Jason Bayley, P. Eng.
Vehicle "black box" data is now recorded on most vehicles after any accident. There won't be a dash light to indicate if stored accident data is present. Scanning the vehicle's airbag module is required. Collision Sciences provides scalable solutions for accessing and interpreting the data, providing reports for: • Proof of fraud or liability in an accident claim; or, • Evidence of severe unreported accident damage, helpful during a vehicle purchase inspection. Technology: We solve the cost and logistical hurdles in acquiring and analyzing vehicle black box data through several unique solutions. Our tech enables crash data to be retrieved with an inexpensive OBDII under-dash car adapter and mobile app, or through a guided online evidence logistics system that facilitates shipping of an airbag module to our Crash Data Lab. Our solutions include: • Online platform for Report Tracking & Billing Management • Android/iOS mobile applications and SDKs for use with a Forensic pocket Adapter (Bluetooth OBDII); for use by police, collision centres, used car dealers, fleet operators, vehicle inspectors, auctions, vehicle remarketers • Online sales platform for Reports, for distribution partners (collision centres, police, telematics and automotive app integrations) • E-commerce site for public use (ship us airbag module for processing, or use mobile app with OBDII adpapter) Value Proposition for Accident Claims: Routine Crash Data preservation for free, pay for processing into a report as needed. Crash Data can provide scientific proof of liability or injury severity. Value Proposition for Vehicle Purchase Inspection: Determine if there was severe and unreported accident damage to a vehicle, not found on the CARFAX/CARPROOF report. Our app advises if there is a crash event stored on the vehicle for free, a user pays to see accident details such as: orientation of impact (front, side, rear) and severity. AI deduced from longitudinal and lateral accelerations)
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