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Squarelink Access Tool for Blockchain Apps and API have Launched 11-08-2018
Adobe Announces Integration of Magento Commerce Cloud with Adobe Experience Cloud 10-09-2018
Accept Crytocurrency Payments with Stronghold Platform APIs 09-24-2018
Amazon Releases Alexa Gadgets Toolkit Which Includes Self-Service APIs 09-18-2018
Kong Announces Version 1.0 of its Open-Source Microservice API Gateway 09-18-2018
Microsoft Releases New Microsoft 365 Secure Score API 09-14-2018
Bloomberg Launches Open Data and Linked Data Website 09-12-2018
Clearcover Expands its Car Insurance API Platform 09-12-2018
Mux Launches API for Live Streaming Video to Large Audiences 09-11-2018
Pusher Releases Beams Push Notifications API for Mobile App Developers 09-06-2018
No Official Fortnite API? Here Are a Few Options 09-05-2018
Google Announces General Availability of Cloud Text-to-Speech, Updates to Cloud Speech-to-Text 08-28-2018
Unity Finalizes Move to WebAssembly with the Unity 2018.2 Release 08-17-2018
New Firebase Features Include FCM API Reporting Dashboard and In-App Messaging 08-16-2018
Bing Maps Time Zone API Now Generally Available 08-15-2018
Add GraphQL-as-a-Service to Postgres-Based Apps With Hasura's Open Source GraphQL Engine 08-10-2018
Twilio Announces Twilio API for WhatsApp 08-02-2018
Postman Teams Now Available to Users of the Free Postman App 07-31-2018
Huawei is Opening Its AI Platform via APIs 07-20-2018
GitHub Enterprise 2.14 Now Available 07-12-2018
Run and Test Postman Collections Directly from the Command Line with Newman 06-22-2018
Four FIFA World Cup Data APIs for Developers to Play With 06-21-2018
Amazon Appstore Sales Reporting API Now Available 06-13-2018
Apache Pulsar 2.0 Release Now Available 06-07-2018
Red Hat Announces Availability of Red Hat Fuse 7 and Fuse Online 06-04-2018
Pusher Partners with API Providers, Releases Free Subscription Package for Developers 05-31-2018
Create and Deploy Serverless APIs with StdLib’s Code.xyz Web-Based Code Editor 05-31-2018
Progress Releases NativeScript 4.0 05-30-2018
AWS DeepLens is Available for Pre-Order on Amazon.com 05-23-2018
Embed Global Geopolitical Content in Apps with the Stratfor Enterprise API 05-16-2018
MuleSoft Announces Titan Release of Anypoint Platform 05-14-2018
Get Hyper-Local Weather Data with the ClimaCell Micro Weather API 05-14-2018
Google Announces Updates to My Business API 05-02-2018
Pluralsight Technology Index Shows Software Development Technologies In Demand 04-25-2018
Ericsson Releases Study: Exploring IoT Strategies 04-24-2018
Twilio Programmable Wireless Moves from Beta to General Availability 04-17-2018
Foursquare Launches Places API for Start-Ups 04-12-2018
Google Overhauls Cloud Speech-to-Text 04-09-2018
NGINX Announces Application Platform Enhancements to Simplify Microservices Deployment 04-05-2018
BlueJeans Announces Technology Partner Program and Access to APIs 03-28-2018
Figma Launches Design Platform and Web API 03-23-2018
Royal Bank of Canada Launches Developer Portal and APIs 03-21-2018
DeepL Language Translator Expands with Pro Edition and RESTful API 03-20-2018
Twilio Launches Twilio Flex Fully Programmable Contact Center Platform 03-12-2018
Latest Chrome 65 Release Includes New APIs 03-08-2018
Google Announces Cloud Healthcare API 03-06-2018
Add Contextual Information to Apps with the Bing Entity Search API 03-05-2018
Ambrosus Launches Developer Portal and Gateway API 02-28-2018
Twilio Adds Support for RCS to its Communications Platform 02-26-2018
Postman 6.0 Introduces Workspaces to Improve Project Organization and Team Collaboration 02-22-2018
Ericsson Seeks to Open up IoT Ecosystem With Accelerator Marketplace 02-22-2018
Scale API Launches Sensor Fusion Annotation API for LIDAR and RADAR Point Cloud Data 02-15-2018
Intune APIs in Microsoft Graph Now Out of Preview and Generally Available 02-12-2018
Add Personalized Audio Traffic Reports to Apps with the TomTom Audio Traffic API 02-11-2018
Microsoft Azure Budgets API Now Generally Available, Includes Enhancements 02-05-2018
Botmetric Releases API for AWS and Azure Cloud Management 01-25-2018
Webhose.io Adds Dark Web and Broadcast Data to its API 01-19-2018
New Relic Launches Insights Dashboard API 01-10-2018
SWIFT Institute Challenges Students to Protect Data in an Open API World 01-09-2018
Amazon API Gateway Now Features Content Encoding Support for API Responses 01-03-2018
RESTyped Aims to Help Bridge the Gap Between API server and Clients 12-19-2017
Updates to Walgreens API Platform Coming Soon 12-15-2017
Postman Launches Directory of APIs That Support Its Collections Technology 12-14-2017
Google Launches Manufacturer Center API 12-13-2017
Payment Rails Launches Global Payout API 12-08-2017
Google Cloud Video intelligence API Now Public Beta, Cloud Vision API Updated 12-07-2017
Add 3D Objects and Scenes to Your AR/VR App with the Google Poly API 12-05-2017
Axway Announces Changes to its AMPLIFY Platform 11-30-2017
Google Realtime API is Retiring 11-29-2017
Add International Payments to Your App with the Veem Multi-Rail API 11-28-2017
Amazon Launches AWS Cost Explorer API 11-22-2017
ABN AMRO Launches Developer Portal and Commercial APIs 11-20-2017
Google Introduces Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, a Conversational Apps Building Platform 11-17-2017
Google Announces Developer Preview of TensorFlow Lite 11-15-2017
Google Sends Warning to Android App Developers Using Accessibility Services 11-14-2017
Fitbit Announces OS Developer Preview 3 and Made4Fitbit App Challenge 11-13-2017
Facebook Announces the Release of Graph API v2.11 and Messenger Platform v2.2 11-10-2017
Google Announces TensorFlow Release 1.4 11-08-2017
FullContact Announces Next Generation Platform and Enrich API 11-07-2017
Pusher Announces Chatkit to Enable Real-Time Chat Capabilities 11-03-2017
Google Announces Improvements to Firebase 11-01-2017
Access Polar User Data with the New Polar Open AccessLink API 10-30-2017
Build Multi-User Augmented Reality Apps with Twilio’s DataTrack and Media Sync APIs 10-27-2017
Google Announces Chrome Trusted Web Activity and User Experience Report 10-25-2017
Google reCAPTCHA v1 API Shutting Down in March 2018 10-24-2017
CloudRail Releases Universal Messaging API For Deploying Chatbots Across Platforms 10-20-2017
Build Chatbots and Other Conversational Apps with the Flow.ai Conversational AI Toolkit 10-19-2017
Verdigris Launches APIs to Manage Energy for Smart Buildings 10-16-2017
Google, IBM, and Others Introduce Grafeas Open Source API 10-14-2017
Lemonade Announces New API to Enable Integration with Its Insurance Platform 10-11-2017
