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Apiary Adds API Testing Service to Portfolio 08-21-2015
CloudLock Exposes Application Security Services via REST APIs 08-19-2015
Digium Adds Mobile SDKs for Respoke Real-Time Communications Cloud Service 08-14-2015
Fantasy Football League Invokes IBM Watson APIs to Improve Fan Experience 08-12-2015
IBM Opens Latest Bluemix Garage in Toronto 08-10-2015
Survey Finds API Security Concerns Starting to Grow 08-07-2015
Apigee Rolls Out Microgateway for API Management 08-06-2015
ForgeRock Aids Effort to Create Open Source UMA Toolkits Based on OAuth 07-29-2015
Salesforce Delivers on Salesforce1 Lightning Component Promise 07-28-2015
Dynatrace Adds Support for Docker API to APM Tools 07-24-2015
Akana Adds Business Analytics to API Management Platform 07-23-2015
IBM Extends Outreach Program to Open Source Community 07-22-2015
Cloudera Creates Ibis Project to Tie Python to Hadoop Using APIs 07-20-2015
Acquia Leverages REST APIs to Make Drupal 8 Beta Available as a Service 07-16-2015
Mesosphere Takes Wraps Off SDK for DCOS API 07-15-2015
IBM Makes Three More Watson APIs Generally Available 07-10-2015
Indix Exposes Product Intelligence API 07-10-2015
AWS Launches API Gateway as a Cloud Service 07-09-2015
DataMotion Launches API Program to Enhance App Security 07-08-2015
Oracle Wraps REST APIs Around E-Commerce Cloud 06-29-2015
CSA Creates Open Cloud Security API Working Group 06-29-2015
Mashape Adds Analytics To Its API Marketplace 06-25-2015
Apigee Launches API Monitoring Service 06-23-2015
Apigee Looks to Extend API Economy Into SMB Sector 06-12-2015
Akana Extends Reach of API Management Platform Into Adjacent Sectors 06-09-2015
Mashape Hopes to Simplify API Development with Paw Partnership 06-04-2015
URX Exposes Recommendation Engine Using Deep Linking via APIs 06-02-2015
Twilio Adds Instant Messaging Service to API Portfolio 05-20-2015
moBack Unfurls MBaaS Platform Based on REST APIs 05-10-2015
Progress Leverages Docker to Add Support for Multiple Languages 05-08-2015
BlazeMeter Adds Mobile Recorder for Application Testing 05-01-2015
Mashape Unleashes Kong as Open Source API Management Platform 04-28-2015
Qlik Software Creates Developer Edition of Data Visualization Platform 04-27-2015
ServiceNow Entices Devs with New Enterprise App Store 04-22-2015
Yahoo to Share Apple Watch API Insights with Developers 04-16-2015
Salesforce Opens Heroku Elements Marketplace 04-16-2015
ProfitBricks Adds REST APIs to Cloud Service 04-15-2015
IBM Partners With TI on Secure APIs for IoT 04-15-2015
Twilio Launches WebRTC Video SDK in Private Beta 04-14-2015
Varnish Software Launches API Management Platform 04-14-2015
IBM Offers Bluemix to Aid NASA's Global Hackathon 04-08-2015
RealVNC to Provide SDK to Invoke Remote Control Software 04-06-2015
PacketZoom SDK Replaces TCP to Speed Mobile Downloads 04-06-2015
ToutApp Adds Open APIs to SaaS Application for Salespeople 04-03-2015
Appcelerator Announces Arrow to Extend Their MBaaS Platform 04-02-2015
Mashape Publishes Open March Madness API 04-01-2015
Groovy Project Joins Apache Software Foundation 03-27-2015
Eventbrite Exposes RESTful APIs to Improve Attendee Experience 03-20-2015
Dell Adds API LifeCycle Management to Boomi 03-18-2015
The Hive Employs APIs to Transform Role of Venture Capital in API Economy 03-16-2015
Zend Plans to Add Middleware Stack for APIs Built Using PHP 03-13-2015
IBM Discloses Discovery of Dropbox SDK Vulnerability 03-12-2015
