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Apple iAd API Released for Programmatic Advertising 11-25-2014
WeChat API Adds Payment Functionality 11-21-2014
Google Fit Developer Challenge Promotes Healthy Competition 11-19-2014
Oculus VR SDK Provides Virtual Reality Platform Access 11-18-2014
The Routehappy API Provides Flight Quality Indicators 11-11-2014
Feedzai Launches Developer Portal to Expose Fraud API 10-31-2014
Nexmo Verify API Allows Phone Number Confirmation 10-30-2014
SmartBear Launches Ready! API Testing Platform 10-29-2014
Today in APIs: Qucit Offers Predictive Bikeshare Availability API 10-23-2014
Today in APIs: Deeplink Launches API for Better Mobile App Interoperability 10-22-2014
Today in APIs: Breathometer Connects Drunks to Uber with API 10-21-2014
Today in APIs: Facebook Doubles Bug Bounty for Advertising 10-20-2014
Today in APIs: BBC Worldwide Chooses Apigee Edge API to Manage Traffic 10-16-2014
Today in APIs: PayPal Flubs Response to Security Flaw 10-15-2014
Today in APIs: Should AWS Implement Live Migration? 10-14-2014
Today in APIs: Oceanleap Plunges Into API Platform for Wearables 10-13-2014
Today in APIs: Microsoft Touts Windows 10's IoT Strength 10-09-2014
Today in APIs: UK's Channel 4 Adopts MuleSoft's ESB 10-08-2014
Today in APIs: Innovent Launches FindTuner for Merchants 10-07-2014
Today in APIs: Third Eye Brings Gift of Vision to Google Glass 10-06-2014
Today in APIs: Pavlok To Provide an API for Wrist Zapping Device 10-05-2014
Today in APIs: Paypal eBay Relationship Hampered by API 10-01-2014
Today in APIs: Pristine Sidesteps the Mirror API for HIPAA 09-30-2014
Today in APIs: GlobalPayments Hosts Hackathon for Wearable Payment Solutions 09-29-2014
Today in APIs: Bionym Raises $14M for Wrist Heartbeat Monitor, SDK 09-25-2014
Today in APIs: ModoPayments Receives Patent, Offers API 09-24-2014
Today in APIs: SmartBear Partners with Swagger on SOAPUI Pro Plug-in 09-23-2014
Today in APIs: Million Dollar Hackathon Returns 09-22-2014
Today in APIs: Sofilia Promises Computer Conversation Capabilities 09-18-2014
Today in APIs: Speaktoit Launches API to Bring Siri-like Power to Your App 09-17-2014
Today in APIs: Microsoft Upgrades Azure's API Management 09-16-2014
Today in APIs: Microsoft Creates the "Hackfest" 09-15-2014
Slice Aims to Deliver a Uniquely Powerful Shopping Data Set 09-12-2014
Today in APIs: CloudOpt Delivers Speed-As-a-Service with AWS 09-11-2014
Today in APIs: Apigee Builds Open Platform for Internet of Things 09-10-2014
Today in APIs: Persona Launches Identity-Parsing Twitter App 09-09-2014
Today in APIs: Symphony Commerce Raises $21.5 Million, Plans APIs 09-08-2014
Today in APIs: Merchenta Launches API for Marketing Automation 09-04-2014
Versal's Developer Platform Could Launch a Stealth Education Revolution 09-04-2014
Today in APIs: Leap Motion Connects to Virtual Reality 09-03-2014
Today in APIs: Banglore Hosts Hackathon for Women 09-02-2014
Today in APIs: Apple Restricts Use of Healthkit APIs 09-01-2014
Today in APIs: Relias Learning Adopts the Tin Can API 08-28-2014
Today in APIs: SOA's API Gateway Assists Australia's Health Service 08-27-2014
Today in APIs: Amplifon uses Web Audio API to Add Sound to Google Maps 08-26-2014
Today in APIs: Shapeways API Used to Print 3D Key Chains 08-25-2014
Today in APIs: ProLiteracy to Host Hackathon 08-20-2014