Box Introduces Box Skills and Box Skills Kit Machine Learning Tools 10-11-2017
Google Launches Cloud Firestore NoSQL Document Database 10-05-2017
Microsoft Launches Bing Maps Distance Matrix API 10-03-2017
GLEIF Launches Legal Entity Identifier Look-Up API 09-28-2017
Compliance.ai Launches Developer Platform and API 09-27-2017
W3C Payment Request API is Being Implemented in All Major Browsers 09-20-2017
Dropbox Launches DBX Platform and New APIs 09-20-2017
Affectiva Announces Emotion API for Speech 09-14-2017
GitHub Launches Atom-IDE 09-13-2017
Ulster Bank Introduces New Banking Open API 09-13-2017
Google Launches Google AMP Client ID API 09-11-2017
Sunlight Congress API Sunset Date Extended to September 30 08-30-2017
AccuWeather Removes Reveal Mobile SDK from its iOS App 08-25-2017
Filestack V3 API Now Features Intelligent Ingestion 08-23-2017
ShopAdvisor API Version 3.0 Now Generally Available 08-21-2017
Postman Adds Multi-Region Support to Monitoring Feature 08-17-2017
Google Cloud Speech API Updates Include Word-Level Timestamps 08-14-2017
Want to Take Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as Payment? There's an API for that 08-11-2017
Apple May Add Service Workers Support to WebKit 08-07-2017
Domain Group Launches Public API for Access to Australian Property-Related Data 08-03-2017
Stoplight Releases Scenarios v3.4 API Testing and Debugging Tool 08-02-2017
OpenAPI 3.0.0 Specification Now Available 07-27-2017
MapQuest is Retiring its JavaScript Maps API 07-20-2017
Postman 5.0 Includes Pro Features for Free 07-18-2017
Box Announces Pre-Built UI Components Via Box Elements 07-14-2017
Distil Networks Launches Bot Defense for API 07-14-2017
Open Banking Launches Accounts and Transaction Information and Payments Initiation API Specs 07-07-2017
Salesforce Introduces New Einstein Platform Services and APIs 06-30-2017
eBay Announces New Sell and Buy APIs, Updated APIs 06-22-2017
Google Releases TensorFlow Object Detection API 06-20-2017
Final Release of OpenAPI 3.0 Specification is Coming Soon 06-16-2017
Mapbox Launches Optimization API, Mapbox Navigation SDK Updated 06-15-2017
Zenedge Launches API Security Solution with SDK 06-08-2017
WebKit Now Has Full WebAssembly Implementation 06-07-2017
Google Announces Card Linked Offers API to Help Drive Customer Loyalty 06-06-2017
Salesforce Introduces Apex Metadata API for Force.com 06-05-2017
Google Ending Support for PNaCl in Favor of WebAssembly 06-01-2017
Twilio Announces Proxy API and Suite of Declarative APIs 05-25-2017
Twilio Introduces Add-on Management API 05-23-2017
Google is Shutting Down the Cloud Prediction API 05-17-2017
GitHub Launches New GitHub Desktop Beta and Expands Atom's Git Functionality 05-16-2017
Vimeo to Add tus Resumable Upload Protocol to its API 05-15-2017
Nvidia Releases Audio and 360 Video SDKs for VR Development 05-12-2017
IBM Adds New Capabilities to Bluemix OpenWhisk 05-02-2017
Red Hat Introduces Containerized Version of 3scale API Management 04-27-2017
GitHub Updates its Developer Program 04-17-2017
Kaltura Releases Mobile Video Player SDK Version 3.0 04-13-2017
Google Neural Machine Translation Now Generally Available 04-12-2017
Facebook Releases Canvas API for Advertisers 04-07-2017
Simulate APIs and Backend Server with New Postman Mock Server Feature 04-06-2017
Twitter Unifies its API Platform and Opens Access to New Direct Message APIs 04-06-2017
HelpSocial Releases New Version of its Open API 03-28-2017
Zapier’s New Platform CLI Allows Integrations to be Built From the Command Line 03-24-2017
NodeSource Certified Modules for Node.js Now Generally Available 03-17-2017
ProPublica Introduces Vital Signs App and API 03-15-2017
Acquisition of Stormpath Exemplifies Dangers of Using Startup APIs 03-10-2017
Dwolla Moves Same Day ACH Out of Pilot, Now Available to Access API Partners 03-07-2017
Amazon Door Lock API Allows Doors to be Locked via Voice Command 03-03-2017
Filestack Launches Redesigned File Picker, New Image Tagging and Explicit Content Detection API 03-01-2017
Burner Launches New REST API with OAuth 2.0 Support 02-26-2017
project44 Launches connectNG Platform and Refreshed Core Services API 02-23-2017
Adobe Unveils Its Open Standard-Based Digital Signatures Platform 02-22-2017
Stoplight Launches Scenarios API Testing and Debugging Tool 02-07-2017
Vidyo.io Video Communications Platform is Now Generally Available 01-25-2017
eBay Updates Buy and Sell APIs 01-06-2017
Amazon Web Services Expands the AWS Price List API 01-04-2017
Box Introduces the Box File Collaboration API 12-24-2016
Microsoft Announces Preview Version of Payment Request API in Microsoft Edge 12-20-2016
IBM Announces Advancements to Watson Cloud Platform 12-19-2016
How Netflix OSS Helps Companies Build Microservices Architectures 12-16-2016
Tools to Monitor and Visualize Microservices Architecture 12-14-2016
New Postman Pro Features API Monitoring, Documentation Generation, and Collaboration Tools 12-14-2016
Restlet Announces New API Documentation Creation and Publishing Tool 12-07-2016
Google Introduces App Maker, App Development Tool for Enterprises 12-05-2016
Fake News Ruining Your Election? APIs and Apps Can Help with That 11-23-2016
Box Announces General Availability of Box View API Service 11-16-2016
Citi Launches Global Developer Hub and Banking APIs 11-16-2016
Are Some W3C Browser APIs Compromising User Privacy? 11-09-2016
New Uber Driver API Provides Access to Identity, Ratings, and Other Driver Profile Data 10-28-2016
Google Introduces Web Share API 10-25-2016
Verifone Leads Effort to Establish New Mobile API Standard for Consumer Loyalty 10-20-2016
Agora.io Announces Interactive Broadcasting API 10-13-2016
Gnip Audience API Now Features Twitter Aggregate User Age Information 10-06-2016
Mastercard Developers Platform Features 25 New Commerce APIs 10-04-2016
W3C Publishes First Working Drafts of Web Payments HTTP Specifications 10-04-2016
Relink's Goodwin API Provides Access to Key Hiring Information for Specialized Job Roles 09-29-2016
Voximplant Web SDK 4.0 Features Microsoft Edge Audio Calls Support 09-27-2016
What's the Difference Between a Monolith and Microservices? 09-26-2016
Researcher Raises Privacy Concerns Regarding W3C Proximity Sensor API 09-25-2016
Box Announces Four New Security and Governance APIs 09-22-2016
GitHub’s Platform Update Includes Early Access to GitHub GraphQL API 09-14-2016
Vonage Launches Next-Generation Nexmo Voice API 09-14-2016
Twilio’s Security-Focused Enterprise Plan Features SIEM-Capable API 09-08-2016
Google Releases gRPC 1.0, an Internet-Scale Production-Ready RPC Framework 08-31-2016
SnapLogic Announces Additions to its Library of Connectors 08-22-2016
Apple Announces Upcoming Invite-Only Bug Bounty Program 08-10-2016
