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DataGrail Launches API & Agent to Automate DSR Fulfillment 06-22-2022
Google Ushers in V4 of the Campaign Manager 360 API 06-20-2022
Skyflow Launches Data Privacy Vault 06-19-2022
TheWatch Announces Enhancements to Its WatchData Product 06-16-2022
GovPilot Partners with the International Code Council and General Code 06-14-2022
Current Launches Financial Technology API Platform 05-30-2022
Zoom Expands Access to Its Web Video SDK via New App Builder 05-25-2022
TradeStation Securities Releases Enhanced Options API 05-23-2022
Virtual Peaker Launches Gravity Connect API 03-04-2022
WhiteSource Threat Report Documents JavaScript npm Cyberattacks 02-08-2022
Centro Launches Group Insurance API 01-26-2022
Hailbytes Launches Social Scanner API 01-22-2022
StrikeForce Technologies Announces Video Conferencing API With Emphasis on Security 01-16-2022
DataStax Moves gRPC API for Astra DB to General Availability 01-12-2022
Sendinblue Launches Email API 11-04-2021
Lyniate Launches New Healthcare API Gateway 10-06-2021
OnTask Adds New API for eSignature Integration 09-17-2021
National Automated Clearing House Association Announces New Finance APIs 07-22-2021
Portus Network Adds API Gateway for Decentralized Applications 07-19-2021
Transcard Leverages APIs in Addition of New SaaS Payment Solution 07-16-2021
UTU Adds Creditworthiness API for Simplified Risk Analysis 07-15-2021
Cobalt Launches New Penetration Testing API 07-08-2021
1Spatial Adds New Products to its API Suite 07-07-2021
Fenris Digital Announces API for Small Business Insurance Prefill 07-04-2021
Sixfold Announces Launches Visibility Data Sharing Initiative 05-06-2021
Parasoft Adds Functionality for Enterprise API Testing 04-29-2021
Thumbtack Launches Pro API to Streamline Scheduling on the Platform 04-22-2021
MySize Launches Clothes Sizing SDK for eCommerce Platforms 03-13-2021
SmartStream Technologies Launches API Suite for Financial Reference Data Utilities 01-22-2021
IPinfo Launches Privacy Detection API 01-07-2021
TazWorks Launches New API and Integrations 12-11-2020
RapidAPI Adds New Capabilities to its Enterprise Hub 12-09-2020
Spamhaus Technology Launches Threat Intelligence API Beta 12-03-2020
Cambridge Global Payments Launches Enhanced API Platform 11-27-2020
Ayrshare Launches API for Automated Social Media Posting 11-24-2020
HealthVerity Announces Cloud Platform for Healthcare Data 11-16-2020
Pie Insurance Launches Partner Program API to Streamline Workers' Comp Claims 11-13-2020
Radius Bank Expands Digital Platform Via API 11-02-2020
RingCentral Launches New API for High-Volume SMS Service 10-21-2020
Blockchain Ecosystem Cosmos Upgrades Bug Bounty Program 10-12-2020
Inovalon Launches API for Its Healthcare Analytics Tools 09-28-2020
Sensibill Launches Receipt Extraction API 09-25-2020
Xignite Announces Updates to its Bond Master API Increasing its Coverage 09-21-2020
ThinPrint Launches API for Cloud Printing Services 09-15-2020
AND Announces the Launch of an Updated GeoBondaries API 09-12-2020
LamasaTech Launches APIs for its Temperature Kiosk Solutions 09-03-2020
GrammaTech Launches Tool for API Usage Error Detection 08-26-2020
Infotech Launches API for its E-Ticketing Services 08-10-2020
Canvs Announces Suite of APIs for Its Emotion Insight Services 08-04-2020
Seek Thermal Adds API for its Temperature Screening Products 07-30-2020
​Fitango Health Releases Catalogue of APIs for Health Analytics 07-28-2020
Innovative Technology Launches Facial Recognition API for the Gaming Industry 07-22-2020
​Echosec Systems Releases API for Dark Web Data Access 07-15-2020
​GT Software Launches New Open Banking Platform: SmartBridge 07-15-2020
E*TRADE Announces Developer Platform for Tailored API Creation 07-13-2020
Thimble Launches Insurtech API for Small Businesses 07-09-2020
