Isaac Pula
Biography: Born and raised in a little village called Utualii. I went to Utualii primary school and went on to continue at the church college of Western Samoa aka CCWS. As I am a member of the mormon church also a child of god in the eyes of the world, I was equipped with the armor to conquer whatever stands in my way. As a child the love of music started building up within me and nothing I mean "NOTHIN" can take it away from me. I started getting into the music business playing for the Mt Vaea Band in the late 80s early 90s before my whole family moved to the land of Aotearoa. In New Zealand the opportunity was much greater than in the Island so there I started producing and recording albums and distribute them throughout the world. I now have 19 albums altogether and the latest released that I put out was the one recorded by my dearest friend Daniel Rae Costello. Before I leave you Just remember "nothing is impossible".... With our lord Jesus Christ guiding us all the way Musical Influences: Ali Campbell, Daniel Rae Costello
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