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Google Updates Video Learning and Vision Machine Learning APIs 07-05-2017
Google App Engine Gets Full Java 8 Support 07-02-2017
Getting Started with Google Cloud Functions 06-05-2017
Google Announces Cloud IoT Core to Help Connect and Manage IoT Devices 05-22-2017
Google Releases Cloud DLP API to Identify and Protect Sensitive Content 03-29-2017
How to Get Started With Google Actions 01-31-2017
Actions on Google Now Open to All Developers 12-12-2016
Amazon API Gateway Updates Aim to Simplify API Development 09-27-2016
Google Gets Serious About Managing APIs Hosted On Google Cloud Platform 09-06-2016
How to Start Using the Google Cloud Natural Language API 09-01-2016
How to Get Started With Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit 08-02-2016
Google Releases Cloud Natural Language API 07-25-2016
How to Build a Monitoring Application With the Google Cloud Vision API 03-29-2016
Cisco Announces Fund to Fuel App Development on Spark Platform 03-11-2016
Google Announces Cloud Functions, Takes on AWS Lambda 02-11-2016
Google Updates Include My Business API and Calendar Resource API 12-21-2015
The Slack Platform Launch Includes a New App Directory, Developer Fund 12-17-2015
Google Cloud Vision API Aims to Mainstream Image Analysis 12-04-2015
Google Cloud Platform Updates Include Custom Machine Types 12-01-2015
Google Open Sources TensorFlow, a Machine Learning Platform 11-10-2015
How to Integrate Webhooks with the Slack API 10-20-2015
Google Cloud Platform Updates include Cloud Shell 10-16-2015
AWS Announces IoT Platform With Deep AWS Integration 10-15-2015
How to Use the Slack API to Build Slash Commands Powered by Google App Engine and Go 09-16-2015
Google Pushes Container Management with Container Engine 09-01-2015
Google Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub Reach General Availability 08-18-2015
Google Deployment Manager Automates Cloud Deployments 08-07-2015
Google Cloud Platform Allows Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys 07-30-2015
Google Releases Abelana, a Reference Implementation for gRPC Services 07-23-2015
Google Cloud Storage Nearline Goes to General Availability 07-23-2015
Google Cloud Bigtable Announces Go API 07-22-2015
Authentication for Google Cloud APIs Just Got Easier 07-21-2015
Google Announces General Availability for Go on App Engine 07-17-2015
GitHub Repository Redirects to Go Live in API v3 05-29-2015
WordPress 4.2 Release Includes TinyMCE API Changes 04-24-2015
Office 365 Management Activity API Aids Transactions Visibility 04-23-2015
Google Cardboard Update Includes SDK Enhancements 04-23-2015
Google Cloud Dataflow Eases Large-Scale Data Processing 04-20-2015
Google Search Extends Mobile App Visibility 04-17-2015
Google Fit Developer Challenge Winners Announced 04-16-2015
Google Cloud Platform Announces Multiple Networking Updates 04-15-2015
Google Drive Realtime API adds In-Memory Mode and Debug Console 04-14-2015
Google Postpones Plans to Integrate Dart into Chrome 03-27-2015
Google Shutting Down Old Webmaster Tools API on April 20 03-16-2015
GitHub Releases Licenses API to Promote Sharing 03-13-2015
Google Cloud Nearline Adds Low-Cost, Quick Access Storage 03-12-2015
Google Cloud Debugger Extends Support to Java Applications on Compute Engine 03-06-2015
Google Cloud Platform Unveils Pub/Sub Messaging Service 03-06-2015
Google Releases Cloud Status Dashboard to Monitor Service Disruptions 03-03-2015
Google Releases gRPC to Speed Up HTTP/2 Support in Applications 02-27-2015
