2020
Go Gets Protocol Buffering 03-09-2020
New Change FX Launches Foreign Exchange API Suite 03-06-2020
Microsoft Releases Call Records API Beta for Microsoft Graph 03-05-2020
TranslateMe Releases French to English API 03-04-2020
Laravel 7 Now Available 03-03-2020
Amazon Introduces ACS for Devices 03-02-2020
Facebook Sues Analytics Company for Malicious SDK 02-28-2020
Shopify Launches API Health Report 02-27-2020
Explore Google Cloud APIs through Cloud Code 02-26-2020
Four51 Rebuilds and Relaunches Developer Portal 02-25-2020
Google reCaptcha and Web Risk API Now Generally Available 02-24-2020
Google Stackdriver Cloud Monitoring Dashboards API Now Generally Available 02-19-2020
Belvo API Brings Open Banking to Latin America 02-18-2020
Neurala Introduces Edge Learning through Brain Builder SDK 02-14-2020
Google Introduces New Video Features to Ad Manager API 02-13-2020
Microsoft Prepares for Dual Screens with Windows 10X 02-12-2020
Sony Introduces SDK for Remote Camera Control 02-11-2020
Service Objects Upgrades Canada DOTS Address Validation 02-06-2020
DTCC Launches API Marketplace for Post-Trade Financial Services 02-05-2020
Postman Adds API Builder and Reporting Features to Enterprise Platform 02-05-2020
Yelp Open Sources Fuzz-Lightyear IDOR Testing Framework 02-03-2020
Google Completing Accelerated Budget Delivery Sunset 01-30-2020
Google Shutting Down App Maker 01-29-2020
PIKA Technologies Launches HMP+X2 SDK 01-28-2020
CloudVector Introduces API Shark for API Discovery and Observability 01-27-2020
AWS Reports Increased API Error Rates in Asia Pacific Region 01-23-2020
FreshLime Announces Customer Connection API 01-22-2020
Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes Now Generally Available 01-21-2020
API Fortress Introduces Mass Functional Test Generation 01-20-2020
Google to End Support for Chrome Apps Soon 01-16-2020
Are Facebook's Election Security Measures Working? 01-15-2020
ICICI Launches API Portal for Open Banking in India 01-14-2020
CWT Expands myCWT to China Market 01-13-2020
what3words Launches Voice API Powered by Speechmatics 01-10-2020
Shopify API Updates Focus on Merchandising and Order Fulfillment 01-09-2020
HERE Technologies Showcases Public Transit and Intermodal Routing APIs 01-08-2020
APImetrics Introduces for Real-Time API Performance Rankings 01-07-2020
Cisco Announces Critical API Authentication Vulnerabilities 01-06-2020
Google Moving Bubbles Notifications Towards Stable Feature 12-30-2019
Apple Launches Open Bug Bounty Program 12-23-2019
Medicare and Medicaid's Blue Button API Offline After Bug Reported 12-20-2019
Facebook Enhances App Dashboard 12-19-2019
Amazon Announces Over 2 Dozen New Resource Types for AWS CloudFormation 12-17-2019
Hodl Hodl Launches API for its Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Exchange 12-16-2019
FCC Launches API for Lifeline Subsidy Program 12-11-2019
Postman Annual API Report Highlights Continued Concern for API Security 12-10-2019
StrongSalt Introduces Encryption as a Service API 12-09-2019
Sophos Introduces New Threat Analysis API Platform 12-06-2019
SimplyVital Health Introduces Event Logging API for Healthcare 12-05-2019
zvelo Introduces API for Web Content Classification and Malicious Detection 12-04-2019
Misty Robotics Expands Developer Support With Introduction of .NET SDK 12-03-2019
Chrome 79 Beta Supports Experimental Wake Lock API 12-02-2019
Nationwide Building Society Pilots Sandbox to Test Mortgage Broker API Integrations 11-27-2019
Panasonic Announces Facial Recognition API 11-25-2019
Test VS Queries without Leaving VS Code with GraphQuill 11-22-2019
Google Introduces v1.1 of DoubleClick Bid Manager API 11-20-2019
Sabre Announces New Car Shopping API 11-19-2019 Announced Gloo v1.0 11-15-2019
It's All About Security at GitHub Universe Day 2 11-14-2019
GitHub Universe 2019 Full of Product Announcements 11-13-2019
Amazon Announces October Updates to Alexa ASK 11-12-2019
TikTok Introduces Share to TikTok SDK 11-11-2019
Argus API Streamlines Commercial Real Estate Data Integration 11-08-2019
Google Cardboard Now Open-Source 11-07-2019
Stripe Launches a Command Line Interface 11-05-2019
Habito Launches API for UK Remortgaging 11-04-2019
Facebook Introduces v5.0 of Graph and Marketing APIs 11-01-2019
Misty Robotics Introduces Misty II 10-31-2019
Western Union Announces New Transfer and Payments APIs 10-29-2019
Ghost 3.0 Combines Publishing and Subscriptions in the Same Platform 10-28-2019
Firefox 70 Release full of API Updates 10-24-2019
Microsoft Introduces Bug Bounty Program for ElectionGuard SDK 10-22-2019
BCD Travel Introduces Developer Hub 10-18-2019
Qeexo AutoML Brings Machine Learning to Edge Devices 10-16-2019
Facebook Deprecating Legacy Instagram API in Favor of Facebook Graph API 10-15-2019
New Alexa Tools Empower Developers to Build, Test, and Tune Skills 10-14-2019
Okta Introduces DynamicScale for Authentication at Scale 10-14-2019
Supercharge Excel Spreadsheets with Dashdash 10-10-2019
Kubernetes API Vulnerable to Billion Laughs Attack 10-08-2019
Appdome's SecureAPI secures all APIs within a Mobile App 10-08-2019
Foursquare Introduces Free Tier for Pilgrim SDK 10-04-2019
TomTom Adds Maps Styler to its Maps API 10-03-2019
Google Enhances Vision AI Portfolio with Object and Logo Detection 10-02-2019
Twilio SendGrid Email Validation API now Publicly Available 10-01-2019
Smaato Launches SDK for in-app Advertising 09-30-2019
Protected Media Announces Supply Side SDK for Ad Fraud Detection 09-25-2019
Microsoft Introduces Azure Blueprint for SWIFT 09-24-2019
Google Announces the Spot Platform 09-23-2019
Google Enhances AdMob SDK, Overhauls API 09-19-2019
GitHub Improves Vulnerability Reporting by Becoming a CVE Number Authority 09-18-2019
Google Ending Play Game Services API Support for Real-Time and Multiplayer Functionality 09-17-2019
Apple Updates Developer Guidelines for Sign in with Apple and Kids Category 09-16-2019
GitHub Integrates its Checks API with Pages 09-16-2019
Arboric Debuts as an API Manager Dedicated to GraphQL 09-11-2019
Kong Announces Open Source Service Mesh Control Plane: Kuma 09-10-2019
Mozilla Prepares for Google's Manifest v3 for Chrome Extensions 09-05-2019
MTN Opens Mobile Money API to Ghana 09-04-2019
Amazon Adds ASK SDK Support for Express.js and Jinja 09-03-2019
Google Introduces New Bug Bounty Programs 08-30-2019
Enable Alexa Skills in 3rd Party Apps with App-to-App Account Linking 08-29-2019
Real-Time REST Framework Feathers 4 Now Available 08-28-2019
Google Announces Updates to Ads and Search APIs 08-26-2019
GitHub Now Supports WebAuthn 08-22-2019
How Will the Off-Facebook Activity Feature Impact Developers? 08-21-2019
TomTom Introduces New APIs for Electronic Vehicles 08-20-2019
Amazon Adds API-based Kernel Panic and Blue Screen to AWS EC2 08-19-2019
Square Announces Orders API 08-15-2019
LinkedIn Adds Audience Engagement API to LinkedIn Partner Program 08-14-2019
Twitter Vows Policy and Technology Changes Following Data Breach 08-13-2019
AWS Lake Formation Now Generally Available 08-12-2019
Instagram's Weak Data Protection Causes More Privacy Problems for Facebook 08-08-2019
GitHub Adds CI/CD Support to Actions API 08-08-2019
Twilio Announces Conversations API for Multi-Channel Messaging 08-06-2019
Facebook to Open Source Video and Photo Matching Technology to Stop Abusive Content 08-05-2019
Baron Launches Weather API for Public Safety 07-26-2019
Lisk Announces Alpha Release of its SDK 07-25-2019
Agility Rebrands Headless CMS through Content Fetch API 07-24-2019
Apollo Announces Managed Federation 07-23-2019
NPM Upgrades Enterprise JavaScript Toolset 07-22-2019
NativeScript 6.0 Release Focuses on Developer Productivity 07-19-2019
Uber Launches Plato, an AI Platform for Developers 07-18-2019
Vericred Launches Disruption Analysis API 07-16-2019
Bahrain Bank Announces Country's First Open Banking API Marketplace 07-15-2019
Vungle SDK v6.4 Supports Cache Optimization and MREC ad Format 07-12-2019
AWS Cloud Development Kit now Generally Available 07-11-2019
Microsoft Releases Azure SDKs Meeting new Azure API Standards 07-10-2019
Primis Adds API Engagement to Video Discovery Unit 07-09-2019
InstaReM Announces Branded Card Platform 07-08-2019
Visa Announces Installment Solutions APIs 06-28-2019
eBay Expands API Strategy 06-27-2019
Ping Identity Adds MFA, Social Login, and SSO to PingOne for Customers 06-25-2019
Google Adds Dialogflow and Hubot Support to Hangouts Chat API 06-21-2019
Year of the API at Shopify Unite 2019 06-20-2019
Postman Now Supports GraphQL 06-19-2019
FaunaDB GraphQL API Now Generally Available 06-18-2019
Zendesk Expands Integration Access to Answer Bot 06-17-2019
Create and Read Invoices through Blockchain-Based Request API 06-13-2019
First Twitter API Endpoints Available through Twitter Developer Labs Program 06-12-2019
Amazon Personalize Now Generally Available 06-11-2019
Roughly 100 GateHub XRP Wallets Hacked 06-10-2019
Fugue Merges Fugue Platform and Fugue Risk Manager into Single SaaS Product 06-06-2019
TransferMate Introduces Global Payment API 06-05-2019
Build a Distributed GraphQL Graph with Apollo Federation 06-04-2019
Angular CLI v8 Includes Architect API 06-03-2019
Researchers Expose Nokelock Smart Padlock Security Vulnerabilities 05-30-2019
Google Introduces Kubernetes Operators to Help Admins Author, Release, and Manage Apps 05-29-2019
Australia's Victoria the Latest Government to Push APIs 05-28-2019
1,100 Insurance-related APIs Now Available through EIS DXP 05-24-2019
Mapbox Shifts API and SDK Pricing to Pay-As-You-Go 05-23-2019
Postman 7.1 Allows Devs to Create APIs Directly in the App 05-21-2019
Dwolla Adds Labeling Functionality to API for Fund Allocation and Organization 05-20-2019
Mastercard Introduces API-Driven Digital Customer Experience Platform 05-16-2019
Shutterstock Launches Self-Service API Subscription Plans 05-10-2019
MicroBilt Launches Developer Site and Consumer Data APIs 05-09-2019
Azure Takes Center Stage at Microsoft Build Day One 05-07-2019
Microsoft Announces New APIs for Azure Cognitive Services 05-06-2019
Apple's Crackdown on Screen Usage and Parental Control Apps Stirs Controversy 05-02-2019
ING Starts Open Banking API Initiative in France 05-01-2019
Microsoft's Open Source PWABuilder 2.0 Now Available 04-30-2019
Google Ads API Doctor Eases Configuration and Provisioning Difficulties 04-26-2019
Sportradar Launches Winter Sports API 04-25-2019
Amazon Introduces App Submission API 04-24-2019
Microsoft Windows Defender ATP API Now Generally Available 04-23-2019
DocuSign Introduces Organization Admin API 04-22-2019
Edgybees Announces Augmented Reality API Kit 04-12-2019
42Crunch Introduces API Security Platform 04-11-2019
Scrapinghub Announces AI-Driven Web Scraping API 04-10-2019
Looker Introduces New Developer Tools 04-09-2019
Google Adds Smart Replies and Language Identification to ML Kit 04-09-2019
Google Preparing Client Libraries for Python 2 End of Life 04-05-2019
Sabre Introduces Airline Industry Standard NDC APIs 04-04-2019
Polar Announces Heart Rate Monitor API and SDKs 04-03-2019
South Africa's Nedbank Launches Open Banking API Platform 04-02-2019
AWS Introduces API Specification for Securing On-Demand and Live Video 04-01-2019
Facebook Launches Multi-Faceted Plan to Stop Election Meddling 03-29-2019
Adobe Introduces Next Generation Adobe Exchange 03-27-2019
GitLab 11.9 Includes Secret Detection 03-26-2019
Research Indicates Rampant GitHub Data Leaks 03-22-2019
Vonage Introduces Number Programmability for Business Cloud Platform 03-21-2019
