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53 New APIs: General Motors, Google Real Time Reporting and Torpio 08-18-2013
29 Directory APIs: AngelList, BlogCatalog and Health 2.0 API 08-14-2013
35 Customer Service APIs: FanBridge, UserVoice and SnapEngage 08-13-2013
APIs of the Week: Staff Picks AppURL, FlixFit and Public Library of Science 08-11-2013
43 New APIs: StubHub, AppURL and Miniflux 08-11-2013
8 APIs Used in 7 Days: Flickr, Last.fm and Ordr.in 08-10-2013
39 Answers APIs: Yahoo Answers, Quora and Stack Exchange 08-07-2013
46 New APIs: Runscope, The Washington Post and Call Loop 08-04-2013
6 APIs Used in 7 Days: Instagram, OpenStreetMap and Edmunds.com 08-03-2013
531 Reference APIs: GeoNames, Wikipedia and CrunchBase 07-31-2013
48 IP APIs: Hostip.info, MaxMind and CDYNE 07-30-2013
APIs of the Week: Staff Picks HealthCare.gov, Coderbits and InAppSocial 07-28-2013
39 New APIs: StatusPage, Lelylan and Point.io 07-28-2013
29 APIs Used in 7 Days: GitHub, SendGrid and Goodreads 07-27-2013
Best New Mashups: The Latest Rotten Tomatoes Mashups 07-26-2013
APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Wit, Lelylan and Lauritz 07-21-2013
56 New APIs: TrackMatching, Goldstar and Primadesk 07-21-2013
8 APIs Used in 7 Days: ESPN, Rdio and Instagram 07-20-2013
Best New Mashups: The Latest News Mashups 07-19-2013
38 Scheduling APIs: Buffer, LiquidPlanner and Todo.ly 07-17-2013
38 Aggregator APIs: Daylife, 8coupons and Yipit 07-16-2013
APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Redline13, Machine Linking and Primadesk 07-14-2013
55 New APIs: Cigna, Pearson and Data.gov 07-14-2013
5 APIs Used in 7 Days: Reddit, Twitter and Facebook 07-13-2013
Best New Mashups: The Latest Amazon Mashups 07-12-2013
22 Personalization APIs: Cafe Press, RapLeaf and PostalMethods 07-10-2013
35 Editing APIs: Aviary, Google Translator and Pho.to 07-09-2013
APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Pearson, Citrix and Hatebase 07-07-2013
59 New APIs: Citrix, Dropmark and Contentful 07-07-2013
17 APIs Used in 7 Days: LinkedIn, Discogs and Google Single SignOn 07-06-2013
Best New Mashups: Travel Mashups Featuring Google Maps, HotelsCombined and Panoramio 07-05-2013
40 Printing APIs: Google, KODAK and Shutterfly 07-03-2013
31 CMS APIs: WordPress, Decibel and StorageRoom 07-02-2013
APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Pokelog, Hackpad and Infraprint 06-30-2013
54 New APIs: AddThis, AppFog and Pokelog 06-30-2013
11 APIs Used in 7 Days: YouTube, Last.fm and Spotify 06-29-2013
Best New Mashups: June Roundup Featuring Twitter, Evernote and Last.fm 06-28-2013
30 Community APIs: Seesmic, Social Actions and Creative Commons 06-26-2013
105 Entertainment APIs: Rovi, Dailymotion and Sony Online Entertainment 06-25-2013
APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Virtual Currency, Electronic Health Records and Video Sharing 06-23-2013
58 New APIs: Kodak, The White House and USDA 06-23-2013
8 APIs Used in 7 Days: Doodle, Yipit and OpenStreetMap 06-22-2013
Best New Mashups: The Latest Facebook Mashups 06-21-2013
53 Analysis APIs: Ferret go, HP Labs and Lytics 06-19-2013
40 Reviews APIs: TripAdvisor, Shopzilla and US Yellow Pages 06-18-2013
APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Movement Tracking, Online Reputation and Game Distribution 06-16-2013
49 New APIs: New Google APIs, Google Reader Replacement and Movement Tracking 06-16-2013
11 APIs Used in 7 Days: Zillow, Google Maps and Google AdSense 06-15-2013
