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Perforce Embraces Git, Loses Tie, Dons Hoodie 10-05-2012
Image Tagging For Fun And Profit With Taggstar 10-04-2012
Human Intelligence Finds A Niche in Robo-Economy 10-03-2012
MapBox Wins $575,000 Grant Funding For OpenStreetMap 10-01-2012
Genetically Modified API Established By Decree 09-27-2012
Shiver Me Timbers. It's An API fer talkin' Like A Swashbuckling Pirate! 09-14-2012
Win $10,000 In the Kontagent Big Data Challenge 09-13-2012
Rekognition Photo Analytics API Detects Scene Types 09-12-2012
GitHub Exposes Commit Status Via API 09-07-2012
Win Startup Mentorship In TradeKing Pitch Fest 09-06-2012
Loggly Announces Double-Down Investment Round 07-17-2012
New App Gallery For The Triple Win 03-14-2012
Twilio Goes Native on iOS with new SDK, Android in Private Beta 02-23-2012
At the Big Data Drive-in, Mathematics & Engineering Share The Silver Screen 02-20-2012
The Last Great Hope for Math PhDs: Kontagent, Wrangler Of Big Data 02-01-2012
Just Ask: Joyent Finds a Node.js Partner in Microsoft 01-16-2012
Publishing A Billion Mobile Apps: How The Company You Never Heard of Plans To Do It 01-11-2012
Library of Congress Prints & Photos Goes JSON 01-06-2012
Sign Green: Eliminate Paper with Agree'nSign 01-05-2012
Need Semantic Analysis? The World is Your Roistr 01-04-2012
Micello: Maps for the Great Indoors 12-29-2011
Yahoo Term Extraction is Reborn as Content Analysis 12-22-2011
"Mobile Engagement" Platform Adds Revenue Analytics, Engagement Quality 12-14-2011
Oh, Canada? Twilio Has Your SMS Right Here 12-13-2011
New Payment APIs: a Survey of Innovation, Pride, and Suspicion 12-06-2011
Moonshadow Mobile's Big Data API Provides Responsive User Experience 11-28-2011
The Programmable Employer: Application Design In the Age of Crowdsourcing 11-23-2011
SendWrite: Take the E Out of Email 11-22-2011
More Than You Might Expect Behind SMS APIs 11-21-2011
Librato Hits Sweet Spot: Metrics and Management Without Refactoring 11-16-2011
Party Political Style With Your Senator and the Sunlight Foundation 11-14-2011
I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire at Music Hackday 11-09-2011
Classical Music Gets a Search API 11-02-2011
"Backend As A Service" Companies Differentiate on Funding, Documentation 10-31-2011
StackMob: Another Back End Service Provider in Public Beta 10-27-2011
Crossing the Pond: Twilio Expands to UK, Eyes Europe 10-26-2011
Push Millions of Messages Per Second: It's Easy 10-24-2011
New York City Gets an API for BigApps Contest 10-17-2011
The AirBNB Competitor That Already Has an API 10-14-2011
Web Crawling Powerhouse Datafiniti To Provide Web's Datasets via SQL 10-11-2011
PayPal and eBay Merge for X.commerce Innovate Conference 09-14-2011
Weather Underground Goes JSON-Only With New, Freemium API 09-12-2011
QuickTate Offers Transcription Made by Real Humans 09-08-2011
Great Democratizer Diffbot Comes Out of Beta With 50,000 Free Monthly Calls 09-07-2011
The Changing Face of Mobile Photography: Snapshots As Search Engine Queries 09-07-2011
Uberblic Wants to Be the One API to Link Them All 09-01-2011
Answering Nature's Call, There's an API for That 08-31-2011
Robot Trading Produces Automatic Profits 08-25-2011
Viralheat Set to Disrupt Sentiment Analysis Market With Free API 08-24-2011
Medical Research Yellow Pages from U.S. National Institute of Health 08-22-2011
Like a Phoenix from the Ashes, Lockboxer Rises Out of Personal Catastrophe 08-19-2011
Music Licensing API Lets You Sound Legally Awesome 08-16-2011
Offer Stock Photo Sales With PixMac API 08-12-2011
