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​Sendbird Announces Chat Platform Enhancements 12-21-2020
Google Mobile Ads SDK Update to Require Developer Action 12-15-2020
Google Announces Updates to the Search Console API 12-10-2020
DataStax Moves Stargate API Framework to General Availability 12-09-2020
Stripe Treasury Enables Embedded Finance via API 12-04-2020
MuleSoft Composer Allows Non-Developers to Participate in Enterprise Innovation 12-02-2020
Amazon Expands Natural Language Processing Capabilities to Support Financial Analysis 11-30-2020
Twilio Simplifies Access to Call Events Resources 11-23-2020
Postman Launches Postman Public Workspaces to Enable Collaborative API Design 11-20-2020
Facebook Introduces V9 of the Graph and Marketing APIs 11-12-2020
Microsoft to Require Token-Based Authentication on GitHub and Visual Studio 11-10-2020
Associated Press Offered Blockchain Access for Election Count Data 11-09-2020
Walgreens Abruptly Shutters My Rewards API, Eroding Developer Trust 11-03-2020
Sinch Conversation API Helps Unify Marketing Messaging Across Platforms 10-30-2020
Facebook Launches Messenger API Support for Instagram 10-22-2020
PointCare's Qualify API Adds Agility to Healthcare Coverage Recommendation 10-19-2020
Ekata Tackles Synthetic Identity Fraud Via New Account Opening API 10-15-2020
Oracle v. Google Isn't That Complicated, The Supreme Court Is 10-13-2020
Okta Launches SDK for Biometric Authentication 10-07-2020
Shopify Launches Legal Policy API to Streamline Policy Management 10-02-2020
Cloudflare Launches API Shield to Combat Increased Rate of API Attacks 10-01-2020
Sendbird Simplifies Access to Calls API via Self-Serve Portal 09-29-2020
Google Spurns Chrome Extensions Developers with Deprecation of Web Store Payments API 09-24-2020
apilayer’s mediastack Offers Real-Time News Data via API 09-23-2020
Google Moves Ads API V5.0 Into General Availability 09-22-2020
Postman's New Schema Validation Feature Helps Encourage API Spec Literacy 09-18-2020
Facebook Begins Rollout of Data Use Checkup to Facebook Platform Developers 09-15-2020
Anytime Mailbox Launches API for Mail Center Operators 09-14-2020
Amazon to Debut New Selling Partner API (SP-API) 09-10-2020
Google Announces Business Application Platform for No-Code Application Development 09-09-2020
PayByFace Releases APIs and Developer Portal for its Payment Services 09-08-2020
Chrome 86 Native File System API Will be Enabled by Default 09-04-2020
MX Announces New APIs and Developer Portal for its Financial Services 09-03-2020
PriceAdvantage Launches API for Fuel Pricing Services 09-01-2020
Kubernetes to Establish Lifecycle Duration Standards 08-28-2020
Sendbird Launches Announcements API for Seamless Messaging via Chat 08-27-2020
UnifyID Launches Gait-Based Biometric Authentication API 08-25-2020
Jumio Launches SDK for E-Passport Authentication Via NFC 08-24-2020
Twitter Moves Hide Replies Into General Availability 08-21-2020
Intel Owl Automates Threat Intelligence Data Collection 08-19-2020
Client-Side Metrics for the Java v2 AWS SDK Now in General Availability 08-18-2020
Moonlight Launches Developer Authentication Platform and Supporting SDK 08-17-2020
Email Industries Launches New Email Deliverability Services and APIs 08-14-2020
Twitter Announces New API and Establishes API Development Roadmap 08-14-2020
Digitex Launches API, Bolstering Automated Trading 08-13-2020
Google Adds Digital Ink Recognition to ML Kit 08-07-2020
Google Releases Guidance for Search Console API Updates 08-06-2020
GitHub Modifies Authentication Methods for REST API 07-31-2020
