Adolfo Foronda
I believe that those who cover technology and design should have a DEEP core understanding and passion for the space, not just some media experience. I believe one entrepreneur can change the world. I believe in DIY. I believe in creativity. I believe in taking chances. I believe in the underdog. I believe in you. I started Nerd Stalker with a passion for all things tech and design with nothing more than a hand held video camera. I have been a systems administrator, front end developer, interaction designer, enterprise content management systems expert, search and web analytics point since the early 90's. I've worked with several bay area startups and enterprises and rode a few booms and busts. I wanted to present all of the amazing individuals that I am surrounded by in a no drama, irreverent, real way and so Nerd Stalker was born. Nerd Stalker is now a collective of contributors who share this passion with a zeal. All of us do this for little to no money so that we can be part of something different, real, and special, will you join us by contributing or watching? We think the best of you will.
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