Jean-Luc Biaulet
Lille, A59
Music Story is a leading company in music metadata processing.
It masters agregation, editorial, flows and analytics processes specifically for music data. To enrich all digital music offers, from back-office to diffusion.

Music Story has a high-level technical know-how of data ingestion, identification and matching combined with a strong musical expertise . The quality of data it produces is recognized by leading platforms and medias. In particular for processes like :
- priorities detection, editorial production of reviews and music descriptors of artists and releases,
- data music identification from nearly 50 partners: streaming, download and physical music platforms, medias , social networks, concerts platforms....

Music Story provides its data through a freemium API (initially free, monthly subscription fee as required) .

It drives its developer community via a dedicated portal : , with complete documentation, SDKs and use cases , regular publications relayed via its blog and twitter .

Music Story provides support to integrators of broadcasting services on all devices (back-office, web, tablets, smatphones). Its technical teams also implement specific solutions for its premium customers.

For more information, please :
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