Whitepages Pro Introduces Transaction Risk API 03-20-2019
Bigbelly Launches Smart Waste Management API 03-19-2019
New Steam APIs Allow Partners to Utilize Steam's Internal Network 03-18-2019
RingCentral Launches Embeddable Platform and Compliance APIs 03-14-2019
Tune Chrome Extension Limits Toxic Web Comments 03-13-2019
Bandwidth Enables Burst SMS Campaigns with Local Numbers 03-12-2019
Call of Duty API Update Temporarily Blocks Stat Tracking 03-11-2019
Automotive Grade Linux Updates Open Source Speech Recognition APIs 03-08-2019
TensorFlow 2.0 Now Available in Alpha Preview 03-07-2019
W3C and FIDO's Web Authentication Standard Now an Official Web Standard 03-06-2019
Google Ads API Now Production Ready 03-05-2019
Payments NZ Announces First Two API Standards 03-04-2019
Drupal Core Code Suffers Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 03-01-2019
Microsoft Expands Bing Maps API Autosuggest Capability 02-27-2019
Google Introduces Cloud to IoT Device SDK 02-26-2019
Verizon Media Launches Ads SDK 02-25-2019
TazWorks Introduces CreditConnect API 02-22-2019
Shazam Stops Supporting Third Party SDKs on iOS 02-21-2019
Transition to LinkedIn API v2 by March 1 02-20-2019
Microsoft Expands Azure Maps Services and SDKs 02-19-2019
Google Proposes Fix to Incognito Mode Leak in Chrome 02-18-2019
Google Opens API for Google Docs 02-12-2019
Microsoft's Azure API for FHIR Enables Storing Health Data in the Cloud 02-11-2019
Changes Coming to Google Groups Settings API 02-07-2019
Mailchimp Mandrill Outage Resolved, but Not Before Frustrating Users 02-07-2019
Plaid's Account Verification Now Available to All US Banks and Credit Unions 02-05-2019
Engauge Opens API Access to Analog Gauges 02-01-2019
Smart2Pay Releases Mobile SDK for WeChat and Alipay Payments 01-31-2019
TrueLayer Opens Beta for PSD2-Compliant Payments API 01-30-2019
Salt Security Launches API Protection Platform 01-29-2019
Kin SDK for Unity Available for Android 01-28-2019
Google Open Sources Cloud Search Connector SDK 01-25-2019
Google Publishes Chrome Extension Manifest v3 01-24-2019
Ping Identity Enhances its API Security Solution 01-23-2019
Aphelion to Release API Docs, Matching Engine and Cross Chain Integration 01-22-2019
Telegram Bot API Compromised by GoodSender Malware 01-21-2019
Android Game SDK for Unity in the Works 01-18-2019
TensorFlow 2.0 Public Preview Expected Soon 01-17-2019
JETCO Launches Hong Kong-based Open Banking API Exchange 01-14-2019
RigoBlock Announces API Access to Decentralized Asset Management Protocol 01-11-2019
Ockam Open Sources its IoT SDK 01-10-2019
Spotware Releases cTrader Open API v2.0 01-09-2019
TrueLayer Expands Banking API to Germany 01-08-2019
Google Adds TV Targeting to AdWords API 01-07-2019
Neurotechnology Introduces Face Verification SDK for Facial Authentication 01-04-2019
New Report Finds that Facebook SDK Automatically Pulls Data from Many Popular Android Apps 01-03-2019
Israel's Bits of Gold Announces Cryptocurrency Payment API 01-02-2019
Totle Platform Remedies Illiquidity of Decentralized Crypto Exchanges 12-21-2018
Is Google Ending Android Beam? 12-20-2018
Algolia Personalizes Search Results 12-19-2018
Fitbit OS 3.0 Includes Four New Developer APIs 12-18-2018
Arrivedo API Empowers Hotels with Localized Experience and Content Materials 12-17-2018
Arm and Disarm Home Security Systems with Alexa 12-14-2018
Google+ Going Away Sooner than Expected 12-12-2018
The VA Introduces its First Health API 12-11-2018
Microsoft Open Sourcing Edge Development through Chromium Project 12-10-2018
SignEasy API Enables In-App Document Signing 12-07-2018
Microsoft Introduces Azure API Management for Serverless Environments 12-06-2018
Security Hole Exposes Kubernetes 12-05-2018
Ping Identity Announces Public Preview of PingOne for Customers 12-04-2018
Amazon Personalize Delivers API Access to the AI that Powers 11-30-2018
CARDFREE Opens API access to its Order-Ahead Platform 11-28-2018
Kyber Introduces API Access to On-Chain Liquidity Protocol 11-27-2018
Datadog Introduces Synthetics API Performance Monitoring Tool 11-26-2018
Amazon Announces GA of AWS SDK for Java 2.x 11-20-2018
Cashplus Adds Payments API to Portfolio 11-19-2018
Microsoft Introduces Azure Blockchain Development Kit 11-16-2018
Tisane Labs Introduces API to Detect Abusive Text Content 11-15-2018
Bitvore Precision News API Now Generally Available 11-14-2018
Google Aims to Increase Interoperability of Web and Native Apps with Writable Files API 11-13-2018
Google Announces Android Support for Foldable Devices 11-12-2018
GraphQL Moving to Neutral, Open-Source Foundation 11-08-2018
Mapillary Open Sources Street-Level Image SDK 11-08-2018
Apollo Launches its GraphQL Platform 11-07-2018
Data61 Publishes Working Draft of Standard for Australia's Consumer Data Right 11-06-2018
Add Calendar Reminders to Alexa Skills with the Reminders API 11-05-2018
Pusher's Chatkit Now Generally Available 11-02-2018
Google Introduces its Latest Bot-Detecting API: reCAPTCHA v3 10-31-2018
API and Developer News from Firebase Summit 2018 10-30-2018
Attackers Continue to Target Docker Vulnerabilities 10-29-2018
Qualcomm Introduces Smart Headset Platform for Alexa Integration 10-26-2018
Kairos Introduces On-Premise Facial Recognition API 10-23-2018
BBVA Launches Banking as a Service Platform in US 10-18-2018
Azure Confidential Computing Available in Public Preview 10-16-2018
New Amazon APIs make Front Porch Devices Smarter 10-15-2018
Is UTRUST the PayPal of Cryptocurrencies? 10-12-2018
Here Technologies Opens Beta for Location Data Cloud Service 10-11-2018
Rapid7 Introduces InsightAppSec API 10-10-2018
GraphQL APIs Now Configurable through Stackery 10-09-2018
New Facebook Tool Identifies App Users Compromised in Recent Attack 10-08-2018
Facebook Fuses Research and Production AI Projects through PyTorch 1.0 10-05-2018
BlackVue Provides API Access to In-Vehicle Dashcams 10-04-2018
Atlassian Updates Confluence and Jira Cloud APIs for GDPR Compliance 10-03-2018
IBM/StrongLoop Announces GraphQL Wrapper for REST APIs: OASGraph 10-01-2018
Prismic Launches Alpha GraphQL API 09-28-2018
Weather Underground API Retiring at the End of 2018 09-27-2018
Twitter Gives Update on Account Activity API Bug 09-25-2018
Facebook will Soon Auto-Enroll Apps in its App Review Process 09-21-2018
Integrate Trade Service Industry Business Management Software with simPRO API 09-21-2018
Google Announces Cloud Inference API 09-19-2018
Another Grindr API Flaw Exposes Users' Location 09-18-2018
Chrome 70 Beta Release Includes Shape Detection API 09-17-2018
HubSpot Introduces Beta Version of Calling API 09-14-2018
eBay's HeadGaze Controls iPhone X Screen through Head Movements 09-13-2018
Twitter Announces Immediate Changes to Image Access through Twitter's Direct Message API 09-12-2018
Google Photos Library API now Generally Available 09-11-2018
HERE Mobility Launches Mobility SDK 09-07-2018
TomTom Announces Free Maps and Traffic Tiles on Mobile SDK 09-06-2018
Google Content Safety API Takes AI Approach to Battling Child Sexual Abuse Material 09-05-2018
Sonos to Freely Open Developer Program 08-31-2018
Arcentry API Makes Cloud Diagrams Programmable 08-30-2018
Windy API v2.3 and 3.0 Retiring. Migrate to 4.0 08-29-2018
Express Gateway v1.11.0 Now Available 08-28-2018
RapidRatings Announces Risk Management API 08-27-2018
Facebook Attacks Abusive Political Ads with an API 08-27-2018
Bestow API Enables Life Insurance Quote and Purchase through 3rd Party Apps 08-23-2018
Kenya's Equity Bank Launches Jenga API Gateway 08-22-2018
Mavenlink Announces M-Bridge Integration & Extensibility Platform 08-21-2018
Large UK Banks Must Disclose Service Metrics via API 08-20-2018
Twitter Kills Site Streams, Users Streams, and Legacy Direct Messages Next Week 08-09-2018
New Textmunication APIs Evolves CPaaS Offering 08-08-2018
Cloudflare Stream Now Generally Available 08-07-2018
MapAnything Introduces Location of Things APIs 08-06-2018
CoinMarketCap Introduces Professional API 08-03-2018
Facebook Introduces WhatsApp Business API 08-02-2018
Google Bans On-Device Cryptocurrency Mining Apps from Google Play 08-01-2018
Haven Life Announces Term Life Insurance API 07-30-2018
RevenueCat SDKs Manage in-app Subscriptions Across Platforms 07-27-2018
Google Promotes Chrome 68 to Stable Channel 07-26-2018
Google Expands AI Portfolio 07-25-2018
AWS JavaScript SDK Now Supports Amazon S3 Select 07-24-2018
Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter Announce Open Source Data Portability Project 07-23-2018
Hong Kong Monetary Authority Announced Open API 07-20-2018
Ding Introduces Mobile Top-Up API 07-12-2018
SMG Makes Lenderlink API Freely Available to Mortgage Packagers 07-10-2018
Twitter API Updates Eliminate Key Features to Twitterrific App 07-06-2018
Google Introduces Beta 3 for Android P 07-05-2018
Amazon Introduces Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Python 07-03-2018
Microsoft Improves Face API to Reduce Racial and Gender Bias 06-29-2018
CoverWallet Introduces Insurtech as a Service API 06-28-2018
Codeless App Events Added to Facebook SDK 06-27-2018
Google Updates Play Store API Target Requirements 06-26-2018
GitHub for Unity 1.0 Now Available 06-20-2018
500px API No Longer Free of Charge 06-20-2018
Amazon Launches Private Endpoints for API Gateway 06-19-2018
Snapchat Launches Snap Kit 06-14-2018
Personal Remedies Announces Open API for Nutrition Based Remedies 06-13-2018
ProPublic Adds Lobbying Data and Bill-related Press Release Data to Congress API 06-11-2018
Bud Launches Developer Portal for Open Banking APIs 06-06-2018
Rebel Launches Lite Version of Email Marketing API 06-04-2018
Jitterbit Launches Summer '18 Version of Harmony iPaaS Solution 05-31-2018
Cisco Introduces Aironet Developer Platform 05-30-2018
ClearCare Launches Home Connect API for Home Care Solutions 05-25-2018
Marvel Launches API Access to Creative Collaboration Platform 05-24-2018
Mapbox Enhances Points of Interest and AR Features of Unity SDK 05-23-2018
Microsoft Introduces REST API Browser and API Try It Feature 05-21-2018
Revolut Launches Open Banking API 05-18-2018
Edamam Adds to its Suite of Nutrition APIs 05-16-2018
Dropbox Introduces v2 of its Team Events API 05-15-2018
Graphcool Announces v2.0 of GraphQL Bindings 05-14-2018
DMG Launches Bitscore Risk API 05-11-2018
Google Launches Production Ready OS for Android Things 05-08-2018
In-Skill Purchasing for Amazon Skills Now Generally Available 05-04-2018
Instead of MacOS and iOS Convergence, Expect Declarative APIs from Apple 05-03-2018
Google Launches Top-Level Domain for Apps on the Web: .app 05-02-2018
Melissa Introduces API Portal for Rapid Application Development 05-01-2018
TravelgateX Launches GraphQL-based Travel API 04-27-2018
Open Banking APIs Land in Sri Lanka 04-26-2018
RSA Conference Endures Cybersecurity Incident, Again 04-24-2018
Google Dialogflow Enterprise Edition Generally Available 04-20-2018
SparkPost Launches GDPR Compliant Email API 04-05-2018
GitHub Launches Preview of Organization Project Permissions API 04-03-2018
Roanuz Introduces Cricket-focused Chatbot API 03-26-2018
Forty Seven Bank Launches API to Support Financial Applications 03-23-2018
Amazon Introduces GameOn APIs and Gaming Competition Platform 03-21-2018
PUBG Launches Test Version of its API for Battle Royale Game Data 03-19-2018
Hootsuite Announces Interaction History API to Monitor Social Media Engagement 03-14-2018
Episerver Launches Headless API for Digital Content Delivery 03-09-2018
Microsoft Releases Azure SDK for Go 03-06-2018
Turn API Automates and Scales Identity Verification and Mass Payments 02-27-2018
