Eric Zeman
United States
I am a journalist who covers the mobile telecommunications industry. I freelance for ProgrammableWeb and other online properties.
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Do You Develop for Android? Google Just Updated Nearly Everything 05-09-2018
Google Adds Fresh Round of APIs to Android P 05-09-2018
Google Photos Library API Brings The Power Of Google Photos To Your App 05-09-2018
ChromeOS Gains Support For Linux 05-08-2018
Google's ML Kit: Machine Learning For Mobile Made Easy 05-08-2018
Fitbit to Use Google's Cloud Healthcare API to Track Health Data 04-30-2018
Google Finalizes APIs In Android Things Release Candidate 04-19-2018
Payment Request API Lets Online Retailers Add Apple Pay to Their Web Site 04-06-2018
Apple Provides Peak at ClassKit API and Schoolwork for Developing Education Apps 03-27-2018
Android Studio 3.1 Builds On C++, Kotlin, API Level 27 03-27-2018
Google's Transition API to Help Developers Understand Activity Changes 03-22-2018
Android P APIs Target AI, Location, Multimedia, Payments and More 03-08-2018
Android Things Dev Preview 7 Intros New Bluetooth APIs 03-07-2018
Instagram Graph API Lets Businesses Schedule Posts 01-31-2018
Google's Apps Script for G Suite Adds API 01-12-2018
Google Tasks Developers to Help It Improve Play Store Security 12-22-2017
Latest Google Assistant SDK Adds Developer APIs 12-21-2017
Twitter Announces Enterprise Grade Account Activity API 12-20-2017
Final Android 8.1 Preview Turns On Neural Networks API 11-28-2017
Google's Play Referrer API Lets Developers Authenticate Referrals 11-21-2017
Twitter's Mid-Range API Tier Marks Its Debut 11-14-2017
Google Changes APIs In Latest Play Services SDK 11-10-2017
Dashlane and Google's OpenYOLO Password Manager Reaches Beta 10-30-2017
Apple Wants Devs to Update Apps For iPhone X 10-29-2017
Google Loads Android 8.1 With New APIs 10-26-2017
Curbside's 'ARRIVE' SDK Lets Retailers More Accurately Predict Customer Arrivals 10-24-2017
Microsoft: Apps Killed Windows Phone 10-10-2017
Apple Finalizes iOS and Tasks Developers to Prep Apps 09-13-2017
Google's ARCore Aims to Bring Augmented Reality to Most Androids 08-30-2017
Google Releases Final Android O Developer Preview 07-25-2017
Google Offers Developers Sneak Peek At Android Things Console 06-30-2017
Google Releases Final APIs for Android O 06-09-2017
Google Lays New Groundwork to Spread Adoption of VR and AR 05-18-2017
Google Assistant Picks Up New SDK as It Expands to More Hardware 05-18-2017
Google Makes Instant Apps Available to All Developers 05-17-2017
Google Releases First True Beta of Android O 05-17-2017
Google's Cloud Natural Language API Gains Additional Languages 05-05-2017
Can Google Assistant SDK Power Your AI Dream Machines? 04-27-2017
Android O Packs New APIs Galore 03-22-2017
Twitter's Periscope Producer API Targets Video Creation Across Apps 03-21-2017
Google's Cloud Vision API Can Search Individual Video Frames 03-08-2017
Final Version of Android Studio 2.3 Focuses On Quality Improvements 03-03-2017
Amazon Alexa Has More Skills Than You Do 02-24-2017
Google's TensorFlow Reaches 1.0 02-22-2017
Alexa Skills Kit Lets You Emphasize Select Words 02-10-2017
Google Really Wants Devs to Update Their Android Wear Apps 02-10-2017
Web Bluetooth API In Chrome 56 Sparks Privacy Concerns 02-06-2017
Slack Updates SDKs for New Enterprise Shared Channel Features 02-01-2017
Need to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly? Google Has An API for That 01-31-2017
Chrome 58 Canary Turns On WebAssembly 01-27-2017