Progress NativeScript Framework Aids Native Mobile App Dev 03-11-2015
Docker Extends API Reach via SocketPlane Acquisition 03-05-2015
ACE Consortium Looks to Simplify Mobile App Configuration and Security 03-05-2015
SAP Extends Mobile App Development Reach 03-04-2015
PubNub, IBM Partnership Highlights IoT Emphasis 03-02-2015
New Relic Extends Real-Time Analytics Reach into Mobile Apps 02-27-2015
Canonical Starts to Build IoT Ecosystem 02-27-2015
Citi Extends Mobile Developer Challenge 02-26-2015
IBM Opens Watson Zone to Consolidate Developer Tool Access 02-26-2015
Twilio Acquires Authy to Drive Two-Factor Authentication Adoption 02-25-2015
IBM Applies Watson Artificial Intelligence to API Management 02-24-2015
Digium Launches Respoke WebRTC Cloud Service 02-23-2015
Oracle Puts REST APIs at Core of Big Data Strategy 02-20-2015
Paxata Leverages REST API to Automate Loading and Manipulation of Big Data 02-18-2015
Open Mobile Alliance Preps Toolkit for Developers 02-18-2015
IBM Extends Reach of Watson API Portfolio 02-13-2015 Publishes Roadside Assistance API 02-13-2015
Joyent Appoints Node.js Foundation as Sole Arbiter 02-10-2015
Kony Opens Up Marketplace to Developers 02-05-2015
BlazeMeter API Enables Continuous Testing of Application Code 02-04-2015
Survey Finds API Economy Has Gone Mainstream 02-02-2015
3Scale CEO Sees Expansion of API Approaches in 2015 01-30-2015
SOA Software Embraces Multiple API Description Languages 01-29-2015
Java Security Improvements Shift Cybercrime Elsewhere 01-29-2015
Bitcasa Survey Highlights Cloud Storage API Battle 01-26-2015
MuleSoft Extends Range of Integration Options 01-21-2015
DreamFactory Adds IBM DB2 Support to Its App Dev Platform 01-20-2015
Zend Applies Z-Ray Debugging Tools to WordPress, Drupal and Magento 01-19-2015
Progress Unfurls Update to Telerik Cloud Platform 01-16-2015
Adeptia SaaS Application Empowers Citizen Integrators 01-15-2015
Apigee Plans to Extend Open Source API Projects to Java 01-09-2015
PubNub Rolls Out SDK for IoT Platforms 01-07-2015
Equinix Unveils Cloud Exchange API 01-06-2015
Red Hat Sees Docker Containers Driving More BaaS Flexibility 01-05-2015
Neutron API Promises Developers More Network Resource Control 01-04-2015
Espresso Logic Extends Data Virtualization Reach of BaaS Platform 12-31-2014
AppDynamics Extends Reach of Monitoring Platform 12-30-2014
Tradeshift Waives Developer Revenue Share Fees 12-23-2014
Apigee Extends Edge API Analytics Depth and Scope 12-18-2014
Microsoft Extends Data Reach Across Hybrid Clouds 12-18-2014
Oracle Envisions Mobile Driving Multitier Cloud Architectures 12-15-2014
Salesforce AppExchange Store Builder Aids App Store Creation 12-11-2014
TIBCO's ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks V6.2 Increases Accessibility 12-11-2014
iLand Cloud Service Will Soon Add New RESTful APIs 12-09-2014
Sencha Tackles Google Android Fragmentation 12-09-2014
SnapLogic Extends Integration Reach with Updated Connections 12-03-2014
HP RESTful APIs Turn Vertica Database into a Service 12-02-2014
Temasys Unveils WebRTC Platform Running on AWS 12-02-2014
Red Hat Updates FeedHenry 3 MADP 12-01-2014
WaveMaker Adds API Designer to RAD Environment 11-24-2014
Akamai Exposes Content Delivery Network APIs 11-20-2014
Restlet Unfurls APISpark Cloud Service to Manage API Life Cycle 11-18-2014
Meteor Provides Open Source Framework for App Development 11-18-2014
Salesforce Embraces OData to Simplify Integration 11-18-2014