Switch Announces CardSavr API for Automating Credit Card Distribution Across ECommerce Sites 02-25-2018
Ozonetel Introduces Speech API for KooKoo IVR 02-22-2018 Launches Frost API for Access to Block-Chain Based Creative Assets Network 02-15-2018
Encoder Farm Announces New Aggressive Pricing Model 01-30-2018
New Research Predicts Continued Growth in API Testing Market 01-16-2018
Monzo Releases Interim API to Comply with PSD2 Banking Regulations 01-16-2018
Aria Solutions Announces API-Based Softphone Solution 01-09-2018
Go2mobi Announces Total Control API for Automated Mobile Advertising Campaigns 01-08-2018
Eve Online ESI API Replacing CREST and XML APIs 01-05-2018
SparrowOne Launches Managed Payment Services API 01-04-2018
Edmunds Retiring Open API Program 01-03-2018 Launches API for Automated Access to Outsourced Work 12-21-2017
Sony Launches Audio Control API 12-19-2017
EBU Opens API Access to Quality Control Tests 12-18-2017
Twitch Adds API Endpoints, Starts Rate Limit Increase Discussion 12-15-2017
Avolution Adds Enhanced API to ABACUS Toolset 12-14-2017
project44 Announces Real-Time Rail Visibility API 12-13-2017
ALFAcashier Opens API to Electronic Currency Exchange 12-12-2017
Microsoft Connects Kubernetes Apps via Open Service Broker API 12-11-2017
Salesforce Announces v2 of its Bulk API 12-06-2017
BioID Launches PhotoVerify API for Live Image-based Verification 12-04-2017
ParallelDots Announces Two New AI API Products 12-01-2017
EdGate Announces New Educational Standards API 11-29-2017
Xillio Announces Content Integration API 11-21-2017
ForwardLane Launches Two AI-Driven FinTech APIs 11-16-2017
Mux Opens Early Access to Mux Video API 11-15-2017
Mobius API Network Connects Apps to the Blockchain Ecosystem 11-07-2017
Factual Launches Engine SDK for iOS and Android 11-06-2017
W3C Designates WebRTC 1.0 Feature Complete 11-03-2017
Capital One and Intuit Announce API-Driven, Customer-Centric Financial Data Sharing Partnership 11-02-2017
DarkmindFX Introduces Filings API for Access to SEC-based Financial Data 10-31-2017 Announces Public Beta of Platform API 10-26-2017
Mastercard's Consumer Control API Enables Digital Footprint Monitoring 10-25-2017
Google Simplifies Enterprise Mobility Management with Android Management API 10-23-2017
Thread Genius API Powers Visual Style Recommendation as a Service 10-20-2017
Microsoft Makes Two More Cognitive APIs Generally Available 10-18-2017
Airbnb Officially Launches an API 10-17-2017
Propeller Launches Open Asthma Conditions Forecast API 10-12-2017
NovoPayment Launches Developer Hub for LATAM-Focused Fintech Innovation 10-11-2017
MessageBird Adds Voice API to its Cloud Communications API Portfolio 10-10-2017
Graphcool Adds Resolver Function to Graphcool API 10-05-2017
Oracle Announces Blockchain Cloud Service 10-04-2017
Dropbox API v1 Officially Retired 10-02-2017
Flashpoint Launches v4 of its Business Risk Intelligence API 09-29-2017
SugarCRM Launches SDK for Sugar Mobile 09-26-2017
DropBuddies Delivery API Brings On-Demand Courier Services to Third Party Apps within Nigeria 09-26-2017
Dexcom Launches API to Access Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data 09-25-2017
Igloo Launches Digital Workplace Developer Partner Program 09-22-2017
New Research: Telecom API Market Outlook and Forecasts 09-21-2017
OCBC Expands Banking API Portfolio 09-18-2017
Facebook Adds Automated Encoder Configuration and Frame-Accurate Start Times to Live API 09-15-2017
Autofill API Vulnerability Reported for Android 8.0 Oreo 09-14-2017
Yelp Adds Event Data to Fusion and GraphQL APIs 09-08-2017
Facebook Announces 1.0 Release of Open Source JavaScript Package Manager, Yarn 09-07-2017
OGC Seeking Public Comment on Draft Charter for Geocoding API Standard 09-07-2017
Heroku App Webhooks Now Generally Available 09-05-2017
Dropbox Adds Document Creation and Editing Endpoint to Dropbox Paper API 09-01-2017
Nexchange Beta Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange and API 08-31-2017
Safaricom Announces Increased API Efficiency within M-PESA Ecommerce Portfolio 08-30-2017
Google Introduces Beta Version of App Engine Firewall 08-29-2017
Prisma Shifts Focus From Photo Editing App to API-Driven B2B Services 08-22-2017
Joberate Opens API Access to Job Seeking Data Analytics Platform 08-17-2017
Plasticity Moving Two New NLP APIs to Public Beta 08-14-2017
CloudRail's Universal API Now Supports Xamarin 08-11-2017
Twitter Kit 3 Expands to Unity 08-10-2017
Vantiv's triPOS Cloud Payment Processing API Now Generally Available 08-08-2017
Mozilla Adds Three Experimental Features to Firefox through Test Pilot Program 08-04-2017
Plume Labs Opens API for Air Quality Data 08-03-2017
Quovo Launches Self-Service API Checkout 08-02-2017
GraphCMS Launches API-First Content Management System 08-01-2017
LunchBadger Announces Open Source Express.js API Gateway 07-31-2017
FinFolio Launches Standalone Wealth Management API 07-27-2017
Iteris Expands Digital Farming API Portfolio 07-26-2017
APIMatic SDKs Now Support OAuth 2.0 07-25-2017
Instagram Launches New API Features and Upgrades to Facebook Graph API 07-24-2017
Body Labs Introduces SOMA Shape API for 3D Model and Measurement Prediction 07-21-2017
Payza Bitcoin SendMoney API Enables Bitcoin Payments Beyond the Payza Network 07-20-2017
AT&T Expands Access to Mobility API Portfolio 07-19-2017
PotCoin Payment API Offers Access to Cannabis-Targeted Cryptocurrency 07-18-2017
Allfunds Announces Upcoming API Platform 07-13-2017
PandaScore APIs Deliver Access to E-Sports Data 07-10-2017
Kubernetes 1.7 Includes API Aggregation at Runtime 07-07-2017
Everypixel Launches API Access to Image Search and Aesthetic Filter 07-06-2017
PixLab APIs Provide Access to Media Analysis and Processing 06-30-2017
Mailgun Launches New Features, SLA, and Pricing for its Email Validation API 06-29-2017
SafeCharge Launches Single API-Based Marketplace Manager 06-28-2017
Cloudflare Launches Cloudflare Apps Platform 06-27-2017
Google Announces Web Budget API Support in Chrome 60 06-26-2017
Aeris Weather API v1.7.0 Now Production Ready 06-23-2017
Google Adds Semantic Time Capability to Awareness API 06-20-2017
Latest Google Play Services SDK Includes LocationServices APIs 06-19-2017
Q2 Open Delivers a Fintech API Portfolio for Financial Services 06-16-2017
TeleSign's App Verify Simplifies User Verification and Onboarding 06-15-2017
Facebook Graph API v2.3 to Automatically Upgrade to v2.4 06-13-2017
Mozilla Announces WebExtensions API for Cross-Browser Extensions 06-12-2017
Twitter Launches Twitter Kit 3 as First Standalone Version 06-01-2017
Shopify Targets Discount Programs with New Price Rules API 05-31-2017
Facebook Announces Cross-Platform Support for Instant Articles 05-26-2017
Mapbox Unity SDK Brings Pokemon Go-like AR to Gaming Developers 05-24-2017
GitHub Adds to its Developer Tool Portfolio 05-23-2017
Automatic Notifications from Amazon's Alexa Coming Soon 05-18-2017
Google Introduces Payment Process Layer via Payment Request API 05-17-2017
Oracle Launches API Platform Cloud Service 05-16-2017
Parasoft Enahances API Testing Tool 05-12-2017
Microsoft Expands Graph API Portfolio 05-11-2017
Unsplash API Now Completely Open and Free 05-10-2017
IBM Open Sources API Microgateway 05-09-2017
RiskIQ Updates Cyber Event Investigation Platform API 05-08-2017
Yelp Adds GraphQL Support to Fusion API, Introduces Developer Beta Program 05-05-2017
Recurly API v2.5 Includes New Subscription Billing Endpoints and Attributes 05-04-2017
APS Financial Launches Cashplus Transaction API 05-04-2017
MuHu Announces Video Intelligence API 05-02-2017
Twilio Drops Beta Tag from Programmable Video SDKs, Adds New API 05-01-2017
Amazon Announces API-Powered Seller Subscription Service 04-28-2017
Google Officially Retires Hangouts API 04-27-2017
W3C Launches Front-End Developer Certificate 04-26-2017
Will Facebook's Thoughts API Eliminate the Mouse and Keyboard? 04-25-2017
New Apple API Opens Live Photo Functionality to Third Parties 04-24-2017
Shopify Launches Marketing Events API 04-21-2017
Microsoft Goes GA with Three More Cognitive Services APIs 04-20-2017
TeleSign Opens Self-Service Portal for its CPaaS APIs 04-19-2017
Google Expands WebVR Support to Cardboard 04-18-2017
Amazon Adds Device Address API to Alexa 04-07-2017
MZ Announces $1,000,000 Live Open Data Challenge to Promote Platform 04-05-2017
Did Twilio Just Modernize the Fax Machine with an API? 04-03-2017
Google Creates a New Home for Open Source Initiatives 03-31-2017
Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport Publishes Flight API 03-30-2017
W3C Launches Web of Things Working Group for IoT Standardization and API Development 03-28-2017
EquipmentWatch Announces an API for the Heavy Equipment Industry 03-23-2017
Xbox Clubs API Expected to Enhance Social Features of Xbox Live 03-21-2017
Major Live Streaming API News Expected from Twitter 03-17-2017
Hayo Smart Home Device Includes Developer API 03-16-2017
Agora Launches SDK to Add Filters to Live Video 03-15-2017
Tesla API Crash Highlights Vulnerabilities of API Economy 03-10-2017
Lyft Extends Transportation Network Beyond the Lyft App 03-09-2017
Ozlo Opens AI Platform via API Suite 03-07-2017
Citi Launches CitiConnect API 03-02-2017
Perspective API Brings Google Anti-Harrasment Tech to Third Parties 02-28-2017
Yelp Updates Fusion API, Signals the End of Legacy API 02-22-2017
Google Cloud Endpoints Moves to General Availability 02-16-2017
TrueLayer Launches New Banking API 02-15-2017
PasswordPing APIs Check Passwords and Credentials for Exposure 02-10-2017
Microsoft Continues to Democratize AI through the Power of APIs 02-09-2017
Box Overhauls its Developer Experience 02-08-2017
Bugsee Bug Reporting and Crash Analytics goes GA 02-03-2017
Microsoft Commits to Real-Time Communications with WebRTC 1.0 API Release 02-02-2017
Parse Officially Shuts Down 01-31-2017
Microsoft Announces Campaign APIs to Empower App Advertising 01-30-2017
GM Releases Next Generation Infotainment SDK 01-27-2017
AdStage V2 Released Alongside New Universal Data API 01-25-2017
Stormpath Launches Client API for Frontend Registration and Authentication 01-24-2017
Dwolla's Access API Aims to be the Ideal API to Move Money 01-23-2017
Square E-commerce API brings Square Services to Third Party Systems 01-18-2017
Microsoft Makes API Changes to Azure Storage Service 01-17-2017
Google My Business API Now Includes Location Insights 01-13-2017
Google Announces Improvements to Google Classroom API 01-12-2017
The UK Government Releases Version 2 of its GOV.UK Notify API 01-11-2017
The Sun Finally Sets on the Google Earth API 01-11-2017
Kanvas Announces SDK Suite for 3rd Party Creative Live Videos 01-06-2017
NCI Clinical Trials API Connects Doctors and Patients to Cancer Clinical Trials 12-29-2016
PayPal Introduces Braintree JavaScript SDK v3 12-18-2016
Cloud Foundry Foundation Announces Open Service Broker API Project 12-15-2016
GovTrack to Shutdown API and Pass the Legislative Data Torch 12-13-2016
Stripe Releases v1.1.0 of its Android SDK 12-08-2016
BMC Innovation Suite for Developers Reaches General Availability 12-06-2016
GitHub Launches Preview of Organization Membership APIs 12-02-2016
Bitmovin Adds to the List of Video Infrastructure APIs 12-01-2016
Synq Launches Video API with Developer-First Mindset 11-30-2016
Firebase App Indexing API Searches Content Across Apps 11-28-2016
THRIFTLY.IO Enables API Access to Legacy Windows Apps 11-21-2016
Rebelmail Publicly Launches Interactive Email API 11-18-2016
