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Adobe Launches Headless Commerce Cloud Offering 06-26-2019
Microsoft Announces Updated WebView 2 SDK for Edge 06-24-2019
The Venmo API is Still Making Millions of User Transactions Available to the Public 06-20-2019
Google Argues That It's Chrome API Changes are Good for Browser Extension Developers 06-17-2019
Google Unveils TensorFlow 2.0 Beta 06-12-2019
Axway Unveils AMPLIFY Streams for Event-Driven Data Streaming 06-06-2019
Google Chrome to Limit Ad Blocking Capabilities of the webRequest API to Enterprise Users 05-30-2019
Twitter Unveils Twitter Developer Labs, First Step Toward Next Gen API 05-17-2019
Twilio's Super SIM Allows IoT Devices to Connect to Multiple Mobile Operators 05-14-2019
Amazon Explains, Changes its S3 Path Deprecation Plan 05-10-2019
Microsoft Unveils ElectionGuard SDK to Help Protect Democratic Elections 05-09-2019
Google to Retire the Works with Nest Developer Program 05-08-2019
Visa and the SBA Team Up to Host a Hackathon for Small Business Disaster Prep and Recovery 04-29-2019
Facebook Targets Browser Queueing Delays With New isInputPending API in Chrome 74 04-24-2019
Visa Unveils Visa Next Payments Platform Beta APIs 04-23-2019
Github Adds Features to Atom to Support Easier Code Review 04-18-2019
Facebook, Google Are Connecting More Personal Dots. But Should They? 03-12-2019
Microsoft Band and Health Dashboard Kill-Off Suggests Platform IoT Focus 03-07-2019
CannaTrac Unveils API for its Cannabis Industry Cashless Payment Solution 03-01-2019
Facebook's Collection of Sensitive Data Through its Analytics SDK Lands it in Hot Water 02-27-2019
​Call for Code Global Challenge Asks Devs to Help with Disaster Relief 09-10-2018
Gelato Opens an API for Its Global Print-On-Demand Network 09-05-2018
Samsung is Launching an API, SDK for Its Bixby Voice Assistant 09-04-2018
Google Unveils Google My Business API v4.2 08-30-2018
An Insecure API Exposed the Data of 2.3 million T-Mobile Subscribers 08-29-2018
23andMe to Shutter Public API, Gives Developers Two Weeks Notice 08-24-2018
​Fitbit Upgrades SDK, Adds CLI 08-24-2018
​DronaHQ Launches API Genie for API Creation 08-22-2018
Amazon Releases Cameras Recap API 08-21-2018
Twitter Explains #BreakingMyTwitter 08-20-2018
Lufthansa's Open API Adds Booking Capabilities 08-15-2018
Oracle Unveils GraphPipe, a New Standard for Machine Learning Model Serving 08-15-2018
eBay Woos Developers With New and Updated APIs 08-14-2018
Amazon Releases Open Source Alexa Auto SDK 08-13-2018
TravelgateX launches HotelX, an API for Hotel Search and Booking 08-09-2018
MessageBird Launches a Single API for Popular Communications Platforms 08-08-2018
Tunity Releases SDK for its TV Audio Streaming Technology 08-07-2018
Magic Software Unveils a New Angular-Based Framework 08-07-2018
Airbnb Announces API Updates 08-01-2018
Bing Maps Routing API Adds Waypoint Optimization 07-30-2018
OneGraph Wants to Make API Integrations Easier with GraphQL 07-26-2018
Twitter Unveils New Developer Requirements 07-24-2018
Venmo's Public API Exposes Millions of Transactions, Startling Users 07-18-2018
Google Updates its Search Console Search Analytics API 07-16-2018
Kik's Kin cryptocurrency Unveils a New SDK, Launches a Developer Program 07-12-2018
Security Researchers Discover a Secret Microsoft Office 365 Activities API 07-02-2018
Facebook Continues to Restrict and Shut Down APIs 07-02-2018
