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Sapience Launches Self-Serve API Security Risk Assessment Tool 07-28-2016
Hitch Aims to Improve Engagement Between API Providers and Developers 05-10-2016
MuleSoft Launches API Templates to Speed Up Innovation in Healthcare 04-14-2016
New Study Demonstrates Lack of Focus on API Security 04-08-2016
Capital One Launches First True Open Banking Platform in US 03-11-2016
APIdays Australia to Highlight Platforms for Innovation 02-24-2016
API Meetup During Mobile World Congress Focuses on Smart Cities and APIs 02-15-2016
Restlet Updates DHC API Testing Tool, Adds Continuous Delivery Integrations 02-02-2016
How Devs Benefit From the New U.S. Government-Wide Digital Registry API 02-01-2016
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HackSummit Second Annual Virtual Conference Aims to Top Last Year’s World Record 01-08-2016
2015: API Deprecation and Versioning Now a More Strategic Issue 01-04-2016
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When It Is Not a Good Time for APIs: Voices Against Mandatory APIs in Healthcare 12-04-2015
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Non-Developer Offerings and Analytics Help Drive SimilarWeb's API Success 12-03-2015
How Verticalization and Hyperlocalization Contribute To TransportAPI's Growth 12-03-2015
How Walgreens' API Program Leverages Seasonality And Revenue Sharing 12-03-2015
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The Keys To Successful Real World API Strategies 12-03-2015
Why Transparency Matters for Government API Strategies 10-14-2015
RingCentral Announces Call Recording and 3-legged OAuth APIs 10-01-2015
Telco APIs Offer Huge Revenue if Carriers Can Handle the Disruption 09-21-2015
API Science Tool Marks Maturity of API Provider and Consumer Market 09-14-2015
Amazon's Swagger Importer Points to New Wave of API Automation Tooling 08-25-2015
DataLook Hosts #openimpact to Encourage Replication of Civic Good Open Source Projects 08-21-2015
Flowthings Looks to Help Cities Integrate Real-Time API Data 07-28-2015
API Craft Conference Starts July 27 in Detroit 07-23-2015
Predictive APIs Conference Heads to Sydney in August 07-21-2015 Releases API-Driven CMS, Contentstack 07-17-2015
CentraLite to Build IoT Kits With Jilia API Platform 07-16-2015
MapQuest Refreshes Dev Tools, Still Lacks Marketplace 07-13-2015
Digital Lumens API Demonstrates the Industrial IoT Roadmap 07-10-2015
W3C Geofencing API Spec Ready for Comment & Contribution 07-07-2015
Hack Your Ride Hopes to Increase Connected Car Opportunities 07-06-2015
Solid Conference Highlights Design of Smart Everyday Things 06-26-2015
Kinoma Releases Two New IoT Prototyping Devices 06-24-2015
Divergent Microfactories Unveils 3-D Printed Car at Solid 06-24-2015
PlaceILive API Crowdsources Neighborhood Review Data 06-17-2015
VIMOC Releases New SDKs for Smart City Sensor Measurements 06-15-2015
New JSON API Specification Aims to Speed API Development 06-10-2015
IoT API Startup Crowsnest to Offer Crash Analytics Service 06-03-2015
LocationAPI Pinpoints GeoLocation of IoT Devices, Smartphones 06-02-2015
BaseHealth Releases Genomic Data API for Precision Health Apps 06-02-2015
Temboo API Platform Puts Industrial IoT In Reach of Devs 05-28-2015
Evernote Releases v2.0 of Android SDK at Google I/O 05-28-2015
NASA Launches API Portal to Encourage Use of Data Sets 05-26-2015
Algolia Strengthens API Market Position With UX Search 05-21-2015
OpenStack Powered Initiative Highlights Single API Approach 05-18-2015