W3C Introduces Three APIs for TV Control, Geolocation, and Web Mentions 11-17-2016
Wipro Launches Open Banking API 11-11-2016
APImetrics Launches Single Number Score for API Health 11-10-2016
New Images of Earth Available through NASA's EPIC API 11-08-2016
Guggy API Aims to Add Context to GIFs 11-04-2016
Mastercard Releases Experimental Blockchain APIs 11-02-2016
Microsoft to Replace WorkingWith API with New People API 11-01-2016
Korean Tech Companies Aim to Thwart Google Maps' Expansion into South Korea 10-28-2016
AWR Launches v2 of its Cloud Developer API 10-27-2016
Wicket Labs Launches API Monitoring and Reporting for the Non-Engineer 10-26-2016
eBay Launches New Buy and Sell APIs 10-24-2016
Microsoft Adds Cognitive Services, Speech, and Image Search APIs to Bot Framework 10-21-2016
Microsoft Flow Adds Custom API, Basecamp 3, Blogger, and PagerDuty Support 10-18-2016
New YouMail API Combats Unwanted Robocalls 10-12-2016
TomTom Announces Traffic Stats API 10-11-2016
Amazon Updates Alexa Voice Service API 10-10-2016
Facebook Graph API v2.8 Delivers Custom Open Graph Update 10-07-2016
Telegram Bolsters Bot API with New Gaming Functionality 10-06-2016
Will the API Kill the Data Scientist? 10-05-2016
New APIs Expand Line's Third Party Integration and Chatbot Capabilities 10-03-2016
Tableau API Suite Enables In-App Data Analytics, Visualizations, and Experiences 09-30-2016
Google Releases Google My Business API v3.1 09-29-2016
BeyondTrust Announces Password Management API 09-27-2016
How to Access the Tickspot API with cURL 09-21-2016
Yelp Introduces Overhauled Developer Program and New Fusion API 09-20-2016
PipelineDB Introduces a Realtime Analytics-as-a-Service API: Stride 09-19-2016
myTomorrows Opens API Access to Clinical Trial Data 09-15-2016
Affectiva Emotion Measurement API Now Free to Startups 09-14-2016
Box Introduces Updated Developer Platform and New UI APIs BoxWorks 09-12-2016
Google Acquires Apigee for $625 Million 09-08-2016
Yelp Bug-Bounty Program Moves from Private to Public 09-07-2016
WhereIsMyTransport Launches API Access to its Transport Technology Platform 09-01-2016
CrowdRiff Announces Visual Influence API for Travel Industry 08-30-2016
Grip Launches AI-Powered Event Matchmaking API 08-25-2016
Kloudless Introduces Universal CRM Integration with New API 08-24-2016
Translational Software Releases Genomics API to Speed Up Precision Medicine 08-23-2016
Airbitz Opens Bitcoin Wallet Plugin API to Entire User Base 08-17-2016
DriveWealth Expands API Portfolio with Wealth Management Services 08-16-2016
Twitter Launches Twitter Kit and Digits 2.0 for Android 08-15-2016
Amazon Introduces Usage Plans for Amazon API Gateway 08-12-2016
Introducing MedalBot: the Olympic Medal API for the Rio Olympic Games 08-10-2016
Microsoft Introduces API Access to OneNote Staff Notebook 08-09-2016
Microsoft's Excel API Now Generally Available 08-08-2016
API Updates Shine in Apache Spark 2.0 Release 08-04-2016
Visa Expands The Everywhere Initiative to Australia and New Zealand 08-03-2016
Twilio Message Feedback API Helps Ensure Timely Delivery 08-02-2016
Will Niantic Cease and Desist Letter Mark the End of Unauthorized Pokemon Go APIs? 08-01-2016
Twilio Sync Provides API Access to Real-Time App Syncing 07-27-2016
Hacker Downloads Twitter's Entire Vine Source Code 07-26-2016
Microsoft Publishes REST API Guidelines 2.3 07-21-2016
Google Adds Marker Clustering to Maps SDK for iOS 07-20-2016
Yelp Launches Developer Preview of Revamped API 07-19-2016
IBM Moves Watson Conversation from Experimental to GA 07-14-2016
IBM to Remove Watson IoT API v1 in Favor of v2 07-11-2016
Google Updates Gmail API to Replace Email Settings API 07-08-2016
SendGrid Launches New Endpoint to Complete API Email Management 07-07-2016
Scale Introduces the API for Human Labor 07-01-2016
Dropbox API v1 Now Deprecated 06-30-2016
Google Opens Awareness API to Entire Dev Community 06-29-2016
Google Updates Access and Limits of Maps API Standard Plan 06-27-2016
BetterWorks Announces API to Connect Workplace Data Points 06-23-2016
Airbnb Explores Shift from Marketplace to Travel Platform through API Strategy 06-21-2016
Stampery Launches New API and Certification Service 06-10-2016
Windows App Studio Now Includes REST API Data Source 06-09-2016
Payment Savvy Launches Payment Processing API 06-07-2016
Facebook Encourages Transition to Facebook SDK v4 06-03-2016
Microsoft Edge to Support W3C's Speech Synthesis APIs 06-02-2016
Walgreens Continues Developer-Focused Strategy with Two More APIs 05-31-2016
Twilio's Notify API Reaches Customers Via Preferred Method 05-27-2016
Square Launches Register API for Android 05-26-2016
Google Launches Version 4 of its Safe Browsing API 05-25-2016
Twitter Tweaks 140 Character Calculation 05-24-2016
Singapore's OCBC Bank Launches Open API Platform 05-18-2016
Google Maps Provides API Release Note Updates via RSS Feeds 05-17-2016
YouTube Adds Historical Data to Reporting API 05-13-2016
Barchart Announces Real-time, Event-based Financial API 05-12-2016
Chrome 51 Beta Adds Credential Management API Support 05-03-2016
EveryMatrix Updates Web API to Include Native Mobile Support 04-29-2016
Emirates Launches IATA NDC Compliant B2B API 04-28-2016
BitcoinAverage Announces Closed Beta of New Full-Featured API 04-27-2016
Dropbox Retires Sync and Datastore APIs 04-26-2016
Payleven Launches Payments Developer Suite for 3rd Party App and POS Integration 04-22-2016
YouTube Introduces 360-Degree Live Streaming 04-21-2016
Google Launches Consumer Surveys API 04-20-2016
Facebook Graph API v2.6 Delivers New APIs and Features 04-15-2016
WebUSB API Gives USB-Connected Devices Direct Access to Web Services 04-12-2016
Google Cloud Datastore API Rebuilt for Better Performance and Access 04-08-2016
Heroku to Sunset Heroku Platform API v2 on April 15 04-06-2016
Microsoft Expands Integration Capabilities of Graph API with Non-Microsoft Apps 04-05-2016
Ticketmaster Releases First Public Facing APIs and SDKs 04-04-2016
Best Buy API Access Policy Change Requires Company-Based Email 03-31-2016
Google, NodeSource Partnership Runs Node.JS on Google App Engine 03-29-2016
GoDaddy's Rebuilt Cloud Servers Offers Simple API Integration 03-24-2016
Twitter to Launch Twitter Kit 2.0 03-22-2016
Microsoft Launches Dev Preview for New Bing Search APIs 03-17-2016
Google and Twitch Introduce Streaming Game Play at GDC 03-16-2016
Bitwage API Enables Faster, Cheaper International Wage Payments 03-10-2016
Microsoft Releases Windows Store Analytics API 03-03-2016
IBM Expands Human-Machine Interaction with New Watson APIs 03-01-2016
Facebook Releases Python Ads API SDK Docs 02-24-2016
White House Calls for Dev Feedback to Improve We The People Petition Platform 02-20-2016
Google Opens Cloud Vision API Beta to Entire Developer Community 02-18-2016
Google Aligns Places API with Maps Search Results 02-18-2016
Supercell Launches Clash of Clans Developer API in Beta 02-04-2016
Envestnet | Yodlee Releases New API Architecture for Its Financial Data Platform 02-03-2016
Sickweather Opens Illness-Mapping API 02-02-2016
Cloudinary Adds Responsive Image Breakpoints Technology to its Image Management API 01-26-2016
Google Play Games API Adjustments Ease Sign-in and Permission Requirements 01-25-2016
Atlassian Increases Development Speed with Three New Bitbucket Features 01-21-2016
NGINX Announces 8th Release of its Application Delivery Platform 01-20-2016
Autodata Expands Automotive Technical Data API Offering 01-15-2016
Uber Looks to Developers to Enhance the Rider Experience 01-14-2016
Pusher Expands Free Plan to 1.4 Million Notifications Per Week 01-07-2016
Is a Snapchat Advertising API on the Way? 01-06-2016
WooTrader Adds Trading Capabilities to Stock Analytics Platform 01-05-2016
Google Abandons Oracle's Java APIs for Open Source in Future Android Releases 12-30-2015
Expedia Announces In-Destination, Local Activity API 12-29-2015
You've Seen the Star Wars Premiere, Now Check Out the Star Wars Graph 12-18-2015
Target Faces Major Data Leak Just Two Weeks After Settlement for 2013 Breach 12-17-2015
Facebook Announces API for Embedded Video Player and oEmbed Support 12-16-2015
Parse Launches Apple TV and Apple Watch SDKs 12-15-2015
Microsoft Extends Azure API Management Services to Third Party Integration 12-12-2015
Google Earth API Avoids Initial Termination Date 12-09-2015
WeTransfer Launches API with iStock by Getty Images as Initial API Partner 12-03-2015
Google Launches Google Maps SDK for iOS 1.11 12-02-2015
Aerohive API Platform Integrates Wi-Fi Network Data with Business Applications 11-24-2015
Accurate Background Adds International Search to Background Check API 11-20-2015
Google Chrome Dev Summit Announcments Include New Education Programs 11-18-2015
Google Adds Predictive Travel Time to Maps API 11-18-2015
Box Announces Preview SDK for Android 11-17-2015
Microsoft Improves Machine Learning Capabilities with New Project Oxford API Features 11-13-2015
Unsplash Opens Entire Stock Photo Library via Two APIs 11-11-2015
StopLight Launches API Designer Private Beta 11-04-2015
Slack Adds New API Endpoints for User Group Management 11-03-2015
IBM, Twitter, Weather Channel Partner For API Access to Analytics Service 10-27-2015
Tell Stories with Tweets Through Twitter's Collections API 10-23-2015
Pebble Offers Voice Recognition through its Smart Watches with Dictation API 10-19-2015
Box Announces Developer Platform General Availability 10-19-2015
Postmates Updates Delivery API with Multiple Drop-off and Batch Features 10-15-2015
Google Updates Cardboard SDKs and Expands Global Reach 10-15-2015
Facebook Introduces Graph API v2.5 10-14-2015
Currency Cloud Launches Payment Engine Two API 10-13-2015
Medium Presents its Publishing API 10-09-2015
Tango Card Improves Rewards as a Service API 10-08-2015
Facebook Introduces New Broadcast APIs to Boost Second Screen Engagement 10-07-2015
Facebook Shuts Off Marketing API v2.3 in Favor of v2.4 Tomorrow 10-06-2015
Google Announces Rankings Boost for App Indexing API Users 10-02-2015
Netflix Upgrades Chaos Engineering Strategy with Chaos Kong 09-29-2015
Uber Opens API to China's Developer Community 09-27-2015
Twitter's Button Design Updates May Affect API Use 09-26-2015
Ford Opens SYNC 3 Platform to Developers via API 09-24-2015
Google Adds New Controls to Maps API 09-21-2015
Helpchat API Gives Business Partners Personal Assistant Messenger Capabilities 09-09-2015
Amazon Announces Mock Integration Feature For API Gateway 09-03-2015
Google CSV Download Scripts Replaced by Search Analytics API 09-02-2015
Amazon Underground Trumpeted as New Android App Monetization Model 08-31-2015
Updated Runscope API Fully Automates Workflow and API Testing 08-27-2015
Mozilla's WebExtension API Simplifies Cross-Browser Add-On Development 08-26-2015
Blizzard Hints at Pending Release of Hearthstone API 08-25-2015
Dropbox Releases API Explorer to Test API Calls 08-21-2015
Prototypster API Draws 3-D Printing Boundaries 08-20-2015
New Facebook SDK Prepares Devs for iOS 9 08-19-2015
Google's New Mobile Vision API Includes Face and Barcode APIs 08-17-2015
Wishpond Opens Marketing Platform API 08-14-2015
Study Reveals That Microsoft Azure Is Leading PaaS Over Amazon, Heroku, Etc. 08-13-2015
Addison Lee Opens Cab Services API to Third-Party Apps and Websites 08-12-2015
Say Goodbye to Google's Unpublished Autocomplete API 08-10-2015 Offers Real-Time Bitcoin Exchange Data Access via WebSocket API 08-07-2015
Canto Revamps Digital Asset Management API With Cumulus X Release 08-07-2015
Smoke Reports API Empowers an Open Cannabis Future 08-06-2015