Google's New Indexing API Crawls Job Posts 06-27-2018
Google Plays Up Android P's BiometricPrompt API 06-25-2018
Smyte Leaves API Customers in the Dust after Twitter Acquisition 06-22-2018
YNAB Launches an API for its Budgeting Platform 06-21-2018
Google's WebXR Hit Test API Brings New Web AR functionality to Chrome 06-19-2018
Google Cloud Adds Node.js Support to App Engine 06-18-2018
Help Scout Launches v2 of Its Mailbox API 06-08-2018
Apple's New ResearchKit Movement Disorder API Can be Used to Monitor Parkinson’s Symptoms 06-06-2018
​The Developer Community Reacts to Microsoft's GitHub Acquisition 06-05-2018
​Mapbox Announces New Vision SDK for AR Navigation 06-01-2018
​Snapchat to Launch its First-Ever Developer Platform 05-31-2018
​Facebook Posts GDPR FAQ for Facebook Platform 05-29-2018
​Amazon Adds S3 Select Support to the AWS SDK for Ruby 05-25-2018
Twilio Launches Public Beta for Recording Composition API 05-24-2018
Microsoft Unveils a Speech Devices SDK 05-22-2018
Shopify Bolsters its Developer Ecosystem 05-21-2018
​Amazon's Sumerian, a Service for Building VR, AR and 3D Apps, is Generally Available 05-18-2018
​Twitter Delays Shutdown of Legacy APIs, Makes Account Activity API Generally Available 05-17-2018
API History Repeats Itself as Recalibrated Twitter Dev Strategy Forces Shutdown of Favstar 05-17-2018
Android P Will Automatically Crash Unresponsive Apps 05-15-2018
​Microsoft Bing Unveils Two New Bing Maps APIs 05-11-2018
GitHub's Checks API Enters Public Beta 05-09-2018
​Microsoft is Launching a Unified AI Speech API 05-08-2018
Android P Will Prevent Apps From Background Network Monitoring 05-08-2018
Google Open Sources Swift for TensorFlow 05-04-2018
Google Streamlines its Maps APIs with Google Maps Platform 05-03-2018
​Facebook Launches its Graph API 3.0, Adds Enhanced App Review 05-02-2018
​Segment Launches a New API to Aid in GDPR Compliance 04-26-2018
Twilio Adds Support for LINE to its API 04-24-2018
Facebook Makes Drastic Changes to its APIs and Platform Product 04-23-2018
​Safari Technology Preview 54 Contains Web API, WebRTC Updates 04-20-2018
Microsoft Launches a Public Preview of a New Security API 04-19-2018 Launches a REST API for its Usage-Based Billing Platform 04-17-2018
​Intuit to Build a New Version of the QuickBooks Online REST API From the Ground Up 04-16-2018
Tap Unveils SDKs for its Wearable Keyboard, Mouse and Game Controller 04-13-2018's Gloo Now Supports JSON-to-gRPC Translation 04-12-2018
The W3C's WebAuthn Standard Could Do Away With Website Passwords 04-11-2018
​Amazon Launches AWS Secrets Manager to Securely Store and Manage Credentials 04-10-2018
OKCupid's Visitor API Provided Access to Users' Personal Information 04-10-2018
​Amazon Launches Beta Gadgets Skill API 04-05-2018
Instagram Has Effectively Killed its Public API 04-04-2018
Mimecast Launches New API Developer Portal 04-04-2018
Instagram Breaks Apps, Surprises Developers With Substantial API Rate Limit Reduction 04-03-2018
Amazon Updates its Video Skill API to Ease Use 04-02-2018
​DJI's New Skyport Adapter and Payload SDK Aims to Advance Drone Technology 03-30-2018
Kubernetes 1.10 Delivers Stable API Aggregation 03-29-2018
Payments NZ Announced Open Banking API Pilots 03-28-2018
Ephesoft Releases New Version of Smart Document Capture Solution with APIs 03-28-2018
Netflix Makes its Bug Bounty Program Public 03-23-2018
