Ronald Jongerius
The Infront application is using a high performing multi layer, multi tier, (web)application and server setup. This all works perfectly together. Different languages are used such as, c#, OpenEdge and regular C. This all makes this application highly scalable and providing high performance (both transactional as well as non transactional) across the globe. Based on technical expertise with respect to Software architecture as well as to extensive knowledge on Infrastructure, i'm chairing the "Technical Architecture Review Board" to make sure all Enterprise Applications within Informa Group are following the same guidelines when it comes to architecture, integration, quality & control, but also to hosting and infrastructure dependencies. Specialties: application and server architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Software Architecture, Network design, Performance Research & Development for Software and Infrastructure (Network (WAN/LAN/Switch/SAN), server, webservers, application servers, database servers), CRM, CMS, DMS, Social ( listening, engaging ), Software design, Software development, Enterprise management, Software management, multi-layer architecture, multi-tier architecture, Open Edge, Progress, .Net, Management, integration, replication, interfacing, network topology, prince, agile, scrum, communications, XML, VMware. Part of the division "Global Support", working for the Enterprise Applications Team, closely together with the different divisions and their businesses. Using scrum and Agile to achieve the best for the business in the shortest time possible, with the highest possible quality, constraint by technical and functional pre-requisite and budgets.
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