Google Announces Search Analytics API 08-05-2015
Marriott's API Platform Revolutionized Their Mobile Approach 08-04-2015
Thousands of Apps Set to Crash Upon Android M Release 08-03-2015
USDA and Microsoft Test Co-Built APIs With Food Resiliency Challenge 07-31-2015
British Airways Adds Seat Availability API to Ongoing NDC Trial 07-30-2015
SmartBear Launches Ready! Plug-in for MSFT Azure API Management 07-29-2015
NTT Communications Launches Cross-Browser Speech-Recognition API 07-28-2015
Bugzilla Releases Version 5.0, Updates API 07-27-2015
EFI Launches Fiery API for Digital Print Management 07-24-2015
Google Formally Removes Files API 07-23-2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web API Claims Long Term Viability 07-22-2015
Smartsheet Publicly Releases API 2.0, Deprecates 1.1 07-22-2015
Bitreserve Creates Easy.Money App with Bitreserve API 07-21-2015
Zubie Launches ZinC API for the Internet of Cars 07-17-2015
FundPaaS Launches Investor Onboarding API 07-16-2015
18F's OpenFEC API Simplifies Campaign Data Inspection 07-15-2015
Microsoft Launches Health Cloud APIs Preview 07-14-2015
Meerkat Replaces Twitter With Facebook, Launches New Features 07-10-2015
British Airways Opens New APIs as Part of Industry-Wide API Initiative 07-09-2015
Zomato Launches Foodie Index API 07-08-2015
Coinbase API v2 Now Generally Available 07-07-2015
Google MDL Brings Material Design Spec to Websites 07-07-2015
Google Announces Classroom API 07-06-2015
Yelp Announces API Console and Will Soon End V1 Endpoints 07-02-2015
Microsoft Announces Two New Azure Billing APIs 07-01-2015
Telegram Launches Bot API and Platform 06-29-2015
Attach Google Drive files to Calendar Events with the Calendar API 06-26-2015
Omnilexica Launches Lexical oEmbed Service 06-26-2015
WaveMaker Gateway Allows Enterprises to Share APIs Outside Company Walls 06-24-2015
Local Digital APIs Well Received by U.K. Social Care Workers 06-23-2015
New Dropbox API Endpoint Allows File Uploads Via URL 06-23-2015
Bitreserve Launches API Platform for Currency Exchange 06-18-2015
Gracious Eloise Announces Digital Handwriting API 06-16-2015
SnapStream Now Supports Twitter's Native Video API 06-12-2015
Cloud Elements Announces API for Data Mapping and Transformation 06-11-2015
BlockCypher Microtransaction API Lowers Micropayments Cost 06-10-2015
Google Introduces Voice Interaction API to Initiate App Tasks 06-09-2015
Dropbox Adds Enterprise Features and Updates SwiftyDropbox 06-08-2015
Twitter’s Takedown of Politwoops Exemplifies Risks Of Participation In API Economy 06-05-2015
World Bank Hackathon Encourages Youth to Participate in Governance 06-04-2015
MarketLive Releases E-Commerce API for Retailers 06-04-2015
IBM Watson Tradeoff Analytics API Now Generally Available 06-02-2015
Google Identity Platform Introduces New Authentication APIs 06-01-2015
Mertech Launches Evolution, a Multiprotocol API Dev Tool 05-29-2015
Postman API Development Platform Eases API Construction 05-28-2015
Google I/O 2015 Features Android Pay 05-27-2015
Ryft Announces Open API Library for Ryft ONE Platform 05-26-2015
Twitter REST API Now Supports Native Video Upload 05-26-2015
US Census Bureau Adds City SDK to Aid National Day of Civic Hacking 05-20-2015
CallDirek Opens Mobile Top-Up API for International Communications 05-18-2015
AWS Mobile SDK for Unity Now Available 05-15-2015
Wunderlist API Release Now Official 05-14-2015
NPR Launches NPR One Developer Center 05-14-2015
LinkedIn's Restricted API Access Starts Today 05-12-2015
Facebook Announces Platform 05-11-2015
UK Authorities Build Deferred Payments API for Residential Care 05-08-2015
Dropbox API V2 Brings Sync, Datastore API Deprecations 05-07-2015
WordPress Theme Customization API Usage Now Required 05-06-2015
OpenStack's Kilo Release Powered by APIs 05-04-2015 Adds MetaCert Security API to App Building Platform 05-01-2015
Microsoft API Strategy Headlines Build Developer Conference 05-01-2015
Google Adds 70 Apps to Google Now Offering 04-30-2015
Facebook Retires Graph API V1 Tomorrow, Auto Upgrades Begin 04-29-2015
Oct8ne Releases API Access to its Coviewing Technology 04-22-2015
Chakram Offers Scalable REST API Testing Framework 04-21-2015
Fleetio Launches Fleet Management API 04-20-2015
Monitise Launches Mobile Money API 04-17-2015
AP ENPS Open API Extends News Content Beyond Newsroom 04-16-2015
Amazon WorkSpaces API Offers Access to Cloud-Based Desktops 04-15-2015
NASA to Release New API Catalog 04-14-2015
Validic Connect Aggregates Data From Health Care Devices and Apps 04-10-2015
Clearbit APIs Aim to be Data Backbone of Business Decisions 04-09-2015
ManaCloud API Offers Access to Health Records 04-08-2015
Appcelerator Arrow Provides API Builder for Apple Watch 04-07-2015
SupplyStream to Launch Product Catalog API 04-06-2015
MailChimp API v3.0 Enables Marketing Automation 04-03-2015
Amazon's Dash Button Brings IoT to Replenishment Services 04-02-2015
Rackspace Announces Neutron API Unlimited Availability 04-01-2015
Caliber Launches LinkedIn Chat App 03-31-2015
WhatsApp Will Not Release Public API 03-30-2015
Cyfe, Zapier Integration Expands Business Dashboard 03-27-2015 USS Connect API Automates Online Printing 03-26-2015
Tinder API Hack Leaves Unsuspecting Men Hitting on Each Other 03-26-2015
Dynamsoft SDK Adds Webcam Image Capture 03-24-2015
Call Logic Announces CRM/AMS and Marketing Automation API 03-23-2015
MapmyIndia Launches Map API Platform 03-20-2015
Smarterer Announces Free Access to Its Skill Assessment API 03-19-2015
Peach Payments Launches Smart Payments Platform 03-18-2015
Hotel WiFi Test Announces Content API 03-18-2015
Metacert Expands Mobile Security Platform 03-13-2015
Facebook to Host a Marketing API Hackathon 03-12-2015
Microsoft Adds CORS Support to Aid JavaScript Development 03-11-2015
Facebook Applies Versioning Strategy to Marketing API 03-10-2015
Body Labs BodyKit API Captures the Human Body 03-09-2015
LiquidSpace API Connects Workspaces with Calendars, Systems, and Services 03-06-2015
ICWE 2015 Rapid Mashup Challenge Seeks Innovative Design Techniques 03-06-2015
Capital One People & Money Hackathon Focuses on Personal Finances 03-05-2015
Google Maps API Checker Uncovers Mapping API Problems 03-02-2015
WP REST API Transforms WordPress Into Full Application Framework 02-27-2015
Wunderlist Will Open its API, Focus on Enterprise 02-27-2015
ACRES Launches Multi-User Interface for Shared Clinical Research Data 02-25-2015
Feedzai Releases Fraud Detection API Enhancements 02-25-2015
Hardcat Launches API Access to Asset Management Platform 02-24-2015
LucyBot Eliminates Cross-Language Programming Necessity 02-20-2015
OANDA Enhances Forex Trading API Suite 02-19-2015
GameUp API Expands Login Options For Game Developers 02-18-2015
SEED Hopes to Revolutionize Business Banking 02-18-2015
ComFreight Launches API to Automate Freight Bidding and Load Matching 02-16-2015
Avox Launches API to Expose Business Entity Data 02-13-2015
Ride-Sharing Provider Sidecar Expands Service to Packages 02-11-2015
ShieldSquare API Identifies and Denies Malicious Bot Activity 02-10-2015
Migrate to Facebook Graph API V2 With a Push of a Button 02-09-2015
Appy Pie Launches Video Social Networking API 02-08-2015
Playlyfe API Gamifies Apps and Websites 02-05-2015
6fusion Announces IT Consumption Standard API Access 02-04-2015
First Databank Releases FDB Cloud Connector API 02-02-2015
ShuttleCloud Offers API to Build the Email Graph 01-30-2015
YouTube Now Defaults to HTML5 Video 01-30-2015
Mozilla Firefox Adds Browser Based Virtual Reality Feature 01-28-2015
Smithsonian Opens API Access to Design Museum Collection 01-26-2015
Google to Devs: Replace Maps Coordinate With Maps For Work 01-23-2015
MediaFire Launches Open Source Toolkit for Linux 01-23-2015
EBay Sets Deadline for Deprecated Shopping API Calls 01-21-2015
World Leaders Address Cyber Security Via Hackathon 01-21-2015
Dropbox Core API Adds Shared Folder Metadata 01-20-2015 REST API Transitions to v1.1 01-16-2015
Twitter Promotes Fabric via Flock Roadshow Series 01-15-2015
Microsoft Offers Virtual Academy for API Design Training 01-14-2015
Apply for Autodesk Cloud Accelerator 2015 Today 01-13-2015
Google Open Gallery API Launched for Art World 01-12-2015
August Connect Web-Enables its Smart Lock with an API 01-09-2015
AT&T Launches Enhanced WebRTC API Beta 01-08-2015
Facebook Ads API v2.2 Adoption Schedule Extended 01-07-2015
Moonpig API Flaw Exposes Data From Over 3 Million Customers 01-06-2015
Facebook Acquires Voice Recognition API Provider 01-06-2015
Venturesity Hosts Hackathons to Pinpoint Developer Talent 01-05-2015
Smithsonian Launches Open F|S Initiative 01-05-2015
Google Play Games Adds New Publishing API 12-23-2014
Inkmonk API Simplifies Merchandise Design, Production and Delivery 12-22-2014
StrongLoop Announces Industry First GUI for API Life Cycle Management 12-19-2014
Sinch's New SMS API Reaches Over 100 Countries 12-17-2014
Seoul's First Hackathon Hopes to Cultivate Dev Culture 12-16-2014
Clearent Launches Developer Center, V2 of its Transaction API 12-15-2014
Google Earth API Set for Execution 12-12-2014
New API Exposes Voice-Over Database 12-12-2014
New U.S. DOJ APIs Expose Legal Jobs and News 12-12-2014
WS-REST Hosts Annual Workshop on APIs and RESTful Design 12-11-2014
Google Play Services 6.5 Adds Granular API Functionality 12-11-2014
McDonald's Hosts its First European Hackathon 12-09-2014
Amazon Adds PutRecords Function to Kinesis API 12-08-2014
Google reCAPTCHA API Solves Identity Verification Puzzle 12-03-2014 Simplifies Denied Party Screening with the CSL API 12-01-2014
Twitter Simplifies Vine Embedding Via New oEmbed API 11-21-2014
Microsoft Announces OneNote Search API Beta Release 11-20-2014
Sandia Releases API to Manage Energy Usage in HPC Environments 11-17-2014
Google Updates APIs ToS In Light of Tumultuous Legal Landscape 11-12-2014
AHCL Announces API to Extend Financing Platform 11-07-2014
API Strategy for Agriculture Implemented by Industry Leader 11-06-2014
Zillow Updates API to Include Agent Reviews and Ratings 11-06-2014
Qlik Partners with UN to Crown the 'Ultimate Hacker for Good' 11-04-2014 Charity API Improves Info Accuracy 11-04-2014
Appbase Aims to Massively Scale Database Spin-Up 10-31-2014
Facebook Graph API v2.2 Allows Developers to Hide/Unhide Comments 10-31-2014
'Get to the Polls' Helps Voters Find Election Data 10-28-2014
Google Calendar API v1 and v2 to Shut Down Nov 17 10-27-2014
Giphy Launches Sticker API to Accommodate Transparent GIFs 10-22-2014
Infinigon Launches API for Access to ECHO Platform 10-21-2014
Vodafone India Searches for Best API Use via appStar 2014 10-20-2014
Today in APIs: PowerClerk Interconnect Reduces Solar Install Cost, Integrates Via API 10-17-2014
Hello Doctor Raises New Funding for API-driven Health Data Aggregation 10-16-2014
Interactive Brokers Hopes to Encourage Developer Engagement With New API strategy 10-15-2014
Today in APIs: IDS Launches Open Knowledge Hub 10-10-2014
Netagio Launches First UK-Centric Bitcoin Exchange API 10-09-2014 to Host $1 Million Hackathon at Dreamforce 2014 10-07-2014
Checkout Pillbox at ONC's Next Innovation Engagement Google Hangout 10-06-2014
Today in APIs: CimTrak API Grants Access to Security Related Data 10-03-2014
Certona Launches Predictive Cloud for Digital Marketers and Retailers 10-03-2014
LexisNexis Risk Solutions Launches HPCC Systems Developer Contest 10-02-2014
Citi Launches Citi Mobile Challenge to Drive Innovation 09-30-2014
BlockCypher Releases Payment API 09-30-2014
