robert carpenter
Graduated from University of Tennessee Electrical Engineering School, 1981. Designed circuits and software for Electro Physiology Department, Loyola Medical Schools, Maywood Illinois, 1982-1985 Designed financial software at APL in New York, NY 1985-1986 Designed financial derivative pricing software at MYCA in New York, NY 1987-1988 Designed printed circuit boards and software at Corkey Controls Burlingame, Ca 1990-1995 Wrote screenplay for The Philosophy of Andy Warhol San Luis Obispo, CA 1996-1997 unproduced Created documentary based on Oscar Wilde's 'Soul of Man under socialism 1997-1998 undistributed Wrote screenplay The Soul of Romance under the Masuo, 1999-2000 Began independent study of architectural history 2002 - 2006 Designed buildings for Castleone Birmingham, AL 2007 - 2013 Founded Moncrieff Real Estate Investing 2014 - Present
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