Google Tool Scans App Engine Apps for Security Vulnerabilities 02-23-2015
Google Container Registry Allows Secure Hosting of Docker Images 01-28-2015
Google Cardboard VR Update Includes Android, Unity SDKs 12-14-2014
Google Cloud Platform Announces Expanded Windows Support 12-09-2014
How To Develop an Android Wear Application 10-17-2014
Google Updates: Node.js Client libraries Added, HTTP Load Balancing Preview Released 09-29-2014
Live Event Highlights Innovations in Google Cloud Platform 09-12-2014
How-To: Google Monitoring API Helps Companies Effectively Keep Track 09-08-2014
Guesswork Brings Machine Learning to the Masses 08-08-2014
Google Play Store API to Automate App Distribution and Production 07-29-2014
Ford Launches Seven Global Challenges to Address Urban Issues 07-22-2014
Google Cloud Platform Provides Metrics via Monitoring API 07-18-2014
Ford launches 7 Global Challenges to address urban issues 07-18-2014
Review: HP IDOL OnDemand APIs Help Organizations Make Sense of Data 07-15-2014
Salesforce Wear Tackles Enterprise Wearable Tech Market 06-12-2014
Samsung Gear 2 Wearable Challenge Offers $1.25 Million in Prize Money 05-26-2014
Google Previews Cloud DNS API 04-03-2014
Google Cloud Platform Announces Price Cuts, Managed VMs and new Developer Experiences 03-31-2014
Google PaaS Updates App Engine Modules 03-03-2014
Tizen App Challenge Winners Are Announced 02-28-2014
Google Cloud SQL Goes GA and Other Platform Updates 02-14-2014
Google Announces Cloud Developer Challenge Winners 02-07-2014
Google Cast SDK Brings Mobile and Web Apps to Your TV 02-05-2014
Google Brings Chrome Apps to Android and iOS 01-31-2014
Google Updates Cloud Platform to Include Hadoop Storage Connector 01-17-2014
New Google Drive API Eases Integration in Android Apps 01-17-2014
GitHub Previews Deployment API 01-13-2014
Google Cloud Platform Releases Billing API 01-03-2014
Riot Games API gives access to League of Legends Data 12-18-2013
Google Play Translation Services Help Localize Applications 12-18-2013
BridgeIt Brings Native Device Features to Mobile Web Apps 12-06-2013
Google Compute Engine moves to General Availability 12-03-2013
Google Cloud Platform Simplifies Mobile Back-end Development 12-02-2013
The State of the Web Audio API 11-25-2013
Open Kit 1.0 Enables Truly Social Games 09-30-2013
Latest Google App Engine release makes Search API Available To All 09-27-2013
Pearson Coding Contest Wants Student To Transform Education 09-27-2013
Now Calling All Devs To Google Cloud Developer Challenge 09-19-2013
New Kii Cloud Platform Release Adds Unity SDK support 09-17-2013
AppEngine 1.8.4 Release among Google Cloud Platform Updates 09-12-2013
Amazon Says One Notification API for All Devices 08-14-2013
Feedly Pro Service Sold Out in Hours 08-12-2013
Google Cloud Platform Announces Introduces Key Features Announced at IO 08-09-2013
W3C Web Storage API Now In Recommendation Status 08-06-2013
Pinterest Says Not Yet To API Developers 08-05-2013
Google Calendar API and Cloud Storage Updates Ring In Efficiency 07-30-2013
Adobe PhoneGap 3.0 Release Raises The Bar for Cross Platform Frameworks 07-26-2013
Swagger Offers Lightning Quick Connection To Your API 07-23-2013
GitHub Code Search Now Available via API 07-22-2013
Google App Engine 1.8.2 Release Boosts Creation of Large Scale Applications 07-19-2013
Samsung Announces Tizen App Challenge 2013 07-17-2013
Firefox Says Hello To Web Audio API 07-16-2013
Skype Plans To Shutdown Desktop API by Year-End 07-15-2013