5 Conversations Overheard at APIDays in Berlin and Barcelona 05-15-2015
OpenFDA Launches Dev Challenge to Encourage API Adoption 05-15-2015
PAPIs Connect Shows Predictive Analytics APIs Gain Traction 05-13-2015
Algolia Outlines Their Distributed API Architecture 05-11-2015
How Smart Cities Are Promoting API Usage 05-04-2015
Blockspring Turns Google Sheets Into Client For Any API 05-04-2015
Owler Releases New APIs to Expose Startup Business Data 04-29-2015
How The Guardian is Approaching Hypermedia Based API Infrastructure 04-27-2015
Gender Gap Grader API Enables Gender Data Revolution 04-27-2015
OpenCorporates Heralds Open Data as a Public Good 04-24-2015
Opbeat Applications Study Highlights Error Timing Concerns 04-24-2015
API Strategy & Practice / APIDays Kicks Off in Berlin 04-24-2015
RIDB API Digitizes US Parklands and Recreation Activities 04-23-2015
Citymaps Seeks to Disrupt the Mapping API Business Model 04-21-2015 Search Engine Aids SDK Discoverability 04-09-2015
AnyPresence Launches JustAPIs API Builder 04-08-2015
Nexmo Releases Chat App API for Brand-to-Customer Engagement 04-07-2015
WIP Factory Conducts Annual Developer Engagement Survey 04-06-2015
BitYota Seeks Out Gov API Opportunities for its Data Warehouse as a Service 04-03-2015
Apigee Launches Link: An API-first Internet of Things Platform 04-01-2015
EIA Discusses Managing Open Innovation 03-30-2015
Owler Looks at How APIs Fit into a DaaS Business Model 03-27-2015
Open Standards for Civic Tech APIs Edge Closer to Reality 03-20-2015
U.S. Energy Information Agency Enhances APIs Accessiblility 03-19-2015
WaveMaker Releases Rapid API Development Suite for Enterprise 03-17-2015
New Zealand Government Launches API Portal for Businesses 03-10-2015
SOA Software Rebrands as Akana to Reflect Company Direction 03-10-2015
How Promoting a Developer Ecosystem Strengthens an API 03-06-2015
Government Agencies Turn to IFTTT to Make APIs Accessible 03-02-2015
XOData Lets Developers Explore OData APIs Visually 02-20-2015
Octoblu IoT Platform Opens APIs to Developers 02-17-2015
New Smart City Global Hackathon Encourages Dev API Use 02-11-2015
FDIC Bank Data API Available, Official Announcement Pending 02-06-2015
Silk's New API Features Highlight Startup Trend 01-21-2015
How APIs are Improving Transportation 12-16-2014
Cloud Elements Releases CRM & Marketing Automation API "Hub" 12-12-2014
Big Data Comes to Retail Via SwiftIQ Daypart API 12-10-2014
Banking API Standardization Considered By UK Treasury 12-09-2014
How APIs are Changing the Future of Retail 12-09-2014
4 Ways APIs Are Changing the Future of the Music Industry 12-05-2014
APIdays Keynotes Envision the Future, Encourage API use for Social Good 12-03-2014
SOA Software Releases EnVision Big Data API Analytics Platform 12-02-2014
Hack.Summit() Conference Tackles Inequality in Tech 11-26-2014
APIs Could Unlock Much Needed Banking Industry Transformation 11-21-2014
How To Maximize Developer Adoption 11-17-2014
API360 London Will Highlight API Business Models 11-12-2014
Eventbrite Reorients Toward API First Model 11-12-2014
Startup Enables Smart City Innovation Via Sensor Hardware 11-10-2014
API Developer Experience Featured At Apps World London 11-03-2014
Real-World API Business Models That Worked 11-03-2014
How APIs Power The Smartest Cities 11-02-2014
Redis "Sharding" Tech Scales NoSQL Performance To Over 1M TPS 10-31-2014
Apiary for Enterprise Aims to Solve Industrial API Pain Points 10-31-2014
APIdays Will Examine How APIs Are Disrupting Industries 10-31-2014
First International Predictive APIs Conference to Be Held Nov. 17-18 10-27-2014