Today in APIs: Maintenance Assistant Releases API Platform 08-19-2014
Today in APIs: One Diary Launches API for Calendars 08-18-2014
Today in APIs: BitAccess Launches API Connected to BTMs 08-14-2014
Today in APIs: Affectiva's API Helps Gauge Emotional Reactions 08-13-2014
Today in APIs: Google's SDK for Health and Fitness 08-12-2014
Today in APIs: Teen's App On Malaria Wins Y Combinator 08-07-2014
Today in APIs: Locator Centric Launches API Linking Products with Consumers 08-06-2014
Today in APIs: Qualys Releases Security API 08-05-2014
Today in APIs: Evercam's API Brings New Control Over Surveillance Cameras and Data 08-04-2014
Today in APIs: Microsoft's CEO Kicks Off Company Wide Hackathon 07-31-2014
Today in APIs: Google Play's Publishing API Gets a Major Update 07-30-2014
Today in APIs: Sita Creates API for Wearable Boarding Passes 07-29-2014
Today in APIs: Octoblu Seeks to Simplify the Internet of Things 07-28-2014
Today in APIs: Google Offers New Drive Security API 07-24-2014
Today in APIs: Canada Will Hold Massive Hackathon in September 07-23-2014
Today in APIs: Indonesian Election Results Tracked Through API 07-22-2014
Today in APIs: Chain API Gives Fingerprint Authorization to iOS Bitcoin Apps 07-21-2014
Today in APIs: SOA Software Releases Catalog for Internal APIs 07-17-2014
Today in APIs: SmartBear Releases New Version of SoapUI Pro API Testing Kit 07-16-2014
Today in APIs: Cisco Claims Cloud Storage Costs May Not Go to Zero After All 07-15-2014
Today in APIs: Microsoft Rolls Out Developer Kit for Internet of Things 07-14-2014
Today in APIs: Voxbone API Improves Delivery Service Activation for Telecoms 07-10-2014
Today in APIs: Pokitdok's API Out to Slash Health Care Costs 07-09-2014
Today in APIs: Cognitive Networks Lands Patent for Smart Client Technology 07-08-2014
Today in APIs: First West Bank Hackathon Illustrates Palestinian Tech Ecosystem 07-07-2014
Today in APIs: BlockCypher Claims MultiSig API Could Have Prevented BitCoin Theft 07-03-2014
Today in APIs: ShepHertz Launches APIs for Time and Gift Management in Apps 07-02-2014
Today in APIs: Databricks' Spark-Based Cloud Platform Uses a Single API 07-01-2014
Today in APIs: You've got Gmail—in Radically New Formats, Thanks to the New API 06-30-2014
Today in APIs: Kaplan Test Prep Buys Dev Bootcamp 06-26-2014
Today in APIs: Nest Announces Developer Program and API 06-24-2014
Today in APIs: AMX Updates Platform and API for Conference Room Scheduling 06-23-2014
Today in APIs: Oanda Opens Trading Platform with API 06-19-2014
Today in APIs: Expedia API Launched to Help Travel Agents Access Inventory 06-17-2014
Today in APIs: Google Fit Will Aggregate Data Through APIs 06-16-2014
Today in APIs: Carma Launches API for Carpooling 06-12-2014
Today in APIs: DatAnywhere API Opens Up Secure File Search 06-11-2014
Today in APIs: Github Releases Github 2.0 for Windows 06-10-2014
Today in APIs: Smartsheet Announces App Gallery to Extend Connectivity 06-09-2014
Today in APIs: Apple's iOS Camera APIs Make Manual Controls Available for First Time 06-05-2014
Today in APIs: Swagger Working Group Launched to Create Interface v 2.0 06-04-2014
Today in APIs: Leap Motion Launches Hands On API 06-03-2014
Today in APIs: DocbookMD Links Physicians to Health Networks 06-02-2014
Today in APIs: OTRS & baramundi Release API 05-29-2014
Today in APIs: Box Advance Search API 05-28-2014
