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DAK-22 Ltd (FROTCOM Bulgaria) Position- technical support of telematic system for vehicle tracking (level 2) Responsibilities- Customer consulting about the work with the web- based telematic system for fleet tracking and the mobile application for Android. Customer education for all details related with the functions and features in the user interface and how parameters to be set in order to view data correctly Preparing GPS devices for installation in a truck - sending the right configurations before devices beeing installed in a truck, test in real time all data readings with the technicians help immediately after installation is ready. For example if device read correctly tdata for fuel level, odometer, RPM, temperature etc. Monitoring and diagnostic the correct work of the GPS devices in a truck and of all additional installed sensors – fuel level probes, seals, door sensors, temperature sensors, navigations. Remotely fixing and solving problems occured with devices (ex. Sending commands to establish gprs/tcp connection, change mobile operator etc.), or give conclusion that problem could not be solved remotely and needs technician to inspect device on field describing problems detected with the devices behaviour and problems with the web-based user interface, detection of situations wrong data presentation or wrong system behavior and prividing detailed information about this issue to the developement team to check, fix and solve them as soon as possible using help-desk ticket system. Taking feedback from the customers about their needs of system optimisation or new functions or reports that to be added to the user interface. Suggestions of ideas and solutions to achieve better results and to offer the most convenient product corresponding to the needs of our customers. Optimisation of the existing functions and add of new functions and features. Creation of user accounts and user credentials Reply of user requests received via mail or phone
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