Apple to Improve App Review Experience For Devs and Users 01-25-2017
Oracle Buys Apiary to Bolster API Roster 01-19-2017
Google's Firebase Team Picks Up Twitter's Fabric 01-18-2017
Google Selects Early February for Launch of Android Wear 2.0 01-12-2017
Google to Shutter Hangouts API as It Refocuses on the Enterprise 01-10-2017
Facebook's Account Kit Offers Alternative to SMS 12-21-2016
Google's 'Android Things' Platform Promises An Easier Path to IoT 12-15-2016
Android Wear 2.0 Gains New APIs 12-14-2016
Bluetooth 5 Presents New Opportunities to IoT Developers 12-07-2016
Google Hopes Reducing App Size Will Encourage More Downloads 12-07-2016
AWS Mobile Hub Packs In New Developer Tools 11-29-2016
Google Releases Final Android 7.1 Developer Preview 11-23-2016
Twitter Kit Mixes Multimedia Into Quoted Tweets 11-15-2016
Facebook Brings Analytics to Bots 11-14-2016
Web Share API From Google Smoothes Over Sharing 11-10-2016
Google Debuts Refund Request API 11-08-2016
Google's Firebase Gains Gaming And Analytics Tools 11-07-2016
Google Warns Developers About Fraudulent Apps 11-02-2016
MapQuest Beta Testing Static Maps v5 API 10-19-2016
Google Brings Firebase Cloud Messaging to More of the Web 10-17-2016
Microsoft's Remote Systems API to Improve Cross-Device Experiences 10-14-2016
Amazon Opens Beta For Alexa List Skills API 10-13-2016
Google Updates APIs for Android 7.1 Nougat 10-12-2016
Apple-Developer Dispute Devolves Into He-Said/They-Said 10-11-2016
Crashlytics Streamlines Beta Development with Fastlane 10-11-2016
Google Adds Play Store to Android Wear Platform 09-29-2016
Google Releases Final Version Of Android Studio 2.2 09-20-2016
Salesforce's Einstein Artificial Intelligence Move to Benefit Big Biz 09-19-2016
Twitter's MoPub Shrinks Android and iOS SDKs 09-15-2016
Amid iPhone 7 Launch Apple Encouraging Devs to Submit iOS 10 Apps 09-09-2016
Google to Sunset GData Admin Settings API 08-17-2016
Dashlane and Google Intro Open YOLO API for Secure Android Logins 08-05-2016
Google Pulls Places API for iOS from Maps SDK 07-26-2016
Facebook Rolls Out Swift SDK, Adds Features To Graph API 2.7 07-15-2016
Gnip's Audience API Moves out of Beta 07-12-2016
Google Releases Text API, New Cast SDK for Android 06-28-2016
Google Finalizes Android N APIs and SDK 06-15-2016
Google Play Services 9 at the Heart of Firebase 06-01-2016
Google Expands Android Pay APIs 05-31-2016
Google Awareness API Brings Contextually Aware Apps to Android 05-19-2016
Google Sheets and Slides Earn New APIs 05-19-2016
Google I/O: Android Studio, Firebase, Play Store, Play Services Win Big Updates 05-18-2016
Google I/O: Android N Awash in New Powers and New APIs 05-18-2016
Apple Warns Developers To Update Watch Apps 04-25-2016
Google Dropping an Android Wear API and OAuth 1.0 04-21-2016
Facebook Live API Targets Drones and Other Digital Camera Makers 04-12-2016
Android Studio 2.0 Packs Refreshed Developer Tools 04-07-2016
Square Aims for Stripe with E-Commerce API 03-30-2016
Google to Offer Speech-to-Text API 03-24-2016
Google Surprises With Android N Preview and New APIs 03-09-2016
Lyft Follows Uber's Footsteps With Facebook Messenger Tie-In 03-07-2016
Facebook Intros Recommendations API for Advertisers 02-22-2016
Google People API Lets Devs Poke Through Users' Contacts 02-10-2016
UberRUSH API Promises to Power Local Deliveries 01-28-2016
Google Announces Retirement of Several Search APIs 01-18-2016
Google's Cardboard Virtual Reality Updated With Spatial Audio 01-13-2016
Google Wants to Fund App Developers for Project Tango Phone 01-08-2016
Google Play Services 8.4 Delivers New Developer Features Galore 12-18-2015
