Tamara Bess
Pasadena, CA
United States
At the Center for Healthy Relationships we are committed to putting you in control of your feelings, your thoughts, your life. Effective therapy requires the therapist to teach, guide and support you in activating your own healing system. We specialize in helping you understand how to do this. Many of our clients say that what they learn about themselves from us in their first session with us is more than they’ve ever learned with other therapists. Our mission is to help you eliminate your need for long term therapy by pulling back the curtain on therapist “trade secrets” and showing you how to use them to your benefit. Our proprietary system is focused on empowering you to develop the skills and tools necessary to get you where you want your life to be; effectively, efficiently and consistently. These tools and skills are your birthright. Healing resides within your body/mind/soul and it is your right to understand how to activate this healing system to resolve personal or relationship challenges that come your way. This is the foundational belief that drives our work.
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