Mulesoft Bakes Support For Ping's Federated OAuth Into Anypoint 11-17-2014
Vidyo Provides WebRTC Connection via JavaScript API 11-14-2014
IBM Extends Reach of Watson API 11-13-2014
OwnCloud Extends Reach of File-Sharing API Into the Cloud 11-12-2014
SAP Partners With VW and Shell to Build Connected Car Apps 11-11-2014
CA Technologies Bolsters API Management Portfolio 11-11-2014
Dell Leverages APIs to Create Cloud Marketplace 11-10-2014
PubNub Unfurls Stream Controller 10-31-2014
Accenture Invokes APIs to Create Hybrid Cloud Computing Environment 10-31-2014
IBM, Twitter Alliance Promises Improved Data Accessibility 10-30-2014
First Data Enlists Apigee to Handle Electronic Payments 10-24-2014
Progress Software Acquires Telerik, Gains Developer Community Depth 10-23-2014
Cognitive Scale Simplifies Development of Cognitive Computing Applications 10-22-2014
Mendix Moves to Simplify Mobile App Development 10-21-2014
COWL Project Promises to Better Secure JavaScript Applications 10-21-2014
Alpha Software Launches SaaS App Development Framework 10-14-2014
Salesforce Launches Salesforce1 Lightning to Expedite Mobile Application Development 10-14-2014
DreamFactory Open Source API Platform Gets Certified by Microsoft 10-14-2014
IBM Set to Expose 50 Watson APIs 10-08-2014
Oracle is Designing Java 9 With Internet of Things in Mind 10-08-2014
SnapLogic Extends Hadoop Integration Reach 10-02-2014
Oracle Extends API Management Reach in the Cloud 10-01-2014
OutSystems Upgrade Simplifies Mobile Application Development and Deployment 09-25-2014
WillowTree Apps Applies Service Virtualization to API Development 09-25-2014
Pivotal Adds RESTful API Support to In-Memory Database Platform 09-24-2014 Moves to Simplify Heroku Deployments 09-24-2014
Red Hat Acquires FeedHenry to Gain BaaS Platform 09-18-2014
Speaktoit Unveils Free Speech-Recognition API 09-17-2014
IBM Gives Developers Access to Research via APIs 09-17-2014
WaveMaker Launches aPaaS Environment Based on Docker Containers 09-16-2014
HP Unfurls Load Testing Service in the Cloud 09-16-2014
Apigee Adds Enhanced Visualization Tools to Apigee Insights 09-10-2014
Embarcadero Technologies Exposes REST API Services to RAD Tool 09-08-2014
KidoZen Launches Mobile Data Virtualization Platform 08-29-2014
Kony Delivers on MADP Ambitions 08-20-2014
Espresso Logic Extends RESTful API Reach to NoSQL Databases 08-19-2014
Nexgate Leverages Social Media APIs to Enforce Governance Policies 08-11-2014
Splunk Guarantees Uptime for Data Analytics Service 08-11-2014
CollabNet Extends ALM Reach Into Git and Gerrit 07-31-2014
Motorola Solutions Offers Free Version of RhoMobile Suite Development Tools 07-31-2014
MuleSoft Extends Microsoft Integration Reach 07-23-2014
SAP Throws Weight Behind Cloud Foundry and OpenStack 07-22-2014
SOA Software Adds Enterprise API Catalog 07-16-2014
SnapLogic Makes Integration in the Cloud Simpler to Manage 07-11-2014
Actuate BIRT Data Visualization Service Features JavaScript API 07-11-2014
Apttus Bridges Divide Between Excel and Salesforce1 07-08-2014
Zend Upgrade Improves Quality of PHP Code 07-03-2014
Why Organizations Should Consider Apache Thrift RPC 07-01-2014
Oracle Extends Mobile Reach via RESTful APIs 06-30-2014
3scale Deploys API Management Platform on Heroku 06-27-2014
Oracle Embraces JSON and RESTful APIs 06-27-2014 Collaborates With Philips on Healthcare Cloud 06-27-2014
Dropbox Exposes Application Metrics to Developers 06-26-2014
Toyota Partners With IBM on Connected Car Platform 06-26-2014