Concur Highlights Uber & Airbnb APIs at DevCon 10-24-2014
FIWARE Open API Platform Makes 80 Million EUR Available to Startups 10-21-2014
​URBAN4M Releases aboutPLACE API to Shake Up Hyperlocal Product Design 10-16-2014
How Localist Consumes and Provides APIs to Create a Viable Business Model 10-10-2014
Silk Instantly Creates Data Visualizations With Web Tool and API 10-09-2014
Good Technology Launches Good Work to Help Enterprises Build Custom, Secure Mobile Apps 10-09-2014
Redbooth Offers Access to Collaborative Toolset API for App Developers and Integrators 10-07-2014
Relive APIcon UK with Slides and Videos 10-06-2014
GoodData Adds Predictive Features to Analytics Engine and Launches New SDKs 10-02-2014
Lingo24 Releases APIs for Machine Translation and Professional Service 10-01-2014
APIcon UK: SimilarWeb Shares Its J-Curve Dev and Revenue Growth Experience 09-30-2014
Podio Increases Platform Focus to Entice Developers to Ecosystem 09-30-2014
MonkeyLearn Launches Machine Learning Platform API 09-29-2014
APIcon UK: Innovation Showcase Points to the Future of the API Economy 09-26-2014
APIcon UK: Open Source Fuels the API Economy 09-25-2014
APIcon UK Kicks off with Machine Learning & API Description Languages 09-24-2014
Human API Says the Time Is Right for Health Data Apps 09-19-2014
MindMeld API Helps Businesses Prepare for a Voice-Activated Future 09-19-2014
Traitify Announces New Developer Portal as Adoption Ramps Up 09-17-2014
AnyPresence Shares Recipe for ‘Exponential Developer Adoption’ 09-17-2014
Zetta Wants to Connect Your Devices to Make the IoT Vision Real 09-16-2014
API Strategy and Practice will Focus on Mainstreaming APIs 09-12-2014
FoundationDB Launches New SQL Layer and API Access 09-11-2014
Philips Hue Encourages App Development for Lighting Home Automation 09-11-2014 Makes Converting Web Pages to APIs Even Easier 09-10-2014
How to Build Adaptive Apps and Digitally Transform a Business 09-10-2014
API360 Takes API Strategy Full Circle 09-10-2014
​OpenFDA Hopes to Provide a Model for Government API Strategy 08-26-2014
APIs Add Juice to Hyperlocal Food Market Competition 08-25-2014
Superpowered has Released a Cross-Platform Audio SDK 08-22-2014
I Love APIs Conference Focuses on Digital Transformation 08-20-2014
OpenDataSoft Helps Companies, News Media and Cities Share Open Data via API 08-15-2014
API World and DataWeek Kick Off Fall Conference Season 08-12-2014
Trailhead Labs Applies OpenTrails Data Standards to Create API and Platform 08-12-2014
SeamlessDocs Consumes APIs to Enhance Document Workflow 08-07-2014
MuniRent Uses APIs to Create Airbnb-Type Platform for City Machinery 08-06-2014
18F Releases New Tools to Facilitate API Enablement 08-06-2014
AmigoCloud Offers API to Integrate 80+ GIS Formats via Real-Time Mobile 08-04-2014
APIMATIC Wants to Help API Providers Auto-Generate SDKs 08-01-2014
APIs Help Power Code for America’s 2014 Accelerator Alumni 08-01-2014
Fastly API Solves Real-Time Cache Needs for Location-Aware, Context-Specific Applications 08-01-2014
OKFestival: Business Models That Take Advantage of Open Data Opportunities 07-22-2014
How to Perform, Visualize Sentiment Analysis with the WebKnox Text Processing API 07-21-2014
New Appcelerator Release Targets Time-to-Market Mobile Bottleneck 07-21-2014
OKFestival 2014 Highlights the Power of Open Data 07-18-2014
API Changelog Aims to Reduce Risk to API Consumer Business Models 07-16-2014
Twilio Helps Nonprofits Enter the API Economy With Social Good Venture 07-14-2014
