Minh Chuc Ho
My name is Ho Minh Chuc. I'm web developer, working in Viet Nam. I'm interested in general-purpose software and Web 2.0 development. I'm working in Java and Open-Source Software domain. Moreover, I also care about LAMP, Dot Net, Ruby and Rails, Groovy and Grail... Making software in Desktop and Web environment identically is my destination right now. My application will be interactive, open, social, portable, friendly, interoperable, taggable, mashable, remixable, securely.and etc... So, I research about some potential trends and technologies such as Cloud Computing, Social Networking, Web 2.0, Ajax, RIA, ECM, RMA, Web Services, SOA, SaaS, PaaS, AOP, MOP, and anything else that comes to mind :-). At the moment, my favorite framework is Spring&Hibernate, Groovy&Grails, Adobe Flex, JavaFX... They contains their own strength and will mix together to become best web development in practice. In life, I love rock music and new age. My favorite bands are Linkin Park and The Secret Garden. My idols are Chester Bennington and Bill Gates ... And more about me, let call +84 1234 499 424 I always use my nickname "hominhchuc" for all IM and Web services. Nice to meet anyone who want to know about me! ^^
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