Vericred Provides Level-Funded Health Insurance Plans Via API 07-08-2020
Push Technology Announces Service API for its Real-Time Messaging Platform 07-02-2020
MetLife's Partnership With PlanSource Benefits From API Integration 06-30-2020
BitLaunch Releases New API and Command-Line Tool 06-29-2020
AutoQuotes Launches AQ Products API 06-27-2020
SmartStream Technologies Adds API for its Financial Transaction Lifecycle Management Solution 06-25-2020
FIME Announces Automated Testing Tool for Open Banking 06-23-2020
Bluestream Health Launches Bluestream+ for Virtual Healthcare Visits 06-18-2020
BurstIQ Introduces BurstChain SDK Enabling Blockchain Solutions for Healthcare 06-17-2020
PartnerMatrix Adds API for Casino and Betting Websites 06-16-2020
GitLab Expands Developer Platform Via Peach Tech Acquisition 06-12-2020
NXTsoft Launches OmniSecure for API Monitoring 06-10-2020
API Fortress Announces New API Debugging Gateway: Bloodhound 06-09-2020
​DBS Bank India Introduces Real-Time Payments Platform for Truck Drivers 06-05-2020
AcceleratXR Announces Open-Source Framework for NodeJS 06-04-2020
Maverick Payments Adds New APIs to its Payment Services Platform 06-03-2020
Rapyd Launches UK-Based Payments Solution 06-02-2020
Quttera Announces Malware Scanner API Improvements 06-01-2020
SmartStream Technologies Expands Breadth of Public API 05-29-2020
Torry Harris Integration Solutions Launches New Product Portal 05-28-2020
Teleroute Launches New Mobile App and API 05-26-2020
Fastly Launches Developer Hub for its Cloud Platform 05-25-2020
Virtu Financial Launches Open Technology Platform for Access to Market Data 05-21-2020
IKIN Releases Android SDK for Holographic Reality 05-20-2020
Upstart Launches Credit Decision API 05-20-2020
Openprise Adds API Factory to its Product Lineup 05-19-2020
PowerReviews Announces API Updates Including Improved Documentation 05-14-2020
Rapidops Announces API Accelerator for Enterprise Resource Planning 05-13-2020
Pelican AI Announces Service Availability Statistics 05-12-2020
Modular Mining Launches API for Bi-Directional Data Sharing 05-08-2020
Anvil Open-Sources its App Server to Accelerate Web App Development 05-07-2020
Monetate Launches SDK for React Mobile JavaScript Framework 05-06-2020
CFRA Announces Research-as-a-Service API for Client Integrations 04-30-2020
Hello Soda Launches API Platform for Integration With Identity Verification Services 04-30-2020 Releases PortControl API to Assist Carriers with Number Porting 04-29-2020
Vericred Launched Insurance Card Scanning API 04-29-2020
Nasdaq Launches Cloud Data Service for Scalable Data Access 04-27-2020 Announces Software Identification (SWID) Tag Repository and API 04-23-2020
GitHub Discusses Growth of Actions API 04-22-2020 Announces API to Simplify Third-Party Dealership Integrations 04-17-2020
VisualCamp Releases SeeSo Mobile Eye Tracking SDK 04-15-2020
Agero's Accident Management Platform Adds New APIs 04-15-2020
OpenText Launches OpenText Trading Grid 04-13-2020
Appdome Launches SDK for Mobile App Threat Defense 04-09-2020
Apifiny Launches GlobalX for Broad Access to Crypto Markets 04-08-2020
OpenMed Announces Corona Checker Mobile App 04-07-2020
ConvertAPI Provides Online File Conversion Via REST API 04-03-2020
RateSV Announces Metanet API service, MetaSV 04-02-2020
Hyland Document Processing Update Includes New APIs 03-20-2020
FDX Releases Latest Version of its Financial API 03-19-2020
42Crunch Announces Static Security Testing for Microsoft Azure Pipelines 03-18-2020
​Weather Source Provides COVID-19 Researchers Free Access to Climate Data 03-17-2020
VRTCAL Announces New SDKs for Mobile Platforms 03-16-2020
MyRouteOnline Announces Two New Route Planning APIs 03-13-2020
AppNeta Expands its API Performance Monitoring Functionality 03-10-2020
SendBird Enhances Chat Platform With New Features and APIs 03-04-2020