Google Speeds up Drive API for Leaner Integration 12-15-2015
Qualcomm's App Tune-Up Kit Makes It Easy to Assess Apps 12-03-2015
Apple Hopes to Grow Swift's Footprint Through Open Source 12-03-2015
Uber's Ride Request Button Lets Every App Summon a Ride 12-02-2015
Lastest SDK for Android Wear Updates Permissions Model 11-19-2015
Microsoft Shelves Android-to-Windows Porting Project 11-16-2015
RealNetworks Releases RealTimes Stories SDK For Cloud-Based Media 11-12-2015
Nexmo's Verify SDK Seeks To Ease Verification Pain Points 11-11-2015
Google Play Services 8.3 Gives Devs More Control Over Sign-In 11-06-2015
Advertising SDK Blamed For Stealing iPhone User Data 10-19-2015
HALO 5 Stats API Lets Anyone Snag Player Statistics 10-15-2015
Amazon Trots Out Kinesis Firehose, AWS Inspector, ElasticSearch APIs 10-13-2015
Twitter Nixes JSON Share Count API 10-08-2015
Facebook to Use Redex To Optimize Java For Android 10-01-2015
Google Winding Down Android 6 Dev Preview as Marshmallow Launch Nears 09-29-2015
Google Play Services 8.1 Adds New APIs 09-25-2015
Facebook SDK for Unity Update Means Better Gaming 09-22-2015
WatchOS 2 Heralds Native Apps On Apple Watch 09-21-2015
Facebook Releases React Native for Android 09-16-2015
Apple Debuts SDK for New Apple TV OS; Ships Gold Masters of iOS9 and WatchOS 2.0 09-09-2015
Yahoo Tweaks Mobile Developer Suite, Adds Tumblr In-App Sharing 08-26-2015
Google Offers New Watch Face API to Android Wear Devs 08-20-2015
Bing Makes Knowledge and Action Graph API Available 08-20-2015
Google Releases SDK with Revised APIs for Android 6.0 Marshmallow 08-17-2015
Google Android Experiments to Showcase Innovative Open Source Apps 08-12-2015
DreamFactory, Verizon Partner On Cloud-Based App Portal 08-12-2015
Twitter Improves Digits Login Tool For Devs 08-11-2015
Facebook to Open Source Reference App For Marketing API 08-10-2015
Microsoft Open Sources Tool For Porting iOS Apps To Windows 08-06-2015
Battery Life API Faulted For Smartphone Security Risk 08-05-2015
Google Adds Beta Test Tools To Play Store 07-30-2015
Eddystone APIs Bring Beacon Tech to Chrome Browser 07-27-2015
Apple Yanks Nest From Stores in Favor of Fussy HomeKit 07-24-2015
Google Adds Pixate to Design Team, Makes App Free 07-21-2015
Apple Releases New betas of iOS 9, OS X El Capitan, Xcode 7 07-21-2015
Google Maps API Powers Real-Time Weather For Weather Channel 07-20-2015
BitTorrent Updates Sync API 07-15-2015
Android M Preview Updated With Near-Final APIs 07-09-2015
Facebook Graph API 2.4 Gives Developers More Control 07-08-2015
Why Developers Shouldn't Abandon Microsoft Yet 07-08-2015
Microsoft Updates Windows 10 SDK Ahead of General Release 07-01-2015
Amazon Offering Developers Alexa's Voice Powers 06-26-2015
GitHub Releases Atom 1.0 Source Code Editor After Yearlong Beta 06-25-2015
Amazon Opens Developer Preview For Fire OS 5 06-22-2015
Google Offers Bounty for Android Bugs 06-19-2015
Nest Insurance Partnership Proves APIs as New Business Enablers 06-18-2015
Twitter Removes 140 Character Limit On DMs, Updates API 06-12-2015
Apple Watch OS 2.0 is All About Third-Party Apps 06-08-2015
Apple iOS 9 Adds 5 Key APIs For Developers 06-08-2015
Yahoo To Kill Maps, Pipes And Geo-Location APIs 06-04-2015
Magic Leap Teases Augmented Reality SDK 06-03-2015
Apple HomeKit Connected Home Devices Debut 06-02-2015
Android M Preview Means New Tools for Developers 05-28-2015
Apple Watch To Support Native Apps With New SDK 05-27-2015
Samsung to Kill Wallet API on June 30 05-20-2015
Fetch, Mindmeld API Provide Apple Watch Concierge Service 05-19-2015