US Government Expands Commitments on 3rd Anniversary of Open Government Partnership 09-26-2014
Today in APIs: Travelport Expands Universal API Availablility to India 09-26-2014
Yodlee Launches Enterprise API to Unite Banks and Promote Innovation 09-25-2014
Open Data Center Alliance to Host First Hackathon 09-23-2014
Today in APIs: Twilio Launches New API-Twilio MMS 09-19-2014
iZento Announces Production Release of Vacation API 09-18-2014
Pixfizz Expands Integration Capabilities With API Launch 09-18-2014
GENBAND offers new PaaS, Kandy 09-16-2014
Imagga Fully Launches Automatic Image Tagging Solution 09-15-2014
Today in APIs: Google Updates Webmaster Tools API 09-12-2014
WeWIN Unveils API-Based Rewards Platform 09-10-2014
Gem Launches Bitcoin API With Bank-Grade Security 09-09-2014
Today in APIs: NASA Engages Developer Community to Create Open Data APIs 09-05-2014
Sinch Launches JavaScript SDK 09-05-2014
3D Pioneer Systems Launches Appaloza 3-D Model Marketplace 09-05-2014
PeriShip Utilizes WeatherBug Pulse API for Real-Time Weather Data 09-04-2014
Clarify Launches Audio and Video Search API 09-03-2014
Royal Mail Delivers Shipping and Tracking APIs 09-02-2014
Today in APIs: Appy Pie Launches API to Build Augmented Reality Apps 08-29-2014
New MediaMath API Opens Access to Facebook Exchange Inventory 08-27-2014 Opens Access to Domain Name Backordering API 08-27-2014
Homeland Security and FEMA to Host Hardware Hackathon 08-26-2014
Shipbeat Launches Logistics-as-a-Service API 08-25-2014
Today in APIs: Chain Lands New Funding to Expand Bitcoin Platform Offering 08-21-2014
Addepar and HackerRank Host Record-Breaking Hackathon 08-21-2014
Outright Development Announces Custom API Design Services 08-18-2014
Today in APIs: Teleco.IO Launches Telecom Asset Management API 08-15-2014
BalaBit Releases syslog-ng Premium Edition 08-14-2014
Code for Change Myanmar to Host a Second Hackathon 08-12-2014
Today in APIs: Facebook Releases Graph API v 2.1 08-08-2014
Best Buy Launches Recommendations API 08-08-2014 Reveals Open API for Fleet Manager 08-05-2014 Embraces 'API-First' Mantra 08-04-2014
Today in APIs: 18F Announces Open Source Policy 08-01-2014
Intel Opens Registration for $1 Million RealSense App Challenge 07-31-2014
Tick Data Announces TickAPI 07-30-2014
The Human Rights Foundation Will Host 'Hack North Korea' 07-28-2014
IG Opens API with IG Labs Initiative 07-24-2014
Dropbox Launches Two New APIs 07-23-2014
Lionbridge onDemand API Represents Game Changer in Translation Services 07-22-2014
Today in APIs: Coinkite Launches Revolutionary API 07-18-2014
OpenFDA Adds API Access to Recall Data 07-17-2014
MobileX Labs Set to Open MXL Build to Broader Market 07-16-2014
Boston to Host HubHacks, a Civic-Minded Hackathon 07-16-2014
The Hackaday Prize Aims to Revolutionize Hardware 07-14-2014
Today in APIs: Panopto Releases Upload API 07-11-2014
MediaFire Launches Developer Zone 07-10-2014
Inbox Launches Revolutionary Email Platform 07-09-2014
Apigee Initiates Global API Challenge 07-07-2014
Google May Leverage Songza APIs For More Than Simply Music 07-07-2014
Yo Hosts Its First Hackathon 07-01-2014
Sinch Updates SDK for Apple’s Swift 06-30-2014
Today in APIs: Tranxition Launches User Persona API 06-27-2014
BlazeMeter Announces Real-Time Testing Feature: FollowMe 06-26-2014
Jelastic Launches Platform-as-Infrastructure 2.2 06-25-2014
Evernote Platform Awards Head to South Africa 06-23-2014
Today In APIs: Wireless Registry Launches Open Proximal API 06-20-2014
MapLight to Release Voter’s Edge API for Access to 2014 Election Information 06-19-2014
Clypd Launches API for Automated Television Advertising 06-18-2014
Google Wallet Releases Instant Buy API for iOS 06-17-2014
Today in APIs: SpeechOne API Enables Verbal Communication with Digital Devices 06-13-2014
SmartBear Announces AlertSite UXM 06-11-2014
Ersatz Launches Industry First GPU Platform for Deep Learning 06-11-2014
Today in APIs: Census Bureau Releases New API Data Sets 06-06-2014
DocuSign Announces Industry First DTM and eSignature Mobile SDK 06-02-2014
Today in APIs: Telstra Opens UC Platform via API 05-30-2014
GovTribe Launches Government Contracting Market Data API Beta 05-28-2014
Today in APIs: FieldAware Opens API for Field Service Automation Solutions 05-23-2014
LinkedIn Announces Open Source API Hub 05-22-2014
Startup Golgi Aims to Kill the Dreaded Spinning Wheel of Loading and Updates 05-21-2014
PowerPhone Opens API Access to its 911 Call Handling Software 05-20-2014
Twitter Adds New API Endpoints for Mute Functionality 05-19-2014
Avalanche Launches API for Dating Site Network 05-19-2014
Today in APIs: HelloSign Releases New API 05-16-2014
2Checkout Releases Payment API 05-15-2014
Today in APIs: LocalBitcoins Expands API 05-09-2014
Code For India to Host 2nd Hackathon: Think Local, Hack Global 05-08-2014
Nexmo Enters China with 21Vianet Partnership 05-07-2014
Today in APIs: Accredify Announces Universal Verification API 05-02-2014
Heroku Announces Support for the New PHP 05-01-2014
Understanding the Protocols Behind The Internet Of Things 04-28-2014
DeskAlerts Expands API Functionality 04-28-2014
Today in APIs: Google Calendar API Updates, and 8 new APIs 04-25-2014
Prince Partners with Essence Festival to Launch Event's First Hackathon 04-25-2014
AtTask and WebDAM Announce Integration Partnership 04-23-2014
NIST's AppVet Tests Apps for Government Use 04-22-2014
Today in APIs: WSO2 to Host Integrated Ecosystem Workshops, and 11 new APIs 04-18-2014
US Department of Education Seeks Higher-Ed APIs 04-16-2014
Why APIs may be the Key to Kenya's Economic Development? 04-15-2014
MyDoorHandle Delivers API Access to Virtual Address Solution 04-14-2014
Today in APIs: Radius Launches API Performance Monitoring Solutions, and 9 New APIs 04-11-2014
Bellefield Launches iTimeKeep API 04-09-2014
SmartBear Launches SoapUI 5.0 04-09-2014
Today in APIs: Authentise Launches API to Stream 3D Printing Files, and 3 New APIs 04-04-2014
Apperian Launches Enterprise Mobility Platform API 04-03-2014
TTM Launches RESTjee API Software 04-03-2014
TouchTunes Opens Jukebox API 04-01-2014
Animetrics Launches Commercial Version of Facial Recognition API 03-31-2014
Today in APIs: OneNote API Team to Demonstrate at Build 2014, and 9 New APIs 03-28-2014
Today in APIs: Announcing the ParkerData Availability API and 4 New APIs 03-26-2014
Google Now Supports Shopping Campaigns with AdWords API 03-25-2014
Today in APIs: IBM and AlchemyAPI Talk AI Democratization and 4 New APIs 03-24-2014
3SCALE Launches AWS API Proxy 03-24-2014
Today in APIs: Census Bureau Remains Dedicated to API Strategy, and 7 New APIs 03-21-2014
Today in APIs: Brandwatch and Gnip Team Up, and 5 New APIs 03-20-2014
Today in APIs: Readyforce Launches HackerHub, and 10 New APIs 03-19-2014
Google Maps API Now Supports GeoJSON 03-19-2014
MYOB API Developer Program Enjoys Massive Growth 03-18-2014
Box's OneCloud Surpasses 1,000 App Integrations 03-17-2014
Today in APIs: The Web Turns 25 Years Old, and 4 New APIs 03-12-2014
Context.IO Announces Lite API 03-11-2014
AEC Hackathon 1.1 Is Set for This Weekend 03-11-2014
Nielsen Announces Open API at SXSW 03-10-2014
Today in APIs: AdWords API Available for Shopping Campaigns, and 8 New APIs 03-07-2014
Dice to Host its First Mobile Hackathon 03-06-2014
Cloudinary Announces Multiple Add-On Partnerships 03-05-2014
Today in APIs: RxREVU Announces Medication Optimization API, and 9 New APIs 02-28-2014
Nexmo Launches Voice APIs 02-28-2014
WebMeUp Enhances SEO API 02-26-2014
Acision Introduces Forge API 02-24-2014
Today in APIs: Critical Alert Announces Nurse Call Industry's First API, and 10 New APIs 02-21-2014
FoodEssentials Enhances LabelAPI 02-21-2014
BoomTown and Zillow Form API Partnership to Sync Lead Gen with CRM 02-19-2014
Kaazing Continues its Revolution in the Web-Connected World 02-18-2014
The Small Business Web Hosts Annual Summit this Week 02-17-2014
Today in APIs: API Strategy & Practice Conference Announces Event Tracks & Topics, and 2 New APIs 02-14-2014 Launches APIdoc 02-12-2014
SmartBear Launches API Testing Dojo 02-11-2014
Today in APIs: TipTap Lab Launches Psychology API, and 11 New APIs 02-07-2014
W3C Launches a Draft NFC API 02-06-2014
TSheets, Time-tracking Solution Provider, Overhauls API 02-05-2014
Hosting Provider 100TB Launches First API 02-04-2014
Service Objects Launches Address Detective 02-04-2014
Today in APIs: OneRoof Energy Launches API Library, and 12 New APIs 01-31-2014
SmartBear Launches TestComplete 10 01-29-2014
Facebook Releases Open Source Encryption APIs 01-29-2014
TigerText Raises Funding to Further Develop API 01-28-2014
Today in APIs: The GRAMMYs Chooses Rdio's API to Drive Official App, and 12 New APIs 01-24-2014
Stripe Launches Capture the Flag 3 01-23-2014
nMile Launches Cloud-based CMS: 01-22-2014
E-HAWK Launches Vetting API Connector 01-21-2014
Today in APIs: WSO2 API Manager Recieves Praise, and 12 New APIs 01-17-2014
WS-REST to Host 5th Edition of International API Workshop 01-17-2014
RetailNext Announces Enterprise APIs for Brick and Mortar Store Analytics 01-15-2014
Zapier Overhauls Developer Portal, Adds API Learning Course 01-14-2014
BitPay's New Payroll API Enables Bitcoin Paychecks 01-14-2014
Today in APIs: Exicon Acquires ApiAxle and 15 New APIs 01-10-2014 to Launch Medical Billing API for Australian Medicare 01-06-2014
Today in APIs: Gracenote to Launch Music Recommendation API, and 6 New APIs 01-03-2014
Open Government Strategy Continues with US Currency Production API 01-03-2014
CR8 Aims to Ride 3D Printing into Mainstream 01-02-2014
Amazon's Mobile Associates API to Boost App Monetization 01-02-2014
Ticketbud API Now Available in Beta 12-30-2013
PW Year in Review: Hottest Topics of 2013 12-27-2013
Today in APIs: Microsoft Launches Guardian 12-27-2013
Signifyd API Adds Fraud Prevention to Ecommerce Platforms 12-23-2013
Today in APIs: Taboola Launches Mobile API, and 12 New APIs 12-20-2013
API Strategy and Practice Conference Heads to Europe 12-19-2013
Facebook Acquires SportStream 12-18-2013
iTravel2000 to Integrate WestJet Direct API for Booking and Ticketing 12-18-2013
Solar VPS Launches First SolarSystem API 12-16-2013
Today in APIs: USDA Launches Seven New APIs, and 10 New APIs 12-13-2013
Rainforest Powers QA with Human Testers 12-12-2013
AllSeen Alliance is Open Sourcing the Internet of Everything 12-10-2013
Practice Fusion Lands New Funding and Will Expand API Offering 12-10-2013
Today in APIs: Onset Technology Releases OnPage API, and 11 New APIs 12-06-2013
LaunchKey Releases Updated API Integrations for Multi-Factor Authentication 12-05-2013
Today in APIs: Gartner API Management Learning Lab 12-02-2013 Partners with Microsoft for SDK and to Expand Restaurant Network 12-02-2013
NYC Launches Reinvent 311 Mobile Content Challenge 11-27-2013
Appy Pie Adds Image Sharing Leaders to API Portfolio 11-26-2013
The Slice API Aims to Simplify the Online Shopping Experience 11-25-2013
Today in APIs: Voxer Business Launches Data API, and 11 New APIs 11-22-2013
Salesforce1: An API Story that Could Revolutionize the King of Cloud 11-21-2013
OpenMP 4.0 Receives Praise from HPC and DSP Communities 11-20-2013
Mind Mapping Web App, Mind42, Launches API 11-20-2013
PayPal Concludes First Global Hackathon Series 11-18-2013
Today in APIs: Distimo Opens App Store Analytics API, and 6 New APIs 11-15-2013
AWS Unveils CloudTrail: API Call Tracking and Visibility Service 11-14-2013
Bulletin Launches First Developer Contest, Monthlong Challenges 11-12-2013
Online Notebook,, to Launch First Public API 11-12-2013