Paw 3 API Tool for Mac Has Been Released 08-07-2016
Pokémon Go API Fiasco Exemplifies Mobile API Security Concerns 08-04-2016
First GE Predix Industrial IoT Developer Tool Kit to Include Intel Edison, Pi Comes Later 07-29-2016
New Version of Swagger Codegen Plugs Security Vulnerabilities 07-21-2016
HelloSign Announces eSignature API Feature Updates 07-14-2016
eeGeo 3D Maps JavaScript API is Now in Beta 07-07-2016
Paid Plans Now Available for Microsoft Bing Search APIs 07-06-2016
Developers Choices Are Few When it Comes to Web Search APIs 06-22-2016
Google vs. Microsoft Bing Search APIs: A Detailed Comparison 06-22-2016
Fog Creek Releases HyperDev Developer PlayGround 06-16-2016
Autodesk Announces New Forge Platform APIs and Forge Fund Investments 06-15-2016
Join Today's Bloc TechTalk: Build a Singing Telegram with Twilio 06-08-2016
Realm Launches Version 1.0 Featuring Updated API 05-25-2016
Twilio Unveils Cellular Communications Platform for Developers 05-24-2016
AWS Limited Release IoT Button Sells Out in Hours 05-18-2016
Add Interactive Animated Weather Forecasts with Windyty API 05-15-2016
GitHub Introduces Unlimited Private Repositories 05-11-2016
DuraSpace Aims to Formalize Fedora RESTful API into Testable Specification 05-01-2016
W3C Publishes First Public Working Drafts of Payment Specifications 04-25-2016
Google Cloud Vision API is Now GA 04-19-2016
Threat Stack Launches New Webhook API 04-18-2016
Telegram Bot API 2.0 Features New Inline Keyboards, Message Editing, and More 04-13-2016
Leftronic's Fetch Tool Retrieves and Visualizes Data from Any HTTP API 04-11-2016
AYLIEN Launches Machine Learning and NLP-Driven News API 04-10-2016
Swipebuster Uses Private Tinder API to Let Anyone Spy on Tinder Users 04-07-2016
Microsoft Launches Bot Framework, Cognitive Services, and Skype Bots 03-31-2016
3D Mapping Platform Provider eeGeo Releases Points of Interest API 03-31-2016
Twitter Adds Alt Text Support to Twitter Cards and REST API 03-30-2016
Amazon Adds New Improvements to Alexa Voice Service 03-29-2016
GitHub Adds New Features to Help Speed Up Code Reviews 03-18-2016
Run in Postman Button is Now Live for 10+ Public APIs 03-15-2016
Apperian Releases Mobile App Management and Security API 03-03-2016
Built.io Flow Update Includes Over 400 New Integrations 02-19-2016
Visa Opens up Its Global Payments Network to Developers 02-04-2016
WalmartLabs Releases OneOps Cloud and Application Lifecycle Management Platform as Open Source 01-28-2016
Lockr Key Management Service for Drupal and WordPress Now Available 01-26-2016
Apiary.io Now Features Swagger Support 01-19-2016
Developer Reverse Engineers Peach API, Creates Swift and Mac Clients 01-18-2016
Unified Inbox Aims to Simplify Communications with Launch of UnificationEngine 01-13-2016
Twitter Restores Politwoops API Access Signaling Win for Devs 01-07-2016
Developers Leave API Credentials in Verizon Hum Web site Source Code 01-06-2016
Latest Release of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Features Cloud-Based Asynchronous Messaging 12-18-2015
Angular 2.0 Hits Beta, Brings Major Changes to the JavaScript Framework 12-17-2015
Amazon Releases AWS Price List API 12-15-2015
Top 10 Games APIs: EVE Online, Riot Games, Battle.net 11-25-2015
Latest Release of Android Studio 2.0 Includes Instant Run Feature 11-23-2015
MuleSoft Releases API Workbench IDE for Modern API Design 11-04-2015
MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Now Features Automatic SDK Generation 11-04-2015
Insert Clinical Info/Apps into Medical Records with drchrono Clinical IFrame API 10-22-2015
Runscope Launches Live Traffic Alerts API Monitoring Solution 10-21-2015
Adobe Announces Upcoming New E-Sign Capabilities in Document Cloud 10-13-2015
What Developers Should Know About ORTC Versus WebRTC 10-12-2015
Microsoft Edge ORTC API Support Provides Advanced Communication Capabilities for Apps 10-12-2015
RAML 1.0 Candidate Specification Announced 10-06-2015
Sinch Video Calling SDK Beta Now Available 10-06-2015
Pivotal HAWQ Advanced Analytics Engine Released as Open Source Contribution 09-29-2015
DreamFactory Releases BaaS Platform Version 2.0 Beta 09-24-2015
Open Source RAML Parsers for Various Languages Turn Up 09-18-2015
Salesforce Announces IoT Cloud Powered by Thunder Real-Time Event Processing Engine 09-15-2015
Salesforce Announces App Cloud Platform for Building Connected Apps 09-10-2015
Parse Expands IoT SDKs to Include Atmel, Broadcom, Intel, and TI 09-04-2015
Open PermID Provides Free Access to Thomson Reuters-Linked Data 09-03-2015
Google Releases Go Version 1.5 08-20-2015
Facebook API Could Potentially be Used by Hackers to Harvest Users’ Personal Data 08-18-2015
DigitalGlobe Launches New Maps API and Developer Site 08-15-2015
Shipping Software Company Ordoro Launches Public API 08-14-2015
Standalone RAML API Mocking Tools Surface 08-13-2015
SmartBear Releases CoAP Testing Plugin for Ready! API Platform 08-11-2015
Instagram Opens Ads API to Select Group of Marketing Partners 08-05-2015
Top 10 Machine Learning APIs: AT&T Speech, IBM Watson, Google Prediction 08-03-2015
Monitor the Health of Your APIs Using RAML and API Science 08-03-2015
Amazon Aurora MySQL Database Engine for Amazon RDS Now Available 07-30-2015
CA API Developer Portal Now Features RAML and SOAP Support 07-28-2015
Extract Spatial Relationships in Data with the Mapsense Context API 07-24-2015
DataSift Launches VEDO Intent Machine Learning Service 07-16-2015
Jitterbit Launches Harmony Live Real-Time APIs Platform 07-15-2015
api.ai Launches Platform Agnostic Voice Interface for Connected Cars 07-14-2015
Google Launches Eddystone BLE Beacons Technology and APIs 07-14-2015
Knowm Launches New Advanced Computing Platform and API 07-07-2015
Top 10 Sports APIs: Nike+, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Fitbit 07-06-2015
Quikr Launches New Developer Platform and API 06-26-2015
Review: REST United Automatically Generates SDKs for REST APIs 06-23-2015
Top 10 Financial APIs: Stripe, PayPal, World Bank Group 06-22-2015
The Rapid Rise of Deep Learning Computer Vision Technology 06-19-2015
LeadSift Consumer Insights API Provides Actionable Insights from Social Data 06-16-2015
New Genius API Provides Annotation Functionality to Websites and Apps 06-05-2015
Mapsense Developer Platform Provides Mapping Big Data Analytics 05-27-2015
Build Apps Directly Inside Gmail and Inbox with InboxSDK 05-22-2015
Webhose.io API Now Features Similarity Search 05-22-2015
Gogobot Launches API Platform and Widget Tools 05-21-2015
Vaultoro Launches Gold and Bitcoin Trading APIs 05-15-2015
Wercker API Announced for Continuous Delivery Platform 05-13-2015
Built.io MBaaS Platform Adds New Real-Time Capabilities 05-13-2015