Mendix Standardizes on Cloud Foundry PaaS Environment 06-23-2014
Embarcadero Technologies Woos C++ Developers With Free Android License 06-20-2014
Progress Software Acquires Modulus to Move Into Node.js and MongoDB Worlds 06-09-2014
SAP Crafts Data Ecosystem Running on HANA in the Cloud 06-05-2014
IBM Adds Extensions to Its Bluemix Cloud Platform 06-03-2014
APIcon 2014: Using XMPP to Create an Internet for Things 06-02-2014
The Rise of Anticipatory Services 05-29-2014
Tile Preps SDK Along With a RESTful API 05-29-2014
APIcon 2014: Applying APIs to Video Surveillance 05-29-2014
APIcon 2014: Making the Case for RAML 05-28-2014
APIcon 2014: Everything is Programmable 05-28-2014
Nexmo Demonstrates the Power of SMS 05-28-2014
APIcon 2014: Giving Voice to Your Application 05-28-2014
APIcon 2014: Using APIs to Move Beyond the Simple Password 05-28-2014
MuleSoft Upgrades Anypoint Cloud Integration Platform 05-28-2014
APIcon 2014: Making the Leap into the API Unknown 05-27-2014
Kony Unfurls MBaaS Service in the Cloud 05-22-2014
SOASTA Partners with CA Technologies for App Testing 05-22-2014
DreamFactory Extends RESTful API Reach 05-21-2014
Push Technology Software Optimizes Data Flow Across Networks 05-20-2014
Equinix Turns API Management Into a Cloud Service 05-19-2014
Informatica Launches Intelligent Data Platform 05-19-2014
AlchemyAPI Adds Computer Vision API to Text Analytics Service 05-15-2014
Oracle vs Google Ruling Agitates Developer Community 05-14-2014
Microsoft Alliance With Apprenda Lays Hybrid Cloud Foundation Using Common APIs 05-08-2014
EMC Moves to Embrace APIs in the Enterprise 05-08-2014
Zoeticx Opens Electronic Medical Records API 05-06-2014
Klappo API Makes Identifying Food Ingredients Simpler 05-06-2014
IBM Extends Mobile Application Development Reach into the Cloud 05-05-2014
FeedHenry Extends Reach of BaaS Platform 05-02-2014
IBM Previews RapidApps Builder Development Tools 05-02-2014
Jitterbit Unfurls Harmony Cloud Integration Platform 04-29-2014
AppDynamics Exposes App Intelligence via RESTful APIs 04-29-2014
IBM Opens Marketplace to Help Drive Emerging API Economy 04-28-2014
Dell Adds Analytics Capability to Boomi Integration Service 04-22-2014
Developers Emerge as Kingmakers of IT in the Cloud Era 04-21-2014
AppDynamics Extends Application Performance Management Reach 04-16-2014
Telerik Makes Framework for JavaScript Available via Open Source 04-16-2014
Survey Finds Developer Influence Reaches Far Beyond IT 04-14-2014
TIBCO Software Adds RESTful API Support to Business Modeling Software 04-11-2014
Apigee Unveils Latest Version of Apigee Insights Analytics Platform 04-10-2014
IBM Gains Patent for Encrypted Push Notifications in the Cloud 04-09-2014
3Scale Launches Free Service for Managing API Consumption 04-03-2014
Mendix Unfurls RAD Development Environment in the Cloud 04-03-2014
Sookasa Encrypted File System Delivers Compliance as a Service 04-02-2014
AlchemyAPI Extends AI Economy into Publishing Realm 04-01-2014
Node.js Gets Ready for the Enterprise 03-31-2014
Zoeticx Unfurls Healthcare Application Platfom in the Cloud 03-28-2014
Industry Titans Form IoT Consortium 03-27-2014
Oracle Reunifies Java via Massive Upgrade 03-25-2014
Good Technology Simplifies Workflow Across Mobile Apps 03-25-2014
Cisco Launches Intercloud Platform for IoT Applications 03-25-2014
MachineShop Leverages RESTful APIs to Help Normalize the IoT 03-21-2014
New Relic Exposes Analytics APIs 03-20-2014