Best New Mashups: Mashups for Father's Day Weekend 06-14-2013
22 Sentiment APIs: Klout, TweetFeel and OpinionCrawl 06-12-2013
46 Bitcoin APIs: Bitstamp, Bitcoin Charts Markets and 50BTC 06-11-2013
APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Naveen Selvadurai API, US Government Data and Video Interviewing 06-09-2013
42 New APIs: Amazon Web Services, Sentiment Analysis and QR Code 06-09-2013
20 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, Flickr and CareerBuilder 06-08-2013
35 Restaurant APIs: Unofficial Open Table, Food Genius and Menu Mania 06-05-2013
37 Campaign APIs: Marketo, Experian CheetahMail and LaunchBit 06-04-2013
APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Guidebox, Animetrics and Chicago Police Department 06-02-2013
45 New APIs: Honeywell, Bitcoin and Mobile Calling 06-02-2013
9 APIs Used in 7 Days: Indeed, Bing Translator and BBC 06-01-2013
Best New Mashups: The Most Popular Mashups Featuring Google Maps and Twitter 05-31-2013
39 Barcode APIs: Barcode Scanner, Amazonca and SearchUPC.com 05-29-2013
53 Energy APIs: Genability, 3TIER and EnergyStar 05-28-2013
36 New APIs: Staples, USDA and TaggPic 05-26-2013
6 APIs Used in 7 Days: Foursquare, Echo Nest and PriceSpin 05-25-2013
Best New Mashups: Pinterest Mashups 05-24-2013
96 Stocks APIs: Bloomberg, NASDAQ and E*TRADE 05-22-2013
95 Sharing APIs: Box.net, Dropbox and Ipernity 05-21-2013
38 New APIs: Sunlight Foundation, WeatherSource and Hoppit 05-19-2013
20 APIs Used in 7 Days: Bing, Billboard and FeedBurner 05-18-2013
Best New Mashups: Data Mashups Using Google Chart, EchoNest and Google Fusion Tables 05-17-2013
116 Retail APIs: Shopping.com, SearchUPC.com and 123 Shop Pro 05-15-2013
51 Audio APIs: Soundcloud, SHOUTcast Radio and Evoca 05-14-2013
98 New APIs: Karmadata, Collins Dictionary and White House Petitions 05-12-2013
15 APIs Used in 7 Days: Expedia, TripAdvisor and OpenStreetMap 05-11-2013
Best New Mashups: Week in Review Featuring Bing Maps, Deezer and Cicero 05-10-2013
54 Calendar APIs: Eventful, Google Calendar and Upcoming.org 05-08-2013
82 Address APIs: Bing Maps Geocode, CloudMade Geocoding and Geocoder 05-07-2013
47 New APIs: Errplane, Rollbar and Indicee 05-05-2013
17 APIs Used in 7 Days: Weather Underground, Bing Maps and Facebook Graph 05-04-2013
Best New Mashups: Weather Mashups Using Weather Underground, Yahoo Weather and World Weather Online 05-03-2013
92 Shipping APIs: FedEx, US Postal Service and UPS 05-01-2013
45 New APIs: SharedCount, PeerIndex and Open New York 04-28-2013
18 APIs Used in 7 Days: Instagram, SoundCloud and Discogs 04-27-2013
Best New Mashups: April Roundup Featuring Twitter, Amazon eCommerce and Facebook Graph 04-26-2013
108 Global APIs: Twilio SMS, Hoiio Voice and Multimap 04-23-2013
111 New APIs: Pearson, EnClout and AirBNB 04-21-2013
18 APIs Used in 7 Days: MapQuest, eBay and Yahoo Query Language 04-20-2013
70 Jobs APIs: Indeed, Simply Hired and CareerBuilder 01-23-2013
52 Movies APIs: Rovi, Rotten Tomatoes and Internet Video Archive 01-22-2013
58 New APIs: USGS, Text Marketing and Tablet Publishing 01-20-2013
14 APIs Used in 7 Days: Last.fm, Heroku and Google Places 01-19-2013
Best New Mashups: Mapping Mashups using Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter 01-18-2013
Today in APIs: Pre-teen Wins MIT Prize, Spotify Playlist Data Via API and 10 New APIs 01-17-2013
945 Social APIs: Twitter, Facebook and Delicious 01-16-2013