IBM and AlchemyAPI Announce AlchemyData News API 05-11-2015
Sunlight Foundation to Roll Out a Unified API 05-07-2015
GitHub Launches Advanced Support for Jupyter (Formerly IPython) 05-07-2015
Guild Wars 2 API Drops OAuth2 Support 05-06-2015
Webhose.io API Adds Viral Post Search Capabilities 05-04-2015
Drchrono-QueueDr Shows How APIs Will Transform Healthcare 05-01-2015
Pinterest Intros Marketing Developer Partners Program & APIs 04-28-2015
Top 10 Travel APIs: Uber, TripAdvisor and Expedia 04-24-2015
BlockTrail Introduces Bitcoin Multi-Signature HD Web Wallet 04-21-2015
Older Versions Of Google's APIs To Go Up In Smoke On 4/20 04-17-2015
Ninja Metrics Unveils Katana for Entertainment Platform and API 04-14-2015
Infogr.am Releases API, Exposing Infographics Creation Service 04-13-2015
WordPress Releases Security Update for WP REST API Plugin 04-13-2015
How to Use APIs to Build GIS, Mapping and Location Applications 04-13-2015
Orchestrate Events API Now Features Search for Time Series Data 04-07-2015
Kairos Acquires IMRSV, Releases Facial Biometrics Tools 04-06-2015
APImetrics Adds Support for SOAP APIs 04-06-2015
Webhose.io API Now Features Named Entity Extraction Capabilities 04-02-2015
3DR Releases DroneKit SDK and API for Building Drone Apps 04-02-2015
Microsoft Announces Media APIs for Azure App Service 03-27-2015
Google Announces Safe Browsing API 03-26-2015
MasterCard Places API Helps Build Location-Driven Apps 03-25-2015
Adobe Announces Document Cloud Service and APIs 03-17-2015
AYLIEN to Offer Hybrid Text and Image Analysis Service 03-15-2015
Windows 10 Developer Tools Provide Unified Gaming Experience 03-08-2015
Developer Seeks Arduino Robotics API Funding 03-06-2015
Google Introduces the Google Maps Roads API 03-05-2015
TigerText Opens Its Secure Communications Platform to Developers 03-03-2015
ArenaNet Announces Guild Wars 2 APIs and App Development Contest 03-03-2015
RingCentral Launches Custom Integrations Platform 02-25-2015
Top 10 Mapping APIs: Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps and MapQuest 02-23-2015
Senzari Announces Upcoming MovieGraph Platform and API 02-21-2015
Httphub BaaS Solution Simplifies Backend Creation 02-18-2015
3scale and Red Hat Partner on Comprehensive API Management Solution 02-10-2015
New Ardoq Add-On Visualizes Swagger Documentation 02-05-2015
FlowDiscuss Integrates Various APIs for Powerful Content Aggregation 02-03-2015
Wearable Market Embraces APIs and the Quantified Self 02-03-2015
CartoDB Launches Google Maps Engine Alternative 01-23-2015
Appbase Launches Real-Time, Events-Based Database API 01-22-2015
Launch of Trakt API 2.0 Highlights Importance of an API Deprecation Policy 01-16-2015
Google Releases PageSpeed Insights API v2 01-15-2015
Top Weather APIs: An In-Depth Comparison 01-12-2015
Sony Lifelog API Aims to Create Vibrant Wearable Ecosystem 01-08-2015
Why Exposed API Keys and Sensitive Data are Growing Cause for Concern 01-05-2015
Built.io Flow Cloud Integration Platform Opens for Early Access 12-24-2014
Twitter Digits API Now Supports Custom Theming 12-17-2014
Libscore Aims to Measure Popularity of JavaScript Libraries 12-17-2014
HL7 Argonaut Project Aims to Enable Health Care Interoperability 12-11-2014
3scale Launches APIcast Cloud API Gateway Service 12-10-2014
AYLIEN Releases New Text Analysis SDKs 12-08-2014
New Docker API Accelerates Application Development Cycles 12-08-2014
Facebook Implements Mobile App Ad Enhancements 12-05-2014
Google Raises Calendar API Quota to 1 Million Requests Per Day 12-04-2014
Dropbox for Business API Aims for the Enterprise 12-03-2014
Optimal Payments Launches Developer Center and New APIs 11-26-2014
Outbrain Amplify API Opens Discovery Platform to Developers 11-24-2014
Yahoo's New Search API Pricing Compared to Google, Bing 11-24-2014
Twitter Search Update Exposes Every Tweet Since 2006 11-20-2014
CloudRail Launches Universal API Platform for Cloud Storage Services 11-18-2014
Wowza Media Systems Entices Devs with $15,000 App Challenge 11-16-2014
Top 10 Weather APIs 11-13-2014
Message Systems Launches an Email Service for Developers 11-12-2014
New Seagate Kinetic HDD Features Open Source Object API 11-11-2014
HTML5 Moves to W3C Recommendation Status 11-05-2014
Google Introduces Signed-In JavaScript Maps API 10-30-2014
Latest Zend Studio Release Features Z-Ray Live! and Apigility 10-30-2014
Microsoft Office 365 APIs and SDKs Provide Mobile Dev Opportunities 10-29-2014
Zend Server 8 Features Expanded Mobile & API Web Services Support 10-28-2014
KPIs for APIs: Measuring API Success, Real World Examples 10-27-2014
KPIs for APIs: Developer Experience Can Make or Break Your API 10-21-2014
Google Announces Improvements to Google Tag Manager Including New API 10-17-2014
KPIs for APIs: API Calls Are the New Web Hits 10-17-2014
Orchestrate Announces New Enterprise Multimodel Database Service and Updated Pricing 10-15-2014
Orchestrate Adds Geospatial Search to its All-in-One Database Service 10-08-2014
Create Geo Data Sources and APIs With the New Mapbox Surface API 10-08-2014
Overview Project API Improves Visualization with Word Cloud Functionality 10-08-2014
Mapbox Will Soon Release Upload API and Walking Directions API 10-03-2014
PayStand Releases API Allowing Developers to Build Apps That Accept Bitcoin, Digital Payments 10-02-2014
Create Engaging Custom Maps Using Google Maps Engine API v1.0 10-02-2014
AlchemyVision Face Detection/Recognition API Identifies Celebrities Using Data From Knowledge Graph 09-30-2014
Garmin Introduces Connect IQ Developer Platform for Garmin Wearables 09-26-2014
Dribbble Launches New Beta Version API 09-25-2014
Minecraft Server Software and Modding Plug-Ins Facing Uncertain Future 09-24-2014
FirstRain Launches API to Increase Use of Predictive Analytics in Enterprise Apps 09-18-2014
Coca-Cola to Launch New Developer Portal and APIs Site 09-18-2014
New Bitcasa CloudFS Platform Features Cloud File System APIs for Developers 09-17-2014
Reverb Releases Swagger 2.0 Next-Generation API Interface 09-12-2014
Payment Security, Authentication Key Concern for Apple Watch Users 09-12-2014
Manage APIs Throughout Entire Life Cycle With Axway API Management 7.3 09-11-2014
Cognitive Computing Makes It Possible to Build Truly Amazing Apps 09-05-2014
BoxWorks 2014 Highlights Box for Industries, Drchrono EHR Apps 09-04-2014
Learn About PHP, APIs, Mobile, Cloud and More at ZendCon 2014 08-29-2014
Blizzard Entertainment Launches New Battle.net API Site and OAuth 2.0 Support 08-28-2014
The Rapid Rise of Computer Vision Technology 08-27-2014
USA.gov Releases Corporate Consumer Contact API 08-21-2014