Google Partners with Cisco to Integrate Services 03-19-2014 Leverages RESTful APIs to Deliver Machine Learning Applications 03-18-2014
HP Moves Application Testing Tools into the Cloud 03-18-2014
Embarcadero Appmethod Framework Strikes a Mobile Computing Balance 03-17-2014
Twilio Improves Audio Quality of VoIP Communications Service 03-17-2014 Preps Web Browser Engine for Public Beta 03-14-2014
Espresso Logic Turns Stored Procedures into RESTful APIs 03-13-2014
Ravello Provides Free Web Browser Testing Blueprint 03-12-2014 Unfurls Business Process Integration Service in the Cloud 03-12-2014
Teradata Extends API Reach of Marketing Cloud 03-12-2014
CTP Updates Cloud API Compatibility Testing Tool 03-11-2014
HP Autonomy Extends SDK for Augmented Reality Applications 03-11-2014
PayPal Releases Kraken to Help Spur Node.js Adoption 03-07-2014
SAP Promises to Publish APIs for HANA Apps in the Cloud 03-06-2014
GoodData Unfurls Open Analytics Platform in the Cloud 03-05-2014
Tableau Software Becomes a Member of Emerging Splunk Ecosystem 03-05-2014
Sencha Converts Microsoft Azure into BaaS Platform 03-04-2014
Twilio Opens Communications Channel on IBM BlueMix Integration Platform 02-28-2014
IBM Launches Watson Mobile Developer Contest 02-28-2014
IBM Extends API Reach Across Emerging Cloud Ecosystem 02-24-2014
SurveyMonkey Launches SDK for Mobile Apps 02-20-2014
CloudBees Puts PaaS on Verizon Cloud 02-20-2014
Cloudant Simplifies Moving Mobile Data into the Cloud 02-19-2014
Informatica Simplifies Data Integration on Multiple Levels 02-19-2014
Brivo Labs Preps Security APIs for the IoT Age 02-14-2014
Olympics Are Now a Global API Event 02-14-2014
Ravello Ties Cloud Testing to Continuous Integration 02-13-2014
Intellinote Integrates Productivity Tool with Google Apps API 02-12-2014
SnapLogic Embeds API Management Inside Cloud Integration Service 02-12-2014
GoGrid Preps API for Big Data Public Cloud 02-11-2014
IBM SoftLayer CEO: APIs Put Developers in Control of the Cloud 02-10-2014
HP Starts to Craft API Strategy Around Autonomy 02-06-2014
3Scale Opens Alchemy API Portal 02-06-2014
Apprenda APIs Enable Private PaaS Deployments to Dynamically Scale 02-03-2014
PubNub Releases Connected Car Solution Kit 01-31-2014 Calls Fantasy Football API Play 01-31-2014
GE Plans to Expose APIs for the Industrial Internet 01-31-2014
Decisyon Leverages APIs to Turn CDM into a Platform 01-31-2014
Oracle Plans to Reunify Java for IoT Age 01-30-2014
Telerik Launches Cross-Platform Development Environment 01-28-2014
APIs May Turn Quantum Computing into a Cloud Service 01-27-2014
Oracle Envisions Opening API Stores in the Cloud 01-24-2014
SOA Software Brings RESTful APIs to Mainframe Applications 01-21-2014
Usablenet RESTful APIs Provide Mobile Access to Web Apps 01-20-2014
IBM Invests $100M to Help Developers Build Cognitive Applications 01-20-2014
NFL Drafts APIs Into Action for 2014 Playoffs 01-17-2014
Appirio Relaunches Developer Network Complete with API 01-15-2014
Coverity Upgrades Application Testing Platform 01-09-2014 Touts Salesforce 1 API Momentum 01-08-2014
Apigee Acquires InsightsOne, Extends API Reach to Big Data 01-08-2014
Mobile Apps Set to Wag Enterprise API Dog 01-07-2014
Zoeticx Aims to Open EMR APIs via the Cloud 12-26-2013
Javascript Gains While HTML5 Stalls 12-23-2013
Facebook Is Making Lots of Mobile Developer Friends 12-20-2013
Revolution Analytics Extends R Programming Integration 12-19-2013
Adeptia Looks to Democratize Data Integration via the Cloud 12-18-2013