Apple HomeKit Delay Highlights IoT Complexities 05-14-2015
Samsung's Artik Platform Targets Internet Of Things 05-13-2015
Peeing Android Forces Google To Suspend Map Maker 05-11-2015
Facebook Enables Deep Linking for Mobile App Install Ads 05-08-2015
Microsoft Band Gains Smart Appliance Controls From Insteon 05-05-2015
Pinterest Developer API, SDK Finally Rolled Out 05-04-2015
Google Brings Chrome Dev Channel to Android 04-30-2015
Google Releases New Android Wear APIs in Play Services 7.3 04-29-2015
Facebook Kills Friends Data API Over User Privacy Concerns 04-28-2015
Applivery Opens Mobile App Distribution Beta Program 04-27-2015
Samsung Needs Developer Help to Make Apple Watch Killer 04-24-2015
Google To Arm Droid Devs with Weapons for SmartWatch War 04-21-2015
BlackBerry to Disable Advertising APIs, Shutter Ad Business 04-16-2015
Bluetooth Targets IoT With New SDK 04-16-2015
Samsung Refreshes Galaxy SDKs For S6 And S6 Edge Smartphones 04-13-2015
Can Improved Third-Party Apps Save the Apple Watch 04-09-2015
Snapchat Lays Down The Law On Third-Party Apps 04-07-2015
Google Player Analytics Provides Android Developers Gaming Insight 04-02-2015
SmartBear Picks Up Swagger API Project 03-26-2015
Facebook Announces New Messenger, Opens Platform to Devs 03-26-2015
Microsoft Announces Azure App Service 03-24-2015
Stripe API Receives Major Update 03-23-2015
Google Extends Places API to Android, iOS 03-20-2015
Google Play Adds App Review and App Rating Processes 03-20-2015
Google to Open Now API to Android Developers 03-16-2015
Marvell Targets Apple's HomeKit With IoT SDK 03-11-2015
Google Announces Android 5.1 Lollipop SDK 03-10-2015
Apple ResearchKit Promises To Revolutionize Medical Research 03-10-2015
BlackBerry BBM API Coming Soon? 03-04-2015
Google to Reveal Android Pay API at I/O 02-26-2015
Tropo Connect Brings IoT, Cloud Apps to Live Phone Calls 02-26-2015
Microsoft Offering Preview SDK for Its Band Wearable 02-24-2015
Microsoft Releases OneDrive API for In-App Cloud Storage 02-24-2015
Yahoo Appeals to Developers With New Mobile App Suite 02-20-2015
Stripe Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments 02-19-2015
Facebook Graph API Bug Exposes Vulnerability 02-12-2015
Skype for iPhone Revives URI Support 02-09-2015
Prismatic's Interest Graph API Boosts Content Discoverability 02-05-2015
Google Now API Opens Third-Party Support to Select Apps 02-03-2015
Apple Acquisition Delays Android Fingerprint API 01-28-2015
WePay Adds Google's InstantBuy API To Payment Platform 01-26-2015
Microsoft Stays Mum on Windows 10 Developer Details 01-22-2015
Apple's Swift Programming Language Sees Increased Adoption 01-16-2015
Logitech Harmony API Targets Home Automation 01-14-2015
Under Armour Debuts Fitness APIs Alongside Mobile Health App 01-07-2015
AT&T Pitches IoT as Developers' Next Money Maker 01-05-2015
Facebook Graph API V2.0 Tools Ease Dev Transition 12-29-2014
Google Android M Extends Auto Platform to Vehicles 12-19-2014
Amazon Updates Maps API, Adds 3D Vectoring and Fluid Movement 12-17-2014
Ford Sync 3 Trades in Microsoft for Blackberry QNX 12-13-2014
Amazon Brings HTML5 Support to Fire TV 12-11-2014
Google Android Wear Custom Watch Face API Introduced 12-11-2014
Google Android Studio 1.0 Release Essential for App Developers 12-10-2014
Samsung VR Gear On Sale, App Development Still Needed 12-08-2014
Transit App Adds Uber API For Comparing Routes 12-02-2014
Spotify Mobile App Monetization Opens with Restrictions 12-02-2014
Should You Develop for Android or iOS First? 11-27-2014
Transitions API for Chrome to Animate the Web 11-26-2014