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Will Greatly Impact Future Connected Car Sales 08-20-2014
Review: How CodePen Team PRO Features Stack Up 08-18-2014
Upcoming miniMole IP Camera Platform Features Open APIs 08-15-2014
New AWS-Zend Advanced Cloud Service Helps Developers Quickly Build Scalable API-Based Apps 08-12-2014
MuleSoft Announces Anypoint Platform for APIs July Release 08-01-2014
Walgreens QuickPrints API-Powered Printicular App Passes Four Million Prints 07-31-2014
Senzari Introduces MusicGraph.ai Music Graph Analytics and Intelligence Engine 07-23-2014
New drchrono-AppVisit Product Integration Provides Greater Health Care Access for Patients 07-21-2014
Graph Technology Provides Valuable Insights From Interconnected Data 07-21-2014
Overly Restrictive API Policies Kill Innovation 07-16-2014
Soccer APIs Display FIFA World Cup Data 07-11-2014
New AWS Services Help Developers Quickly Build Scalable Mobile Apps 07-11-2014
Offline Maps, Reviews and More Now Featured in TripAdvisor Smartphone App 07-08-2014
Bottlenose Launches Nerve Center 2.0 and New Private Beta APIs 06-26-2014
How to Build Engaging Apps With Social Networking APIs 06-26-2014
Drchrono Launches Wearable Medical Record App for Google Glass 06-24-2014
APIs Are the Keys to Building a Bright Future for the Connected Car Industry 06-17-2014
Modern API Architectural Styles Offer Developers Choices 06-13-2014
Internet of Things Network Coming Soon to San Francisco Bay Area 06-06-2014
New JustGiving APIs Allow Anyone to Build Apps that Make a Difference 06-05-2014
Developer Experience (DX) is Key to a Successful API 06-05-2014
Oreo is Using APIs to Improve Digital Marketing 06-02-2014
Telenav Launches New Scout Maps and Navigation SDK, Scout Maps API, and Developers Program 05-23-2014
Redbooth Launches First-Ever Public API and New Portal for Developers 05-22-2014
Pushbullet Releases New and Improved API 05-21-2014
Three New APIs Now Available for the Turn Platform 05-16-2014
Latest Apigility Release Underscores API-First App Design 05-15-2014
Advanced Predictive Modeling Blossoms with 2014 BigML Spring Release 05-14-2014
APImetrics Now Features Regional API Performance Testing, Automated API Sample Code 05-14-2014
BQu Launches Student Attendance Management System (BQuSAMS) API 05-08-2014
2K Announces Game that will Utilize New AMD Mantle Graphics API 04-24-2014
ReliefWeb API Provides Access to Historical and Real-Time Humanitarian Data 04-22-2014
Facebook's Hack Language Speeds Up Development Cycle 04-10-2014
Smartsheet Releases Updated API, New SDKs and Launches Smartsheet Labs 04-04-2014
Converter Makes JSON as Understandable as a Spreadsheet 03-31-2014
Four Great Data Dashboard Platforms: Ducksboard, Geckoboard, Klipfolio, and Leftronic 03-28-2014
MusicGraph API-Driven Party Play App Wins Big at SXSW 03-21-2014
Vimeo Launches New Unified API 03-14-2014
New REST API Released for Bitrix24 Platform 03-07-2014
BigML Looks to Impress Developers in 2014 03-06-2014
Hackomotive 2014 Winners Announced, Carcode.me Nabs Grand Prize 03-06-2014
Second Annual Hackomotive Competition Starts Today 02-25-2014
Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Foster Growth 02-21-2014
New Charts, Features Join the Google Visualization API 02-13-2014
Two Great Social Data Platforms: How DataSift and Gnip Stack Up 02-10-2014
New Diffbot API Client Libraries Released 02-07-2014
New Guild Wars 2 APIs Coming Soon 01-29-2014
Review: Postman Client Makes RESTful API Exploration a Breeze 01-27-2014
Five Great Gaming APIs For Developers To Play With 01-22-2014
MyEclipse 2014 Adds REST Server API Automation 01-21-2014
BigML 2014 Winter Release Boosts Predictive Modeling 01-10-2014
Senzari Launches MusicGraph Platform and API 12-31-2013
Nutritionix Plans to Launch Nutrition Label Transcription API 12-24-2013
2013 has been a Banner Year for Walgreens API 12-23-2013
SoapUI Improves REST Support, adds RAML Plugin 12-20-2013
Quandl Announces New Tool for Dataset Uploading 12-17-2013
New Integrations and Interface Coming Soon to Ducksboard 12-12-2013
drchrono Launches API; Provides Developers Healthcare Industry Entry 12-10-2013
Intuit QuickBooks Online API Now Free 12-04-2013
Conductor Launches Searchlight Search Marketing API 11-29-2013
APImetrics Launches Service To Monitor, Test Actual API Performance 11-21-2013
Bitcasa Launches Developer Program and Secure Storage API 11-19-2013
Amazon Kinesis Handles Large-Scale, Real-Time Data Processing 11-15-2013
Atlassian Bitbucket Releases Version 2.0 REST APIs 11-14-2013
Twitter Introduces The Custom Timelines API Beta 11-13-2013
StarHub Launches SmartFoundry Platform and Communications API 11-08-2013
karmadata Launches App Gallery and Indicate Investigators, a karmadata API-Powered App 11-08-2013
Apigee Launches Free Open Education Program For the App Economy 11-05-2013
Foundation Center Launches Open Data Tool and Foundation Stats API 11-05-2013
TM Forum Launches API Zone Featuring Suite of End-to-End Digital Services Management APIs 10-29-2013
Apigee API Platform Now Supports Node.js Allowing Developers to Build Highly Customized APIs and Apps 10-25-2013
deCarta Launches Brand New DevZone Developer Portal and Geospatial Platform REST API 10-24-2013
New ZenPayroll API Connects Disparate Back Office Systems and Apps with ZenPayroll Platform 10-24-2013
ReadSpeaker Launches SpeechCloud API Allowing Developers to Add Text-to-Speech Functionality to Apps and Devices 10-23-2013
Nike+ Fuel Lab Launched Inviting Innovative Tech Companies To Expand Nike+ Ecosystem 10-22-2013
Backupify Developer Platform Now Open to SaaS Providers and Developers 10-18-2013
Expert System Releases Freemium Version of the Cogito Intelligence API 10-17-2013
Newest Postman Release Includes OAuth 2.0 Support, User Accounts, and Other New Features 10-14-2013
NationBuilder Launches New Platform and API 10-11-2013
New Apigility Project by Zend Provides Easy Way to Create High-Quality APIs 10-08-2013
New Amazon Appstore Developer Select Program Provides Developers Opportunity to Boost App Sales and Revenue 10-08-2013
Social Money Launches Private Beta Version of CorePro API 10-04-2013
Dignity Health and Box Offer Developers Chance to Win $100,000 in Patient Education App Challenge 10-03-2013
SOA Software Adds Orchestration to API Management Platform to Speed Up Mobile Development 10-02-2013
Postmaster Introduces Box and Bin Packing Feature, New Pricing Tiers 10-02-2013
NYC Launches Redesigned Open Data Portal and New APIs 09-27-2013
Dropbox Datastore API Out of Beta, Stable Release Now Available 09-26-2013
Canon, HP, Samsung and Xerox Launch Mopria Alliance to Promote Mobile Printing Standards and Interoperability 09-25-2013