CloudCulate Launches Unified API for Development with Spreadsheet Data 07-29-2020
Expert System Launches Natural Language API for Semantic Analysis 07-27-2020
GameAnalytics Releases Metrics API to Support Custom Game Dashboards and Analytics 07-24-2020
Amazon Alexa Live 2020 Embraces Deep Linking for Alexa for Apps 07-23-2020
Vonage Launches Vonage Voyagers to Foster Developer Feedback and Community Growth 07-23-2020
Sendbird Bolsters Healthcare Interaction Capabilities Via HIPAA Compliant APIs and Services 07-20-2020
SmartBear Adds New DevOps Features to SwaggerHub 07-15-2020
What Can We Learn From the Chicago Police Department’s API Shutdown? 07-09-2020
Dynamic Yield Enhances API Suite to Embrace Server-Side Implementations 07-08-2020
Apple Expands App Store Connect API Functionality 07-07-2020
APM Terminals Modernizes Shipping Logistics With APIs 07-06-2020
Microsoft Moves Call Records API to General Availability 07-02-2020
Ordnance Survey Launches OS Data Hub for API Access to UK Mapping Data 07-01-2020 Launches Application Framework for its Workplace Management Platform 06-30-2020
Amazon Continues Improvement of Advertising API 06-29-2020
Facebook Modifies Special Ads Categories for Marketing API v7.0 06-26-2020
Touchpoint Group Holdings Partners with UPS via API 06-23-2020
HSBC Hong Kong Introduces API for Real-Time Payments 06-19-2020
Google Reminds Devs of Ads API Beta V1 Impending Deprecation 06-17-2020
IntelligenceBank Launches Automated Workflow System: Handshakes 06-16-2020
CSI Simplifies Construction Standards Communication Via API 06-15-2020
Salesforce, MuleSoft, and Tableau Unleash COVID-19 Data and Dev Resources 06-12-2020
ZenSports Debuts Open API for its Sports Betting Marketplace 06-10-2020
Planet Labs Introduces API for Satellite Imagery Services 06-09-2020
Alpha Roc Launches ALPHA API for its Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 06-08-2020
Is Embedding Content via Instagram’s API Legal? 06-05-2020
Google Announces June Updates to the Display & Video 360 API 06-04-2020
Enjin Simplifies Blockchain Integration Via New Java SDK 06-03-2020
X-Rite and Pantone Launch ColorCert Reporting API 06-03-2020
Suprema Launches G-SDK for gRPC Security Integration 06-02-2020
Microsoft Edge Receives Spellcheck Upgrade 05-29-2020
Google Cardboard Gains Unity SDK to Support Open-Source Dev 05-27-2020
Microsoft Moves updateRecordingStatus API Into General Availability 05-22-2020
Apple, Google Exposure Notification API Now Generally Available 05-21-2020
HERE Technologies Moves Its XYZ Mapping Platform to General Availability 05-20-2020
Portshift Launches Extended Kubernetes Cluster Protection Tool 05-19-2020
Enjin Launches Crypto SDK for Godot Game Engine 05-18-2020
Garmin Simplifies Third-Party Route Syncing with the Connect Courses API 05-15-2020
Utah State Government Finds Apple, Google Exposure Notification API Insufficient 05-14-2020
Dolby Simplifies Access to Audiovisual Tech via API Platform, 05-12-2020
Open Food Facts Launches Laravel API Library 05-08-2020
Facebook SDK Update Causes App Failure for Spotify, TikTok, Pinterest 05-07-2020
GitHub Announces Browser-Based IDE, Discussion Forum, and New Security Features 05-06-2020
CircleCI Announces Production-Ready Insights Endpoints 05-05-2020
Google Announces V3.1 of Ads API Beta 05-04-2020
Twilio Adds New Properties to Voice Insights API 05-01-2020
Apple and Google Roll Out Initial Contact Tracing API for COVID-19 04-30-2020
Google Provides Advancements for the Display & Video 360 API 04-29-2020