56 New APIs: Amazon Redshift, AT&T and Ford 01-13-2013
12 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn 01-12-2013
Best New Mashups: The Latest Instagram Mashups 01-11-2013
Today in APIs: Facebook Instagram Traffic Confusion, New Benchmark for AngelList API and 13 New APIs 01-10-2013
225 Utility APIs: Google Translate, Bit.ly and uClassify 01-09-2013
34 Streaming APIs: Tinysong, 7digital and Playme 01-08-2013
58 New APIs: Wordpress, Shoutlet and ChargeBee 01-06-2013
11 APIs Used in 7 Days: YouTube, Twitter and Google Checkout 01-05-2013
Best New Mashups: Best Mashups of 2012 01-04-2013
Today in APIs: 3scale's API Economics, Facebook Developer Resolutions and 4 New APIs 01-03-2013
54 File Sharing APIs: FilesTube, MediaFire and YouSendIt 01-01-2013
39 New APIs: USPS Merchant Returns, Beddit and VitaDock 12-30-2012
9 APIs Used in 7 Days: Salesforce, Google Calendar and WebKnox 12-29-2012
8 APIs Used in 7 Days: Cafe Press, Google Latitude and Google Street View Image 12-23-2012
56 New APIs: XING, Mobile Signal Location and Green Energy 12-22-2012
Today In APIs: Google Tracking Users Offline, Google Maps of the Year and 16 New APIs 12-21-2012
32 Postal APIs: GeoNames, Maponics and Enthusem 12-18-2012
66 New APIs: Amazon Mobile App, HP and Wookmark 12-16-2012
25 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Maps, Shopzilla and TwitPic 12-15-2012
Best New Mashups: The Latest YouTube Mashups 12-14-2012
Today in APIs: Google Maps Adds iOS SDK, Tableau and Google Analytics Connect and 12 New APIs 12-13-2012
56 Billing APIs: Stripe, Billomat and Recurly 12-12-2012
39 Statistics APIs: Compete, Clicky and Cownt Us 12-11-2012
66 New APIs: Sony Online Entertainment, Refinder and Continuuity 12-09-2012
8 APIs Used in 7 Days: Foursquare, Instagram and FlightStats 12-08-2012
Best New Mashups: Shopping Mashups Using Amazon, Facebook and eBay 12-07-2012
Today In APIs: Google Play Services Adds Google Maps and Photo Sphere, Clickatell Releases API To Embed SMS Messaging Into Apps and 9 New APIs 12-06-2012
54 New APIs: AT&T, Google Apps and Clickatell 12-02-2012
25 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon S3, Facebook Graph and Zazzle 12-01-2012
Best New Mashups: November Roundup Featuring Facebook, Instagram and Prosperent 11-30-2012
Today In APIs: Using APIs to Take Advantage of External Big Data, Axway To Acquire Vordel and 11 New APIs 11-29-2012
37 Statistics APIs: Compete, Clicky and Cownt Us 11-28-2012
453 Search APIs: eBay, Google Ajax Search and Foursquare 11-27-2012
108 New APIs: Magisto, CloudWork and Inome 11-25-2012
40 Domain APIs: DNSimple, DomainTools and RoboWhois 11-20-2012
62 New APIs: RadioShack, TomTom and Applicaster 11-18-2012
20 APIs Used in 7 Days: MusicBrainz, Wikipedia and Amazon Product Advertising 11-17-2012
Best New Mashups: Food Mashups Using Facebook, Ordr.in and DealSurf 11-16-2012
Today in APIs: Brightcove Releases App Cloud Mobile App Platform, DataSift Partners with Bitly and 17 New APIs 11-15-2012
44 Energy APIs: Genability, EnergyStar and 3TIER 11-14-2012
152 UK APIs: BBC, BBC Music and CloudMade 11-13-2012
66 New APIs: Amazon CloudFront CDN, Chase and HelloSign 11-11-2012
49 Library APIs: LibraryThing, WorldCat Search and Bookshare 11-06-2012
69 New APIs: Google, Rackspace and PassHound 11-04-2012
14 APIs Used in 7 Days: eBay, Foursquare and Amazon eCommerce 11-03-2012
Best New Mashups: October Roundup Featuring GoogleMaps, Facebook and Tumblr 11-02-2012