Find A Clinical Trial For What Ails You 08-10-2011
Video Chat Goes Mainstream: Google and Facebook Push TokBox into the Spotlight 08-04-2011
ValueAppeal Puts Money In U.S. Homeowner's Pockets 08-03-2011
Lymbix Reads Between The Lines To Sense Emotion 07-25-2011
Spend Less Time Building Real-time Apps With Pusher 07-21-2011
Long a Data Provider, Financial Research Firm Becomes API Provider 07-18-2011
Win Royal Treatment from the King Aviary and Queen Zazzle 07-12-2011
Maestro Conducts a Nimble Cloud Music API 07-12-2011
Get Holistic and Scientific with GoodGuide 07-05-2011
Xignite: Maitre d' of Information to the Financial Industry 06-15-2011
"Muther of All Hackathons" Offers Great Prizes (And You Don't Have to Bring Mom) 06-14-2011
BodyMedia is a New Fitbit-like Activity and Body Measurement Device--Launching With an API 06-13-2011
Kasabi Helps Take Data as a Service to A New Level 06-08-2011
Semantinet Graphs Almost All Human Knowledge, Provides API 06-08-2011
Openness and Innovation in Self-serve Stock Brokering 06-07-2011
PublishFlow Keeps News Orgs In The Know 06-07-2011
Medentify Seeks to Clothe the Internet in Social Fabric 06-06-2011
Saplo's Swedish Semantics Suite Sets the Bar Higher 06-01-2011
Goodbye Resume, Hello Social Network Data Mining 06-01-2011
Smart Syndication Service Wants Journalists to Make Money 05-31-2011
Connect to Our Collective Consciousness with PeopleBrowsr 05-30-2011
Information Weapons: Extreme News Analytics From RecordedFuture 05-27-2011 Gives a Big Advantage to The Little Guy 05-24-2011
Be All You Can Bee with BrainHoney 05-23-2011
The Crowdsourced Phone Spammer List is Here 05-23-2011
Phaxio the First JSON-enabled Fax API 05-23-2011
Don't Take that Tone With Me, Says your AI Chinese Language Coach 05-20-2011
Sound Social with AudioBoo 05-19-2011
ReportGrid Analyzes Your Data with Artificial Intelligence 05-16-2011
Syllabs Offers PhD level Semantic Processing 05-11-2011
Collect Happiness Dividends Through Community Investment 05-10-2011
GoodGuide, an API for Ethical Product Ratings 05-06-2011
Diffbot Is Programmed for Awesome 05-05-2011
Give A Little, Get A Lot With microPledge 05-05-2011
Start Spreakin' The Universal Language of Music As a DJ 05-03-2011
A Bit Hidden, Expedia's Booking APIs Await 05-03-2011
Cheaters Never Win, But Sometimes They Create APIs 05-03-2011
Node.js Cloud Hosting With SmartMachines From Joyent 04-29-2011
Free Text Travel Searching Gets More Accurate with Eva 04-29-2011
Time Is Money: Cashboard's Invoicing API 04-27-2011
Ambitious Music Metadata Provider Decibel Will Unify 04-27-2011
LocationGenome Takes Location Beyond The Map 04-26-2011
Scrappy Independent Artist-Powered Music Selling API 04-25-2011
Aliens Revealed in InfoChimps' UFO Sightings Dataset 04-22-2011
Object Recognition Is A Snap With Kooaba's Photo API 04-22-2011
Don't Let Social Data Rain On Your Parade 04-20-2011
uShip Gets It Moving With Bidding 04-20-2011
It's All Semantic With the New Text-Processing API 04-19-2011
FirstGiving Unveils Donation Gateway and Charity Database 04-19-2011
When It Comes To Phone Numbers Phoneify Keeps It Real 04-18-2011
Shared Count: A 6 Sided Popularity Metric API 04-14-2011
Stack Your Logs In One Place With Loggly 04-13-2011
Hold On to Your Keyboard With This High Adventure API 04-12-2011 API Helps Code the Perfect Gift Search App 04-11-2011
MixCloud API Tells You What To Play And When To Play It 04-06-2011
Calculate Energy Consumption With the WattzOn API 04-06-2011
Indie Music Alliance Sounds Off With Beta API 04-05-2011
Robin Hood of Travel Tracks Flight Deals Via API 04-05-2011