Service Objects Launches API for Global Address Geo-Coordinate Data 04-28-2020
IoTerop Announces IOWA Evaluation SDK 04-27-2020
Stripe Expands Card Issuing API Availability 04-24-2020
Apple and Google’s Contact Tracing API Expected by April 28th 04-23-2020
Weather Company Provides Disease Tracker API Access to Hackathon Participants 04-22-2020
ClimaCell Announces Weather API Improvements Following Dark Sky API’s Demise 04-21-2020
Google Announces Cloud Healthcare API to Streamline Healthcare Data Interoperability 04-20-2020
COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps Are Coming — Should You Trust Them? 04-17-2020
VibePay Launches Business Payments API 04-16-2020
AllSported Releases Greyhound Racing Pricing API 04-15-2020
Microsoft Updates Azure Maps SDK to Improve Spatial Data Integration 04-14-2020
GitHub Makes Core Features Free to Everyone 04-14-2020
Apple, Google Join Forces to Build Cross-Platform COVID-19 Contact Tracing Tech 04-10-2020
Facebook Previews a New Annual API Access Review, Data Use Checkup 04-09-2020
WSO2 API Manager, API Microgateway Add Support for AWS Lambda and gRPC 04-09-2020
Google Announces AdMob API Open Beta 04-07-2020
New Jersey Scrambles to Fix COBOL-Based Insurance Systems Inundated With Claims 04-06-2020
Radar Advances Several Geocoding APIs to General Availability 04-03-2020
AWS Amazon Detective Moves to General Availability 04-02-2020
Vonage Enhances Verify API With Addition of Advanced Authentication Features 04-02-2020
New York State Announces COVID-19 Technology SWAT Team 03-30-2020
Apple Extends Application Update Deadline 03-27-2020
Developer Hackathons to Combat COVID-19 03-26-2020
World Health Organization, Tech Giants Launch COVID-19 Global Hackathon 03-25-2020
2020 Call for Code Expands to Take On COVID-19 03-24-2020
How Smartable AI Built its COVID-19 Stats API 03-23-2020
Google Updates Reporting Metrics for its Ad Manager API 03-20-2020
Dynatrace Enables Automated Monitoring with All-New Environment API 03-19-2020
Smartable AI Provides Near Real-Time COVID-19 Stats Via AI-Powered API 03-18-2020
Amazon API Gateway HTTP APIs Builds Faster, Lower Cost APIs 03-17-2020
GitHub Announces the Acquisition of JavaScript Package Manager npm 03-16-2020
Twitter's New Dev Policy Embraces Research and Trustworthy Bots 03-13-2020
IBM Advances Watson APIs With New AI Capabilities 03-12-2020
Instagram Urges Immediate Transition to Graph API as Legacy API Deprecation Looms 03-11-2020
Google Releases API for its Display & Video 360 Marketing Platform 03-10-2020
Spectre.AI Releases Hyper API Beta for Automated Digital Contract Trading 03-09-2020
Relay Medical Announces API for its Medication Management System 03-06-2020
Apache Software Foundation Introduces V1 of Apache Brooklyn 03-05-2020
Google Broadens Cloud Speech-to-Text API Capabilities 03-05-2020
Nubentos Launches COVID-19 Monitoring API 03-03-2020
Google Introduces V3 of the Beta Ads API 02-28-2020
Lonely Planet Exposes 8K City Guides via API 02-27-2020
Automatically Ignore Trolls With Twitter’s New Hide Replies API Endpoint 02-26-2020
Poorly Configured Server Exposes International Fitness Retailer's API Data 02-25-2020
RIA in a Box Announces Wealth Management Compliance API 02-21-2020
Google’s Cloud Vision API Removes Gender Labels 02-20-2020
SWIFT Hackathon Aims to Create Cost-Effective Financial Services in Africa 02-19-2020
UNOS Expands UNet APIs for Medical Transplant Data 02-18-2020
Kraken Announces WebSockets API Improvements 02-14-2020
Appdome and ImmuniWeb Form MobileTRUST, an Application Security Alliance 02-13-2020