Today in APIs: Apigee Launches Mobile Analytics, Mashery Teams With Intel for Enterprise API Management and 17 New APIs 11-01-2012
71 URL-Shortener APIs: Bit.ly, Google URL Shortener and Tiny-URL Open 10-31-2012
41 Contacts APIs: Google Contacts, Windows Live Contacts Control and Highrise 10-30-2012
83 New APIs: Mozilla Persona, Votizen and Social Crawlytics 10-28-2012
9 APIs Used in 7 Days: Rotten Tomatoes, YouTube and Google Custom Search 10-27-2012
Today in APIs: API Strategy Conference Nearly Sold Out, Telefonica acquires Tokbox API and 20 New APIs 10-26-2012
Best New Mashups: Week In Review Featuring Google Maps, Twitter and YouTube 10-26-2012
Today in APIs: Continuuity is Platform as a Service For Big Data, App.net Hackathon Recap and 10 New APIs 10-25-2012
43 Documents APIs: Drawloop, Issuu Search and Docstoc 10-24-2012
34 Tagging APIs: Zemanta, 43Things and Evernote 10-23-2012
81 New APIs: Google, Revel and Instafilter.io 10-21-2012
15 APIs Used in 7 Days: Flickr, Google App Engine and Mail Chimp 10-20-2012
Best New Mashups: The Latest Flickr Mashups 10-19-2012
Today in APIs: GraphEffect Launches Shift.com, Twilio Introduces Flask-RESTful, and 9 New APIs 10-18-2012
50 Backend APIs: CloudMine, Mydigitalstructure and QuickBlox 10-17-2012
27 Radio APIs: BBC, NPR and Yes Broadcast DB 10-16-2012
96 New APIs: Adobe PhoneGap, Alcatel-Lucent and Hipmob 10-14-2012
7 APIs Used in 7 Days: Instagram, Facebook and Twilio SMS 10-13-2012
Best New Mashups: Reference Mashups Using Wikipedia, Twilio SMS and Google Maps 10-12-2012
39 PIM APIs: Zoho, Windows Live Contacts and Evernote 10-10-2012
45 SEO APIs: Google AdSense, Alexa and Yahoo Site Explorer 10-09-2012
70 New APIs: Capital One, ESPN and Tapstream 10-07-2012
19 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon S3, Box.net and Google Maps 10-06-2012
Best New Mashups: September Roundup Featuring Google Maps, Last.fm and Twitter 10-05-2012
Today in APIs: APIs Transforming the Web, Google Launches Website Promoting Google Maps and 14 New APIs 10-04-2012
59 Money APIs: Microsoft adCenter, ActBlue and TD Ameritrade 10-03-2012
255 SMS APIs: Twilio SMS, Tropo and Nexmo 10-02-2012
80 New APIs: Amazon Auto Scaling, Google Civic Information and Progressive SuperCREWS 09-30-2012
Best New Mashups: Sports Mashups Using ESPN, Google Maps and Twitter 09-28-2012
Today in APIs: Yahoo Adds Geo Services to BOSS, 2012 Election Hackathon and 9 New APIs 09-27-2012
270 Video APIs: YouTube, Flickr and Skype 09-26-2012
316 Government APIs: Sunlight Labs Congress, NOAA National Weather Service and US Postal Service 09-25-2012
96 New APIs: Craigslist, Pearson and FullContact 09-23-2012
22 APIs Used in 7 Days: Bing, Dropbox and US Postal Service 09-22-2012
Best New Mashups: Weather Mashups Using Weather Underground, Weather Central and Google Maps 09-21-2012
Today In APIs: Twitter CEO Ignores Developers' Anger, OneTok Launches Voice Recognition Platform, and 20 New APIs 09-20-2012
443 Enterprise APIs: LinkedIn, Salesforce and FedEx 09-19-2012
36 Politics APIs: Sunlight Labs Congress, OpenSecrets and GovTrack.us 09-18-2012
88 New APIs: App.net, MasterCard and Locu 09-16-2012
14 APIs Used in 7 Days: SoundCloud, Tumblr and YouTube 09-15-2012
Best New Mashups: Movies Mashups Using Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes and Facebook 09-14-2012
Today in APIs: Twitter's New API Rules Claim Another Victim, Spotlight on SoundCloud Developer Evangelist Paul Osman and 16 New APIs 09-13-2012