Khronos Announces ANARI Working Group to Create Analytic Rendering Interface API 03-04-2020
OGC Requests Public Comments on OGC API 02-28-2020
IWL Launches Python API for SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite 02-28-2020
Intellect SEEC Announces Sentiment Analysis API for Financial Services 02-20-2020
Edamam Provides Update on Its Nutrition Data APIs 02-19-2020
Insubuy Announces Global Distribution System API 02-17-2020
NIUM Opens Innovation Lab to Help Encourage Innovation in Fintech 02-12-2020
Paytm Launches SDK for All-In-One Payments System 02-04-2020
The Eclipse Foundation Announces the Sparkplug Working Group 02-03-2020
Firmex Launches API for Integrating and Automating With Third-Party Apps 01-19-2020
Optimal IDM's New Partner Platform Includes Multi-Tenant Support 01-05-2020
ZoomInfo Launches Compliance API 11-30-2019
Paxos Releases Fiat Gateway Solution and APIs 11-24-2019
ARTA Launches API to Bolster Shipping Logistics Platform 10-23-2019
Guidebook Announces API for Mobile App Development 10-22-2019
MolecularMatch Announces new SDK and Improved Drug Search 10-15-2019
Login VSI Releases New Open API 10-11-2019
Convoy Now Launches to Give Partners API Access to Convoy’s Digital Freight Network 10-03-2019
Tinkoff Investments Launches Open API for Algorithmic Traders 10-01-2019
Seclore Adds Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK to Their Platform 09-27-2019
eToroX Announces New API Trading Program 09-25-2019
Travelex Releases New API-Focused B2B Fintech Platform 09-20-2019
YouAppi Delivers Open Measurement SDK 07-17-2019
Dynamsoft's Latest Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK Boosts Scaning and Uploading 07-16-2019
Free API of the Largest Games Database for Developers 07-10-2019
Atomize Opens Property Management System with Open Two-Way API 07-05-2019
RAWG Exposes Massive Gaming Database Via API 06-13-2019
PayJoy Announces Global Access to Lock API 02-25-2019
VA Partners with Apple to Provide Veterans Access to Medical Records Via iPhone 02-17-2019
WHOISXMLAPI Launches Updated Domain Availability API 02-10-2019
SurchX Launches Interchange Fee Recovery API 01-20-2019
Canon Launches New SDK and API Package for Select Cameras 01-06-2019
BullPay Moves Multi-Crypto Blockchain API & Blockchain Explorer Out of Beta 01-04-2019
Avalara Announces New MyLodgeTax API for Onboarding Rental Owners 09-30-2018
Arxan Launches Protection Solution for Client-Side Web Apps 09-24-2018
Rookout Workspaces Brings Teamwork to Production Debugging 09-18-2018
Kong Announces Support for Service Mesh Deployments 08-31-2018
CSI Launches Open API Platform 08-19-2018
The ID Co Launches Open Banking API Platform 07-22-2018
Dealpath Announces Open Platform API 05-28-2018
Bottomline Technologies Launches New Paymode-X APIs 03-24-2018
Episerver Announced the Launch of Episerver Insight 03-08-2018
Guidebook Launches Open API for Mobile App Platform 02-18-2018
Jobs Data Shows Java, Python, Javascript Lead in Terms of Required Skills 12-17-2017
Finxact Announces the Availability of its Open Core API 07-11-2017
Sabre Launches New FareNabber API 07-03-2017
PDFfiller Announces the Release of API 2.0 06-25-2017
CA Technologies Adds New Capabilities to Its API Management Portfolio 06-21-2017
Fog Creek Software Announces Launch of Glitch for Platforms 05-28-2017
IFTTT Expands Platform Offering for Makers 05-26-2017
MuleSoft Announces Availability of Anypoint Platform on G-Cloud 9 05-24-2017
PFS Will Continue to Welcome API Developers to Integrate with Their Core Banking Platform 05-21-2017
Restlet Studio Supports RAML 1.0 API Specification 04-12-2017
Coding Dojo Adds New Languages and a Corporate Training Program for Developers 04-09-2017
Dotloop Launches New Real Estate API 03-05-2017
Prifender Announces the Launch of a New Privacy API 02-21-2017
HazardHub Announces New API for Hazard Risk Data 01-20-2017 Adds On-Premises Deployment and DevOps Services to Flow 12-19-2016