SoundCloud API Issues Exposed by Security Researchers 02-11-2020
Basic API Security Flaw Exposes Personal Information of Millions of Israelis 02-10-2020
GitHub Announces Beta Release of Actions API 02-07-2020
iOS 13.4 Includes CarKey API, Enables NFC Car Keys 02-06-2020
Facebook Messenger Adds One-Time Notification API 02-05-2020
Twitter API Attack Matches Millions of Users’ Phone Numbers to Usernames 02-04-2020
Jaxsta Announced Music Credentials API 02-03-2020
Union Pacific Embraces API-First Design with New Dev Portal and APIs 01-31-2020
0xcert Announces API to Improve Blockchain Adoption 01-30-2020
Bankin’ Expands Financial Offering Via Bridge Pay API 01-29-2020
AccountantsWorld Announces Open API for its Payroll Relief Service 01-28-2020
Google Sheets API V3 Deprecation Highlights Importance of Dev Alignment With API Roadmaps 01-24-2020
Google Cloud Simplifies API Key Management With New Secret Manager 01-23-2020
Scope Technologies Announces Open API Developer Portal 01-22-2020
Android 11 Adds App Compatibility Testing Features 01-21-2020
Bing Shuts Down Ads API Version 12 01-17-2020
HSBC Continues Commitment to API-Driven Financial Solutions 01-16-2020
CNCF Announces Kubernetes Bug Bounty in Partnership with Google, HackerOne 01-15-2020
Appdome SecurePWA Generates Progressive Web Apps with No Coding Required 01-15-2020
GitHub Announces Android Mobile Beta Application 01-14-2020
Google to Require OAuth 2.0 Application Support for G Suite Access 01-13-2020
OGC to Establish API Standards for Environmental Data Distribution 01-10-2020
TikTok’s Myriad Security Vulnerabilities Expose API Resources 01-09-2020
Facebook Provides Guidance for Upcoming Marketing API Requirements 01-08-2020
Walmart Introduces API-Driven Advertising Platform 01-07-2020
Binance Enhances Crypto Platform With New Lending API Endpoints 01-06-2020
Keesing Technologies Announces New Biometric Onboarding API 12-18-2019
Cloudflare Unifies Analytics Data With New GraphQL API 12-13-2019
Atlassian Debuts Forge, a New Cloud Development Platform 12-12-2019
Sandvik Improves Autonomous Mining Interoperability with New API 12-03-2019
Salesforce-Apple Partnership Yields Enhanced Swift SDK And Two Advanced Salesforce iOS Apps 11-20-2019
Soldo Launches API for Its Expense Tracking Service 11-14-2019
Postman Adds API Visualizer to Help Contextualize Data 11-13-2019
Facebook Outlines Messenger Platform Updates 10-30-2019
Vonage Streamlines Multi-Channel Communication via New Conversation API 10-30-2019
WSO2 Announces API Manager 3.0 10-29-2019
Zenserp Adds Image Recognition to SERP API Suite 10-25-2019
Terbine Opens IoT Marketplace to Aid Smart City Research 10-24-2019 Enhances Speech Recognition API with Real-Time Captioning and Transcription 10-24-2019
Instagram Users Finally Gain Control Over Third-Party App Access 10-17-2019
Spire Expands Aviation Services With New AirSafe API 10-17-2019
eMoney Advisor Releases API-Centric Solution to Streamline Financial Planning 10-16-2019
MuleSoft Releases Anypoint Service Mesh to Simplify Microservices Discovery, Security, and Management 10-10-2019
Kong Announces Kong Studio and Kong Enterprise 2020 10-03-2019
BuddyPress 5.0 Adds New APIs and WordPress Block Creation Functionality 10-02-2019
Firebase Announces Platform Upgrades at Annual Summit 09-26-2019
MeasureOne Announces New Developer Platform for Academic Data 09-24-2019
Facebook Extends Audience Reach via Upgrades to Audience Network SDK and Live API 09-18-2019
Mercedes-Benz Announces Mobile SDK to Enhance the Mercedes Me Mobile Application 09-17-2019