Open Data APIs May Play a Large Role at OKFestival in Berlin 07-02-2014
Code for America 2015 Fellowship Seeks Developers, Designers 06-25-2014
AutoDesk Shows How APIs Help Transform Personalized Manufacturing 06-24-2014
Pingboard Shares 6 Great Tips Learned From Their API Launch 06-23-2014
Kii and Weaved Join To Bake APIs Into IoT Devices 06-19-2014
Traitify Provides Personality Testing via API-as-a-Product 06-17-2014
SumAll Launches New Integration Feature Using GitHub API 06-12-2014
Crowsnest Aims to Solve Device Integration Pain 06-10-2014
APIcon: 5 Lessons on How to Transform Businesses and Industries Into Platforms 06-02-2014
APIcon 2014: ProgrammableWeb's First Hackathon 05-29-2014
Connected Car Platform Mojio Aims for 50K API-enabled Devices This Year 05-28-2014
Concur Encourages Developer Involvement, Touts $1.2 Trillion Annual Opportunity 05-28-2014
Getty Images API Provides Developers Free Access to Millions of Images 05-27-2014
InstantAPI Expected to Open in July, Public Beta Invites Signups 05-27-2014
Chartio Launches New Access Control Features Ahead of Expected API Integration Platform 05-23-2014
How Smart Cities are Using APIs: Public Transport APIs 05-22-2014
APISpark Announces New Swagger-as-a-Service Functionality at Gluecon 05-22-2014 and APIs.json Launched at Gluecon to Make API Discoverability More Like Search 05-21-2014
3scale Shows Five Ways To Scale Your API Without Touching Your Code 05-20-2014
Contentful Launches General Availability with Three Content APIs 05-19-2014
Connect2Me Creates World First IoT Marketplace - But Is It Viable? 05-16-2014
Euclid Wants API Integration Partners for Mobile Location Analytics Service 05-15-2014
New Accenture Model Promotes Strategic API Program in the Enterprise 05-14-2014
Google and States Host Government Challenge in Denver, May 17-18 05-14-2014
Gluecon Prepares for API-focused Developer Event 05-12-2014
​National Day of Civic Hacking Invites Developers to Disrupt City Government Systems 05-12-2014
Bitcasa Announces CloudFS Platform API to Access Secure, Heavy-duty Cloud Storage File System 05-06-2014
Launch of Evernote Platform Awards 2014 Opens Opportunities for Productivity Developers 05-05-2014
OnSIP has Launched WebRTC Signaling Platform, Available via API 04-28-2014
The next big thing is small 04-24-2014
Espresso Logic Launches Live Browser to Enable Instant API Creation from a Database 04-24-2014
AirPair Announces New API Provider Partners in Expert Network 04-23-2014
Enigma Opens Door to Public API and Platform Access 04-17-2014
OpenData 500 Launch Demonstrates Open Data API Value 04-09-2014
Seven Key Messages From Nordic APIs that Got Developers Talking 04-08-2014
SOA Software Releases Lifecycle API To Keep Pace with Enterprise API Maturity 04-08-2014
18F Counts On APIs To Help Government Improve Service Delivery 04-04-2014
Load Impact Announces Cloud-Based Load Testing for Mobile Apps 04-02-2014
Nordic APIs Start With Focus on Security, World Bank API Standards 04-01-2014
API Strategy and Practice Day Two: The Values Behind an API-enabled Sharing Economy 03-31-2014
Day One at API Strategy & Practice: A Whole New Paradigm 03-28-2014
4 Ways APIs Are Being Talked About in the Enterprise 03-28-2014
3 Business Models using City Open Data 03-27-2014
3 Ways Open APIs are Re-creating Life in the City 03-27-2014
API Providers Urged to Agree on an Open API Definition 03-27-2014
API Strategy Conference Kicks Off in Amsterdam 03-27-2014
Good Technology Offers API Providers Access to Enterprise Mobility Platform 03-21-2014