Coord's API Lets Cities and Transport Companies Access Curb Data 03-20-2018
​Facebook, Spotify API Abuses Highlight Open Platform Security Risks 03-19-2018
Facebook Opens its Instant Games Platform to All Developers 03-16-2018
Expedia Affiliate Network Launches New API for Travel Accommodations 03-16-2018
PartsTech Launches an Auto Parts Purchasing API 03-15-2018
OFX Developer Program for International Payments Moves Out of Beta 03-15-2018
Algolia Launches Search Analytics APIs 03-14-2018
Firefox 60 to Disable the W3C Proximity and Ambient Light APIs 03-13-2018
VoiceBase Updates its Speech Analytics API 03-13-2018
ScoreStream Makes its Local Sports API Available for Commercial Access 03-09-2018
​Microsoft Upgrades the AI Capabilities of Azure 03-02-2018
Google Announces General Availability of the Cloud Billing Catalog API for GCP 03-01-2018
Google Unveils the Beta Version of Its Mobile UI Framework Flutter 02-27-2018
New ​Twitter Developer Rules Target Automated Spread of Fake News and Conspiracy Theories 02-22-2018
W3C WebAssembly Working Group Publishes Three First Public Working Drafts 02-21-2018
Atlassian's Stride Launches Major Updates to Its API to Better Compete With Slack 02-20-2018
ARK Announces V2 All-in-One Blockchain API 02-16-2018
Amazon Launches New Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console in Beta 02-15-2018
​Google to Update Basemap Style for Google Maps APIs 02-14-2018
Snap Opens up Its Marketing API to All Developers 02-13-2018
Episerver Launches Headless API for Content as a Service 02-09-2018
​Mozilla Unveils Project Things, an Open IoT Framework 02-07-2018
Baker Launches API for its Dispensary CRM Platform 02-06-2018
​WebAPI Manager Browser Extension Limits Access to Web APIs 02-02-2018
​Twitter Provides Full Tweet Archive to Non-Enterprise Customers 02-01-2018
​ Unveils New Version of its Domain Registration and Management API 02-01-2018
​Google Adds New Apps Script Development Tools for G Suite Apps 01-31-2018
Blizzard Updates the World of Warcraft API 01-30-2018
CapLinked Announces Blockchain Framework 01-26-2018
Eagle Eye Updates its Video API Platform 01-26-2018
​Bank of America Gives its Corporate Customers an API 01-25-2018
​PSMA Australia's New API Offers Data on Millions of Buildings in Australia 01-24-2018
Mercedes-Benz Releases a Connected Vehicles API 01-24-2018
​GoPro Shutters its Developer Program 01-22-2018
JoyToken Releases API for Building Online Casino Games Using Smart Contracts 01-18-2018
Confide Launches an SDK to Prevent Screenshots in iOS Apps 01-11-2018
Open Referral Announces Availability of Human Service Data API Protocols 01-10-2018
Amazon Brings the Alexa Smart Home Skill API to the Kitchen 01-08-2018
Amazon Launches Route 53 Auto Naming API for Microservices 12-07-2017
Amazon's New AWS Offerings Launched at Re:invent 11-30-2017
Google Adds Developer Features, Including a Push Notification API 11-17-2017
GitHub Launches Teletype for Atom to Make Social Coding Easier 11-15-2017
Fannie Mae's New APIs Are Designed to Modernize the Mortgage Lending Industry 11-09-2017
Amazon is Testing an API for Amazon Marketing Services 11-08-2017
DBS Bank Launches New API Developer Platform 11-04-2017
Google to shutter the QPX Express Airfare Search API 11-02-2017
GitLab Changes its Contributor Licensing to Better Serve Open-Source Projects 11-01-2017
Mastercard to Open Up its Internal Blockchain API 10-23-2017