AT&T Pursues Telecom Industry API Opportunity, Launches Enterprise-Focused API Program 09-20-2013
Feedly Opens API to All Developers to Encourage Creation of Feedly Cloud Apps 09-20-2013
New Cacoo SDK Edition Allows Integration of Cacoo Platform with Third-Party Apps 09-19-2013
Developers of CamFind App Release Image Recognition API to General Public 09-18-2013
Qubit Launches New Behavioral Attribution API 09-18-2013
KidoZen Announces Availability of Salesforce APIs as Part of KidoZen mBaaS Platform 09-13-2013
Transports Publics Genevois (TPG) Launches Real-Time Open Data API and Competition 09-12-2013
Honeywell Launches New Cloud API Program With Select Partners 09-11-2013
Google Visualization API Now Features Timeline Charts and Donut Charts 09-06-2013
New Ticket to Ride Kindle Fire App Uses Amazon Mobile Associates API to Offer In-App Purchase of Physical Board Games 09-04-2013
FormAssembly Launches New API For Use with Third-Party Applications 08-30-2013
Newest Release of Fosbury API Supports Samsung Wallet 08-29-2013
Registration Now Open For First Annual Samsung Developers Conference 08-28-2013
Google Launches Brand New Analytics Metadata API 08-27-2013
JotForm API Developer Competition Gives Developers Chance to Win Cash Prizes 08-27-2013
Education Technology Trends - Part III - Adaptive Learning, Legacy Systems Integration 08-26-2013
Education Technology Trends - Part II - LMS and LCMS, Education Marketplaces 08-23-2013
Education Technology Trends - Part I - Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) 08-22-2013
Riak CS 1.4 Released Includes OpenStack Integration and Major Feature Additions 08-16-2013
New Braintree Marketplace Simplifies Payment Processing for Collaborative Consumption Platforms 08-15-2013
Developers Invited to Participate in First-Ever Public HACKTIVE Hackathon 08-13-2013
Integrate Social Metrics, Insights, and Content Into Apps Using New Topsy APIs 08-12-2013
KidoZen Releases Enterprise Systems APIs Platform (mBaaS) 08-09-2013
Connect Devices Together With the New Illiri API 08-08-2013
Micro-Survey Platform SlimSurveys Launches Brand New API 08-07-2013
New Cloud Elements Messaging Hub Delivers Uniform API for SaaS Messaging Integration 08-02-2013
Latest Release of App Annie Includes Key Enhancements and New Analytics API 08-01-2013
Layer 7 Survey Shows Rapidly Growing Need for API Programs by Enterprises 07-31-2013
The Recent Rise of Government Open Data APIs 07-30-2013
SendGrid Scalable Transactional Email Platform Now Available to Google App Engine Developers 07-29-2013
DocuSign Fall 2013 Release to Include New Identify Proofing API 07-25-2013
SiteScout Launches Final, Complete Version of the SiteScout API 07-24-2013
Unlock and Visualize Enterprise Data Using New WSO2 User Engagement Server 07-23-2013
Music Hack Day Coming to Toronto, August 10th and 11th 07-22-2013
TranscribeMe and MindSwarms Form Partnership to Create a New Level of Consumer Insights 07-19-2013
Placester Launches New Real Estate Platform for Developers 07-18-2013
The Growing Trend of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) 07-17-2013
Say Goodbye to Google Latitude, Service to be Shut Down August 9 07-12-2013
New WSO2 App Factory Allows Management of Complete Enterprise Application Lifecycle 07-10-2013
SOA Software API Management Solution Allows Enterprises to Manage Full Lifecycle of DataPower-Based APIs 07-09-2013
Walgreens Announces QuickPrints API Designed for Windows 8 Coming Soon, App Contest 07-01-2013
New Social Media Channel Added to the Trumpia API 06-28-2013
Google Releases New Versions of AdSense Management and DoubleClick for Publishers APIs 06-27-2013
New Roambi Business Platform Transforms Critical Data Into Insightful Visualizations 06-26-2013
SmartFile for Developers: Developer Centric PaaS for Files 06-24-2013
Automobile: The Next Major Technology Platform - Part III - Apple Enters Car as a Platform Arena, GM's Dan Akerson 06-21-2013
Automobile: The Next Major Technology Platform - Part II - Infotainment, Navigation and Telematics 06-20-2013
Automobile: The Next Major Technology Platform - Part I - Connected Vehicle Developer Programs and Standards Groups 06-19-2013
Google App Engine Version 1.8.1 Released 06-14-2013
Developers at National Day of Civic Hacking Use US Census Bureau API to Create Innovative App and Infographics 06-13-2013
New AddThis Social Brand Advocates Service Helps Brands Engage With Loyal Consumers 06-12-2013
Google Launches APIs: CalDAV and CardDAV, Cloud SQL API, Content Experiments 06-10-2013
LoginRadius Adds Login with Amazon, Platform Now Serves Over 50,000 Sites and Reaches 10 Million Users Per Month 06-07-2013
WSO2 and API Evangelist to Co-Present "Your API Branding Strategy" Webinar on June 13 06-06-2013
SOA Software Announces Availability of API Management Solution for Microsoft Environments Including Windows Azure 06-05-2013
API Strategy and Practice Conference Will Kick Off in San Francisco, October 23-25, 2013 06-03-2013
Roundup: Articles About Google Glass Apps and APIs 05-31-2013
OpenJaw Provides Access to t-Retail Platform and Tribe API for Select Third-Party App Developers 05-30-2013
Weemo Completes $3 Million Funding Round For Cloud Based, API-Centric Video Platform 05-29-2013
TippingCircle Launches New API Allowing Developers to Integrate Social Payments Into Apps 05-24-2013
AngelHack Hackathon and Accelerator Program Offers Hackers Chance to Win Funding, Mentorship, Prizes and More 05-23-2013
Metwit Weather API Now Features Push Weather Notifications 05-22-2013
Orchestrate.io Eliminates Need For Multiple Databases in Application Development 05-21-2013
Stremor Releases Liquid Helium APIs Allowing Advanced Language Heuristics Technology to be Integrated with Third-Party Apps 05-20-2013
Civic Hackers Across the Country Will Band Together in June for National Day of Civic Hacking 05-17-2013
USDA Launches New API That Provides Developers Access to a Wealth of Farmers Market Data 05-16-2013
Glympse Releases SDKs Allowing Developers to Add Real-Time Location Sharing to Apps 05-15-2013
karmadata Launches New Website and API Providing Users Access to Public and Private Industry Data 05-10-2013
CIR Launches API Allowing Public Access to VA Backlog Related Data 05-09-2013
New Billaway API Provides Enterprise Customers Access to Rewards Program 05-08-2013
White House Releases We the People API to the Public 05-03-2013
GreenButton Releases Updated SDK and New Management API Allowing Compute-Intensive Applications to be Scaled Out in the Cloud 05-02-2013
Google Extends Deprecation Timeline for JavaScript Maps API v2 05-01-2013
Edamam Releases Nutrition API to Developers to Create Enhanced Food and Recipe Apps 04-29-2013