Oxford Dictionaries Launches API for Access to Dictionaries Data 12-10-2016
Node.js Foundation to Oversee Node.js Security Project 12-01-2016
Flowroute Expands SDK Program With Introduction of .NET SDK 10-03-2016
McKesson Launches Interoperability Platform to Build FHIR API Apps 09-21-2016
Finicity Announces New ACH Account Verification API 09-20-2016
CA's API Management Update Includes Support for Docker 09-12-2016
Dwolla Releases New Dashboard for White Label API 08-04-2016
Barclays Launches Digital Banking Hackathon with MuleSoft 07-20-2016
Hyperwallet Expands Dev Toolkit with New API Functionality and SDKs 07-11-2016
BMC Announces New Automation API for Hadoop Environments 07-04-2016
Red Hat to Acquire 3scale 06-23-2016
New API Gives Publishers Programmatic Access to Smaato’s Mobile Advertising Platform 06-02-2016
Netatmo Launches Netatmo Connect, its Ecosystem for Developers 05-30-2016
CrowdStrike Launches Falcon Connect With Expanded APIs 05-29-2016
Stitch Labs Announces New API 05-21-2016
API Fortress Launches Automatic Test Generation with RAML 05-14-2016
Virtual Incentives Introduces New Reward and Incentive API Solution 05-08-2016
Eko Launches API for Innovative Payment 04-20-2016
Fortytwo Announces Launch of Voice API 04-01-2016
Domo Launches Appstore with More Than 1,000 Apps 03-25-2016
BreezoMeter Launches Air Quality API in Nine Countries Worldwide 03-21-2016
Planet OS Releases an API for the World’s Weather and Climate Data 03-20-2016
API Fortress Launches Codeless API Testing Platform 03-16-2016
Elsevier Offers Drug Database API as Cloud-Hosted Solution 03-08-2016
SmartBear Releases Ready! API TestServer 03-01-2016
Shippo Adds Tracking API to Expose Shipment Tracking Data 02-27-2016
GitHub Enterprise 2.5 is Now Available 02-10-2016
Edamam Opens New Nutrition Data API 02-09-2016
Bloomberg Announces OpenFIGI API 01-21-2016
Concord Releases API 2.0 for Its E-Signature Platform 01-11-2016
Protectedpdf API Provides Integration Access to Vitrium's DRM 12-10-2015
HelloSign Unveils New eSigning Experience 11-19-2015
Visible Measures Launches True Reach API to Enable Predictive Video Content Analytics 11-12-2015
Koding Announces its Second Annual Global Virtual Hackathon 11-09-2015
Payfirma Announces Beta for Bitcoin API 11-06-2015
New Plugin for SmartBear Ready! API Integrates with Amazon API Gateway 11-05-2015
BlockCypher Unveils API for Issuance and Handling of Assets on the Blockchain 10-28-2015
Golgi Launches Programmable Device Cloud Platform for IoT 10-24-2015
Tokpod Launches Click-to-Call API for Developers 10-22-2015
SmartBear Launches SwaggerHub to Enhance Collaboration and Coordination 10-01-2015
Soleo Announces Local Search API 09-29-2015
AnyPresence Launches Free Edition of JustAPIS 09-23-2015
Citrusbyte Unveils Mission Control, a New API Services Suite 09-22-2015
Axway Enhances Axway 5 Suite for API Management 09-17-2015
ReliableSite Enables its Offerings With SOAP-Based DevOps API 09-11-2015
sovrn Releases Pre-Auction Bidding API 09-10-2015
CertainSafe Announces SDK for MicroTokenization and MicroEncryption API 09-04-2015
TeleSign Launches Smart Verify to Improve User Verification 09-03-2015
Wowza Media Systems Announces REST API for Wowza Streaming Engine 09-01-2015
Appboy Expands Platform With Webhooks 08-26-2015
SmartBear Updates Service Virtualization and Performance Testing Tools 08-21-2015
Lending Club Announces Open Integration API 08-13-2015
Bitnami OneClick Solutions Now Available on the DigitalOcean Cloud 08-12-2015
Stitch Labs Releases Third Party Retail API 08-09-2015
Observant Releases API to Support OADA Data Integration 08-08-2015
project44 Releases Dynamic Pricing Engine API for Freight Industry 08-07-2015
Dynamsoft Creates HTML5 Support for Browsers in Document Scanning SDK 07-31-2015
Nexmo Brings Viber Into Cloud Chat App API 07-31-2015