Pantone Launches API for its Color Matching System 09-10-2019
ABB Announces Open API Platform for Smart Home Automation 09-06-2019
SWIFT Adds Open Banking API Standard for Pre-Authorization of Funds 09-05-2019
Imperva Breach is Another Reminder That API Keys Alone Cannot Secure APIs 08-29-2019
Google Cloud Text-to-Speech Gains Additional Languages and Voices 08-27-2019
Atlassian Adds Asset Management API to Jira Service Desk 08-22-2019
Stoplight Announces API Visual Editor 08-20-2019
Facebook Announces Marketing API Updates Aimed at Reducing Discrimination 08-16-2019
Slack Announces New APIs for Creating Templated Workspaces 08-15-2019
Google Announces Apigee API Security Reporting 08-08-2019
Artrendex Announces ArtPI for Fine Art Analysis Via AI 08-07-2019
PayPal Announces Invoicing API 08-01-2019
Facebook Releases Graph API v4.0 and Marketing API v4.0 07-30-2019
CMS Provides Doctors Access to Patient Health Records via API 07-30-2019
SimpleNexus Announces API for Real-Time Data Syncing 07-29-2019
Atlassian Announces New Jira Cloud Workflow APIs 07-25-2019
Pine Labs Announces In-Store Payment API 07-24-2019
FIME Releases API Testing Tool for Open Banking 07-18-2019
Stream Announces iOS/Swift Library for Chat 07-17-2019
Google Launches Local Home SDK as Developer Preview 07-10-2019
Smart Home Data Vulnerability Highlights Inherent Risk of IoT Proliferation 07-09-2019
Google Reverts Ads API Back to Beta 07-03-2019
US Justice Department Exposes Foreign Lobbyist Data Via API 07-02-2019 Announces New API-Powered Payment Solution 07-01-2019
GIPHY Announces Platform Enhancements and New SDK 06-28-2019
Orderful Announces Enterprise API for Trading Supply Chain Data 06-25-2019 Releases Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity Game Developers 06-21-2019
ABBYY Announces New Mobile Web Capture SDK 06-18-2019
Proxy Announces Open Platform for Personal Identity Services 06-13-2019
Akamai Announces Edge Cloud and IoT Edge Connect 06-12-2019
Google Announces New Translate API v3 Capabilities 06-10-2019
LabTwin’s Digital Lab Assistant Gains Deeper Integration and Voice Capabilities 06-06-2019
Salesforce Open Sources Lightning Web Components 05-29-2019
IEX Cloud Provides Developers Access to Curated Financial Data and Services 05-22-2019
BNP Paribas Announces Open Banking Developer Portal 05-20-2019
MuleSoft Updates Anypoint Platform, Debuts API Community Manager 05-15-2019
Google Highlights Updates to BiometricPrompt API 05-09-2019
Google I/O: Android App Bundle Updated to Reduce App Size and Increase Customizable Delivery 05-08-2019
Google I/O: Android Privacy Changes and How to Design for Them 05-08-2019
Google I/O: 5 Tips to Improve Your Google Maps Development Skills 05-08-2019
Google I/O Keynote: Accessibility and Security for All 05-07-2019
Google Announces Apigee Extensions 05-03-2019
CoinMarketCap Announces DATA Alliance; Requires Crypto Data Via API 05-02-2019
Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference Highlights Updates to Graph API 05-01-2019
Snapchat Announces Bitmoji for Games SDK 04-26-2019
Google Announces Updates to Drive and Picker APIs 04-25-2019
StubHub Announces New Developer Platform and APIs 04-17-2019
Google Announces Apigee Hybrid API Management 04-10-2019
Twitter Imposes Updated Rate Limits to Flush Out API Abuse 03-20-2019
Massive API Breach Claims New Victim: The CEO 03-15-2019
GuideStar Announces Upgrades to its Nonprofit Organization Info APIs 02-28-2019
TIBCO Announces Cloud-Native Retooling of its Mashery API Management Solution 02-22-2019
WHOISXMLAPI Launches IP Geolocation API and IP Geolocation Database 02-20-2019