Today in APIs: Guild Wars 2 API, Postmaster API and 10 New APIs 06-28-2013
Today in APIs: ParkerData API, Apiphany API Management Service and 10 New APIs 06-25-2013
Today in APIs: Pinterest API, Ringadoc API and 10 New APIs 06-18-2013
Today in APIs: Windows Azure MBaaS Enhancements, CeeQ Face API and 12 New APIs 06-14-2013
Today in APIs: Unofficial Vine API, CiRBA VM Placement API and 10 New APIs 06-11-2013
Today in APIs: OneMusicAPI Update, Interactive Data API and 9 New APIs 06-07-2013
Today in APIs:Moves API, API and 9 New APIs 06-04-2013
Today in APIs: Windows 8.1 APIs, Microsoft YouTube Application and 9 New APIs 05-28-2013
Today In APIs: Lambda Labs Glass API, Pinterest API and 9 New APIs 05-24-2013
Today In APIs: Duedil API, Box HIPAA Compliance and 9 New APIs 05-21-2013
Today in APIs : Fed {API}, Summarization API and 2 New APIs 05-17-2013
Today in APIs: Netflix Public API Changes, Google I/O 2013 and 10 New APIs 05-14-2013
Today in APIs: Intel Acquires Aepona, Steam Gaming Platform API and 8 New APIs 05-10-2013
Today in APIs: Dropbox DBX, VA Backlog API and 12 New APIs 05-07-2013
Today in APIs: Jawbone UP Platform, Followgen Asks Twitter For Shutdown and 4 New APIs 04-30-2013
Ford Asks Developers To Create Apps That Promote Fuel Efficiency 04-30-2013
Today in APIs: Appy Pie's New API Support and SmartFile Platform Bake-Off Winners 04-26-2013
Today In APIs: CA buys Layer 7, Spotbros API and 20 New APIs 04-23-2013
Today In APIs: Facebook Mobile, Hello Social Marketing Platform and 41 New APIs 04-19-2013
Today in APIs: Google Mirror API, Evernote Accelerator Program, and 40 New APIs 04-16-2013
App Engine 1.7.7 brings Sockets, Java 7 and boosts Dev Experience 04-11-2013
Today In APIs: Cleanweb Hackathon and StackMob Moves to Rackspace Open Cloud 04-10-2013
Today in APIs: New York Public Library API, Mozilla WebPayment API 04-05-2013
Google Compute Engine Expands Availability 04-05-2013
AppEngine adds improved Billing and Python Dev Server 04-03-2013
Today in APIs: Twilio available on Google Cloud Platform, eBay Commerce Network 04-02-2013
Today In APIs: Twitter Mobile Event and Facebook Ads adds Tracking 03-26-2013
Today in APIs: Google Geocoding Quota Limits and Mashery tops 185K Developers 03-22-2013
Today In APIs: Microsoft Whitelisted for Google CalDAV API and Seattle Hackathon on Autism 03-15-2013
Today In APIs: Google Glass Mirror API, Twitter Ads API and 13 New APIs 03-12-2013
Today In APIs: Facebook News Feed changes and American Airlines Opens Up API 03-08-2013
Today In APIs: Amazon Ads API Debuts, TweetDeck Apps Head Into History 03-05-2013
Today In APIs: Developer Payout, LevelUp API and 10 New APIs 03-01-2013
AWS Summits To Hit 12 Cities This Year 02-27-2013
Today in APIs: Facebook iOS SDK, RightScale Supports Google Compute Engine and 11 New APIs 02-26-2013
API Documentation Toolsets Could be Your Savior 02-22-2013
AppEngine Adds Cloud Endpoints and Java 7 Support 02-21-2013
LinkedIn opens, a RESTful Service Architecture Framework 02-20-2013
Today In APIs: PushBullet API, Stormpath Identity Management API and 12 New APIs 02-19-2013
Today In APIs: Google Places API Challenge Winners, New Admob API and 9 New APIs 02-15-2013
Today In APIs: Rise of Mobile Banking, Backplane Protocol and 13 New APIs 02-12-2013
Today In APIs: Facebook Breaking Changes, AWS RDS Adds Notifications and 12 New APIs 02-05-2013
Today In APIs: AWS slashes prices, Role of APIs in BYOD and 9 New APIs 02-01-2013
Today in APIs: App.Net Storage & File API, Metwit Weather API and 11 New APIs 01-29-2013