Today in APIs: Eagle Eye Networks Video API 05-27-2014
Today in APIs: TVTY's API 05-26-2014
Today in APIs: SmartThings Mobile App and Developer Tools 05-22-2014
Today in APIs: Pinterest's Business API 05-21-2014
Today in APIs: Streetline's APIs 05-19-2014
Today in APIs: Cornerstone's API Strategy 05-15-2014
Today in APIs: Office 365 APIs get Libraries 05-14-2014
Today in APIs: OpenGov's Open Data API Tips 05-13-2014
Today in APIs: Kloudless Launches API 05-08-2014
Today in APIs: API and Smart Home Glitches 05-07-2014
Today in APIs: LendUp's PayDay API Opened 05-05-2014
Today in APIs: 3Scale Creates an API for UNData 05-01-2014
Today in APIs: HackSummit Partners with Evolve, and 10 New APIs 04-28-2014 Aims to Become Twilio of Natural Language 04-24-2014
Today in APIs: InstaPush Adopted by Zapier, and 4 New APIs 04-24-2014
Today in APIs: Withings API, and 4 New APIs 04-23-2014
Today in APIs: Mapbox adds Smart Directions, and 3 New APIs 04-22-2014
Today in APIs: DPLA Expands Offerings, and 12 New APIs 04-21-2014
Today in APIs: Aplos's API for Nonprofits, and 6 New APIs 04-17-2014
Today in APIs: HTC's Dual Lens SDK, and 10 New APIs 04-16-2014
Today in APIs: SmartBear & Doran Jones Offer Testing, and 9 New APIs 04-15-2014
Today in APIs: Phase2's Humanitarian API, and 3 New APIs 04-14-2014
Today in APIs: PrintToPeer API Covers All 3D Printers, and 3 New APIs 04-10-2014
Today in APIs: Bellefield Launches iTimeKeep API, and 9 New APIs 04-09-2014
Today in APIs: Google Night Walk Uses Places API to Tour Marseille, and 6 New APIs 04-08-2014
Today in APIs: Google Maps Adds GeoJSON, and 11 New APIs 04-07-2014
Today in APIs: 3Scale Launches APItools, and 5 New APIs 04-03-2014
Today in APIs: Plaid API Aims to Make Payment Data Comprehensible, and 9 New APIs 04-02-2014
Today in APIs: Story, and 12 New APIs 04-01-2014
Today in APIs: CoinPlanter Wins CoinBase API Contest, and 9 New APIs 03-31-2014
Today in APIs: Instagram Looking to Replace Foursquare API, and 8 New APIs 03-27-2014
Today in APIs: Neurotechnology Launches New SDKs & APIs, and 7 New APIs 03-18-2014
Today in APIs: Amazon Cloud Dominance Forces Microsoft, Oracle to Cooperate, and 8 New APIs 03-17-2014
Today in APIs: Teleporter's Addictive Google Maps API Integration, and 7 New APIs 03-14-2014
Today in APIs: Google Maps Launches Embed API, and 5 New APIs 03-13-2014
Today in APIs: ownCloud Launches Enterprise 6, and 5 New APIs 03-11-2014
Today in APIs: Beats Music Opens Its API 03-10-2014
Today in APIs: 3scale StartupBus API Contest Winners, and 7 New APIs 03-06-2014
Today in APIs: Locaid Launches Interstate Poker API 03-05-2014
Today in APIs: Street Repairs API Puts Britain Back on Track, and 5 New APIs 03-04-2014
Today in APIs: Zapier Launches Course on APIs, and 4 New APIs 03-03-2014
Today in APIs: Galaxy S5 Fingerprint API, and 9 New APIs 02-27-2014
Today in APIs: Census Bureau Economic Indicators Now in API, and 10 New APIs 02-25-2014
Today in APIs: Tropo, Huawei & China Telecom Partner on API, and 9 New APIs 02-24-2014
Today in APIs: Survey Reports API Security is Key Concern, and 11 New APIs 02-20-2014
Today in APIs: Expect Labs Launches MindMeld API, and 5 New APIs 02-19-2014
Today in APIs: CodeAcross Seattle, and 6 New APIs 02-18-2014
Today in APIs: 100TB Launches API, and 9 New APIs 02-17-2014
Today in APIs: Wit Updates its Voice API, and 7 New APIs 02-13-2014