US Government Urged to Standardize Internal API ToS 03-20-2014
FI-WARE Opens Up the IoT Future to Everyone 03-20-2014
ClickSoftware Gives Contextual Localization New Meaning 03-18-2014
FI-WARE Open API Platform Offers 140M to Entrepreneurs 03-17-2014
Kii Launches A/B Testing Service for Mobile App Developers 03-14-2014
Linkify Helps Mobile App Developers Monetize Without Banner Ads 03-13-2014
FoundationDB Excels with an "Opinionated API" 03-12-2014
Gengo API Lets Developers Enter New Markets and Monetize 03-10-2014
Panel Urges API Providers To Prioritize Their "Developer Experiences" 03-05-2014 Is Building an Enterprise MBaas Platform for IoT 03-03-2014
Riskpulse Announces Sense API, Aids Data Monetization 02-27-2014
New SOA Software Security Features Prevent Growing API Attacks 02-26-2014
Layer 7 Solves the Mobile Enterprise App Challenge 02-26-2014
Developers and Government Partner to Build Next Generation Mobile Apps 02-24-2014
Private, Partner or Public: Which API Strategy Is Best For Business? 02-21-2014
Seven Conversations Overheard at DeveloperWeek 2014 02-20-2014
Five Great API Ecosystem Lessons from Evernote 02-19-2014
DeveloperWeek Kicks Off with MBaaS-heavy Hackathon 02-17-2014
RTI Enhances Capabilities of IoT and Intelligent Systems 02-14-2014
The Day We Fight Back: Protecting Your Digital Data Rights 02-12-2014
SwiftIQ Announces Innovative Data Mining API 02-10-2014
XO Group Hosts Hack Upon A Cause: Provides ProgrammableWeb Feedback 02-10-2014
Orchestrate Solves Database Woes with Single API 02-07-2014
ClearBlade's MBaaS Enables Enterprise Mobility 02-05-2014
AT&T Pilot Mixes Location Accuracy, Context and Mobile 01-30-2014
Enigma Open Data Platform Secures $4.5M Funding 01-30-2014
SOA Software Adds New Monetization Features To API Management Platform 01-28-2014
MuleSoft Adds New API Design and Monetization Features to Anypoint Platform 01-23-2014
Runnable Launches Google Dart Code Channel 01-16-2014
Pebble Maps Out API Developer Engagement 01-16-2014
PubNub Moves Into Connected Car Market 01-14-2014
Developer Evangelists: No End to Career Growth Prospects 01-10-2014
The DataTank Offers API Tool to Help Power Smart Cities 01-08-2014
Open Data Now: Hottest Contenders for 2014 01-01-2014
How Ad & PR Agencies Are Getting On Board with APIs 12-23-2013
EDGAR Online Modernizes Financial Data Access with APIs 12-20-2013
Enterprise MBaaS Set to Explode in 2014 12-20-2013
Can Developers use APIs and Data Tools like to Create Commercial Products? 12-19-2013
Global Hackathon Seeks PDF Extraction Solutions 12-17-2013
API Aggregation: Why It Matters and Eight Different Models 12-13-2013
DeveloperWeek Launches Crowdsourced Awards Program 12-13-2013 Adds More Features to Simplify Authentication 12-12-2013
CourtListener API is Sharing the Potential of Open Data 12-12-2013
HTML5stac Enables Composing of Web Apps via APIs 12-12-2013
Twitter Provides Clues for API Partnership Success 12-11-2013
Load Impact's New Chrome Extension Allows API User Recording in Browser 12-10-2013
API Ratings Agency Moves Closer To Launch Date 12-09-2013
10 Examples of What API Developers are Working on Right Now 12-05-2013
Web API Language Development is Moving Forward 12-05-2013
Initial themes at APIDays Paris: Reuse and Cross-Region 12-04-2013
StrikeIron Releases IronCloud API Management Platform 12-03-2013
Swedish API Licensing Launch Aimed at Speeding API Time-to-Market 11-27-2013
How the QuickPrints API Rebuilt Walgreens Photo Printing Service 11-27-2013
3scale Presents Three Biz Strategies For Your API 11-26-2013