Reward Users With Real-Life Gifts Via Amazon’s Moments API 02-15-2019
Facebook Promises Political Ad Transparency via Open API 02-14-2019
LandMark White API Breach May Have Exposed Loan Details of 100,000+ Users 02-13-2019 Announces SaaS AutoML Offering 02-08-2019
W3C Announces First Public Working Draft for the WebXR Device API 02-06-2019
Amazon's New Baby Activity Skill API Lets Parents Track Infant Data Hands-Free 02-05-2019
Microsoft Set to Debut New Cross-Platform Gaming SDK 02-04-2019
ZeroBounce Upgrades Data Center Infrastructure to Boost Email Verification API Speed 02-03-2019
Twitter Revokes API Access from Automated Follow/Unfollow Services 02-01-2019
Kraken Announces New Websockets Public API 01-24-2019
Kong Announces New Tools for API Development Automation 01-18-2019
Salesforce Enables Citizen Developers With Low-Code Mobile App Dev Solution 01-17-2019
Salesforce Enhances Commerce Cloud with New AI-Powered Recommendations Tools 01-15-2019
Instagram Adds Direct Video Scheduling Capabilities to its Content Publishing API 01-11-2019
Square Announces In-App Payments SDK 01-09-2019
GitHub Announces Unlimited Free Private Repos 01-07-2019
Facebook Explains Why Third-Party Apps Had Access to Messages 12-28-2018
Bing Provides New APIs Offering Local Insight 12-19-2018
Box Skills Kit Moves to General Availability 12-18-2018
Facebook Photos API Bug Exposed Private Images of 6.8M Users 12-14-2018
ChainFront Launches New Blockchain APIs and Developer Portal 12-14-2018
Google Provides New Tools for Live Streaming Video 12-06-2018
Certua Launches Enterprise Insurance Platform 12-04-2018
Carroll Publishing Releases GovSearch API 12-03-2018
NovoPayment Announces Upgraded Developer Portal 11-30-2018
Findaspot Simplifies Finding a Location to Meet with New API 11-28-2018
USPS API Vulnerability Exposed 60 Million Users’ Account Details 11-26-2018
Google Adds Quick, Draw! API 11-21-2018
BlockMarkets Launches API for Real-Time Cryptocurrency Market Data 11-16-2018
ZeroBounce Announces New API for Bulk Email Validation 11-15-2018
Zype Announces News Video Analytics APIs 11-14-2018
Google Adds New AI Features to Cloud Video API 11-09-2018
Android Dev Summit Brings In-App Updates, Android Studio 3.3 Beta 11-07-2018
Moonlighting Launches Moon API, an Open API for On-Demand Hiring 11-05-2018
KeyedIn Launches API for Sharing of Project and Portfolio Data 11-04-2018
Instagram Brings Hashtag Search to Graph API, With Restrictions 10-31-2018
Metropolitan Museum of Art Launches New Public API 10-26-2018
Data Theorem Announces New Solutions for API Security Analysis 10-25-2018
Everypixel API Expands to Provide User Generated Content Photography Scoring 10-24-2018
Facebook Announces Update of Graph API to V3.2 10-24-2018
Really Simple Systems Debuts V4 of Their CRM API 10-23-2018
Singapore Airlines Announces Developer Platform 10-22-2018
TransferWise Announces Open API to Accelerate Platform Development 10-19-2018
Twilio Expands IoT Offering, Announces Super SIM and Narrowband Dev Platform 10-18-2018
Twilio Announces Acquisition of SendGrid 10-17-2018
GitHub Launches Security Advisory API 10-16-2018
Apigee API Monitoring, Hosted Targets, Extensions Move to General Availability 10-11-2018
Vonage Launches Nexmo Messages API and Dispatch API 10-10-2018
Google+ API Vulnerability Leads to Demise of Platform 10-09-2018
GitLab API Vulnerability Exposed Confidential Information 10-04-2018
Parasoft SOAtest Release Adds Machine Learning to API Test Creation 10-03-2018
Google Expands G Suite Delegate Settings via Gmail API 10-03-2018