Recent API Security Incidents Show Perils of Ignoring Best Practices 10-17-2017
Amazon Updates Alexa API to Support New Smart Home Experiences 10-02-2017
Slack Launches Shared Channels for Multi-Group Communication 09-12-2017
Amid Pokémon Go Madness, Nintendo Announces Unified Dev Portal 07-13-2016
Twitter Fabric Adds Deep Linking Capabilities with Branch Integration 06-23-2016
Snapchat Unveils Ads API 06-16-2016
​Uber Opens UberRUSH API to All Developers for On-Demand Deliveries 06-09-2016
Uber Accused of Anti-Competitive Behavior Over API Restrictions 06-09-2016
What Twilio's IPO Filing Means for the API Economy 06-07-2016
Facebook Launches Continuous Live Video API 05-25-2016
Nest Labs Expands Works with Nest API 05-20-2016
Facebook Pays $10,000 Bug Bounty to 10 Year-Old for Instagram API Vulnerability 05-06-2016
Vonage to Acquire Twilio Arch Nemesis Nexmo for $230M 05-05-2016
Freshdesk Unveils New Version of its API 05-04-2016
Survey Highlights Security Concern Among IoT Developers 04-19-2016
Secful Aims to Automatically Detect and Thwart API Attacks in Real-Time 03-30-2016
Emojitracker Plans to Shutter After Twitter Revokes API Access 03-17-2016
​HP Moves Machine Learning Platform Haven OnDemand out of Beta 03-15-2016
Mapbox Open Sources API Documentation System Docbox 03-09-2016
RingCentral Launches WebRTC Support 03-07-2016
Engine Yard Unveils New Public API 03-07-2016
Instagram Cuts API Access to Popular New iOS App Being 03-04-2016
Square API Leaves Apps Vulnerable to XSS Attacks 03-02-2016
Amid Confusion, Venmo Back Pedals Total Shutdown of its API 02-29-2016
Twitter to Version its Ads API 02-26-2016
Poor API Security Leaves Nissan LEAF Vehicles Vulnerable to Hackers 02-25-2016
How Spotify's Poor API Hygiene Broke a Bunch of Hardware and Software 02-23-2016
Kimono Labs Acquisition Leaves Devs Hanging 02-17-2016
Connected Car Platform Vinli Lures Developers with Billions of Free API Calls 12-28-2015
WordPress 4.4 Adds Infrastructure for the WordPress REST API 12-11-2015
PayPal Enables Self-Serve Credential Rotation to Bolster App Security 11-13-2015
​SmartBear, Linux Foundation launch Open API Initiative to Evolve Swagger 11-10-2015
Bugsnag Announces Major Update to Error Monitoring Platform 11-05-2015
​IBM Bets Big on Weather Data With The Weather Company Acquisition 11-02-2015
Oracle Embraces the IoT in its Cloud Platform 10-30-2015
W3C Creates Working Group to Develop Payments Standards, APIs 10-27-2015
Twitter to Provide New Data via Gnip Insights APIs 10-24-2015
Akana Unveils Tech That can Translate Between API Description Languages 10-23-2015
Parse Partners With Heroku to Connect to Node.js Apps 10-22-2015
​Microsoft Office 365 Unified API Preview Shows Advantages of API Betas 10-20-2015
​Cisco to Use API to Distribute Detailed Security Vulnerability Advisories 10-08-2015
Baidu Offers Up Free OCR API 09-25-2015
Pinterest Takes Wraps Off Public API, Launches Developer Sandbox 09-24-2015
Stripe launches Relay API to facilitate in-app purchases 09-15-2015
​Google Unveils Major Updates to Play Games Player Analytics 09-09-2015
Google Maps APIs Now Available With Pay-as-You-Go Pricing 09-08-2015
AnyPresence Updates its Mobile Application Development Platform 09-02-2015
Parse Open Sources its SDKs 08-24-2015
Twitter kills API access to Politwoops, Diplotwoops 08-24-2015
The Future of Coding and Its Impact on Developers and API Providers 08-19-2015