Aplos API Integrates NonProfit and Church Data with Aplos Software 07-23-2015
Sighthound Releases Sighthound Cloud Computer Vision API 07-23-2015
Cogito API Finance Brings Finance Industry Content Analysis 07-22-2015
Tigerpaw and LabTech Collaborate on Advanced Plug-in for PSA Platform 07-18-2015
OptionsCity Releases City REST API and CityTrader Trading Platform 07-17-2015
Xignite Provides Nasdaq Market Driven Cloud API for FinTech Startups 07-17-2015
Authentise 3DIAX Platform Provides Secure Storage and Developer Tools Via APIs 07-16-2015
Autodata Adds 'Known Fixes and Bulletins API' For Easier Business Integration 07-16-2015
Restlet and Partnership Enables Real-Time Data Streaming for RESTful APIs 07-09-2015
LGA Opens up API to Local Government Partners 07-04-2015
Plex Launches Plex Connect Open Integration Framework 07-03-2015
Thomson Reuters Launches Open Source Market Data APIs 07-02-2015 Integration Improves Performance for Campaign Monitor Customers 06-30-2015
Boopsie's API Brings Digital Comics and Graphic Novels to Public Libraries 06-25-2015
UK Authority's Local Digital Launches Eligibility Checker API 06-24-2015
OGC Requests Community Input on OGC SensorThings API Standard 06-24-2015
MachineShop Enhances IoT Platform with Vert.x for Java Virtual Machine 06-18-2015
DeskAlerts API Upgrades Corporate Emergency Alert Functionality 06-18-2015
Vesigo Studios Adds Webhooks to OnTime API for Real-TIme Communication 06-12-2015
Taxamo Announces Worldwide Digital Tax Solution 06-11-2015
Entuity Offers User Defined Polling, RESTful API in Latest Network Management Release 06-09-2015
Third Party Trade Group Releases White-Label Brokerage API For Australian Market 06-09-2015
Attendify's New Open API Features External Source Sync Capability 06-05-2015
WSO2 API Cloud Release Brings Open Source API Management to the Public 06-05-2015
Tradesmarter Launches WOW Financial Platform 06-03-2015
Forum Systems API Gateway's Security Architecture Leads to Top Recommendation 06-03-2015
MyScript Announces Web Components for Developers 06-02-2015
Oracle's API Management Portfolio Aims for Digital Enterprise 06-02-2015
Ability Network's ABILITY I Access API Streamlines CMS to Medicare Activities 05-30-2015
New Accusoft APIs and Wizard Offer Cloud Services Customization 05-29-2015
MuleSoft Announces Major New Release of Anypoint Platform 05-28-2015
Prime Numbers Technology Releases Traveler Scorecard API 05-22-2015
SmartBear Steps Up API Monitoring Capabilities in Latest AlertSite UXM Release 05-20-2015
3scale API Management Platform Now Supports Updated Swagger 2.0 05-20-2015
SmartBear Announces New APIMATIC Plugin for Ready! API 05-14-2015
RF Digital Delivers IoT Bluetooth Smart Applications for Microsoft Windows 05-14-2015
OpenDNS Creates Cloud Based Threat Intelligence API 05-14-2015 Offers $125K in Competition Prizes for Online Hackathon 05-13-2015
vCita Releases Web Engagement Platform, LiveSite SDK 05-13-2015
Sansan Releases Business Card Integration API 05-12-2015
Dexterity Ventures Inc. Releases GIVE_api v. 2.0 for Easy Philanthropy 05-08-2015
Comcast Xfinity Home Automation Platform Releases SDK for Greater Customization 05-06-2015
Akana Parnters with IBM to Grow Bluemix Ecosystem 05-06-2015
Cocos SDKBOX Mobile Gaming Platform Enters Beta 05-06-2015
Boomerang Email Apps to Feature Office 365 and 05-01-2015 API Opens Data Privacy Platform for Businesses 04-30-2015
SmartBear Announces Secure Pro for Security Testing of Backend APIs 04-30-2015
Ubisoft Integrates Splunk in Gaming API Management Strategy 04-29-2015
Intellinote Launches Integration Platform for Mobile Workforce Collaboration 04-29-2015
Tradier Expands Brokerage API for Digital Investment Advisors 04-28-2015
Akana Extends API Management to Microsoft Azure 04-28-2015
ProfitBricks Releases Ruby SDK for REST API 04-24-2015