Facebook Announces Updates to Messenger Platform 10-02-2018
Google Announces Updates to ARCore and Sceneform 10-01-2018
Microsoft Announces Public Preview of SQL Server 2019 09-27-2018
Amazon Announces Alexa Presentation Language Preview and New Alexa Skills Kit SDK Frameworks for Java 09-26-2018
Build Innovative Healthcare Apps with the Newly Upgraded DrChrono API 09-20-2018
Weather APIs to Track Hurricane Florence 09-13-2018
Xillio Announces Updates to Its Unified Content Connectivity Platform 09-12-2018
Stripe Announces Card Issuing API and Partner Program 08-01-2018
At WWDC 2017 Apple Announces MusicKit API, Core ML API, ARKit API 06-06-2017
Price Digests Announces New Vehicle API 04-12-2017
Parrot Dev Kit Helps Bring Autonomous Operation to Aerial Drones 09-08-2016
How API Consumption Mimics Music Creation 04-05-2015
Apple Watch SDK, WatchKit, Will Be Released in November 10-16-2014
The Ultimate Developer Event: 4 Keys to Building Better REST APIs 11-21-2013
The Ultimate Developer Event: Backbone.js and CoffeeScript 11-20-2013
Today in APIs: The iZento API Turns Booking Data into Elegant Itineraries, and 11 New APIs 09-25-2013
Today in APIs: Feedly Opens API and 5 New APIs 09-18-2013
Today in APIs: The BeansBooks API and 11 new APIs 09-11-2013
Today in APIs: Axway API Server 7.2, MYOB API Enhancements, and 4 New APIs 09-04-2013
Today in APIs: Fosbury Announces New API and 10 New APIs 08-28-2013
Today in APIs: Bugsnag Announces New API and 5 New APIs 08-21-2013
Today in APIs: Evernote Announces API Rate Limits, GTA Releases Supplier API, and 10 New APIs 08-14-2013
Today in APIs: Samsung Developer Conference Registration Opens Next Friday and 19 New APIs 08-07-2013
Today in APIs: Diffbot Product Pages API and 4 New APIs 07-31-2013
Today in APIs: API Strategy and Practice Conference adds New Speakers and 11 New APIs 07-19-2013
Today in APIs: LeadLedger API and 12 New APIs 07-10-2013
Today in APIs: Twitter adds Six New Ads API Partners, Microsoft Introduces 3D Printing Support API, and 10 New APIs 06-26-2013
Today in APIs: API World Conference and Expo Registration, AnyPresence Meta-API and 10 New APIs 06-19-2013
Today in APIs: Twitter Finally Kills v1, Parasoft’s API Testing Solution and 9 New APIs 06-12-2013
Today in APIs: Locaid Compliance API, Google Maps Engine API and 9 New APIs 06-05-2013
Today in APIs: Login With Amazon, HeyWatch Preview API and 9 New APIs 05-29-2013
Today in APIs: The Celery API Provides Pre-Commerce Options, Sprout Social adds Google Plus Pages Integration, and 9 New APIs 05-22-2013
Today in APIs: USDA Farmers Market Directory API, Google Play Games Services API and 9 New APIs 05-15-2013
Today in APIs: The SpringSense API, Yangaroo Launches DMDS API and 9 New APIs 05-08-2013
Today in APIs: @Pay Two-Click API, Cabforce API, and 23 New APIs 05-03-2013
Today in APIs: Google Maps JavaScript v2 Shutdown Delay, Stage of Life Reaches Milestone, and 5 New APIs 05-01-2013
466 Mapping APIs: Google Maps, Bing Maps and Foursquare 04-30-2013
Today in APIs: Mimecast Announces New API, Disrupt NY Schedule, and 7 New APIs 04-24-2013
44 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Maps, Yandex, and HotelsCombined 04-14-2013
10 APIs Used in 7 Days: Flickr,, and Wikipedia 04-07-2013
Today in APIs: The Fifth API Mashup Contest and Factual Relaunches Geopulse API 04-03-2013
15 APIs Used in 7 Days: Reddit, Twitter, and Blekko 03-31-2013
Today in APIs: TomTom Extends its API and Gyft Targets Mobile Developers 03-27-2013
3 APIs Used in 7 Days: DocuSign Enterprise, Google Maps, and Parse 03-23-2013