53 Feeds APIs: Google Ajax Feeds, Superfeedr and Feedzilla 09-12-2012
50 Television APIs: BBC, Dailymotion and Justin.tv 09-11-2012
77 New APIs: 4Chan, WhyGo and Vayant 09-09-2012
15 APIs Used in 7 Days: TripIt, Facebook Graph and Foursquare 09-08-2012
Best New Mashups: August Roundup Featuring Google Maps, YouTube and Twilio 09-07-2012
Today in APIs: Amazon CloudFront Adds Cookies, Google Places API Developer Challenge for Good, and 14 New APIs 09-06-2012
144 Office APIs: Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets and Google Documents 08-28-2012
70 New APIs: Amazon Glacier, American Express and SproutVideo 08-26-2012
37 APIs Used in 7 Days: eBay, PayPal and Last.fm 08-25-2012
Best New Mashups: Week In Review Featuring Google Maps, Dropbox and Spotify 08-24-2012
Today in APIs: Apigee Launches Next Generation API Platform, Amazon Glacier's Hidden Landmine and 5 New APIs 08-23-2012
54 Widgets APIs: Google, Facebook and Netvibes 08-22-2012
44 Booking APIs: Rezgo, TourCMS and Travelport 08-21-2012
100 New APIs: Google Commerce Search, Intel and Human.io 08-19-2012
10 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook Chat, Bing Translator and Twilio 08-18-2012
Best New Mashups: Visualization Mashups Using Twitter, Google Earth and Bing Maps 08-17-2012
Today in APIs: Diffbot’s New API is a Decoder Ring for the Web, Telesocial Releases Social Calling API and 16 New APIs 08-16-2012
36 Conversion APIs: Drawloop, PDF Generator and Web2PDF 08-15-2012
73 Management APIs: BuzzData, AppHarbor and Voo2do 08-14-2012
69 New APIs: Yfrog, TinyGrab and Intigi 08-12-2012
13 APIs Used in 7 Days: Instagram, Flickr and Google App Engine 08-11-2012
Best New Mashups: Geolocation Mashups Using Google Maps, Foursquare and Twitter 08-10-2012
Today In APIs: ESPN API Updates for the Olympics, LinkedIn Revamps API Terms, Parse.ly Releases API and 15 New APIs 08-09-2012
239 Messaging APIs: Twilio SMS, Skype and Nexmo 08-08-2012
199 Email APIs: SendGrid, Google Gmail and Yahoo Mail 08-07-2012
99 New APIs: Amazon, StayClassy, Singly and Cheddar 08-05-2012
12 APIs Used in 7 Days: Meetup, Google Maps and Pinterest 08-04-2012
Best New Mashups: July Roundup Featuring Twitter, Foursquare and Wikipedia 08-03-2012
Today in APIs: In Search of the Full Write Google Plus API, Buffer Opens Its API and 14 New APIs 08-02-2012
91 Sports APIs: FanFeedr, Seatwave and ESPN 08-01-2012
221 Marketing APIs: SendGrid, MailChimp and Eventbrite 07-31-2012
74 New APIs: Google BigQuery, Mozilla, Referly and Webshell 07-29-2012
12 APIs Used in 7 Days: Indeed, Wikipedia and Ordr.in 07-28-2012
Best New Mashups: The Latest Twilio Mashups 07-27-2012
56 Geocoding APIs: Geocoder, Google and MapLarge 07-25-2012
62 Image APIs: Yahoo, Google Street and Library of Congress 07-24-2012
Best New Mashups: Photo Mashups Using Flickr, Facebook and Bing 07-20-2012
Today in APIs: Skyhook's In-Flight Location API, Amazon's First AWS Event and 16 New APIs 07-18-2012
38 Visualization APIs: Google, COLOURlovers and GeoIQ 07-18-2012
52 Language APIs: Google, Calais and Bing 07-17-2012
81 New APIs: Filepicker, Google, Fujifilm and Walgreens 07-15-2012
13 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Places, Hoiio and Genability 07-14-2012
Best New Mashups: Health Mashups Using Google Maps, Yahoo Answers and Twitter 07-13-2012
49 New APIs: Huffington Post, SNTMNT and iKnode 07-08-2012
14 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twilio, Google Maps and Bit.ly 07-07-2012