Semantics3's Approach to Building the 'Best' Product Lookup API 08-12-2015
Honda Brings Apple CarPlay, Android Auto to New Accord 07-30-2015
3taps, Craigslist Settle Scraping Legal Battle 07-27-2015
Google Terminating Access to Unpublished Autocomplete API 07-27-2015
Mixpanel Unveils Codeless Mobile Analytics 07-25-2015
Shopify Launches Apps for Shopify POS, Private Beta of POS App SDK 07-21-2015 Integrates Ionic SDK for Hybrid Mobile App Development 07-21-2015
Google Sponsors OpenStack 07-20-2015
Mercado Pago API security bug allows unauthorized account access 07-17-2015
United Airlines Pays Bug Bounties With Millions of Frequent Flier Miles 07-16-2015
HelloSign Unveils API Dashboard for Developers 07-16-2015
​MasterCard Issues Developer Declaration 07-14-2015
ownCloud unveils public API 07-13-2015
Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Mozilla Collaborate On Game-Changing Web App Tech 06-22-2015
Amazon Announces AWS SDK for Go Developer Preview 06-08-2015
Gmail API Adds Push Notification Support 06-03-2015
​Instagram Launches API for Advertisers 06-02-2015
Android Vulnerability Lets Attackers Modify App Behavior 05-29-2015
Twitter Adds Quoted Tweet Data to APIs 05-28-2015
Salesforce Unveils its Next-Gen Community Cloud 05-25-2015
Amazon Releases SDKs for Login and Pay with Amazon 05-22-2015
Automatic Launches APIs, SDKs for Connected Car Platform 05-19-2015
VENOM Virtualization Bug Puts Data Centers at Risk 05-14-2015
APIs Drive the Emergence of the No Stack Startup 05-14-2015
MODE Launches Cloud Platform for the IoT 05-13-2015
Can Meerkat Beat Twitter's Periscope With a Public API? 05-13-2015
Google Patches API Explorer Clickjacking Vulnerability 05-08-2015
Google Unveils Cloud Bigtable, Big Data NoSQL Database Service 05-07-2015
Microsoft Announces Azure Stack for Private Clouds 05-05-2015
Security Breaches Lead to Bug Bounty Proliferation 04-23-2015
Cloud Platform IP Address Assignments Cause Headaches 04-23-2015
Google Enables JSON Search History Downloads 04-22-2015
Rise of APIs Drives Evolution of Microframeworks 04-20-2015
​Twitter Trademark Filing Refers to Identity APIs, SDKs 04-18-2015
Chrome 42 Adds push notifications, Kills Java and Silverlight Plugins 04-17-2015
Dropbox Unveils API Version 2 Preview 04-17-2015
Twitter Ending Firehose Access for DataSift, Other Data Resellers 04-13-2015
Mashape Releases Mockbin, an Open Source API Mocking Tool 04-10-2015
Amazon launches Elastic File System, Machine Learning offerings 04-09-2015
Amazon AWS Growth Highlights Cloud Maturity 04-09-2015
In a REST world, there’s room for non-REST APIs 04-07-2015
Coinbase Launches New Developer Portal, Six-Week Hackathon 04-07-2015
JSON API Spec Goes Through The Hacker News Gauntlet 04-06-2015
Diffbot's Discussions API Provides Comment Section Searchability 03-31-2015
Ustream Opens Mobile Live Streaming SDK and APIs 03-25-2015
API Economy Sees Increased Venture Capitalists Interest 03-25-2015
WordPress REST API Version 1.2 Released 03-24-2015
PandaDoc Seeks to Replace PDFs with New API 03-19-2015
Can the blockchain replace SSL? 03-17-2015
Tado Launches API, IFTTT Integration for Smart Thermostats 03-17-2015
Mozilla's JavaScript Fetch API Aims to Supplant XHR 03-16-2015
Broadcom Unveils OpenNSL Platform for Network Switches 03-11-2015
IBM Acquires AlchemyAPI to Bolster Watson 03-09-2015
Couchbase Unveils Mobile for Unity at GDC 03-03-2015
