Melody Clark
Seattle, WA
United States
Melody Clark is a web content editor for ProgrammableWeb.
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35 New APIs: HTC, Codenvy, and MailTracker 04-27-2014
37 New APIs: Eat24, Apperian, and StrikeIron 04-20-2014
33 New APIs: USPS, Xbox Music, and iCarpool 04-13-2014
44 New APIs: Mozilla, Football, and Xignite 04-07-2014
24 New APIs: Dice Jobs, OneNote, and Open Civic Data 03-30-2014
37 New APIs: Nest, British Airways, and The Magic Gathering 03-23-2014
30 New APIs: Beats Music, HollyStock Celebrity, and Postcard 03-16-2014
39 New APIs: Apportable, AYLIEN, and 03-09-2014
40 New APIs: Iconic, FareBookings, and 03-02-2014
44 New APIs: Sochi Olympics, Plivo, and Qualcomm 02-23-2014
51 New APIs: Astronomy, Census Reporter, and 02-16-2014
54 New APIs: Marvel Comics, NY Stock Exchange, and OECD 02-09-2014
52 New APIs: USPS Calculator, Spark, and Musicovery 02-02-2014
50 New APIs: Gittip, CaptchaCoin, and Vodacom 01-26-2014
59 New APIs: AT&T, Evercam, and Esri 01-19-2014
36 New APIs: Veteran's Affairs, Adbeat, and Guitar Party 01-12-2014
40 New APIs:, SportTracks, and Instantor 01-05-2014
59 New APIs: Macy's, Nokia, and We Heart It 12-29-2013
58 New APIs: Agile CRM, Fleksy, and Hearst Corporation 12-22-2013
55 New APIs: Walmart, Pearson, and Deskero 12-15-2013
35 New APIs: Pearson, Vine, and Nymi 12-08-2013
52 New APIs: HP, UN Data, and BitEasy 12-01-2013
62 New APIs: Bitcasa, National Geographic, and Elsevier 11-24-2013
54 New APIs: Adobe, BitTorrent Sync, and ShopYourWay 11-17-2013
54 New APIs: Vimeo, Campbell's Kitchen, and the Fed API 11-10-2013
41 New APIs: Bitcoins, iOnRoad, and ApartmentsApart 11-03-2013
52 New APIs: Redbox, Burning Man, and Quantcast 10-27-2013
37 New APIs: WebKnox, Experian, and NationBuilder 10-20-2013
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