Why Your Business Needs to Become a Platform 11-26-2013
Gov Open Data in the EU: Still Lacking Commercial Opportunity? 11-25-2013
TokBox Offers In-App Live Video Streaming Via WebRTC 11-19-2013
An Exclusive Interview with Pinterest Head of Developer Relations 11-19-2013
B2D Part 4: Three DX Models 11-18-2013
Indix Releases Alternative to Google Shopping API 11-13-2013
Espresso Logic Enables Reactive Backend Database Programming 11-13-2013
APISpark Secures $2M Funding to Democratize Web APIs 11-13-2013
StackMob Plays Matchmaker with New Services Partner Program 11-12-2013
BBVA Innova Challenge Wants Your Big Data Insights 11-12-2013
B2D Strategies Part 3: Is Your API Documentation a Bug? 11-11-2013
B2D Strategies Part 2: The Power of the Private Beta Release 11-08-2013
The Federal API Shutdown: 21 Days Later 11-07-2013
MuleSoft Releases APIkit: Enables API Creation from Design to Backend with RAML 11-07-2013
API Commons Launched: Share Your API Code 11-05-2013
B2D Strategies Part 1: The 'API Coming Soon' Landing Page Trend 11-05-2013
Write Now: White House Opens Beta Access to We The People API 11-04-2013
SOA Software Launched Software-Defined Data Centers Manageable by Secure APIs 11-04-2013
Machine Learning as a Service: Swift IQ Predicts the Future 11-01-2013
Novartis Challenge Shows There Are Still Entry Points into Mobile Health Market 11-01-2013
Open Data Scorecard: New Research Shows Governments Not Open Enough 10-28-2013
Business Drivers Motivating API Uptake, Enterprise Issues in API Design, and Where the API Industry Is Headed: The Merling Keynote 10-26-2013
API Strategy and Practice: Government and Public Open Data Panel Summary 10-25-2013
Lessons from the Public Media Platform: Kristin Calhoun Keynote at API Strategy and Practice 10-25-2013
Oh the Humanity: Understanding What Really Drives Developers Designing APIs 10-24-2013
Government Open Data: How To Get Involved 10-24-2013
API Strategy and Practice: Right Now, It's All About The Mistakes 10-24-2013
Take Heart: Novartis Puts $40K Up For Mobile Health Hackathon This Weekend 10-23-2013
Winning in the API Economy: New Guide Launched at API Strategy and Practice 10-23-2013
Elastic Path and SOA Software Announce New Partnership Targeting Enterprise Commerce 10-23-2013
API or Die: AccountingSuite Positions Itself Based on its API Strategy 10-23-2013
Follow the Customer? Follow the Developer: An Interview with Keen IO 10-22-2013
Good Technology Releases Semi-Open API Mobile Set: Targets SaaS and Enterprise Developers 10-16-2013
How Open APIs are Disrupting the Ecommerce Business Model 10-15-2013
Splice Machine: A Realtime SQL Database on Hadoop 10-14-2013
When Does Having an API Product Mean You Have a Solid Business Model? The WebKnox Example 10-14-2013
SOA Software Releases Mobile Application Gateway to Help Developers Conduct API Orchestration 10-11-2013
Search-as-a-Service and API-as-Product: An Interview with Algolia 10-11-2013
Measuring Traffic Load and API Requests per Second: An Interview with Load Impact 10-10-2013
Stupeflix Adds 15 New Tools to API Services for Video Creation 10-08-2013
US Government Shutdown Affects OpenData APIs 10-04-2013
API World Day Two: Finance APIs Take Front Seat and Why Developers Need to be Business Analysts 10-04-2013
API World Day One: Developer-focused Services Rise Up While API Business Models Remain Unsolved 10-03-2013
Runnable Launches “YouTube of Code” Service 10-03-2013
Direct from APIWorld: AnyPresence Launches new MBaaS, Wins Top Innovator Award 10-03-2013
The Emergence of API Middleware: An Exclusive Interview with 10-02-2013