Best New Mashups: June Roundup Featuring Bing, Twitter and Weather Central 07-06-2012
73 Transportation APIs: Yahoo Traffic, iRail and TFL Cycle Hire 07-04-2012
42 Collaboration APIs: Box.net, Basecamp and Grove.io 07-03-2012
56 New APIs: Zapier, FoxMetrics and ShopperTrak 07-01-2012
50 APIs Used in 7 Days: Last.fm, Foursquare and Dropbox 06-30-2012
Best New Mashups: Fun Mashups Using LastFM, Twitter and Yelp 06-29-2012
39 Affiliate APIs: Best Buy, Zanox and Expedia 06-27-2012
180 Finance APIs: PayPal, CrunchBase and FreshBooks 06-26-2012
75 New APIs: Adobe, Amazon, SendGrid and Yahoo 06-24-2012
25 APIs Used in 7 Days: eBay, Spotify and YouTube 06-23-2012
Best New Mashups: Using BuzzData to Find the Best Cities in the World 06-22-2012
146 Location APIs: Foursquare, Panoramio and Geocoder 06-20-2012
373 Telephony APIs: Twilio, Skype and Tropo 06-19-2012
Best New Mashups: The Latest Facebook Mashups 06-15-2012
111 Semantic APIs: MusicBrainz, Calais and DBpedia 06-13-2012
88 Local APIs: Yahoo Local, Yelp and Zvents 06-12-2012
72 New APIs: Aetna, PrivacyChoice and US Census Bureau 06-10-2012
23 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon, Flickr and LinkedIn 06-09-2012
Best New Mashups: The Latest Twitter Mashups 06-08-2012
71 eCommerce APIs: Seatwave, Playme and eBay 06-06-2012
78 Hosting APIs: Heroku, CloudMine and BuzzData 06-05-2012
56 New APIs: Zyncro, CloudBank and Mobile App Testing 06-03-2012
30 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, Wikipedia and Freebase 06-02-2012
Best New Mashups: May Roundup Featuring Amazon, Facebook and New York Times 06-01-2012
97 Games APIs: SecondLife, Internet Video Archive and EVE Online 05-30-2012
81 New APIs: Associated Press, Nike, eBay, Rdio and SendGrid 05-27-2012
18 APIs Used in 7 Days: Yahoo, Thrutu and Forvo 05-26-2012
Best New Mashups: News Mashups Using Bing, Google and Yahoo 05-25-2012
123 Database APIs: GeoNames, Freebase and Yahoo Query Language 05-23-2012
53 Microblogging APIs: Twitter, TwitPic and What The Trend 05-22-2012
78 New APIs: MasterCard, Travelocity and AddShoppers 05-20-2012
19 APIs Used in 7 Days: Bing, Google Analytics and Grooveshark 05-19-2012
Best New Mashups: Music Search and Discovery Mashups Featuring YouTube, SoundCloud and SpotifyMetadata 05-18-2012
72 Medical APIs: Avvo, National Library of Medicine and NHS 05-16-2012
45 Coupons APIs: Groupon, 8coupons and US Yellow Pages 05-15-2012
71 New APIs: Wishpot, Gecko and Optical Character Recognition 05-13-2012
16 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, New York Times and Klout 05-12-2012
Best New Mashups: Games Mashups Using Google Maps, Twilio and AMEE 05-11-2012
42 Environment APIs: AMEE, Brighter Planet and Carma 05-09-2012
48 Monitoring APIs: WatchMouse, Amazon and Google 05-08-2012
59 New APIs: Intuit, StumbleUpon and FireText 05-06-2012
25 APIs Used in 7 Days: Dropbox, Salesforce and Netflix 05-05-2012
Best New Mashups: April Roundup Featuring Foursquare, Google Maps and Amazon 05-04-2012
125 Places APIs: Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yahoo 05-02-2012
93 Events APIs: Eventful, Upcoming, Google Calendar 05-01-2012
62 New APIs: Google Drive, Visa and Yahoo Geo Location 04-29-2012
20 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Maps, Blogger and US Yellow Pages 04-28-2012
Best New Mashups: Travel Search Mashups Using HotelsCombined and Twitter 04-27-2012
88 Project Management APIs: Basecamp, Backpack and Cohuman 04-25-2012