Today In APIs: Facebook Platform Updates, Temboo API and 17 New APIs 01-24-2013
Today In APIs: Amazon High Memory EC2 instance type, 5 Crucial APIs and 11 New APIs 01-22-2013
Today In APIs: Twilio SMS powered Art Auction, Private API security concerns and 11 New APIs 01-18-2013
Today In APIs: API Trends for 2013, AfterShip API and 11 New APIs 01-15-2013
GymShamer Bags Top Prize in Foursquare Hackathon 01-11-2013
Today In APIs: AWS Start-Up Challenge Finalists, IKANOW Big Data API and 11 New APIs 01-11-2013
Today In APIs: Car Manufacturers, Foursquare Hackathon and 11 New APIs 01-09-2013
Today In APIs: PunchFork API shutdown, FullContact Account Stats API and 6 New APIs 01-04-2013
Today In APIs: Facebook API adds Brand Page Metrics, Google Drive powered Holiday Gifts and 15 New APIs 12-20-2012
New Google App Engine Graduates Several Experimental Features 12-19-2012
Today In APIs: Firebase API, The Making of Fastbook and 19 New APIs 12-18-2012
Google Places API Dev Challenge: Public Choice Award Voting is Now Open 12-17-2012
Today In APIs: Facebook Android SDK updates, FullContact API use case and 9 New APIs 12-14-2012
Today In APIs: Github System Status API, TimesOpen 2012 Hackday Winners and 15 New APIs 12-11-2012
Today In APIs: Twitter API Clients ring in price increases, Bing Ads API updates and 10 New APIs 12-05-2012
Google Cloud Platform Announces Infrastucture improvements and price cuts 11-30-2012
Today In APIs: PeopleBrowsr vs Twitter, Dwolla Guest Checkout and 11 New APIs 11-30-2012
Today In APIs: Netflix Hystrix, ZEIT API and 23 New APIs 11-27-2012
Today In APIs: TomTom launches Platform, Maluuba's Siri-like API and 19 New APIs 11-20-2012
Today In APIs: API Management, Developer Conferences and 15 New APIs 11-07-2012
Today In APIs: Foursquare Election App, YQL Use Cases and 23 New APIs 11-02-2012
New Google AppEngine Release Previews Java 7 Language support 10-31-2012
Today In APIs: API Strategy Conference, Google Maps Enables Natural Geography Views, AWS Storage Gateway and 12 New APIs 10-30-2012
Today In APIs: Zendesk Radar API, AT&T Developer Summit and 20 New APIs 10-23-2012
Developers code 330+ Apps during Facebook World Hack 2012 10-22-2012
Today In APIs: Google Maps building footprints, Bing Ads V7 to retire and 17 New APIs 10-19-2012
Today in APIs: MyFitnessPal API, Facebook World HACK Winners, New Google Play Console and 13 New APIs 10-16-2012
Today In APIs: Box sees solid growth, Streak CRM, Text My Bus and 11 New APIs 10-11-2012
Today In APIs: API Mashup Contest returns, Skype API vulnerability, TwilioCon 2012 Hackathon and 8 New APIs 10-09-2012
Today in APIs: Electricity Data API, Lemon Wallet API and 22 New APIs 10-03-2012
Today In APIs: Alfresco Mobile SDK, Craigslist targets Mashery 10-02-2012
Today In APIs: to pay top developers, redBus uses BigQuery and 12 New APIs 09-28-2012
IEG brings Banking Analytics Conference to New York 09-27-2012
Today In APIs: WhatsApp and Craigslist in legal battles, Apigee Data Center API and 16 New APIs 09-25-2012
App Engine Slays 130+ bugs in New Release 09-25-2012
Today In APIs: IFTTT Pulls Twitter Support, Build Election Apps, API Pricing and 20 New APIs 09-21-2012
Today In APIs: Google App Engine, AT&T Speech, Google Analytics Event and 5 New APIs 09-18-2012
Today In APIs: Foursquare Hackathon, CardShark API, Personal Genome API and 14 New APIs 09-14-2012
Today In APIs : Intuit Opens up API, Recognizing Developers, Killer Mashup Ideas and 20 New APIs 09-11-2012