API2Cart API Method Mines Magento Abandoned Cart Data 04-23-2015
BlueLight Chooses Bandwidth API Platform for Added Campus Safety 04-23-2015 Service Turns APIs from Standard to Streaming 04-21-2015
Pingup API Enables CityGrid Media’s Real-Time Booking Capability 04-17-2015
ScientiaMobile Improves Detection Function in Version 1.6 of WURFL API 04-15-2015
'For a Web of APIs' Berlin 2015 Event Announces Keynotes and SpeedHack Event 04-15-2015
higi Launches API for Access to HIPAA-Compliant Health Outcomes and Activity Data 04-14-2015
Lifepoint Releases API Toolbox for Healthcare Compliance 04-10-2015
Akana Certifies APIs Against OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities 04-10-2015
Clearleap Integrates IRIS.TV API in New Partnership 04-09-2015
Google Rewards Researcher $5K for Identifying YouTube Vulnerability 04-08-2015
Forum Sentry API Selected by Hambs for Security Solution 04-08-2015
Solace Releases New Version of SolOS Messaging Middleware Platform 04-07-2015
NTT Communications Releases ICT Services API Gateway Developer Portal 04-07-2015
Gem Bitcoin API now Publicly Available 04-03-2015
ElegantJ Offers Enhanced Version of BI Suite API 03-31-2015
AP ENPS Demonstrates New Open API and Integration Possibilities at NAB Show 03-31-2015
New York State's New Open Data API Increases Government Transparency 03-31-2015
USS Connect API Provides Direct Ordering Interface 03-28-2015
OBS Logistics Releases Mangament APP Integrated With TomTom Telematics API 03-27-2015
eXact Learning Solutions Named as Tin Can API Adopter 03-26-2015
OpenLegacy Releases Open Source API as Modernization Solution 03-14-2015
Frontline Systems Creates Modeling Language and API for Advanced Analytics 03-13-2015
AdroitLogic Releases APIDirector for API Management 03-12-2015
SmartBear New Updates Support Integrated GUI and API Testing Tools 03-12-2015
Messente Announces 2-Step Verification API for Mobile Authentication 03-12-2015
Accusoft Releases Extended WEB API for Cloud Services Viewer 03-07-2015
Hiveage Releases Online Billing API 03-05-2015
SmartBear Announces Developer Network for Community Collaboration 03-04-2015
ScientiaMobile Launches WURFL Device Detection API for Scala 03-04-2015
Monitr Announces Finance API for Economic Trend Analysis 03-03-2015
Perforce Software Announces Release of Helix Development and Collaboration Platform 03-03-2015
Aquatic Informatics Announces Release of Time Series Environmental Data Management Platform and Enhanced API 03-02-2015
WaveMaker Announces API Gateway for Legacy SOAP-Based to REST-Based App Conversion 02-27-2015
CloudRail Extends API with Integration and Node.js SDK 02-18-2015
SmartBear Collaborator 9.0 Adds API for Multiple Product Integrations 02-11-2015
RentPath Releases API for ReviewPush Reputation Management Software 02-06-2015
OneMusicAPI Now Includes Artist Metadata Searches 02-05-2015
newrow_ Live Training API Released to Streamline Workforce Education 02-04-2015
Suntico Accounting API Exposes Large B2B Market 02-03-2015
Translation Cloud Launches Crowdsourced Translation API 02-02-2015
Real Estate Discovery Service Launches Listing Enhancement API 01-29-2015
TomTom's New API Crowdsources Map Updates 01-29-2015
Kolibree Launches API-enabled Toothbrush With Insurance Incentives 01-06-2015
AMG Employee Management To Launch Universal API 01-06-2015
Teleco.IO API Offers Asset Management For Telecom 12-19-2014
Restlet Java Framework Debuts Version 2.3 12-18-2014
Dynamsoft Barcode SDK now Supports JavaScript IntelliSense 12-16-2014
Source Voice-Over Talent With On-Demand API 12-13-2014
New BlueSnap Payment APIs Enhance Holiday Shopping 12-12-2014
ESHA Nutrition Opens API To Extend Genesis R&D System 12-07-2014
Fiorano API Management Released To Increase Enterprise Data Value 12-06-2014
USgeocoder API Updates Jurisdiction Boundaries 12-06-2014
Mobio Launches SailMail App For MailChimp Integration 12-06-2014