Dell Starts to Craft an API Integration Strategy 12-16-2013
Box Extends Partner Program Reach to Integrators 12-13-2013
AppDirect to Build Out Application Integration Services in the Cloud 12-12-2013
Telerik Adds API Load Testing to Application Testing Tool 12-12-2013
SAP Extends Commitment to KXEN Analytics API 12-11-2013
Tasktop Extends ALM Bus Reach into IT Operations 12-11-2013
HeyWire Business Launches Partner Program for Mobile Messaging API 12-10-2013
HP Tries to Draw API Line in the Cloud 12-06-2013
CloudPassage's API Security Gateway Gets Splunk Support 12-06-2013
Serena Software Adds Deployment Hub to Release Manager 12-05-2013
F5 Networks Invokes Node.js to Put Developers in Control 12-04-2013
HP Adds Java SDK to Vertica Big Data Platform 11-27-2013
SAP Steps Up Effort to Court Developers for HANA 11-26-2013
SAP Plans to Build API Management Gateway 11-22-2013
Cascading Open Source Development Framework Adds Support for Hadoop 2.0 11-22-2013
LANDesk Launches Partner Program for ISVs 11-21-2013
Splunk Dashboards Tap Into API 11-21-2013
Deloitte Unfurls CloudMix Integration Service 11-20-2013
IBM Uses RESTful APIs to Turn Watson into a Cloud Service 11-19-2013
TopCoder Issues Amazon AppStream API Challenge 11-19-2013
Splunk Uses OpenXC API to Analyze Ford Telemetry Data 11-15-2013
Glassbeam Analytics Platform for IoT Exposes RESTful APIs 11-15-2013
Informatica Extends Cloud Process Integration via RESTful APIs 11-14-2013
Axway Brings API Management to the AWS Cloud 11-13-2013
Tradier Leverages RESTful APIs 11-11-2013
Workflow Applications Come to Fruition on ServiceNow Platform 11-08-2013
APIs to Stream Car Crash Data to 911 Systems in Real-Time 11-07-2013
Cisco APIC Technology Uses RESTful APIs to Put Developers in Control 11-06-2013
Apigee Unveils Volos Project to Capture High-Quality API Patterns 11-06-2013
Magic Software Enterprises Pushes Data Integration into Memory 11-06-2013
Open Source Apigility Project from Zend Aims to Standardize API Development 11-05-2013
Big Data-Driven Applications to Fuel API Economy 11-01-2013
APIs Drive Customer Intelligence Applications 10-31-2013
Telerik Uses RESTful APIs to Extend Agile Project Management Reach 10-31-2013
Cisco Lays Internet of Things Foundation 10-31-2013
ConnectBooster Automates Payment for IT Services via QuickBooks API 10-30-2013
Cloudera Innovators Program Fosters Hadoop API Adoption 10-28-2013
Microsoft Acquisition of Apiphany Portends Rise of API Economic Zones in the Cloud 10-28-2013
New Relic Previews Future of Software Analytics 10-24-2013
Seagate Releases Open Source API to Eliminate Data Storage Complexity 10-23-2013
SnapLogic Delivers RESTful PaaS Environment for the Cloud 10-22-2013
TIBCO Looks to Democratize Integration 10-21-2013
Oracle Rises to the Big Data ETL Challenge 10-18-2013
Agile Development Drives DevOps Transformation 10-18-2013 Unfurls Identity Service in the Cloud 10-17-2013
Passing the ACID Test Using NoSQL in the Enterprise 10-10-2013
HP Opens Store to Drive SDN Application Adoption 10-01-2013
PaaS Enviroments Pave Path to Hybrid Cloud Computing 09-23-2013
IBM Invests $1 Billion to Drum Up Demand of Power Linux 09-18-2013
Simplifying the Deployment of Hadoop Applications 09-11-2013
Convergence of API and SOA Governance Gets Underway 09-04-2013
Couchbase Raises Another $25 Million in Funding 08-28-2013
Reining in the Agile Development Chaos 08-20-2013
IBM Corelet Language Allows Developers to Build Apps that Mimic Human Brain 08-13-2013