Today in APIs: AeroFS Launches Content API, and 8 New APIs 02-12-2014
Today in APIs: Coinbase Keys into Better Security, and 11 New APIs 02-11-2014
Today in APIs: Hubic Launches API, and 11 New APIs 02-10-2014
Today in APIs: Twitter Data Grants, and 11 New APIs 02-06-2014
Today in APIs: 3Scale Launches API Education Website 02-05-2014
Today in APIs: Thinkglue Pastes Together an API, and 4 New APIs 02-04-2014
Today in APIs: Box to Host Devcon 02-03-2014
Today in APIs: Docker Launches API, and 10 New APIs 01-30-2014
Today in APIs: Amazon App Store Ramps Up Developer Monetization, and 10 New APIs 01-29-2014
Today in APIs: Farmsense Plants an API, and 11 New APIs 01-28-2014
Today in APIs: Captain Pass's Passbook API, and 9 New APIs 01-27-2014
Today in APIs: Koninklijke Bibliotheek's Illustrations API, and 8 New APIs 01-23-2014
Today in APIs: Paymate's API for Transactions, and 21 New APIs 01-22-2014
Today in APIs: Trade.TF Launches An API for Steam Users, and 9 New APIs 01-20-2014
Today in APIs: RobustLinks Launches Knowledge API, and 10 New APIs 01-16-2014
Today in APIs: Skycore Launches Mobile Marketing API, and 24 New APIs 01-15-2014
Today in APIs: Flutrack's API, and 11 New APIs 01-14-2014
Today in APIs: Youphoric Launches SMS API, and 12 New APIs 01-13-2014
Today in APIs: Intervals Project Management API, and 2 New APIs 01-09-2014
Today in APIs: Apigee Buys InsightsOne API Analytics Company, and 8 New APIs 01-08-2014
Today in APIs: Teamleader Pulls API Together, and 7 New APIs 01-07-2014
Today in APIs: AirNow Coughs Up API, and 4 New APIs 01-06-2014
Today in APIs: Snapchat's User phone Numbers Published, and 15 New APIs 01-02-2014
Today in APIs: Inkfilepicker Launches API, and 6 New APIs 12-31-2013
Today in APIs: Google Billing API, and 12 New APIs 12-26-2013
Today in APIs: We Heart It's New API, and 23 New APIs 12-23-2013
Today in APIs: Revolv's API for Connected Homes, and 11 New APIs 12-19-2013
Today in APIs: Amazon Kinesis in Public Beta, and 11 New APIs 12-18-2013
Today in APIs: Agile CRM Launches an API, and 15 New APIs 12-17-2013
Today in APIs: Datasift Launches VEDO, and 11 New APIs 12-16-2013
Today in APIs: The Deskero Customer Service API, and 9 New APIs 12-12-2013
Today in APIs: Chrome's Password-Free API, and 12 New APIs 12-11-2013
Today in APIs: One Hour Translation's API, and 11 New APIs 12-10-2013
Today in APIs: KudosKit Appreciation API, and 11 New APIs 12-09-2013
Today in APIs: HP Drops EC2 API Support, and 2 New APIs 12-05-2013
Today in APIs: Ubidots' API Powers Internet of Things 12-04-2013
Today in APIs: Constant Contact API Integrates GoChime, and 15 New APIs 12-03-2013
Today in APIs: MYOB's ERP API 11-27-2013
Today in APIs: Google Glass API, and 11 New APIs 11-26-2013
Today in APIs: Comm100's API, and 11 New APIs 11-21-2013
Today in APIs: is API Driven, and 11 New APIs 11-20-2013
Today in APIs: Intuit's Quickbooks API, and 12 New APIs 11-19-2013
Today in APIs: Google Android Camera API, and 17 New APIs 11-18-2013
Today in APIs: Watson's API and 10 New APIs 11-14-2013
Today in APIs: AWS Launches CloudTrail and 10 New APIs 11-13-2013
Today in APIs: Bulletin Seeks Best SMS App and 10 New APIs 11-12-2013
Today in APIs: SAMI for Samsung, and 18 New APIs 11-11-2013
Today in APIs: Skype Desktop API Plans Shifting, Matrox Maevex PowerStream API, and 9 New APIs 11-07-2013