46 Research APIs: DataUnison, Mendeley, LexisNexis and Zotero 04-24-2012
88 New APIs: Twilio, HP and LexisNexis 04-22-2012
20 APIs Used in 7 Days: Weather Underground, eBay and GitHub 04-21-2012
Location Mashups using Facebook, Foursquare and Google Maps 04-20-2012
63 CRM APIs: Salesforce, BatchBook and Campaign Monitor 04-18-2012
62 Real Time APIs: Twitter, Thrutu and Pusher 04-17-2012
56 New APIs: Art.sy, PBS and Visual Voicemail 04-15-2012
17 APIs Used in 7 Days: Nexmo, CloudMine and Scribd 04-14-2012
Best New Mashups: March Roundup Featuring Facebook, YouTube, GoogleMaps and Groupon 04-13-2012
What Kinds of APIs Do Developers Most Love? 04-11-2012
73 Voice APIs: Twilio, Skype and Tropo 04-10-2012
72 New APIs: Amazon, Google, HarperCollins and PicMonkey 04-08-2012
26 APIs Used in 7 Days: Pinterest, iTunes and Vimeo 04-07-2012
Best New Mashups: Real Estate Mashups Using Google Maps, Zillow and Twilio 04-06-2012
30 Authentication APIs: Google, AOL, Windows Live and Yahoo 04-04-2012
35 Invoicing APIs: PayPal, FreshBooks and Blinksale 04-03-2012
69 New APIs: Google Street View, Bing and PBS 04-01-2012
20 APIs Used in 7 Days: Foursquare, ESPN and Digg 03-31-2012
Best New Mashups: Mashups using Google Plus 03-30-2012
195 Science APIs: Springer, EPA and NCBI 03-28-2012
307 Mobile APIs: Foursquare, Instagram and iTunes 03-27-2012
63 New APIs: Microsoft, TED, TripAdvisor and HP 03-25-2012
25 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, Rovi and Seatwave 03-24-2012
Best New Mashups: Search Mashups Using Facebook, Twitter and Wolfram Alpha 03-23-2012
37 Health APIs: Google Health, Avvo and Fitbit 03-21-2012
54 Data APIs: RapLeaf, Outside.in and Factual 03-20-2012
58 New APIs: AT&T, goMobi and Social Shopping 03-18-2012
21 APIs Used in 7 Days: Bing, Genability and SoundCloud 03-17-2012
Best New Mashups: Energy Mashups using Amazon, Genability and DonorsChoose 03-16-2012
61 Geolocation APIs: Panoramio, Google Gears and Yahoo 03-14-2012
53 Books APIs: Google Books, Goodreads and SharedBook 03-13-2012
64 New APIs: ESPN, SendHub and Mobile Payments 03-11-2012
13 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon, Groupon and Rotten Tomatoes 03-10-2012
57 Chat APIs: Skype, MSN Messenger and Google Talk 03-07-2012
124 Payment APIs: PayPal, Amazon and Stripe 03-06-2012
62 New APIs: Roku, TaskRabbit, Rogers and mobDB 03-04-2012
15 APIs Used in 7 Days: Instagram, Sonos and Spotify 03-03-2012
Best New Mashups: Developer Spotlight on Elixiraddons 03-02-2012
134 Security APIs: Google, Janrain and Windows Live 02-29-2012
134 Travel APIs: Kayak, Yahoo Travel and HotelsCombined 02-28-2012
91 New APIs: Amazon, Bing Maps, Getty Images and SendGrid 02-26-2012
19 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Maps, ConstantContact and Flickr 02-25-2012
Best New Mashups: Vizualization Mashups Using Twitter, Twilio and Klout 02-24-2012
203 Photo APIs: Flickr, Foursquare and Yahoo Image Search 02-22-2012
112 Advertising APIs: Google AdSense, Google AdWords and FeedBurner 02-21-2012
Best New Mashups: Tools Mashups Using Google Maps, Google Chart and Zazzle 02-17-2012
40 Real Estate APIs: Zillow, Trulia, Walk Score 02-15-2012
45 Transit APIs: Yahoo Traffic, SMSMyBus and BART 02-14-2012
68 New APIs: Msgme, Searchify and Snapjoy 02-12-2012
31 APIs Used in 7 Days: Zillow, Sendgrid and Yahoo Answers 02-11-2012
Best New Mashups: The Latest Flickr Mashups 02-10-2012
81 Analytics APIs: Google Analytics, SendGrid and Awe.sm 02-08-2012
97 Cloud APIs: Twilio, Google App Engine and Tropo 02-07-2012
