Junyi Dai
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
When it comes to shopping, what can you imagine to be? Do you want to purchase items in the supermarket with a grocery list, or just click on the mouse - Shopping Online, the most convenient shopping method? Shopping in the market is the most traditional ways which have lasted thousand years since human raised, everything you wanted can get in the market. There are more than hundreds of supermarkets founded in each blocks. Everywhere of the supermarket from entrances to checkout counter is designed to let you spend more money and buy more items than you wanted. Customers go to the store just want a bottle of milk and a piece of bread, for example, however, when he(she) come away except wanted, also with, cosmetic, magazine, a few cans of soup, etc. Why this happen? First, on the supermarket our start with shopping cart, which designed to let you take merchandise more convenient. Secondly most supermarkets put best sellers like fresh goods near the door or checkout counter, once you encounter them your spirits are high, happen to your cart is complete empty, you will not hesitate to purchase. Another reason is the best sellers are deeply you wanted, which make you more likely to make impulse purchases. At last, the items the market really wants you to buy are at eye level. In the cosmetic aisle, for instance, perfume is placed at the top, shampoos are placed at the bottom. Expensive brand name fragrance preparation goes right at eye level. Favored items are also placed at the begins of aisles. Walking in the market is not easy, not to mention shopping. Its so boring and completely waste our time. So why not select another method – shopping online. Our story is unfinished, to be continued. If you are interested, and want to know more progresses, please visit our website
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