Today In APIs: Twitter API drops RSS Support, Facebook API Updates, Amazon Glacier and 21 New APIs 09-07-2012
Today In APIs: WhyGo Conference Facilities API, Socialcam Opens API and 22 New APIs 09-04-2012
IEG brings Predictive Analysis and Business Intelligence Conferences to Chicago 09-04-2012
Today In APIs: Facebook Platform Updates, Google Places API Challenge, GymPact and 12 New APIs 08-30-2012
India Restricts SMS, Mobile Messaging Apps See Boost 08-30-2012
Google AppEngine Adds Admin Features, Removes Conversion API 08-28-2012
Developer Events Roundup: Facebook World Hack 2012, Stripe’s CTF and more 08-24-2012
Topsy Pro Analytics Provides Instant Social Insight 08-23-2012
Today In APIs: Facebook SDK 3.0 for iOS, AWS powers NASA Content, API Job Specializations and 17 New APIs 08-08-2012
IEG Brings Predictive Analysis and Big Data Conferences to Dublin 08-07-2012
Today In APIs: Yfrog Social, Mobile BaaS, Twitter suspends Mobber and 9 New APIs 08-03-2012
Today In APIs: Twilio Contest, Viddy announces public API, Mashape API Marketplace and 13 New APIs 07-31-2012
Today In APIs: SAP Mobile Developer Program, CBS Fantasy Football Challenge, VCs bet on API Management and 17 New APIs 07-30-2012
Today In APIs: Twitter Shutdown, OAuth Showdown and 10 New APIs 07-27-2012
Today in APIs: A New API Billionaire, API Architect Job, Photo Hack Day Winner and 13 New APIs 07-26-2012
Today in APIs: Map updates, Facebook Platform Updates, Mapquest Official iPhone API and 14 New APIs 07-20-2012
Today in APIs: Minneapolis 311 App, Google Developer Expert Program and 12 New APIs 07-19-2012
Boston to discuss Big Data this September 07-18-2012
Today In APIs : Scandit, StoryTeller, Photo Hack Day 3 and 18 New APIs 07-13-2012
Twilio SMS Goes International: 150 Countries 07-12-2012
Boston to Hold Social Media Analytics and Big Data Conferences 07-10-2012
Serve Up The Best API Cocktail in Sensis API Challenge 07-09-2012
Today in APIs: Future of Social, MapQuest Offers Unlimited Free Maps and 13 New APIs 07-06-2012
Today in APIs: Facebook Location Tagging, Cloud API Standards, Print Button 07-05-2012
Rewinding YouTube API Updates From Google I/O 07-05-2012
Today in APIs: Google Compute, New YouTube API and 22 New APIs 06-29-2012
New App Engine Release focuses on Infrastructure, Tools and Security 06-29-2012
DocuSign Boosts eSignature Platform with New REST API 06-28-2012
Photo Hack Day Comes to the West Coast 06-26-2012
APIs First and Apps Later 06-21-2012
Travel Mashups Dominate API Mashup Contest 06-19-2012
Parse and Box Join Forces to Boost Enterprise App Development 06-14-2012
API Business Models Take Center Stage 06-05-2012 API Enables Developers To Integrate Custom Apps 05-30-2012
Get Fashionable With NYC Fashion Hack Day 2012 05-24-2012
Geoloqi Adds Powerful Location Module to Appcelerator 05-22-2012
Lollapalooza 2012 Invites Entries for Official Fan App 05-18-2012
Gumroad Aims To Make Selling Items as Simple as Sharing Them 05-15-2012
Google App Engine Finally Debuts the Search API 05-10-2012
Box V2 API makes Simple Things Simpler 05-10-2012
Sensis Wants You To Create the Ultimate Zombie App 05-03-2012
Google App Engine 1.6.5 Release Sees Datastore, Images and Location Enhancements 05-01-2012
Now Inviting Developers to the Evernote DevCup 04-26-2012
Will BYOD usher in APIzation of Enterprises 04-24-2012
Google and Others Return for API Mashup Contest 04-19-2012
Appcelerator Now Offers Cloud Services and Mobile Web SDK 04-18-2012
Africa's Largest Social Network Launches API 04-12-2012