New Apple Watch Specifics Revealed In WatchKit Release 11-19-2014
Google's Android Auto Drives Toward the Connected Car 11-18-2014
Apple Drops FitBit After Healthkit Diss 11-11-2014
Android Remains Best Opportunity for Developers 11-03-2014
Should Samsung's Gear S API & SDK be Developer Target 11-03-2014
Microsoft Band Will Support Android and Apple iOS 10-30-2014
Google Fit for Android Released, Promises Easier Activity Tracking 10-29-2014
Google Launches Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK 10-17-2014
Inbox Eases Access to Email APIs 10-01-2014
Blackphone Launches Bug Bounty to Crowdsource Security 09-23-2014
iPhone NFC Limitations A Lost Opportunity For Apple Developers 09-16-2014
Apple Watch to Support Third-Party Apps 09-10-2014
Samsung's New Watch Skips Android For Tizen 08-28-2014
Uber Debuts API and Partners 08-20-2014
Uber is Preparing to Release an API 08-13-2014
Smartwatch API Found in Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Tools 08-05-2014
Microsoft Pitching Universal Apps as the Way to Go 07-31-2014
Lack of Developer Support Dooms Samsung Tizen Phone 07-29-2014
Visa Readying More Mobile Payment APIs, SDKs 07-25-2014
FiftyThree Debuts SDK to Coax Paper Adoption 07-23-2014
SecureNet Debuts Single-Stack Payments API 07-23-2014
Google Updates Android's Play Games and Cross-Platform SDKs 07-11-2014
AppFigures API Makes App Metrics Easier to Cultivate 07-10-2014
Paid Apps Not Allowed; Google Develops Android Wear Workaround 07-09-2014
Android Wear Apps Get Boost From Google Play Services 5.0 Rollout 07-03-2014
Microsoft Chooses Sides in Battle for Internet of Things 07-02-2014
Google Adds 5,000 APIs to Android 06-26-2014
Nest Debuts API to Further the Connected Home 06-24-2014
Amazon Entices Devs with Bounty, but the Risk May Not be Worth it 06-23-2014
Amazon Intros SDKs Alongside Fire Phone 06-18-2014
Dropcam Debuts Beta API Program 06-12-2014
Salesforce Targets Wearables With Enterprise APIs 06-10-2014
HIPAA Regulations Threaten To Hold Back Apple’s HealthKit 06-04-2014
Apple Debuts 4,000 APIs for iOS 06-02-2014
Samsung Puts Developers In Healthcare Driver's Seat 05-29-2014
Qt 5.3 Gains More Mobile APIs 05-22-2014
Developers Rejoice, Play Store Now Accepts PayPal 05-16-2014
BlackBerry Exposes Devs To 238M People With Z3 Smartphone 05-14-2014
Google Delivers New APIs Galore for Android Devices 05-08-2014
Facebook Courts Developers Anew with Ad Network and App Tools 05-02-2014
Microsoft's Nokia Acquisition Means More Opportunities For Developers 04-25-2014
Nexmo and du Partner To Improve Messaging In UAE 04-24-2014
Samsung's Position On Tizen May Hurt Developer Recruitment 04-17-2014
Microsoft Gives Developers Windows Phone 8.1 Code 04-14-2014
Microsoft Releases Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1 Beta 04-11-2014
Google Offers Early Look At Project Ara MDK 04-10-2014
Microsoft Quiet On New APIs for Windows Phone 8.1 04-04-2014
Nokia Imaging SDK Lets Devs Enrich Camera Apps 04-03-2014
Crittercism Provides Insight into Why Your App Crashes 03-28-2014
HTC Releases APIs For New 'One' Smartphone 03-26-2014
Samsung Asks Devs To Start Coding Watch Apps 03-18-2014
Google Updates Play Services APIs 03-18-2014
Nexmo, Three Team Up to Push Cloud Comms Across UK 03-13-2014
Windows Phone Developers in a Tiff Over Lack Of Advertising 03-12-2014
Plantronics Courts Developers for Its Wearables 03-07-2014
SDK from Twitch Makes Mobile Game Broadcasting a Reality 03-05-2014
Nokia Hopes Developers Write for Its Branched Android 02-26-2014
Watchmaker, Watchmaker, Make Me an App 02-25-2014