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Boegger Industrial Limited is a well-known manufacturer based in China providing the most comprehensive range of wire mesh conveyor belt for oven, food, furnace belting and other applications. We have built up an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability at competitive prices. Formed in 1995 in a small workshop with only a few employees, now it is a professional manufacturer of wire mesh belting. We carry out Wire Belt, Mesh Belt, Woven Wire Belt, Wire Conveyor Belt, Spiral Wire Belts, Stainless Steel Wire Belt, Galvanized Wire Belt, Metal Alloy Wire Belt, Duplex Wire Belt, Flat Flex Wire Belting, Chain Link Belts, Balanced Wire Belt, Compound Wire Belt, Compound Balanced Belt, Rod Strengthened Wire Belt, Food Grade Wire Belts and Furnace Wire Belt, etc. The products are widely used in medicine, food making, oven and other fields. We enjoy advanced equipment and technology, scientific management and quality control system. With established good reputation, we have exported wire mesh belts to Southeast Asia, the Middle-east, Japan, Africa and other countries. Welcome to contact us.
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