Today in APIs: Intel Upcoming Presentation on API Management, and Teamviewer Launches API 11-06-2013
Today in APIs: Lob's Printing API, Bittorrent Ups Speed and Launches API, and 2 New APIs 11-05-2013
Today in APIs: RiskPulse API for Weathering Opportunities, the W.H. Launches API for Petitions, and 10 New APIs 11-04-2013
Today in APIs: Semantria API 3.5 Supports Mandarin, XenMobile Ramps up Productivity, and 4 New APIs 10-31-2013
Today in APIs: HeyStaks Starts API Developer Program, Load Impact Provides Free Testing Of Obamacare Website, and 10 New APIs 10-30-2013
Today in APIs: Skype API Shutdown Provokes Petition, Firefox Web Audio, and 10 New APIs 10-29-2013
Today in APIs: Releases Data Factory, InComm Launches Cashtie POS, and 16 New APIs 10-28-2013
Today in APIs: Elastic Path Partners with SOA Software, Mulesoft Releases RAML, and 10 New APIs 10-24-2013
Today in APIs: CameraAce Snaps Up Kodak's API, Embrace APIs or Die, and 10 New APIs 10-22-2013
Today in APIs: Twilio Expands Messaging to Europe, and 22 New APIs 10-21-2013
Today in APIs: Backupify's Cloud-to-Cloud API, Google to Add Native Messaging API, and 5 New APIs 10-17-2013
Today in APIs: Kodak's Print API, NeXID's Fingerprint SDK, and 12 New APIs 10-16-2013
Today in APIs: Amazon Announces Second EC2 Spotathon, The Composable Enterprise and 11 New APIs 10-14-2013
Today in APIs: AppDirect CEO on Implications of API Economy, NationBuilder Launches API, and 3 New APIs 10-10-2013
Today in APIs: Zend Launches Apigility, Incomm's Digital Enterprise API, and 12 New APIs 10-08-2013
Today in APIs: Good Technology Transforms Enterprise Mobile, Synergration's New Quickbook APIs, and 7 New APIs 10-07-2013
Today in APIs: Travelport's Universal API for Asia, the Box & Dignity $100k App Challenge, and 20 New APIs 10-03-2013
Today in APIs: GoSquared's Real-Time Analytics API, Yiftee GiftUP API for Holidays, and 10 New APIs 10-01-2013
Today in APIs: OpenKit Backend for Social Games, Social Foundry's SOAPbox API Adaptor, and 15 New APIs 09-30-2013
Today in APIs: Gnip adds Search API, Nest Releases API, and 11 New APIs 09-26-2013
Today in APIs: Pearson Student Coding Contest Gets Underway, Chrome to Drop Netscape API, and 4 New APIs 09-24-2013
Today in APIs: Constant Contact's New Integrations, and 3 New APIs 09-23-2013
Debitoor: The Invoice Wizard for Businesses in a Hurry 09-20-2013
Today in APIs: Bella Field Integrates with SugarCRM, Jawbone Opens Access to Up API, and 8 New APIs 09-19-2013
The ZeroPush API: A Robust iOS Push Notification Service 09-19-2013
Today in APIs: Pubnub to Extend Services Network, Preva Fitness API, and 10 New APIs 09-17-2013
Today in APIs: Alternatives to Google's Shopping API, Qubit's Behavioral API, and 18 New APIs 09-16-2013
The Stride API: Making Sales Tracking Easy with a Simple CRM 09-13-2013
Today in APIs: Guidebox has New API for Unified Video Content Search, Tadaweb Focuses on "Small" Data, and 5 New APIs 09-12-2013
Minicloud: Democratizing the Web with Flexible Hosting Options 09-11-2013
Today in APIs: Paypal's Beacon with API, The New Dial Tone is APIs, and 9 New APIs 09-10-2013
mavenlink: The Project Planner API for a Rapidly Growing Platform 09-10-2013
Today in APIs: Sony Launches Camera API, E-Control Systems Fusion Live API, and 10 New APIs 09-09-2013
Invisiblehand API: The Price is Right 09-09-2013