Developers Stand To Win Gold in MintChip Challenge 04-09-2012
Pint Labs Brews Up New Version of BreweryDB and API 04-02-2012
Google App Engine Gets Background Threading, More Console Features 03-29-2012
NYC Contest Mashes Up Tech, Media and Developers 03-20-2012
Know All About Numbers with the Numbers API 03-16-2012
FullContact API Knows Everything About a Name 03-15-2012 Plays its Way to Success at Music Apps Hack Weekend 03-08-2012
Zipmark Wants to be Your Digital Checkbook 03-06-2012
Google App Engine Now Supports A/B Testing 02-29-2012
Great API Documentation Seen As Key To API Success 02-27-2012
PowerInbox Wants You To Stay In Your Inbox 02-24-2012
An API to Hack the Gibson 02-21-2012
$100K in Prizes Awarded to Students in Stock API Contest 02-17-2012
Automate Language Translation by Humans in the Cloud 02-15-2012
RunKeeper Sprints Away to Success With More Apps and Devices 02-07-2012
Frequent Google App Engine Releases to Continue in 2012 02-02-2012
Calling European Devs to GOTO Copenhagen 01-30-2012
AllTrails Drops Google Maps in Favor of NatGeo's TOPO 01-27-2012
Stripe, a Payment Service by Developers for Developers 01-24-2012
Go Local and Win Big at YellowPages Developer Challenge 01-20-2012
50 Twitter Visualizations, Including the TwitSprout Beta 01-19-2012
Suitts Me Trumps 70+ Applications to Win at API Mashup Contest 01-12-2012
Build Science Apps in Springer API Challenge 2.0 01-10-2012
When APIs Play Spoilsport? 01-06-2012
Stack Exchange V2 Goes Beta, Launches Contest 01-04-2012
Make Your Ancestors Proud With Genealogy Contest 12-19-2011
PostageApp Delivers New Engine, Analytics and Subscriber Plans 12-16-2011
Factual Places Goes Global, Adds Restaurant Attributes 12-15-2011
Yahoo's the BOSS? Maybe of Developer Search 12-07-2011
Use JavaScript Now to Access Many Google APIs 12-06-2011
With, Visa Aims to Simplify Digital Payments 12-01-2011
After iOS, Box.Net Woos Android Developers with 50GB Free Space 11-30-2011
Google Maps Charging Fewer Than 1%, MapQuest 0% 11-29-2011 Puts Up $2 Million Integration Fund for New Developer Network 11-17-2011
The Curious Case of the Unofficial APIs 11-15-2011
Mobile Local Search Hackathon Goes Down Under 11-10-2011
Google App Engine Goes Out of Preview, Means Serious Business 11-08-2011
Dropbox Woos Developers With New API Release 11-03-2011
Currency Bot Delivers Exchange Rates For Free 11-01-2011
Layar Winners Display Augmented Reality Commerce 10-25-2011
Google App Engine Adds Premier Accounts and New Features 10-20-2011
Personalization Twist on Daily Deals Among RapLeaf Fund Recipients 10-19-2011
Contest Promotes Another Kind of Family Planning 10-18-2011
8coupons Now Aggregates 500+ Coupon Sources, Releases New API 10-12-2011
Google Plus Now Part of Topsy's Real-time Search Index 10-11-2011
Accounting iOS App Wins File Storage Developer Challenge 10-04-2011
Add Voice to Your Social Data via QWiPS 09-28-2011
File-sharing Mashup Gets Incubated at Yahoo After Hack Event 09-27-2011
API Mashup Contest Looking for Central Europe Ideas 09-21-2011
Tokbox Adds Live Video Archiving, Announces Pricing 09-19-2011
Foursquare Global Hackathon: 100+ Cities, One Championship Belt 09-15-2011
Samsung Still Wants to "Free the TV," Offering $225,000 09-14-2011
Google App Engine Adjusts Price Changes After Developer Outcry 09-13-2011
Google Maps for Flash Among Several Axed Google APIs 09-06-2011
OfficeDrop boosts PaperPort with Device to Cloud API 09-05-2011
Google App Engine Pricing Makes Developers Steam and Sputter 09-01-2011
Google Translate API is Back... For a Fee 08-29-2011