Sweden's Stockholm University Integrates EBSCO Discovery Service API into Library Software Platform 04-26-2013
Expert System Releases Cogito Intelligence API Helping Analysts Quickly and Accurately Evaluate Intelligence Data 04-25-2013
Dovico Software Launches Portal Featuring Dovico API Driven Apps 04-24-2013
Twilio Extends Communications API Platform to the Japan Market 04-19-2013
Evernote Launches Accelerator, Month-Long Mentorship Program for Most Talented 2013 Devcup Competition Developers 04-18-2013
RentPaidOnline Releases Partner API Providing Expanded Rent Payment Options to Property Managers and Renters 04-17-2013
Metwit Offers Free Trial of API to Help Developers of Apps Using Yahoo! Weather APIs, Obsolete Geocoding API 04-12-2013
Creative Market Launches Photoshop Extension, Announces Upcoming Release of New API 04-11-2013
Six New Social Data Sources Added to Gnip Enterprise Data Collector Product 04-09-2013
NYPL Launches New API Allowing Developers Access to Vast Archives of Digitized Creative Works 04-08-2013
Mashape Launches Official Mashape API 04-05-2013
US Census Bureau Named a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate for Open Data API 04-04-2013
Twilio Announces Integration of Communications Platform with Google App Engine 04-03-2013
Spotify Metadata API Now Available at Mashape 03-29-2013
SlickText Announces Plans to Release SMS Marketing API 03-28-2013
NASA Challenges Developers to Create Innovative Earth and Space Apps, RESTful API for SkyMorph Imagery 03-27-2013
Yummly Launches API for Developers to Create Innovative Food and Recipe Apps 03-26-2013
Postmaster Launches API for Easier Integration of Shipping Carriers in eCommerce Platforms 03-25-2013
Buyvite Group Pay Launches API That Allows Developers to Add Social Cost Splitting Functionality to E-Commerce Websites and Apps 03-22-2013
Commission Factory Launches API to Extend Platform Through Third-Party Apps 03-21-2013
Soleo's New API Offers Mobile Publishers and Developers Opportunity to Monetize Apps 03-20-2013
Deezer Music Streaming Service Launches Developer Affiliate Program and Upgraded API 03-14-2013
HootSuite Launches Program That Allows Developers to Create Premium Apps and Integrations 03-13-2013
Apigee Announces 2013 Apigee API Summits Tour 03-08-2013
Contactually Raises $1 Million Seed Funding and Launches New API 03-07-2013
Qualcomm Life Partners with WebMD, Releasing 2net Hub API End of March 03-06-2013
Google Announces AdWords API v201302, Workshop Series in March and April 03-05-2013
SmartFile Programming "Bake-Off" Gives Indiana College Students Chance to Win Cash Prizes and More 03-01-2013
Viralheat Launches New Developer Center and Social Data APIs 02-28-2013
iSpeech Launches Platform for Publishers That Provides Tools to Convert Text-Based Content Into Quality Audio 02-27-2013
Google Introduces Google Plus Sign-In: Features Secure Log-In and Interactive Sharing 02-26-2013
New W3C Group Focuses on Automotive Web Platforms and Vehicle Data API Specifications 02-26-2013
ConnectYard Announces Launch of Brand New RESTful Web API 02-22-2013
Twitter's Real API Business Model Launches With Ads API 02-21-2013
Codecademy Expands APIs Curriculum: New Lessons Include Box, Evernote, Dwolla and More 02-20-2013
Swagger, the Interactive API Documentation Framework that Benefits both API Providers and Consumers 02-19-2013
Facebook Announces New Video Channel for Developers, Live Event on February 19th and Other Updates 02-18-2013
Rave Mobile Safety Launches Smart911Connect Service and New APIs 02-15-2013
The State Decoded Platform Now Features Brand New, Public API 02-13-2013
10 Essential API Articles You May have Missed 02-12-2013
White House Announces Release of We The People API and Open Data Day Hackathon 02-08-2013
Coming in May: Amazon Coins, a New Virtual Currency for Kindle Fire 02-07-2013
SeatGeek Now Empowers App Event Recommendations Via API 02-06-2013
Backupify Launches Developer Platform Providing Data Protection and Security to SaaS Apps 02-05-2013
Mashery and Forrester Join For "Don’t Be a SOA-saurus" Webinar 02-04-2013
SmartFile Releases Version 2 of Platform and Includes Brand New API 02-01-2013
Create Fun, People Powered Weather Apps with Metwit 01-31-2013
Open Exchange Rates API: Add Real-Time Data for 161 World Currencies into Any Application 01-30-2013
Wordnik Launches Reverb, a New Company Offering Tools For Increasing Content Discovery and Engagement 01-25-2013
Schoology Releases SIS Integration Platform and Sponsors $250,000 Open SIS Challenge 01-25-2013
Google Looking for Developers to Test New Google Drive API Features and Build Apps 01-24-2013
Amazon Launches New Tool That Helps Developers Integrate Amazon APIs into Android Apps 01-22-2013
ShareMyPlaylist Releases API Offering Developers Access to a Wealth of Spotify Playlists, Song Tracks and Metadata 01-18-2013
Venueseen Campaigns API Leverages the Power of Instagram to Create a Powerful Social Photography Marketing Tool 01-17-2013
Campbell's Hack the Kitchen Contest Awards Developers for Creating Innovative, Kitchen API Driven Apps 01-16-2013
Bitly Launches Social Data APIs Offering Developers New Ways to Use Social Data 01-15-2013
3D Systems Launches Powerful New Tools for Cubify: AppCreate and Cubify API 01-14-2013
Codecademy's New Curriculum Provides Lessons on Creating Basic API Driven Apps 01-14-2013
Ford Launches Program That Provides Developers Ability to Create Vehicle-Controlled, Voice-Activated Smartphone Apps 01-10-2013
AT&T Announces New Call Management API, Alpha API Program and Platform Updates 01-08-2013
Facebook Launches Flexible Sentences Feature to Help Create Better Open Graph Stories 01-04-2013
Create Fun, Interactive Screensavers for Android Using DreamService 01-03-2013
Parse Partners with MailChimp to Bring Power of Mandrill Email API to Parse-Powered Apps 12-21-2012
Freebase API: Topics, Universal Search and Other Structured Data for Your Apps 12-20-2012
Cheezburger Launches New API: Lolcats, Memes and Funny Pictures for Everyone 12-18-2012
YouTube API Adds Topics, Universal Search 12-18-2012
App.net Releases Private Messaging API 12-14-2012
Foursquare Global Hackathon is back for 2013 12-13-2012
ProgrammableWeb API Directory Milestone: 8,000 APIs Infographic 12-12-2012
New FlightStats Flex Alert API Beta Provides App Developers Access to Real-Time Flight Alerts 12-11-2012
Amazon Launches New A/B Testing Service for Mobile App and Game Developers 12-10-2012
Innovative, Entertaining and Useful Mashups that Use the Foursquare API 12-06-2012
Twitter Launches Calendar of API Changes 12-05-2012
New Google Maps Android API Features Vector-Based 3D Maps, Indoor Maps and More 12-04-2012
