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Google Health: Now on Your iPhone 03-30-2009
Microsoft Releases Machine Translation API 03-23-2009
Flickr API: Now with Pandas 03-09-2009
Spore API Contest Challenges Developers to Have Some Fun 03-02-2009
The First Kiva Mashups for Microfinance 02-23-2009
HelloTxt: An API for Status Messages 02-16-2009
Yahoo's YQL Adds Support for Microformats 02-09-2009
Websense Acquires Defensio and Their Anti-Spam API 01-29-2009
Hacking Chicago's Unofficial Transit API 01-27-2009 API Contest: Shorten URLs, Win Prizes 01-21-2009
Amazon Launches Requester Pays Model for S3 01-15-2009
ffwd Releases Video Discovery and Sharing API 01-14-2009
US Congress Gets an API 01-09-2009
Trade Second Life Currencies via the VirWox API 01-02-2009
AOL's MapQuest Integrates OpenID 12-30-2008
US Postal Service API Suffers Holiday Outage 12-19-2008
eBay's API Release Calendar is a Google Calendar Mashup 12-11-2008
The Unofficial Chicago Transit Authority API 12-08-2008
Yes API Gives You Real-time and Historical Radio Playlists 12-02-2008
San Francisco Transit Mashups: the BART API 11-28-2008
The Cloud Does not Auto-Validate Your Work 11-26-2008
Yieldex Wins Amazon's Start-Up Challenge 11-24-2008
Hoover's Opens API With Data on Millions of Companies and Executives 11-21-2008
Microsoft Releases Much Enhanced Live Search API 2.0 11-19-2008
Mashup Scentific Publishing in the Elsevier Article API Contest 11-18-2008
Apps for Democracy Contest Mashes-up Washington D.C. 11-14-2008
Google AdWords Now Offers Sale Pricing on Their API 11-11-2008
BooRah: An API for Restaurant Search and Ratings 11-06-2008
Echo Nest API Delivers Machine Listening 11-05-2008
Use of Mashups in the US Government 10-23-2008
Amazon Web Services Gets New Site 10-20-2008
MOO Card Mashup Winners at BarCamp London 10-13-2008
Defensio API Wants to Defend Your Site Against Spam 10-08-2008
Craigslist Rental Property Search via the RentRent API 10-03-2008
Track Stocks via Xignite's Stock Market Quotes API 09-23-2008
Huddle API: Facebook Meets Sharepoint 09-22-2008
iLike Launches API for Music Playlists 09-19-2008
Skydeck API Fuses Mobile Phones and Social Networking 09-09-2008
The World Bank Opens API to Key Global Data 09-08-2008
Big Huge Thesaurus API: Access 145,000 Words and Phrases 09-04-2008
The Importance of APIs in the Arab Web 08-26-2008
Best News Mashups Announced in Daylife Challenge 08-20-2008
Top 5 AOL Video Contest Winners Announced 08-15-2008
SoundCloud API Benefits Professional Musicians 08-04-2008
4 Weather Mashups Win WeatherBug API Contest 07-31-2008
PostalMethods: An API for Automating Snail Mail 07-25-2008 Shifts Its Music API into Overdrive 07-15-2008
Video API and Mashup Growth Accelerates 07-09-2008
PeekaCity API Uses Google Streetview for Neighborhood Amenities 07-01-2008
Mobile GPS App Maps Stars and Wins Money 06-24-2008
Monetize Chat Apps with AIM Money 06-23-2008
DayPI Challenge: Mashing-up the News 06-19-2008
Build Weather Mashups, Win Prizes 06-17-2008
The ZayPay API and Global Micro-Commerce 06-13-2008
Google Earth API Opens the World to Browsers 06-06-2008
Twitter Search via the Summize API 06-04-2008
arXiv: An API for Research-Grade Information 05-30-2008
Reuters Shines Spotlight on the Information You Need 05-29-2008
AOL Giving Away $100K in Mashup Prizes 05-23-2008
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Connecting Money and Politics: 04-15-2008
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