Today in APIs: Honeywell Launches API for Thermostats, Altadyn Disrupts Video Conferencing, and 10 New APIs 09-05-2013
The Persuasion API: Profiling Consumers for Individualized Sales Pitches 09-05-2013
Today in APIs: Apigee Moves on Australia & NZ, and 9 New APIs 09-03-2013
The Learnosity APIs: Testing, Testing 1,2,3 08-30-2013
Today in APIs: Disrupt SF Hackathon September 7 & 8, and 10 New APIs 08-29-2013
The Streamzoo API: Taking a (Snap)Shot at Instagram 08-29-2013
The Riproad API: Integrating Public Health 08-28-2013
Today in APIs: ABOL Launches API Developer Portal, Amazon Mobile Associates API for Android and 10 New APIs 08-27-2013
The AdvanceMD API: Integrating its EMR and Claims System With A Myriad of Medical Service Vendors 08-27-2013
Today in APIs: IQ Engines Bought by Yahoo, the SumAll API in Countdown Mode, and 10 New APIs 08-26-2013
The Coolclimate Calculator API: Measuring (& Improving) Our Carbon Footprint 08-26-2013
The Vibetrace API: A Recommendation Engine for the Rest of Us 08-23-2013
Today in APIs: Jotform App Contest Starts in 2 Days, Appcelerator Acquires Singly, and 10 New APIs 08-22-2013
The Scout API: Using Data to Place Ads in Context 08-22-2013
Today in APIs: Buffer Enables Scheduled Posting to Google+, Facebook Updates Android SDK, and 10 New APIs 08-20-2013
Don't Touch that Dial; Create Your Own Channel with the Filmon API 08-20-2013
Today in APIs: ViUX Systems Enhances SmarterTools API Partnership, ez-Xpo Eventbrite Integration, and 22 New APIs 08-19-2013
Displet Creates Websites for Realtors 08-19-2013
Hail Me an API!: YourTaximeter Estimates Fares in the UK 08-16-2013
Today in APIs: Concur DevCon to Tackle the Perfect Trip, MedMaster Mobility API and 10 New APIs 08-15-2013
Vivocha Answers the Call: Customer Service as Your Edge 08-15-2013
World Travel and Tours API: Your Destination for Trusted Tours On a Trusted Platform 08-14-2013
Today in APIs: Facebook's Updated iOS App, Path Opens Up API to 13 New Partners and 8 New APIs 08-13-2013
The Fareclock API: The Face (Recognition) of Modern Times 08-13-2013
Today in APIs: PayPal Opens New APIs to the World, Clinton Health Codeathon, and 5 New APIs 08-12-2013
Step Right Up! Stubhub's APIs Search Ticket Inventory and More 08-12-2013
GM Finds New Roads with Curated App Store, More Changes Down the Track 08-09-2013
The Olapic API: Making Your Brand Picture Perfect with Fan Photos 08-08-2013
The LaunchPad Recruits API: Speeding Up the Hiring Process--Maybe 08-07-2013
National Farmer's Market Week: How to Eat Local, Wherever You Are 08-07-2013
Today in APIs: Retailigence's appNET's API Enhancements, Hollybyte's Social Video Platform API, and 2 New APIs 08-06-2013
The Abacus OS: Serving Up APIs and Servers to Make Apps You Can Count on 08-06-2013
Today in APIs: Sunlight Foundation's API Portal, US Gov's Open Source API Management, and 14 New APIs 08-05-2013
The app55 API: Turning Britain, and the World, into a Nation of E-Shopkeepers 08-05-2013
Interview with 3scale CEO Steve Willmott: The Case for Out-of-the-Box API Management Tools 08-05-2013
Interview with Promod Haque, Norwest Venture Partners: Apigee, the API Economy, and "Sticky Infrastructure" 08-02-2013
Today in APIs: Pinterest API Rumor, SlimSurveys' Fat API, and 10 New APIs 08-01-2013
Interview with Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor on its $35 Million Funding Round 08-01-2013