CanvasPop Photo Printing API: Create Canvas Prints and Monetize Your Images 10-01-2013
Nest Thermostat Calls Out to Developers: Give us Three Months and We’ll Work with You 09-30-2013
APIs are Essential for IoT Innovation, says Connected Home Market Leaders iControl 09-26-2013
The Open Data Future: More B2D than B2C? 09-26-2013
The New Enterprise: Big Data, Mobile and SaaS = The API Economy 09-25-2013
Day 2 of the NordicAPIs: What Developers Want to Talk About and How Vodka is Just Like an API 09-24-2013
Nordic APIs Wrap Up Day One: IoT and Security Dominate Discussion 09-19-2013
Apple’s new CoreMotion API: A Boon for Quantified Self and Security-focused Developers 09-19-2013
VigLink APIs: Monetizing Links is Just the First Step in Using Clickstream Data 09-17-2013
RESTHooks Aims To Help API Developers Avoid Polling Inefficiencies 09-13-2013
Facebook’s New Keyword Insights API: Media and Market Reactions 09-12-2013
Getting C-Level Buy-In: Demonstrating the Business Value of APIs 09-11-2013
New Sony Camera Remote API Leaves Developers Wanting More 09-10-2013
How Does API Design Impact on the Quantified Self? 09-09-2013
How Good Technology are Feeding Developer Interest While Alleviating Business Security Concerns 09-06-2013
Accessing Open Data via APIs: Never Mind the App, Is There a Market for That? 09-04-2013
Emerging Themes in API Design and Management: A Summary from Industry Events 09-03-2013
Leanpub API: Bringing Agile Development to Writers 08-30-2013
Perfect Trip DevCon Opens Access to $250 Billion Market 08-26-2013
Nordic APIs Event Aims To Create Regional API Tech Hub 08-23-2013
Appcelerator Buys Singly: Mobile App Platform sees API Integration as Central to Future Gameplan 08-22-2013
Cloud Foundry Event Showcases Open Source PaaS 08-21-2013
On Deck Cups Offers API Developers A Sporting Chance 08-19-2013
New Science Journal Data APIs are Worlds Apart 08-16-2013
Beyond Vertical Integration: Ink Lets Developers Create Workflow In and Between Apps 08-15-2013
Advice from Hackathon Winners: How to Plan Your Time and Choose the Right APIs 08-14-2013
Worldwide Government Open Data Infrastructure Takes Shape 08-06-2013 Wants to Score With Sports Data API 07-31-2013
OpenDataCommunities API: Data Discovery and Visualizations for UK neighborhoods 07-30-2013
API Management Platforms Focus On Helping Business Monetize APIs 07-29-2013
CivOmega Wants Your Open Data APIs To Help Fuel Search Engine 07-19-2013
Chase The Sun: Solar Plots API Helps Sun-Lovers Find Their Sweet Spot 07-17-2013
Mobile Health: Human API Helps Developers Enter The New Growth Market 07-16-2013
The Newsroom: Public Insight Network API Connects Journalists with Local Sources 07-15-2013
Factual Helps App Developers Personalize The Mobile Experience 07-10-2013
Using Crime Data via APIs for Good… or Evil? 07-09-2013
Where Do We Lead the APIs of Tomorrow? API Craft Aims to Find Out 07-08-2013
All Open Data APIs Should Have Machine Readable Metadata, Says ODI ...And Here's How 07-05-2013
Contentful API: Platform-Agnostic Content Distribution Has Arrived 07-03-2013
The Quantified Self: Growing Interest in APIs to Manage Personal Data 07-02-2013
Hunk Offers Big Data Analysis Muscle for Hadoop Systems 06-27-2013
Education Hackathon Seeks To Solve Real World Problems 06-21-2013
Xively API: Connecting Devices to an IoT Platform 06-20-2013
Latest Hackathon Competition Advice? Book Early 06-18-2013
RESTful APIs: White House Sets The Standard(s) 06-17-2013
CKAN API: Open Data In The Hands of The Masses 06-13-2013