Stack Exchange API: the Good and the Bad 08-22-2011
InfiniteGraph Wants You to Connect the Dots and Win Big Prizes 08-19-2011
Wow The World With Your Vision in the Layar Creation Challenge 08-16-2011
HAPI Hack Happening This Weekend in San Francisco 08-10-2011
Mopper Mops Up Top Prize In Paypal Challenge 08-09-2011
Be a Lord of the Domains with the DomainTools API 08-05-2011
Apps for the Environment: Mr. Dev Goes to Washington 08-04-2011
Google App Engine Builds Steam, Updates Datastores and Task Queues 08-04-2011
Winning Springer Contest Apps Make Research Easier 07-29-2011
Always an Eye on Performance, Google Adds Partial Responses to Some APIs 07-28-2011
TradeKing Invites Students to $100,000 API Campus Challenge 07-27-2011
Mobile App Hackathon in the Bay Area on August 6 07-26-2011
The Unofficial Google Plus API--Wait, Which One? 07-18-2011
New Monthly Contest Gives $5,000 to Best 4shared App 07-15-2011
Auto Contact Updater Wins Rainmaker Identity API Contest 07-13-2011
API Hackday Hits Portland July 30 07-11-2011
YouTube Create: Now Any App Can Add Videos 07-08-2011
Yahoo Search BOSS API V2 is Paid, V1 Gone in Two Weeks 07-07-2011
Plug to be Pulled on Google Health and PowerMeter 07-06-2011
TextBook Exchange Bags Top Honors in Alibris API Contest 07-06-2011
India's Individual Identification Project Adds API 07-04-2011
Twitter Direct Message Enforcement Deadline This Week 06-28-2011
"Hack For Change" Produces Neighborly Results 06-28-2011
Hoover's Declares "Ideas" Winners and Opens Contest to All 06-24-2011
Web Miners Grab Their Programming Picks for Bay Area Hack Day 06-22-2011
Release-Happy Google App Engine Automatically Geolocates Users, Adds Features 06-22-2011
New Version Gives Users Insight Into Kynetx Browser Mashups 06-09-2011
Mashup Merges Twitter and O'Reilly Books to Win Contest 06-03-2011
LinkedIn API Adoption Likely to Surge with API Additions 05-27-2011
Lulu API Allows You To Publish, Sell and Deliver Your Content 05-24-2011
Google Prediction API Making Many Applications Smarter 05-20-2011
Be an Online Oprah With OpenTok Video Chat WordPress Plugin 05-19-2011
Google Completes a Major To-Do with Tasks API 05-13-2011
Google Positions New App Engine Release for Businesses 05-12-2011
Event-Driven Programming for Everyone With ifttt 04-19-2011
Brewery DB API Pours a Tall Glass of Beer Data 04-15-2011
Alibris Invites Developers to Hack Night and Developer Contest 04-13-2011
Google App Engine Brings Python Features to Java 04-05-2011
NYC BigApps 2.0 Announces Winners, Roadify Bags Grand Prize 04-04-2011
SXSW Accelerator Winners Include an API 03-30-2011
Netflix API Now Serving 20+ Billion Requests Per Month 03-29-2011
USA Today API Now Serving Reviews and Snapshots 03-23-2011
At Google, HTTPS is the New HTTP 03-23-2011
O'Reilly Makes its Data Writable, Announces Contest 03-21-2011
Create the Facebook of Science Data to Win The Mendeley API Binary Battle 03-18-2011
Cash for Ideas in Hoover's First-Ever Developer Contest 03-11-2011
Show Off Your Coordination with Cohuman's C3PO Contest 03-04-2011
Microsoft Taps Into Dealmap for Local Coupons 03-03-2011
Wisconsin Transit Tracker Costs Developer Only $75 For One Year 03-02-2011
Twilio Startup Fund Announces Seven More Winners 03-01-2011
Car Locator Navigates its Way to Top Honors in Verizon Contest 02-25-2011
Translation Telephone Mashup Brings Chinese Whispers Online 02-23-2011
One Week Left in AT&T Open Call Contest 02-22-2011
Google Revs Its App Engine With Infrastructure Updates 02-21-2011