ConnectWise API 2.0 Enhances Business Management Platform 12-05-2014
Blockstrap Stack Can Easily Bitcoin-Enable Apps 12-05-2014
DBMaestro Announces API for Database Release Management 12-02-2014
SmartBear Demos New Plugin Capability With 3scale 12-02-2014
Embed Custom Timelines Using Lifestreams Open API Portal 11-24-2014
Whois Offering 500 Free API Lookups For New Accounts 11-24-2014
Appy Pie API Introduces In-App Customer Loyalty Cards 11-20-2014
WebRTC Powered Platform Skylink Unveiled by Temasys 11-17-2014
Samsung Premieres Life Fitness Bluetooth Connectivity 11-17-2014
Speaktoit Showcases API For Voice Enabling Apps 11-14-2014
3scale Monetizes APIs With Stripe Integration 11-11-2014
BlazeMeter 3.0 Gives Devs Unlimited Web, Mobile, API Testing 11-10-2014
3seventy Releases SMS Marketing API And Developer Trial Program 11-08-2014
Lithium APIs Enable Brands to Deliver Tailored Community Experiences 11-07-2014
Decooda's Linguistic-Analysis API Released to Improve Insights 11-07-2014
Vidyo Adds WebRTC Support to Video Conferencing Platform 11-07-2014
Decisive Mobile Advertising Platform Launches API 11-07-2014
ShipHawk Improves API With Real Time Shipment Tracking 11-07-2014
Spirent TestCenter Releases its First REST API 11-05-2014
Marqeta Releases Issuer Processing Payment API 11-05-2014
APItools Contest Looks for Devs to Make Integration Easier with Middleware 11-03-2014
PROVAB Releases New Hotel API Aggregation Service 10-31-2014
Vuzix Eyewear Wearables Compatible With DOCOMO APIs 10-31-2014
Viggle Partnership with HitFix Extends Rewards Platform 10-30-2014
Progress Software Updates its Node.js Platform 10-30-2014
Appy Pie Launches API for creating Location Based Directory Apps 10-29-2014
REST-enable an Oracle Database via DreamFactory API 10-29-2014
SmartBear Launches Ready! API Development Platform 10-28-2014
CheckAlt Launches LoanPay API For Online Loan, Mortgage, And Credit Payments 10-28-2014
Last10K Simplifies API Access With Refreshed Developer Portal 10-08-2014
Walgreens Hosts Developer Contest to Generate Interest in Balance Rewards API 10-06-2014
Identification Security Service Auth0 Secures $2.4 Million In Seed Funding 09-17-2014
Dynamsoft SDK Released For Document Scanning Within Browser 09-16-2014
Chefs Feed Introduces Food Recommendations API 09-13-2014
Zend Z-Ray Enhances Productivity For Developers Using JetBrain PhpStorm 09-11-2014
Growstuff Opens Database And Crowdfunding Campaign To Empower Home Growers 09-09-2014
drchrono iPad & Glass Healthcare Apps Integrate with Box Industry Platform 09-08-2014
Managed Methods Releases Free Cloud Security Services 09-02-2014
Prelert Anomaly Detection Released For Big Data Analysis 09-02-2014
Nordic APIs Hosts Upcoming API Platform Summit in Stockholm 09-01-2014
Tempo Becomes First Calendar App To Integrate Uber's API 08-20-2014
Unity Now Supports Intel-Based Devices Running Android 08-20-2014
Sabre Dev hackathon announces winners 08-13-2014
CenturyLink releases Panamax open-source Docker management platform 08-13-2014
Apps Alliance and Intuit Release App Privacy Tool 07-24-2014
Sabre Hosting Upcoming Hackathon, $19,000 in Prizes 07-17-2014
Syncfusion Releases ASP.NET Suite 07-15-2014
SimpleECM Releases Widget-Based Mobile Document Capture SDK 07-11-2014
Montis and Pagerduty Partner on New Integration 06-26-2014
SimpleECM Adds Salesforce API, Simplifies CRM Workflows 06-26-2014
Urban Airship Announces Amazon Fire Support for Mobile Messaging 06-25-2014
AnyMeeting Announces Partner API 06-17-2014
Service Objects’ DOTS NV2 API Helps Validate Contact Form Data 05-22-2014
Sabre Launches New Developer Platform 05-21-2014
Appy Pie Launches Cloud-Based Mobile Game Builder 05-20-2014
New Telenav API and SDK For OpenStreetMap Features Offline Navigation 05-19-2014
Sinch Launches Communications Platform for Mobile Developers 05-15-2014