Kota Ramalingaiah
Hydrabad, AP
.* Shivoham* Keep the Earth ALIVE* Everyone must Remember the NAME of God anywhere* The Happiness & Pain of all worldly creatures are the same* Now United Nation responsibility for save the Earth & Earthly Creature! If any problem happens with the Alliance! It should be addressed to all the countries and have to be solved together. If there is a problem between the two countries, the U.N should inform all nations about the issue and solve them. Whose Nation their Home. It's good - But we living on this Earth - It's should know. As we think! That's all - That is Country, Foreign or any Planets - Alliance! Earth belongs to Living things - Not only Human* This earth is about 8400,000 inhabitants. It is not advisable to harm for Animals, Birds, Living things, Environment & You. Everything is worth it. The HARMFUL Experiments that you have taken on Country or land - Do not seem to be good for Living things & Earth. This is our Home because we all living on the Earth. Now we are all Earthly Creature* I have come to spread the Devotion & the Virtue on-line in all the Earthly Creatures. This is God's will. So please everyone can cooperate. Thanks*
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