Dropbox Sparks Controversy With API Design Decision 03-03-2015
Google Unveils New Game Developer Tools at GDC Dev Day 03-02-2015
Mulesoft Improves Usability Of Its Anypoint API Management Solution 03-02-2015
Xignite to Distribute MSCI’s Global Equity Indexes via API 03-01-2015
Weebly Launches Enterprise Website Creation Platform 02-28-2015
Opbeat Unveils Operations Platform for Developers 02-26-2015
FieldVal Tackles Lackluster API Error Handling 02-23-2015
MuleSoft Releases RAML .NET Parser, Visual Studio Extension 02-20-2015
InsideView Courts LinkedIn Developers 02-18-2015
H2O Releases Python API for its Machine Learning Solution 02-17-2015
OpenStack Gets Drop-In Replacement for Amazon's EC2 API 02-16-2015
Facebook Launches Security Threat Info Sharing Platform 02-12-2015
LinkedIn to Limit Public Developer Access to its APIs 02-12-2015
​Developer Uses Tinder's Private API to Automate Dating 02-10-2015
Node.js Version 0.12 Includes Key Performance Optimizations 02-10-2015
Smarsh Launches E-Discovery Compliance API 02-06-2015
BitGo API Platform Tackles Bitcoin Security 02-04-2015
​Amazon Announces Go SDK for AWS 02-03-2015
AgriCharts Launches API Suite for Commodity Market Data 01-30-2015
Penton Launches API Store for Professional Data 01-29-2015
EchoSign Adds New Digital Signatures APIs 01-28-2015
​Inmarsat Hosts Developer Conference to Showcase Satellite APIs 01-23-2015
PubMatic Launches New API for Direct Ad Buys 01-22-2015
F9Analytics Launches API for Commercial Property Leasing 01-21-2015
Verizon Email Security Flaw Exposes Customer Data 01-20-2015
​MySpace Owner Viant Unveils Its Advertising Cloud 01-19-2015
Google Launches Cloud Monitoring for Its Cloud Platform 01-16-2015
​RichRelevance Launches API Suite for Retail Personalization 01-14-2015
Indexed Database API Becomes a W3C Web Standard 01-13-2015
How Hackers Crack Supposedly Secure and Private APIs 01-12-2015
​JINS Announces API for Smart Eyewear 01-08-2015
Rivet Auto API Brings Targeted News Radio into Cars 01-07-2015
Okidokeys Launches API for Smart Locks 01-07-2015
Developer Reaction to Google’s OpenID Migration Varies 01-05-2015
Does Open Data Demand an API-first Approach? 12-31-2014
JavaScript Internationalization API Helps to Build a Global Web 12-30-2014
Parse Launches Crash Reporting, Local Datastore for iOS 12-29-2014
Priceonomics Launches a Platform to Crawl and Analyze Web Data 12-27-2014
VerticalResponse Launches API and Developer Program 12-26-2014 Traction API Identifies Investment-Worthy Companies 12-22-2014
Salesforce Files Connect Brings File Sharing to the Enterprise 12-19-2014
​Google Closes Freebase, Launches Knowlege Graph API 12-17-2014
Groove Launches API for Its SaaS Help Desk Solution 12-16-2014
Postmates Launches API for On-Demand Local Delivery 12-11-2014
HelpSocial Launches Social Platform for Customer Care 12-11-2014
HTH Worldwide APIs Expose Health and Security Resources for Travelers 12-05-2014
​Zendesk Launches Embeddables to Enable In-App Customer Support 12-03-2014
Buddy Launches Platform for IoT Telemetry Data 12-01-2014
Twilio Launches Network Traversal Service for WebRTC 12-01-2014
Supreme Court Urged to Weigh in on API Copyright Dispute 11-18-2014
Google Retires Google Wallet API for Digital Goods 11-14-2014
Microsoft Open Sources .NET Stack 11-13-2014
Snapchat Starts Warning Users About Unauthorized App Usage 11-13-2014
