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Do you know that playing games can bring us so many beneficial benefits besides entertaining as we all know? Playing the best online games can make players become better in learning, boost their reflex and improve the communicating skills. By spending from one to two hours per day to play or even practice yourself, gradually you will gain a better result in your progress. In this post, some of the amazing games are given to you as a recommendation. Check it out now.

Playing games is so attractive to most players.


The first game in this post has a name called Combat 5, a really stunning shooting game for those who may have concerns. This game was originally created by Nad Games in April 2018, a couple of months ago, still, it has been in the top hight rated from players voting all over the world since then. We are now going to find out about its details to see how special this game is.

The excitement at the start of a race can really get the adrenaline flowing.

In the fast-paced world, you will play a role as a shooter who is armed with modern guns, and his mission is to get rid of as many enemies as he could. If you have ever played Combat Reloaded, this game is somehow alike with it, thus giving it a try then. You also can invade into a myriad of maps and arenas and enjoy some cool deathmatch battles.

You can try on some useful weapons such as a pistol, deadly machine gun, and sniper rifle to knock all the enemies down. So do you have what it takes to slay all of them? Let’s play and find out.

Or you can try some other fantastic games at online browser games.


The next amazing game in this post is called Stickman Hook, an entertaining arcade game ever for you. If you are a big fan of the hit game Angry Birds, you definitely love this game at first sight. Even though the mission is to break some objects, but with a different game context, this game will have you on the edge of your seat. Your aim is to help the animated stickman to reach the ending points by swinging the hook. You will think it is quite easy but actually, it’s not. Sometimes, you have to calculate the velocity, the trajectory of the angle to swing the rope. But with all of the fun, let's play it now.


Try to make a good calculation to create a perfect swing.

More and more exciting are waiting for you ahead at play online games, enjoy and add some into your game playlist then.

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