Eric Zeman
United States
I am a journalist who covers the mobile telecommunications industry. I freelance for ProgrammableWeb and other online properties.
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SmartBear Picks Up Swagger API Project 03-26-2015
Facebook Announces New Messenger, Opens Platform to Devs 03-26-2015
Microsoft Announces Azure App Service 03-24-2015
Stripe API Receives Major Update 03-23-2015
Google Extends Places API to Android, iOS 03-20-2015
Google Play Adds App Review and App Rating Processes 03-20-2015
Google to Open Now API to Android Developers 03-16-2015
Marvell Targets Apple's HomeKit With IoT SDK 03-11-2015
Google Announces Android 5.1 Lollipop SDK 03-10-2015
Apple ResearchKit Promises To Revolutionize Medical Research 03-10-2015
BlackBerry BBM API Coming Soon? 03-04-2015
Google to Reveal Android Pay API at I/O 02-26-2015
Tropo Connect Brings IoT, Cloud Apps to Live Phone Calls 02-26-2015
Microsoft Offering Preview SDK for Its Band Wearable 02-24-2015
Microsoft Releases OneDrive API for In-App Cloud Storage 02-24-2015
Yahoo Appeals to Developers With New Mobile App Suite 02-20-2015
Stripe Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments 02-19-2015
Facebook Graph API Bug Exposes Vulnerability 02-12-2015
Skype for iPhone Revives URI Support 02-09-2015
Prismatic's Interest Graph API Boosts Content Discoverability 02-05-2015
Google Now API Opens Third-Party Support to Select Apps 02-03-2015
Apple Acquisition Delays Android Fingerprint API 01-28-2015
WePay Adds Google's InstantBuy API To Payment Platform 01-26-2015
Microsoft Stays Mum on Windows 10 Developer Details 01-22-2015
Apple's Swift Programming Language Sees Increased Adoption 01-16-2015
Logitech Harmony API Targets Home Automation 01-14-2015
Under Armour Debuts Fitness APIs Alongside Mobile Health App 01-07-2015
AT&T Pitches IoT as Developers' Next Money Maker 01-05-2015
Facebook Graph API V2.0 Tools Ease Dev Transition 12-29-2014
Google Android M Extends Auto Platform to Vehicles 12-19-2014
Amazon Updates Maps API, Adds 3D Vectoring and Fluid Movement 12-17-2014
Ford Sync 3 Trades in Microsoft for Blackberry QNX 12-13-2014
Amazon Brings HTML5 Support to Fire TV 12-11-2014
Google Android Wear Custom Watch Face API Introduced 12-11-2014
Google Android Studio 1.0 Release Essential for App Developers 12-10-2014
Samsung VR Gear On Sale, App Development Still Needed 12-08-2014
Transit App Adds Uber API For Comparing Routes 12-02-2014
Spotify Mobile App Monetization Opens with Restrictions 12-02-2014
Should You Develop for Android or iOS First? 11-27-2014
Transitions API for Chrome to Animate the Web 11-26-2014
New Apple Watch Specifics Revealed In WatchKit Release 11-19-2014
Google's Android Auto Drives Toward the Connected Car 11-18-2014
Apple Drops FitBit After Healthkit Diss 11-11-2014
Android Remains Best Opportunity for Developers 11-03-2014
Should Samsung's Gear S API & SDK be Developer Target 11-03-2014
Microsoft Band Will Support Android and Apple iOS 10-30-2014
Google Fit for Android Released, Promises Easier Activity Tracking 10-29-2014
Google Launches Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK 10-17-2014
Inbox Eases Access to Email APIs 10-01-2014
Blackphone Launches Bug Bounty to Crowdsource Security 09-23-2014
iPhone NFC Limitations A Lost Opportunity For Apple Developers 09-16-2014
Apple Watch to Support Third-Party Apps 09-10-2014
Samsung's New Watch Skips Android For Tizen 08-28-2014
Uber Debuts API and Partners 08-20-2014
Uber is Preparing to Release an API 08-13-2014
Smartwatch API Found in Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Tools 08-05-2014
Microsoft Pitching Universal Apps as the Way to Go 07-31-2014
Lack of Developer Support Dooms Samsung Tizen Phone 07-29-2014
Visa Readying More Mobile Payment APIs, SDKs 07-25-2014
FiftyThree Debuts SDK to Coax Paper Adoption 07-23-2014
SecureNet Debuts Single-Stack Payments API 07-23-2014
Google Updates Android's Play Games and Cross-Platform SDKs 07-11-2014
AppFigures API Makes App Metrics Easier to Cultivate 07-10-2014
Paid Apps Not Allowed; Google Develops Android Wear Workaround 07-09-2014
Android Wear Apps Get Boost From Google Play Services 5.0 Rollout 07-03-2014
Microsoft Chooses Sides in Battle for Internet of Things 07-02-2014
Google Adds 5,000 APIs to Android 06-26-2014
Nest Debuts API to Further the Connected Home 06-24-2014
Amazon Entices Devs with Bounty, but the Risk May Not be Worth it 06-23-2014
Amazon Intros SDKs Alongside Fire Phone 06-18-2014
Dropcam Debuts Beta API Program 06-12-2014
Salesforce Targets Wearables With Enterprise APIs 06-10-2014
HIPAA Regulations Threaten To Hold Back Appleā€™s HealthKit 06-04-2014
Apple Debuts 4,000 APIs for iOS 06-02-2014
Samsung Puts Developers In Healthcare Driver's Seat 05-29-2014
Qt 5.3 Gains More Mobile APIs 05-22-2014
Developers Rejoice, Play Store Now Accepts PayPal 05-16-2014
BlackBerry Exposes Devs To 238M People With Z3 Smartphone 05-14-2014
Google Delivers New APIs Galore for Android Devices 05-08-2014
Facebook Courts Developers Anew with Ad Network and App Tools 05-02-2014
Microsoft's Nokia Acquisition Means More Opportunities For Developers 04-25-2014
Nexmo and du Partner To Improve Messaging In UAE 04-24-2014
Samsung's Position On Tizen May Hurt Developer Recruitment 04-17-2014
Microsoft Gives Developers Windows Phone 8.1 Code 04-14-2014
Microsoft Releases Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1 Beta 04-11-2014
Google Offers Early Look At Project Ara MDK 04-10-2014
Microsoft Quiet On New APIs for Windows Phone 8.1 04-04-2014
Nokia Imaging SDK Lets Devs Enrich Camera Apps 04-03-2014
Crittercism Provides Insight into Why Your App Crashes 03-28-2014
HTC Releases APIs For New 'One' Smartphone 03-26-2014
Samsung Asks Devs To Start Coding Watch Apps 03-18-2014
Google Updates Play Services APIs 03-18-2014
Nexmo, Three Team Up to Push Cloud Comms Across UK 03-13-2014
Windows Phone Developers in a Tiff Over Lack Of Advertising 03-12-2014
Plantronics Courts Developers for Its Wearables 03-07-2014
SDK from Twitch Makes Mobile Game Broadcasting a Reality 03-05-2014
Nokia Hopes Developers Write for Its Branched Android 02-26-2014
Watchmaker, Watchmaker, Make Me an App 02-25-2014
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