The Rise of Continuous Application Testing in the Cloud 08-09-2013
IDE for Haskell Functional Programming Language Bows 07-30-2013
Fusion-io Open Source Contributions Force Flash Storage Issue 07-23-2013
CloudSpokes Makes Quality and Security Testing Tools Available to Crowdsourcing Community 07-17-2013
Mobile Developer Becomes Redundant 07-10-2013
SAP Aims to Serve One Billion by 2015 07-02-2013
The Challenges of Being a Mobile App Developer 06-28-2013
The Perils of Being a Mobile App Developer 06-21-2013
Progress Software Delivers Portable PaaS Environment 06-13-2013
Verivo Software Unveils Open Mobile Computing Platform 06-07-2013
API Economy Starts to Sort Winners and Losers 05-30-2013
Tibco Gets on the Cloud Integration Bus 05-23-2013
IBM Looks for Bigger Slice of API Economy 05-14-2013
SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Heralds Arrival of Parallelization Era 05-08-2013
Tibco Marries Mobile Computing to Enterprise Social Graph 05-01-2013
Cisco Looks to Make Some Developer Friends 04-25-2013
Integration in the Age of Big Data 04-17-2013 Extends Mobile API Reach in the Cloud 04-09-2013
APIs Start to Set the Big Data Pace 04-04-2013
PeopleLinx Leverages LinkedIn APIs to Deliver Analytics App 03-27-2013
March Madness to Put Many Applications to the Test 03-19-2013
The Coming Second Wave of Mobile Computing 03-12-2013
Free Scringo Tools Make Mobile Apps More Engaging and Profitable 03-06-2013
Increasing Amounts of Diversity Coming to The Programmable Web 02-27-2013
Smart911Connect API Helps Save Lives 02-21-2013
Apigee Applies Big Data Analytics to the World of APIs 02-12-2013
WebRTC: Unified Communications Comes to the Application 02-05-2013
App.Net's File API Adds Fuel to Social Media Unrest 01-29-2013
How a Narwhal API Led to the Obama 2013 Inauguration 01-21-2013
APIs Give Rise to New Class of Cloud Brokers 01-16-2013
Service Virtualization Rises to Cloud App Testing Challenge 01-11-2013
Be Resolved to Solve the DevOps Crisis in 2013 01-04-2013
Simple API Opens Payment Systems to Application Developers 12-26-2012
Splunk Digs Deep into Big Data Application Development 12-18-2012
EMC Says Time for Object-Based Storage Has Finally Come 12-12-2012
Making the Case for "Informatica Inside" 12-04-2012
SAP Moves to Make In-Memory Computing More Accessible 11-27-2012
Time to Be Thankful for Mass Customization of Software 11-21-2012
Leveraging APIs to Provide a Better User Experience 11-13-2012
Microsoft Builds Out Social CRM Ecosystem 11-06-2012
An API Renaissance Period in the Cloud 10-30-2012
Masking the Growing Complexity of Big Data in the Enterprise 10-24-2012
The Tom Sawyer Approach to Driving Application Innovation 10-16-2012
Unifying a Fragmented "Internet of Things" 10-09-2012
SAP Leverages Open API to Create CRM Ecosystem 10-03-2012
Marrying Mobile Computing Devices to Social Networks Democratizes E-Commerce 09-25-2012
Leveraging APIs in the Cloud to Make Video Conferencing Truly Ubiquitous 09-18-2012
The Growing Importance of Sharing Metadata via APIs 09-11-2012
The Coming Democratization of Data Integration 09-04-2012
The Role APIs Play in Determining the Winners of the Cloud Computing Wars 08-28-2012
Overcoming Our Inner Data Integration Conflicts 08-21-2012
How APIs Are Fueling the Mobile Banking Wars 08-14-2012
Extending the Reach of APIs into the Realm of Brick and Mortar 08-07-2012
The Rise of Data Virtualization in the Cloud 07-31-2012
Linked Data to Take Programmable Web to a Higher Level 07-24-2012