Filmaster Starring in New Movie API 02-17-2011
Royal Pingdom Cleans Its SOAP, Calls Devs to Test New REST API 02-16-2011
Battle It Out to be Crowned "King Of The Apps" 02-15-2011
For Valentine's Day, Deliver Flowers via Your Custom App 02-14-2011
TokBox Gives Up 2 Million Users to Focus on its API 02-11-2011
With Huge Mobile Adoption, Wordnik API Goes Beta 02-10-2011
Avvo Q&A: Why Did a Legal Directory Prioritize an API? 02-07-2011
Photofeed Adds Zing to Facebook Photos, Skyrockets in Popularity 02-04-2011
Expert Legal and Medical Directory an API Call Away 02-03-2011
New API Feature Zooms to News Around You 02-02-2011
MusixMatch API Could Be Music to Developer Ears 02-02-2011
Presentations Get Even More Interactive With SlideShare's New JavaScript API 01-28-2011
Amazon Validates Burgeoning Email-as-a-Service Market 01-26-2011
Photo Sharing Heats Up, PicPlz Offers Photo Filter API 01-26-2011
Collecta Drops its Real-time Search API 01-24-2011
Wolfram Alpha API Now Free and Open to All 01-21-2011
Canadian Directory Publisher Scripts an API Success Story 01-21-2011
Demo Your Product for Free at GlueCon 01-20-2011
WeDraw Tops The Charts in Samsung's Free The TV Challenge 01-14-2011
Life is Short, Summarize it with the HighlightCam API 01-13-2011
121 Reasons RSS is Still Relevant 01-13-2011
Google Adds API For URL Shortener and Link Analytics 01-11-2011
Google Wave Morphs Itself into New Offerings 01-10-2011
Gazing into the Crystal Ball: GigaOm on APIs in 2011 01-10-2011
100 Twilio Mashups: a Look at Three with Funding 01-07-2011
From the Trenches: Web API Design Best Practices 01-06-2011
Build Custom Q&A Sites and Applications via Qhub API 01-04-2011
8coupons API Offers A Great Deal To Developers 12-30-2010
SimpleGeo Makes Location Easy With Context and Places 12-28-2010
TweetSentiments API Integrates Twitter and Sentiment Analysis 12-27-2010
Two Must-View API Presentations from Cloudstock 12-24-2010
Twitter API Updates Mean an End to GeoAPI 12-23-2010
Amazon Web Services Go Mobile with New SDKs 12-22-2010
Repair, Rebuild, Reboot: The World's First Fix-it API 12-21-2010
Alibris Launches Marketplace for Books, Movies and Music 12-21-2010
Yahoo Kills Delicious, Triggers Massive Backlash 12-17-2010
USA Today Expands APIs to Include Articles Back to 2004 12-14-2010
Unlock the Secret Path with the Ixaris Developer Challenge 12-10-2010
Google App Engine Answers Critics with New Release 12-07-2010
Amazon Turk-like Translation API Offers Bountiful Contest 12-07-2010
Tynt Gives Developers InSight into its Data via API 12-07-2010
JSON Continues its Winning Streak Over XML 12-03-2010
Netflix Gains Significantly by Moving its API to the Cloud 12-02-2010
Web Services Org Folds Up and the REST is History 11-30-2010
Twilio Aims to Boost SMS Apps With Price Cut 11-26-2010
Create Sound Mashups with the Freesound API 11-25-2010
Etsy Contest Winners Make Handmade Shopping and Selling Easy, Fun 11-22-2010
Wordnik API Could Usher in a Stream of Word Games 11-16-2010
Facebook Best Practices Straight From The Source 11-12-2010
Asthmapolis Innovatively Tackles Asthma, Wins Contest 11-01-2010
Contactology Updates API, Goes REST Over SOAP 11-01-2010
Street Apps Winners Showcase Mobile Finance 10-29-2010
Q&A With USA Today on Newspaper's API Launch 10-25-2010
Yahoo BOSS V2: Details on the Post-Microsoft Paid Search API 10-21-2010
App Engine Adds Admin Tools for Better Visibility 10-20-2010
The Twitter ID Shuffle: Text vs Numbers 10-19-2010
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