New TMS OnConnect Managed Services Platform Provides Tools for Developing Advanced Entertainment Driven Apps 12-03-2012
SOA Software Publishes New eBook for Enterprises: "Building Successful APIs" 11-29-2012
Google Creates FAQ for AdWords API Shared Budgets Feature 11-28-2012
New Clickatell Connect API Allows Developers to Add Customizable, In-App SMS Messaging to Applications 11-26-2012
Facebook Updates: New Payments Reporting Tool, Mobile Devices Insights and SDK Android Beta Update 11-23-2012
Google Introduces AdWords API Test Accounts, AdWords API Sandbox to Sunset December 15 11-21-2012
New NetDNA Acceleration Platform and REST API Provides Application Developers Seamless CDN Integration 11-20-2012
3Scale Launches Open Source API Proxy Providing Enterprises On-premises and in the Cloud API Traffic Management 11-16-2012
Maluuba Introduces Natural Language Understanding API, Bringing Voice Recognition Technology to Third-Party Apps 11-15-2012
Nimble Launches New Contact API and App Marketplace 11-14-2012
StackMob Launches Module Marketplace, Now Offers Free API Calls 11-14-2012
Assembla Releases New REST Based API with OAuth2 11-13-2012
Bigstock Launches New API Program, Partners with CafePress and Emma 11-09-2012
Pocket Introduces New API to Encourage Development of Third Party Apps 11-08-2012
SOA Software Launches Open, Free API Management and Developer Platform 11-07-2012
Bing Ads API Users: Mandatory Code Changes Required by February 1st 11-05-2012
Mashery Partners with Intel to Create Intel Expressway API Manager 11-02-2012
The API You've Never Heard of That's on Over 25,000 Websites 11-01-2012
Microsoft Celebrates Launch of Windows Phone 8, Announces SDK Available October 30. 10-30-2012
Google Launches DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller API 10-26-2012
Email API Provider Context.IO Acquired by Return Path 10-25-2012
ExactTarget Announces Availability of Fuel Platform to Third-Party App Developers 10-24-2012
Facebook Releases Major Update to SDK for Android, New Android Developer Center 10-23-2012
CopperEgg Announces Availability of RESTful API for Software-Defined Monitoring 10-22-2012
Rackspace Launches Java and PHP SDKs That Leverage OpenStack APIs 10-19-2012
API Mashup Contest Gives Developers Chance to Win Cool Prizes, Links to Angel Investors and More 10-18-2012
Alcatel-Lucent Launches Nine "New Conversation APIs" and Accompanying Developer Portal 10-15-2012
Google Launches New "Reseller API" to Make Reselling Apps Even Easier 10-11-2012
Mogreet Launches Suite of SMS, MMS, Transcoding and User Lookup APIs 10-10-2012
Google Launches MoreThanAMap.com, Showcases the Power of the Maps API 10-08-2012
API Strategy and Practice Conference: Including PW Reader Discount 10-04-2012
Update to Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS, Includes iOS 6 Facebook Integration 10-04-2012
Apigee Launches "API Management for the Software-Defined Network (SDN)" 10-03-2012
New Incentive Program Financially Rewards Developers for Using the App.net API 10-02-2012
Dobango Launches First Social Marketing Platform for Pinterest 09-28-2012
Livefyre Launches StreamHub, the Web's First Engagement Management System 09-27-2012
Facebook Introduces Shared Activity Plugin and Other Platform Updates 09-26-2012
Ricky Gervais Launches First-Ever Voice Conversation App for Social Media 09-24-2012
Google Adds 40+ New Metrics and Dimensions to Analytics Core Reporting API 09-21-2012
Google Introduces JavaScript Support for the Drive API 09-20-2012
New Feature For Bing Ads: Editorial Exceptions With Accompanying API 09-19-2012
Google Adds Installation Scope to the Drive SDK, Retires Documents List API v3 09-17-2012
Mashery Presents Sixth Annual Business of APIs (BAPI) Conference 09-14-2012
Say Goodbye to Servers: Parse Launches "Cloud Code" 09-13-2012
New Facebook Notifications API Allows App Developers to Connect Directly With Users 09-12-2012
Google Introduces Links API Beta for Affiliate Network 09-10-2012
LocalWiki Launches New API: Bridging the Gap Between Local Knowledge and Local Data 09-06-2012
Aeris Weather API Sign-Ups Rapidly Increase After Weather Channel Buys Weather Underground 09-05-2012
Schoology Launches App Center Encouraging Development of Innovative and Fun Educational Applications 09-03-2012
Discover Card is First Issuer to Use New Google "Save to Wallet" API for Payment Cards 08-29-2012
Tweddle Group Releases Vehicle Head Unit Update API 08-28-2012
TVSync API Aims to Meet Increased Consumer Demand for Connected TV and Second-Screen Applications 08-27-2012
WePay Evens Playing Field with PayPal: New Features Added to Payments API and Lower Prices 08-23-2012
New Facebook API Determines User Eligibility of In-Game Promotions 08-22-2012
API Management From Cradle to Grave: WSO2 Launches 100% Open Source API Manager 08-16-2012
LinkedIn Expands Professional Content Sharing With Upgraded Share API 08-15-2012
Visualizes Social Sentiment Coming to Enterprises in Real-time 08-10-2012
Google Places API Developer Challenge: Winners Receive Chance to Showcase Apps at Google I/O 2013 08-09-2012
Popular Video-Sharing Service Viddy Launches Public API 08-08-2012
Facebook Launches New Payments Reporting API 08-07-2012
vjoon K4 is First Publishing System to Fully Integrate with the New Adobe Folio Producer API 08-06-2012
Applications That Use the Bing Search API May Have Stopped Working On August 1st 08-02-2012
HuffPost Pollster API Provides Access to Huge Database of Political Poll Data 08-01-2012
MapQuest Announces First Production Release of iOS Maps API 07-30-2012
US Census Bureau Releases First-Ever Public API 07-26-2012
Apple's Fix for iOS In-App Purchase Hack: Provide Access to Private APIs 07-26-2012
The New AT&T Speech API: "Bring Speech to Your Apps" 07-25-2012
Amazon Launches GameCircle, a New Set of Gaming APIs and Services for Kindle Fire 07-20-2012
Microsoft Announces Commercial Availability of the Microsoft Translator Hub 07-16-2012
The Twitter API: Still an Open Platform? 07-09-2012
Google Introduces New Enterprise Service: Google Maps Coordinate 07-02-2012
Voting Information Project: Bringing 21st Century Technology to U.S. Elections 06-25-2012
Music Mashups: MusicWall, Ivy FM and Music Pop Quiz 06-16-2012
Hey Pinterest, When Will a Public API be Available? 06-01-2012
Government Data: Web APIs vs. Bulk Data Files 03-28-2012
Facebook Expands Graph APIs to Help Promote Games 03-21-2012
DuckDuckGo: The Search Engine You've Never Heard Of 03-21-2012
Improve Business Productivity With Online Collaboration Platforms 03-06-2012
Fun Mashups: Zombies, Monsters and Comics 03-05-2012
Commercialize Your Website with the Zazzle API 02-27-2012
How Google Chart Tools Can Help You Visualize Your Data 02-14-2012