Accellion Launches Kiteworks Secure Mobile Content Platform 11-12-2014
Amazon Releases Cloud Drive API 11-12-2014
Lytro Releases Dev Kit for Light Field Camera Technology 11-11-2014
Intuit Announces Winners of QuickBooks Connect Hackathon 11-07-2014
Top 10 Gambling and Betting APIs 11-05-2014
Google Enables Android App Voice Search Via Lollipop 5.0 11-04-2014
​Lionbridge Translation API Assists eBay Merchants With Cross-Border Trade 10-29-2014
Will Twitter's Fabric Connect the IoT? 10-29-2014
​Parasoft Provides Continuous API Testing Through Unified Platform 10-29-2014
Ziftr Provides Cryptocurrency API Implementation Advice 10-23-2014
LinguaSys launching GlobalNLP API for natural language processing in the cloud 10-20-2014
Snapchat Not Blameless for Snappening After Snapsaved Accepts Guilt 10-15-2014
SnapChat Hack Involved Undocumented API 10-10-2014
WePay Launches White-Label Payments Solution 10-10-2014
Intuit QuickBooks Connect Hackathon Offers $100,000 in Prizes 10-09-2014
Hacker News Releases Official API to Mixed Reviews 10-08-2014
Is Instagram using API access to defend its turf? 10-07-2014
General Catalyst Creates $10 Million Fund for Stripe-Based Startups 10-01-2014
FBI to Open Up Malware Portal to Private Sector 10-01-2014
Is Apple HealthKit Losing Data? 09-30-2014
Shellshock Bash Security Vulnerability Threatens the Internet 09-30-2014
Would Your Company Benefit From Having an API Broker? 09-29-2014
Iteris Brings High-Resolution Weather Data to Agriculture With New API 09-29-2014
SmartBear Unveils End-to-End API Testing Platform 09-26-2014
TrueAccord Makes Debt Collection Less Painful for Everybody With an API 09-24-2014
Beyond Verbal Launches API to Help Developers Build Emotionally Aware Apps 09-24-2014
Chefs Feed Uses New API to Support High-Profile Content Syndication Deals 09-22-2014
Google Courts Startups to its Cloud With Cloud Platform for Startups 09-15-2014
Appmethod Offers Platform for Building Connected IoT Apps 09-12-2014
Banco Sabadell's Hackathon Asks Developers to Imagine the Future of Digital Banking 09-11-2014
Salesforce Creates $100 Million Venture Fund to Invest in Mobile Apps 09-09-2014
G2 Web Services helps banks evaluate merchant risk with new API 09-09-2014
ZenPayroll Extends Footprint With New API, Partner Integrations 09-08-2014
BackChecked and EchoSign API Integration Speeds Background Screens 09-08-2014
Twitpic Shuts Down after Twitter API Threat 09-04-2014 Aims to Disrupt Bitcoin With Service-Fee-Free Wallet API 09-03-2014
Adidas May Open miCoach Platform to Developers 08-26-2014
Uber's First-Mover Advantage Complicates Competitors' API Strategies 08-22-2014
Targeting Wall Street, Bitcoin Exchange Coinsetter Launches FIX API 08-14-2014
ESPN decides to shut down its public API 08-13-2014
How To Build RESTful APIs Using PHP and Laravel 08-13-2014
Google Unveils Google Fit SDK Preview 08-12-2014
Indix Unveils V1 of Its Product Intelligence API 08-08-2014
Caspio Launches HIPAA-Compliant PaaS With API 08-05-2014
AudienceScience Launches New API to Help Grow Programmatic Ad Buying 08-04-2014
How 5 Natural Language Processing APIs Stack Up 07-28-2014
18F Releases API Standards for Government Agencies 07-28-2014
Winklevoss twins launch API for their Bitcoin price index 07-24-2014
Companies Revisit API Usage Limits as Markets Change 07-23-2014
The Google Wear custom watch face API will turn developers into watchmakers, fashion designers 07-22-2014