AvidMobile Offers Two-Way SMS Marketing API 11-11-2013
Today in APIs: Google Glass Native Development Kit, karmadata Announces Launch of the Indicate Investigators App, and 4 new APIs 11-08-2013
TeamViewer Launches Public API Included in Version 9 11-07-2013
BitTorrent Sync Crosses the 1 Million User Mark and Launches API 11-06-2013
Stormpulse Launches Pulse API Included in Comprehensive Risk Management Solution: Riskpulse 11-04-2013
Fancy Hands Launches First API 11-04-2013
Today in APIs: SpotXchange Launches Video Advertising API and Intermezzo's ClubLinq API to Power Maryland Live Casino 11-01-2013
miiCard Launches New Directory API 11-01-2013
Goo Technologies Partners with Mozilla to Showcase the Power of Web Audio API 10-30-2013
AgileAssets Launches Version 7 and Corresponding API 10-29-2013
World Weather Online Launches Ski and Mountain API 10-29-2013
InComm Launches Cashtie API to Enable Mobile Barcode Transactions 10-28-2013
Today in APIs: Load Impact Opens Beta, Keen IO Offers Toolkit for Customized Analytics, and 6 New APIs 10-25-2013
Jacoti Inthear API Enables Hearing Loss Compensation Across Devices 10-24-2013 API Powers Fantasy Football Apps 10-23-2013
WSO2 to Present on API Branding, Optimization, and Best Practices at This Week's Conference 10-22-2013
How Unique are You? Roll the Dice through Statistical Me API 10-21-2013
Today in APIs: AWS Activate Launched for Startups, Fuse Connects Your Car to the Rest of Your Life, and 9 New APIs 10-18-2013
RingPlus Launches API to Revolutionize Mobile Communications 10-17-2013
Kodak Launches Developer API to Help Monetize Photo Apps 10-17-2013
GreatNonprofits to Launch Bi-Directional API for Access to Charity and Nonprofit Reviews 10-15-2013
Zettaset Integrates with Skytap API to Increase Automation and Scalability 10-15-2013
Today in APIs: SMART Communications Teams Up with Youphoric Labs, Zend Launches API Framework and 11 New APIs 10-11-2013
You Tracker Image Resizer API Offers Programmatic Ability to Resize Images 10-09-2013
DataCash Integrates a MasterCard API to Increase Fraud Detection 10-08-2013
Threat Stream API Offers Security Through Real-Time Access to Actionable Intelligence 10-08-2013
TaxCloud Partners with Stripe to Launch New API 10-07-2013
Today in APIs: Social Money Launches Private Beta API, AccountingSuite Announces Real-Time Cloud Accounting API, and 10 New APIs 10-04-2013
Yodlee Interactive Enhances API for Cross-Platform Apps and Increased Flexbility 10-03-2013
Manage Subscriptions and Recurring Billing through the Pactas API 10-01-2013
Social Foundry Adds REST Support to SOAPbox 10-01-2013
Cloudfier API Grants Access to Business Web App Functionality 09-30-2013
Today in APIs: Google Releases App Engine 1.8.5, and DISH Integrates with Control4 09-27-2013
Scrazzl API Provides Access to Research Product Information 09-26-2013
Kiuwan API Enables Programmatic Access to Software Quality Control 09-25-2013
Play2Shop API Grants Game Developers Access to Rewards Platform 09-24-2013
Jumpseller API Brings Ecommerce Capabilities to Existing Websites 09-23-2013
Today in APIs: StackMob Launches iOS SDK v2.1.1 and Epic Releases API for EHR Platform 09-20-2013
Fitness Experience Provider, Preva Opens API to Developer Community 09-19-2013 API: Join the Mobile Web Browsing Revolution 09-18-2013
Let Psychology Drive Customer Interaction: TipTap Lab API 09-16-2013
TaDaweb API Empowers Third Party Apps with "Small Data" 09-16-2013
Today in APIs: KidoZen Adds Salesforce APIs, Vivante Introduces Updated API Compatibility and 7 New APIs 09-13-2013
Streamline Accounting Processes with BeansBooks API 09-12-2013
ComputeNext API Grants Developers Access and Control Over Cloud Services 09-10-2013
MailZ API Brings Automated Email Response to Third Party Apps 09-09-2013
Today in APIs: Xignite Forex and Gold Prices APIs, Qualcomm IoE Connection Manager, and 8 New APIs 09-06-2013
DatumBox API Equips Third Party Apps with Machine Learning Capabilities 09-06-2013
Apigee Enters New Geography and Emphasizes Mobile API Strategy 09-05-2013
Dryad Offers API Access to Scientific Data Underlying Scientific Publications 09-03-2013
Today in APIs: Rackspace Backed by OpenStack Marconi Project, CustomMade Increases Payment Transaction Activity with WePay, and 10 New APIs 08-30-2013
Imprivata Launches API for Healthcare Focused Single Sign-On 08-29-2013
SmartThings API Enables Apps to Control the Physical World Around Us 08-27-2013
Birdseye Mail API Tackles the Tablet Email Problem 08-26-2013
Today in APIs: New Google Analytics Metadata API, YAY Launches Image API, and 10 New APIs 08-23-2013
Response Tap Launches API that Bridges Online and Offline Tracking 08-23-2013
eZ-Xpo Announces Event Management API 08-21-2013
expressFlow API Adds Cloud-Based Encryption to Cloud-Based File Sharing 08-20-2013
Firebase Leaves Beta Behind and Launches Production Ready Service 08-19-2013
Today in APIs: Google+ Upgrades API, Startup Focuses on Multi-platform via a Single API, and 10 New APIs 08-16-2013
New Technology Co-working Hub Named after APIs Opens in Moscow 08-15-2013
QQ Solutions Launches API for Cloud-Based Insurance Management System: QQ Catalyst 08-14-2013
Movideo Provides Managed Video Platform via API 08-13-2013
General Motors to Launch Remote API 08-12-2013
Today in APIs: Cambridge Journals API Beta, Dropbox API Changes, and 15 New APIs 08-09-2013
BugDigger API Removes the Human Element from Bug Reporting 08-08-2013
Poikos Launches FlitFit API to Capture and Integrate Body Measurements with Third Party Apps 08-07-2013
Hall API Connects Third Party Apps with Collaboration Platform 08-06-2013
MoPub API Integrates Ad Management Platform with Third Party Apps 08-05-2013
Today in APIs: LinkedIn Announces Advertising API, App Annie Launches Game Analytics API, and 8 New APIs 08-02-2013
AppDirect Launches Series of Marketplace APIs 08-01-2013
Call Loop API Enables SMS and Voice Broadcasting in Third Party Apps 07-31-2013
OpenSearchServer Launches Screenshot API with More Soon to Come 07-30-2013
Samsung to Host First Large Scale Developer Contest 07-29-2013
Today in APIs: Lob’s Printing API, Caringo CloudScaler 2.0, Facebook Page Location API, and 16 NEW APIs 07-26-2013
Handshake API Integrates Sales Order Platform with Third Party Apps and Services 07-26-2013
Seculert Updates API and Launches Elastic Sandbox 07-25-2013
Heroku Adds OAuth 2.0 Support to Platform API 07-23-2013
Integrate Cloud-based Time-Tracking Platform with Replicon API 07-22-2013
Metro Publisher Grants Access to its Entire CMS Platform via API 07-19-2013
Seculert API Provides Malware Data to Network Devices and Security Apps 07-18-2013 API Grants Programmatic Access to Daily Deals and Discounts 07-17-2013
Versium Launches Big Data API 07-16-2013
LeadLedger Launches Sales Lead Generation API 07-12-2013
Cigna Health API: Realtime Health Data for Third Party Applications 07-11-2013
Run Realtime Reports on Chapoo's Project Management Platform: Chapoo API 07-10-2013
Manage Museum and Gallery Collections via API: eHive 07-08-2013
DoneDone API Enables Collaborative Issue Tracking 07-05-2013
SciFinder Now Available via API 07-04-2013
Create and Manage Email Newsletters in Browser via the Ubivox API 07-03-2013
Practice Fusion Releases New Imaging API Ahead of EHR Incentive Changes 07-01-2013
Share TV Clips with the Grabyo API 06-27-2013
ScrapeLogo API Simplifies Adding Logos to Websites 06-26-2013
Jinni Expands API to Find Movies and TV to Satisfy Everyone's Preference 06-25-2013
Traindom API Provides Access to Infoproduct Platform 06-24-2013
EE 4G Hackathon Announces API Partners 06-21-2013
Keek Launches First API for Video Updates 06-20-2013
Urban Airship Powers Push Notifications for Three Massive Event Apps 06-19-2013
Dimple: PMSI Launches Open Source D3 API 06-18-2013
Framebase Offers an API for Video 06-17-2013
Setster Launches Second Release of its Appointment and Booking API 06-14-2013
Unleashed Software Offers API Access to Inventory Management Software 06-13-2013
Stripe Expands API to Include Payouts via Bank Transfers 06-12-2013
Newsweaver API Brings Communications and Engagement to Existing Processes 06-11-2013
Box Announces Developer Compensation Program and New SDKs 06-06-2013
Xero Launches Payroll API 06-05-2013
Openmind Networks Offers its Mobile Communications Platform via API 06-04-2013
HeyWatch Expands API Offering with Video Preview API 06-03-2013
Valet Car Locator Automates its App with Google Location APIs 05-31-2013
Heroku Launches Platform API 05-30-2013
Pinpointers API Adds Fleet Management to Existing Apps and Workflows 05-29-2013
The Justice Department's NCVS API Opens Access to Crime Victimization Data 05-28-2013
Celery API Enables Pre-ordering and Flexible Payment Options 05-27-2013
Postmaster Announces Carrier Integration Partner and New Funding 05-24-2013
Khronos Group to Develop Open API for Advanced Camera Control 05-23-2013
Screenhero Offers Collaborative Screen Sharing via API 05-22-2013
Minbox Launches Lightning Fast File Sharing App 05-21-2013
BIPS Provides Bitcoin Payment Processing via API 05-16-2013
Boxfish Releases TV Discovery and Search API 05-15-2013
Planspot API Simplifies Event Marketing 05-14-2013
Cloudera Announces Big Data Developer Kit 05-13-2013
Dropbox to Host its First Developer Conference: DBX 05-09-2013
Purchase, Deposit, and Bank from a Smartphone with Paidpiper 05-08-2013
Zapier Launches API Status Board 05-07-2013
Thinkery API: Organize Your Thoughts 05-06-2013
TransactionPoint Serves as an API to Streamline Real Estate Transactions 05-03-2013
Oddcast Releases Text-to-Speech API: Vocalware 05-01-2013
BancBox Releases Industry's First Escrow Service for Crowdfunding: BancBox Crowd 04-29-2013
Version 1.0 of the Tin Can API Goes Live 04-26-2013
Why the Uproar for API Management? Mashery, Layer 7, and 3Scale Bask in Recent Attention 04-26-2013
Hello Social Launches Social Media Marketing Platform and API 04-25-2013
Easily Create eBooks from Web and Blog Content with Ebook Glue 04-24-2013
OneTok Refines SDK and Focuses on Carriers, Social Networks, and Messaging Apps 04-23-2013
Experience the Future of Health Tech at Health: Refactored 04-22-2013
Cabforce Launches Taxi API 04-19-2013
NodePing API Enables Server and Website Monitoring from 3rd Party Apps 04-18-2013
Sync and Migrate Data Across Apps and Platforms with FoxWeave API 04-17-2013
Kippt Launches Open API with Developer Site and App Gallery 04-16-2013
Cleanweb Portland to Host its First Hackathon 04-15-2013
ActiGraph Announces ActiLife Analytics Product via API 04-12-2013
Railsware Releases Mailtrap API for Email Test/Dev Environments 04-11-2013
Google Announces Mirror API to Drive Experiences for Project Glass 04-10-2013
MobStac Releases API for Mobile Development Platform 04-09-2013
API Mashup Contest Announces 5th Competition 04-08-2013
Factual Expands, Refines, and Rebrands API: Geopulse Context 04-04-2013
Ephesoft Announces Web Services API 04-02-2013
TiKL Announces Talkray API to Enable In-App Collaboration and Communication 04-01-2013
Discover Better API Documentation at the First Write the Docs Conference 03-29-2013
BlockAvenue Releases its First API and Showcases First Mashup 03-28-2013
BikeSpike Offers API for its Crash and Theft Detection Hardware 03-27-2013
Advice Slip API Integrates Hope into Apps and Workflows 03-26-2013
PayZang Launches Payment Processing API 03-25-2013
Multicom Adds Cruise API to FindandBook Travel Service 03-22-2013
Zoom in on Photo Hack Day 4, April 6-7 03-21-2013
Gracenote Launches Developer Program and Opens API to Spark Music Industry Innovation 03-21-2013