Today in APIs: Google Drive Realtime API and a Beta Postmaster API 03-20-2013
14 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter,, and Zazzle 03-16-2013
Best New Mashups: Recent Twitter Innovation 03-15-2013
Today in APIs: Deezer Affiliate Deals and Facebook Mobile DevCon 03-13-2013
30 New APIs: Intercom, EasyPost, and Jorum 03-10-2013
9 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, foursquare, and Twitter 03-09-2013
Today in APIs: Target Developer Contest, Contactually API, and 14 New APIs 03-06-2013
16 APIs Used in 7 Days: YouTube, Careerjet, and Bing Maps 03-02-2013
Best New Mashups: February Roundup Featuring Gengo, YouTube, and Twitter 03-01-2013
Today in APIs: CrunchBase API, Viralheat Developer Center, and 12 New APIs 02-27-2013
60 New APIs: ConnectYard, DealAngel, and friendSurf 02-24-2013
13 APIs Used in 7 Days: LinkedIn, Rotten Tomatoes, and Twitter 02-23-2013
Best New Mashups: Movie Mashups Light up The Stage 02-22-2013
Today in APIs: YouTube Caption Translation, LinkedIn OAuth 2.0, and 8 New APIs 02-22-2013
Today in APIs: Twilio Integrates Ducksboard, SocioCast Funding Grows API and 13 New APIs 02-20-2013
57 New APIs: Checkbox, Drillster, and Glow 02-17-2013
14 APIs Used in 7 Days: Instagram, Google Maps, and Twitter 02-16-2013
Best New Mashups: Mapping Takes a New Turn 02-16-2013
Today in APIs: Flowdock Acquired by Rally, Google App Engine Research Projects, and 12 New APIs 02-13-2013
55 New APIs: Backupify, Codebase and Tinypass 02-10-2013
7 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, foursquare, and DocuSign Enterprise 02-09-2013
Best New Mashups: DocuSign Makes its Mark 02-09-2013
Today in APIs: New Event Discovery App, Urban Airship Lands $25M, and 7 New APIs 02-06-2013
50 New APIs:, PayOnDelivery and Pheed 02-03-2013
10 APIs Used in 7 Days: DocuSign Enterprise, Hoiio Voice, and LyrDB 02-02-2013
Best New Mashups: Music Mashups Set the Tone 02-01-2013
Today in APIs: Facebook Kills Competition, Evernote Developer Resources and 12 New APIs 01-30-2013
Today in APIs: New Twitter API Console, Amazon In-App Purchasing, and 4 New APIs 01-23-2013
Today in APIs: Google Glass Hackathons, Venueseen Campaigns API, and 10 New APIs 01-16-2013
Today in APIs: Google Maps Navigates Deeper into the Auto Market, The YouTube API Makes its Way to Falcon Pro 1.4 and 28 New APIs 01-02-2013
Today in APIs: Blogger Integrates Google+ Linking, Facebook Strengthens Ads With Help From the Apple API and 9 New APIs 12-19-2012
The OpenSnow API: More Than Accurate Forecasting 12-17-2012
Today in APIs: Crowdtilt Releases an API That Provides Group Pay Ability, Jibe Mobile Raises $8.3 Million, and 8 New APIs 12-12-2012
The VetSuccess API: VA Job Posting Made Easy 12-10-2012
Today in APIs: Deezer Hopes APIs Will Help Promote Discovery, Amazon Maps API Now Available and 20 New APIs 11-28-2012
The CheckInOn.Me API Provides Peace of Mind Wherever it is Needed 11-26-2012
Today in APIs: API Strategy Suggestions, The API Goes Public and 18 New APIs 11-21-2012
The Epistlee API: How Simple is Too Simple 11-19-2012
Today in APIs: FlightStats Goes Multilingual, API Strategy Conference Rescheduled and 13 New APIs 11-14-2012
The Sermon Browser API Joins 14 Other Bible APIs 11-12-2012
18 APIs Used in 7 Days: Bing, Facebook and Twitter 11-10-2012
Best New Mashups: Week in Review Featuring Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook 11-09-2012
Barzahlen Provides Germany With a Worry-Free Online Payment Option 11-05-2012
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