The Sociagram API: Skip Printing a Note with Your Gift, Add a Video Note 07-31-2013
Sensetecnic WoTkit API: Ramping Up the Internet of Things 07-30-2013
Today in APIs: App Annie Mobile Solution for Game Analytics, Xsuite Enhanced Security Controls for AWS Cloud Management and 4 New APIs 07-30-2013
PlanetRe Books the Inuit Quickbooks API into Its System 07-30-2013
Today in APIs: Mailgun Email Validation API, Cloudmade's Authorization API, and 12 New APIs 07-29-2013
The StatusPage API: Neither Death, Nor Taxes, Nor Downtime Stays This Service From Your Customers 07-29-2013
The JudoPay API: Part of the British Firm's M-Commerce Solution 07-26-2013
The Freedom Registry API: Fighting the Good Fight Against Human Trafficking 07-26-2013
Today in APIs: NFLdata Touchdown with API, Canonical API to Boost Ubuntu, and 3 NEW APIs 07-25-2013
The Dataplug API Ships What Matters Most: Great Customer Service 07-25-2013
The Catchoom Revolution: Not Just Another Cute Disruption 07-25-2013
The Nexalogy NX API: Making Sense of All Those Social Media Feeds 07-24-2013
Futurelytics API: Know Your Customers to Give Them What They Want 07-24-2013
Eyedea—Just Another Pretty Face (Recognition API)?: Implications of a Crowded Marketplace 07-23-2013
Today in APIs: Sitescout's API Makes RTB Accessible and Seculert Releases V2.0 07-23-2013
The Wit API is Equivalent to: Get Siri (for) Us 07-23-2013
Tuenti: A Social Network with a Closed API (But You Might Get Access) 07-22-2013
Today in APIs: New Adobe PhoneGap Release Contains Two New APIs, GitHub's Code Search API, and 17 New APIs 07-22-2013
Electric Imp: The Internet of Things Roars Back 07-22-2013
The Adcolony API: Making Mobile Ads Zoom with HD Video 07-19-2013
Today in APIs: Counterpath's API for Bria Desktop, Goinstant's Multiplayer Web Platform, and 10 New APIs 07-18-2013
Exclusive Interview: Apigee Announces Launch of Enterprise Monetization Services 07-18-2013
The Bidvoy API for eBay Auctions: Making Sure the Price is Right 07-17-2013
Today in APIs: Slicktext New SMS API, Printful's Custom Printing API, and 11 New APIs 07-16-2013
Travelmanager's API: The Charter Bus Industry's Road to Third Party Integration 07-16-2013
Today in APIs: Skype to Kill Desktop API, Stormpath Joins AWS Marketplace, and 13 New APIs 07-15-2013
The Thing About the Internet of Things: Digital Life Dragged Down by the Analog World 07-15-2013
Today in APIs: Versium's Lifedata Platform API, Linkedin's New API Restrictions, and 11 New APIs 07-12-2013
Today in APIs: genieMD Integrates into Walgreens Prescription API, 'adSmart Express' API from StartMeApp, and 11 New APIs 07-11-2013
Entrada Joins Greenway's Marketplace as a Certified Provider of Dictation Workflow 07-11-2013 The API That Keeps on Giving 07-09-2013
Today in APIs: SOA's API Management for DataPower,'s TGConnect API, and 13 New APIs 07-08-2013
The OOcharts API: Simplifying Google Analytics 07-08-2013
Guild Wars 2 API: Be a Real Hero and Build Your Own Tools 07-05-2013
Today in APIs: UK Police Release Crime API, Everplaces Recommendations API and 22 New APIs 07-04-2013
Interview Part 3: Nathan Kontny's Draft Revises Writing Collaboration 07-03-2013
Interview Part 2: Nathan Kontny's Draft Rewrites Wordprocessing 07-02-2013
Today in APIs: DoneDone Does API, PreEmptive API for WinRT, and 16 New APIs 07-01-2013