The Bing Fund Announces and Hosts its First Hackathon for Autism 03-20-2013
Appy Pie Adds SoundCloud and Beatport APIs to App Builder Platform 03-19-2013
Include Video Screening in Recruiting Platforms with Wowzer API 03-18-2013
Prosper Enhances API and Aims to Increase Peer-to-Peer Lending 03-15-2013
Create Virtual Checklists in Existing Apps with Cloud Checklist API 03-14-2013
Ask Ziggy Brings Siri-like Functionality to All Apps 03-13-2013
Shapeways API Targets App Developers for Mainstream 3D Printing 03-12-2013
Betable Announces 2nd Hackathon and Aims to Disrupt Gambling and Gaming 03-11-2013
Campaigner Elements API Provides Insight to Email Marketing Campaigns 03-08-2013
Endatio Automates Business Processes via API 03-07-2013
MMPC API Offers Easy Access to Mouse-based Medical Research 03-05-2013
Stormpath Uses New Funding to Enhance API 02-26-2013
Business Profiles Registration Database Available via API 02-25-2013
Checkbox API Enables Survey Functionality in Existing Apps 02-22-2013
Print in the Cloud with TryPaper API 02-21-2013
DealAngel Offers Unique Hotel Deal Find Technology to Others via API 02-20-2013
Balanced Payouts Offers Next Day Deposit via API 02-19-2013
Open Bank Project Aims for Transparency and Banking as a Serivce 02-15-2013
VisionProject API Allows Project Managers to Call Exactly What they Need from Project Management Software 02-14-2013
Integrate Cross-border, International Payments Processing with Currency Cloud's XBPConnect API 02-13-2013
iDreamBooks API Gives Developers Access to Crowdsourced Book Reviews 02-12-2013
TrueSample API Ensures Online Survey Quality 02-11-2013
Box Hosts Risk-themed Hackathon 02-08-2013
OneMusicAPI Simplifies Music Metadata Collection 02-07-2013
Walgreens Introduces Refill API for Mobile Developers 02-06-2013
Gravity Launches Personalization API 02-05-2013
Charge for Access to Content with the Tinypass API 02-04-2013
Stage of Life Provides Targeted Discount Offers with Coupon API 02-01-2013
PayOnDelivery Launches API 01-31-2013
A Hacker's Superbowl Tailgate: Sports Hack Day 01-30-2013
NYPL Launches First Public API: What's on the Menu? 01-29-2013
Nike+ Adds API Developer Portal and Announces Accelerator Program 01-25-2013
Lexity Launches Open Ecommerce Platform: Commerce Central 01-24-2013
Reegle Tagging API Simplifies Search for Environmental Content 01-23-2013
Zootle Offers CRM via API 01-22-2013
Life Fitness Showcases Two New Apps Based on its LFopen APIs 01-21-2013
SimpleTexting SMS API Enables Text Marketing from Third-Party Apps 01-18-2013 Aims to Open Entertainment Media with Free API 01-17-2013
IKANOW Launches Big Data Developer API 01-16-2013
Purlem API Creates and Manages PURLs 01-14-2013
NYC Schools Gap App Challenge 01-11-2013
Panoptix Increases Building Efficiency API Count to 10 01-11-2013
Google's Project Glass and the API Assumption 01-10-2013
Shoutlet's API Keeps Contact Lists Updated and Relevant 01-08-2013
NPG Grants Developers Access to's Entire Scholarly Database with OpenSearch API 01-07-2013
Zinc API Enables Online Retail at Any Scale 01-03-2013
Process and Track Orders Across Multiple Sites and Apps with ShippingEasy 01-02-2013
Mimvi and Mashape Team Up to Bring Mobile Search to Developers 12-31-2012
POEditor Leverages the Power of Many to Simplify Software Localization 12-28-2012
VitaDock Online API Monitors Vital Signs Across Mobile Devices 12-27-2012
Developers Tackle Global Sanitation Problems with Apps 12-19-2012
Evernote Announces Major Updates to Android and iOS SDKs 12-19-2012
Codeproof Provides Mobile Device Management via API 12-18-2012
Drive Sales and Signups with InviteBox Referral Programs 12-17-2012
Moxie's Engage+ Turns Facebook Fans into Customers 12-14-2012
BlindSquare Utilizes FourSquare API to Bring Location Data to Blind Users 12-13-2012
Google Apps Management Tool Wins API Mashups Contest 12-12-2012
Singly Launches App Connection Platform in Open Beta 12-11-2012
Examinare API Enables In-app Survey Functionality 12-10-2012
Mocapay API Unifies Mobile Payments and Programs Across Devices 12-06-2012
Easily Modify Images with ImageFly API 12-05-2012
Scholarometer Measures Impact of Scholarly Articles 12-04-2012
Habbo API Gives Game Developers Access to One of the World's Largest Online Communities 12-03-2012
Find the Next Big Wave with Swellcast's Surf Forecast API 11-30-2012
Dropbox Launches Dropbox Chooser and Receives Immediate Results 11-29-2012 Brings Accounting to the Cloud with Accounting API 11-28-2012
TomTom Focuses on Developers with Enhanced API Offering 11-23-2012 Publicly Launches API and Aims to Mobilize Image Recognition 11-22-2012
Factual's Restaurant Data API: Over 1.2 Million Restaurants, Over 50 Attributes 11-20-2012
Magisto API Places Professional Video Editing Tools in Developers' Hands 11-19-2012
Spark Offers Light Bulb Control via API 11-16-2012
Quote, Book, and Track Shipments via Any App with Temando API 11-15-2012
Dwolla Hosts Old MacDonald Hackathon in Hometown Des Moines 11-13-2012
VIOLIN API Allows Big Data Approach to Vaccine Research 11-12-2012
SumUp Launches API for In-app Payments 11-09-2012
Microsoft and Urban Airship Ink Push Messaging Alliance for Windows Phone 8 11-07-2012
HelloSign API Enables Free, Secure eSignature Integration 11-07-2012
Captricity Releases Public API 11-06-2012
TokBox Enhances OpenTok to Support Cross-Platform Two-Way Video 11-05-2012
Emergent One Provides The API to Make Your Data Accessible 11-01-2012
Tripleseat API Streamlines Event Planning 10-31-2012
FoodEssentials Provides Access to Most Comprehensive Food Label Data with LabelAPI 10-30-2012 Democratizes Professional-grade Music Processing 10-29-2012
Keep Track of YouTube Video Feedback with Gnip's YouTube Comments API 10-29-2012
Chirpify Adds Instagram to Social Commerce Platform 10-26-2012
Yodlee Expands API Offering with FastLink 10-25-2012
GraphEffect Launches Enhanced Collaboration Platform: 10-24-2012
Datownia Allows Anyone to Create an API 10-22-2012
Can a Language Analytics Platform Determine the Winner of a Presidential Debate? 10-18-2012
HopStop Discontinues Free API Model 10-17-2012
Telefonica Partners with Telenor for BlueVia API 10-16-2012
Google Maps API Adds Time Zone Functionality 10-15-2012 Touts API at Hackfood the Hackathon 10-11-2012
Auphonic Delivers Industry First Audio Processing API 10-11-2012
OpenSignal API Ranks Networks by Signal Strength 10-09-2012
Mobile Wallet App Developer Takes Lemon and Makes Lemonade 10-08-2012
ReelSurfer API Gives Video Editing Capability to Any APP or Website 10-05-2012 Publicly Launches API 10-04-2012
Prosperent and CloudFlare Partner to Easily Monetize any Website 10-02-2012
Taplister Launches Beer Discovery Platform 10-02-2012
Payleven Extends Mobile Credit Card Payments to Third Party Apps with API 10-01-2012
StockTwits API Makeover Expands App Integration Possibilities 09-27-2012
ZL Technologies Opens Unified Archive through API 09-26-2012
The Library of Congress Launches Replacement: API-based 09-25-2012
OneTok's SaaS Voice Recognition Announces its Beyond Beta 09-21-2012
Pearson Advances Strategy with 7th API: dkimages 09-20-2012
CardShark API Enhances Existing Contact Applications with OCR Functionality 09-19-2012
LaunchBit Aims to Monetize Email with Ad API 09-18-2012
Intuit Announces API and Search for the Next Killer Finance App 09-17-2012
Warranty Hotel Continues to Revolutionize Warranties with Open API 09-13-2012
Beeminder's API Keeps Goal Setters on Track 09-11-2012
Locu Exposes Rich Business Data with API Launch 09-10-2012
GymPact Jogs with Health Graph API for RunKeeper Features 09-07-2012
WhyGo Announces API for Booking Video Conferences 09-06-2012
FlightStats Flex APIs Open Flight Data to Developers 09-05-2012
Cambridge University Press Adds API to its Vocabulary 09-04-2012
GraphEffect Enables Multi-Company Collaboration with API 09-03-2012
Washington Post's First APIs Lets Devs Get Political 08-31-2012
viaCycle Enters the Bike Sharing Market with an API Advantage 08-30-2012
TD Ameritrade Demonstrates Power of APIs with iRebal-Veo Integration 08-29-2012
Plivo Powers Telephony as a Service with APIs 08-28-2012
SureChem Delivers First Freely Available Chemistry Patent Database via API 08-27-2012
SEOmoz Improves Mozscape API 08-23-2012
"Repeatable Innovation" is in The Commons 08-22-2012
APIs Essential for Quantified Self's Core Purpose 08-21-2012
Zendesk Improves Helpdesk API 08-20-2012
Picplum Enables Photo Print Sharing Through Any App with API 08-16-2012
Gumroad Delivers Ecommerce Capabilities to Any Website 08-15-2012
Kaazing's PaaS Solution Brings Real-time Data to Any Device 08-14-2012
TradeKing Encourages Innovative Entrepreneurs with API Competition 08-13-2012
mBLAST Enhances mPACT API to Target Academic Community 08-09-2012
Buffer Opens its API to Ease Content Sharing Across Social Media Platforms 08-07-2012
Stitcher Mobile App Gets Wheels with API/Auto Integration 08-06-2012
Prosperent Launches Industry First Celebrity Product API 08-02-2012
Sunglass API: the Google Docs for 3D Objects 08-01-2012
Urbanesia Opens Up Location Data with API 07-31-2012
OnStar Unlocks RelayRides as First API Partner 07-26-2012
Demandbase API Enables B2B Personalization Marketing 07-25-2012
Warranty Life Disrupts Warranty Industry with New API 07-24-2012
Referly API Extends Referral Programs to All Brands 07-24-2012
Localscope API Brings Locality Features to Apps of Any Kind 07-23-2012
Merriam-Webster Opens its References to Developers via API 07-19-2012
New Echo Nest API Features Reach Beyond the Music Industry 07-18-2012
Storyteller Builds Websites with Content from Anywhere 07-17-2012
TextMaster API Copywrites, Translates, and Proofs Content 07-16-2012
New API Browses Twitter for Market Sentiment 07-13-2012
Decibel Releases New APIs in Move Towards Music Metadata Industry Standard 07-12-2012
Anedot API Allows Donations Anytime, Anywhere 07-12-2012
Breezy Button Presents Game Changer for Mobile Print 07-11-2012
Can Big Science Data Change the World? 07-10-2012
Terapeak Developer Program Opens E-commerce Analytics to the Masses 07-10-2012
Pearson Launches 5th API 07-05-2012
AP Enriches Third-Party Publishers Content with Metadata Services 07-03-2012
AT&T Embraces an API Economy 06-28-2012
API Program for Air Transport Takes Off 06-26-2012
Electricity Platform Genability Gets $500K For Solar 06-21-2012
Chirpify Votes on Twitter for Political Fundraising 06-20-2012
CyclingBuddy Rolls Out Open API 06-14-2012
Bus Information API on Time for London Olympics 06-13-2012
California Lottery Tries its Luck with an API 06-12-2012
API Integration: a World of Possibility, a World of Dependence 06-07-2012
Beat the Traffic Paves a Social Road for Transportation 06-06-2012
n0tice Promotes Open Journalism with Open API 05-31-2012
Now Even Property Management Has An API 05-29-2012
Aculab Adds Faxing to Cloud Platform 05-24-2012
ChowNow Extends Functionality with API Release 05-23-2012
WorldMate Launches Email Parsing API 05-21-2012
Buddy Media Unifies Social Marketing Data with New API 05-21-2012
Wishpot's New API Framework Creates End-to-End Shopping Experience 05-11-2012
Involver Launches Groundbreaking Social Advertising Optimization API 05-10-2012
TradeKing Enhances Open API 05-04-2012
AudioMicro Extends Extensive Sound Library to Any Application 05-02-2012
PowerInbox Launches New Open API 04-27-2012
Focus on Your App, Let RPost Cloud Worry about Compliance 04-26-2012
Data Explorers' API Levels the Financial Trading Field 04-19-2012
Twitter Becomes a Marketplace with Chirpify 04-12-2012