emfluence launches online marketing API 07-18-2014
Transcriptic Launches Platform for Life Sciences Research 07-17-2014
Vimeo's new, unified API comes out of beta 07-17-2014
Microsoft Opens Xbox Music API, Affiliate Program to Third-Party Developers 07-09-2014
Subledger Aims to Become Google Analytics for Money 07-07-2014 Showcases Unofficial World Cup, Wimbledon APIs 07-02-2014
Google's New Gmail API Could Reinvent Email 06-26-2014
DigitalOcean's V2 API Enters Public Beta 06-25-2014
Rackspace brings dedicated hardware to the cloud with OnMetal 06-24-2014
RMS Adopts Open Platform Strategy for Risk Management SaaS, Unveils Commercial Partners 06-23-2014
Spotify Launches New Version of Its Web API 06-17-2014
Netflix Closing Public API Later this Year 06-14-2014
Genability Brings Solar Savings Data to the Masses 06-14-2014
WordPress Gains a JSON REST API Plugin 06-13-2014
Node-RED Makes Designing IoT Flows a Snap 06-09-2014
Box Releases Advanced Search API 06-09-2014
FDA Launches openFDA, Gives Developers Access to Public Health Data Sets 06-09-2014
Prelert Launches API for its Anomaly Detection Engine 05-25-2014
JsonWHOIS Offers a Simple API for Domain Name Data and Screenshots 05-20-2014
Cornerstone makes an app store a big part of its API strategy 05-17-2014
Dropbox adopts webhooks 05-17-2014
WePay's Veda Risk API brings personalized risk management to online payments 05-17-2014
Facebook Unveils New APIs for Media Companies 05-14-2014
Security Issue Focuses Spotlight on Insecure OAuth and OpenID Implementations 05-08-2014
Mapbox Adds Smart Directions to its Mapping Platform 05-02-2014
How To Build a Bitcoin Currency Converter Using the APIs 05-01-2014
5 Reasons API Providers Should Consider Building Their Own Applications 04-28-2014
MQTT Promotes Standards, Interoperability on IoT 04-18-2014
Twitter's Acquisition of Gnip Highlights Rise of Aggregators in DaaS Market 04-17-2014
Coinbase's App Store Serves up Bitcoin Applications 04-14-2014
Can't Find a Parking Spot? Streetline Has an API for That 04-07-2014
OpenAura's API Creates New Monetization Opportunities for Artists 04-02-2014
RxREVU Taps API to Optimize Prescriptions 04-02-2014
BackerKit's API Connects Crowdfunders and Service Providers 03-26-2014
Google Brings Android to Wearables 03-25-2014
Payfirma Launches Multichannel Payments API 03-19-2014
AirPair{}Me Provides On-Demand Access to Elite Software Engineers 03-18-2014
AdStage's Platform API Creates a New Channel for Ad Tool Providers 03-14-2014 Launches API for HIPAA-Compliant Videoconferencing 03-14-2014
Beats Music Seeks Market Share with API 03-11-2014
StatCounter Launches an API for Paying Subscribers 03-10-2014
Gargl Offers Open Source Scraping Solution for Unofficial API Creation 03-07-2014
Can Telegram Beat WhatsApp with a Public API? 03-03-2014
How To Use Mixpanel To Track SendGrid Email Delivery 02-20-2014
Unbabel Combines Machine and Human Translation 02-11-2014
OneRoof Energy Adds API, Shakes up Residential Solar 02-05-2014
Marvel gives comic book characters their own API 02-04-2014
Companies Address Crowdfunding Regulation with APIs 01-31-2014
Venstar Launches API for Its Thermostats 01-23-2014
Top Tools to Help You Mock Web Services 01-13-2014
The Emergence of API-First Development 01-09-2014
How Poor Parameter Defaults Can Create Security Issues 01-07-2014
Your Data May Not Be Safe From Unofficial APIs 12-20-2013