PW Interview: Nathan Kontny's Draft Takes on Google, Microsoft, Apple. 07-01-2013
The Tradegecko API: The Path to Fulfillment 06-28-2013
Today in APIs: Filethis uses Personal's API, Site24x7 Monitoring Service, and 10 New APIs 06-27-2013
Xperia Illumination API: Next Bright Thing or Blinking Distraction? 06-27-2013
As Google Reader's July 1 Demise Approaches, Feedly Jumps to Life 06-26-2013
The Ocutag API: Delivering Answers with Visual Search 06-25-2013
Today in APIs: Netsocket and Lync API, APIs and Infinite Data, and 15 New APIs 06-24-2013
Windows Extends Azure MBaaS: Custom APIs Just a Mouse Click Away 06-24-2013
Gravity R&D Recommendation API: See You at the (Right) Movies 06-21-2013
Today in APIs: Apigee Lays SOAP to REST, Walgreens Photo API, and 10 New APIs 06-20-2013
Double Interview: Nexmo Bandwidth Talk Strategy in an API-Driven World 06-20-2013
VidyoConferencing 3.0: New Capabilities Available With API Integration 06-18-2013
Today in APIs: Elastic Path Pushes Commerce API Platform, Keek's New API, and 15 New APIs 06-17-2013
Two Video APIs from that Giant Search Engine that Starts with G... 06-17-2013
Apple iOS 7 & Gamepad: A Super Hero API or Just a Hero Complex? 06-17-2013
Parasoft Launches SOATest: Raising the Bar on API Integrity 06-14-2013
Today in APIs: Parse Powers 100k Apps, Google Glass & Visual ReKognition, and 11 New APIs 06-13-2013
The KantanMT API: Can You Translate Me Now? 06-13-2013
The Crowdbouncer API: Keeping Crowdfunding Safe for the REST of Us 06-12-2013
The Fusebill API: Lighting Up Subscription Growth 06-11-2013
Today in APIs: Content Experiments API, SOA Software's API Lifecycle Manager, and 10 New APIs 06-10-2013
The Breeze API: Manage Projects by Keeping it Simple 06-10-2013
The Guidebox API: All That Content Through Your App 06-07-2013
Bitcoin as an API for Money: Creating Money-As-a-Service 06-07-2013
Today in APIs: Apigee Adds Push Messaging, Facebook Local Currency API and 6 New APIs 06-06-2013
Appboy Launches Android SDK for Mobile CRM Platform: Engage Your Customer 06-06-2013
Maine Civic Hackathon Plows Through Data 06-05-2013
Deciphering Tim Cook's Promise on APIs: The Part of "Open" We Don't Understand 06-04-2013
Today in APIs: The Quantified Self API, Kaiser Permanente Open Health API and 9 New APIs 06-03-2013
Blinkx Provides App, Open Source Video Player for Tizen Device Platform 06-03-2013
Today in APIs: Azure SDK and API, Billtrust's Expanded API and 9 New APIs 05-30-2013
Invest Europe: But Do Your DueDil First 05-29-2013
Mathletics API: Making Math Education Add Up 05-28-2013
Today in APIs: Evernote Reminders, API to Stop Parking Tickets and 9 New APIs 05-27-2013
Burstly's Restructuring and Skyrocket Monetization: Out of This World 05-27-2013
The SciBite API: Digging Up Pharma News 05-24-2013
Today in APIs: Hostelbookers's API, Tipping Circle's Global Social API, and 9 New APIs 05-23-2013
Today in APIs: Weemo Funding for US, Metwit's API for Push Weather Notifications, and 7 New APIs 05-20-2013
Today in APIs: Google's Instant Buy API, Openmind's API for Mobile, and 6 New APIs 05-16-2013
Today in APIs: Microsoft's Deep-Tech Team, Youtube Analytics API, and 6 New APIs 05-13-2013
Today in APIs: Digium API Info Center, Workshare API, and 12 New APIs 05-09-2013
Today in APIs: AWS Support API, Informatica API and 22 New APIs 05-06-2013
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