71 New APIs: SinglePlatform, CBSSports.com and Web Video Dashboard 02-05-2012
30 APIs Used in 7 Days: LinkedIn, CloudMine and Wikipedia 02-04-2012
Best New Mashups: Discovery Mashups using Twitter, Rovi and Last.FM 02-03-2012
81 News APIs: Digg, FanFeedr and ClearForest 02-01-2012
76 Storage APIs: Box.net, Amazon S3, Dropbox 01-31-2012
64 New APIs: Parse.ly, ImageCollect and Yottaa 01-29-2012
39 APIs Used in 7 Days: Foursquare, AngelList, GitHub 01-28-2012
Best New Mashups: Book Mashups using Freebase, Google Maps and Amazon 01-27-2012
37 Food APIs: Menu Mania, Beer Mapping, FatSecret 01-25-2012
84 Education APIs: DonorsChoose, Forvo, Dipity 01-24-2012
81 New APIs: Boliven, DealsGoRound and Open Government Data 01-22-2012
42 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, Bandcamp, Klout 01-21-2012
Best New Mashups: Mapping Revisited 01-20-2012
160 Music APIs: Last.fm, SoundCloud and Spotify 01-18-2012
67 Recommendations APIs: Rotten Tomatoes, CleverSet and Evri 01-17-2012
73 New APIs: AT&T, Social Analytics and Online Learning 01-15-2012
30 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twilio, Bing, Reddit 01-14-2012
Best New Mashups: Recommendations 01-13-2012
26 Weather APIs, 12 Support JSON 01-11-2012
46 New APIs: CoffeeBean, Responsys and Tweet Management 01-08-2012
17 APIs Used in 7 Days: Eventbrite, Facebook Graph, Gowalla 01-07-2012
Best New Mashups: Foursquare 01-06-2012
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Best New Mashups: Best Mashups of 2011 12-30-2011
Best New Mashups: Analytics 12-23-2011
70 New APIs: Google Affiliate Network, Visual Search and Mobile App Sales Tracking 12-18-2011
20 APIs Used in 7 Days: Digg, Google Maps and Hoiio Voice 12-17-2011
Best New Mashups: Movies 12-16-2011
71 New APIs: iTunes & App Store Search, CloudFlare, and Hub9 CloudSearch 12-11-2011
16 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, YouTube and AMEE 12-10-2011
62 New APIs: PeekYou, Customer Experience and Feed Search 12-04-2011
12 APIs Used in 7 Days: Bing Maps, Rotten Tomatoes and Wikipedia 12-03-2011
Best New Mashups: Job Search 12-02-2011
69 New APIs: Aviary Mobile, InVox and Indoor Mapping 11-27-2011
20 APIs Used in 7 Days: Yelp, Zazzle and Bandcamp 11-26-2011
68 New APIs: AMEX OPEN Forum, OpenMenu and Phone Call Demographics 11-20-2011
17 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Analytics, Wordpress.com and Orange Location 11-19-2011
Best New Mashups: Video and YouTube 11-18-2011
46 New APIs: Amazon SNS, YouSendIt and Free Music 11-13-2011
25 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twitter, Foursquare, Last.fm 11-12-2011
Best New Mashups: Shopping Season 11-11-2011
61 New APIs: deviantART, Kinamik, TransiCast 11-06-2011
32 APIs Used in 7 Days: Bing, Flickr, Thrutu 11-05-2011
Best New Mashups: Twilio Mashups 11-04-2011
56 New APIs: StackMob, Civicboom, Parse 10-30-2011
35 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon eCommerce, Google Plus, Groupon 10-29-2011
Best New Mashups - Starting Your New Business 10-28-2011
50 New APIs: PayPal Invoicing, CloudMine and New York City's API 10-23-2011
23 APIs Used in 7 Days: 8coupons, Zillow, Instagram 10-22-2011
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Best New Mashups: Sharing Your Photos 10-21-2011
48 New APIs: Datafiniti, EPA Envirofacts and Social Games Mechanics Platform 10-16-2011
37 APIs Used in 7 Days: Trulia, Google Maps, Salesforce.com 10-15-2011
52 New APIs: 3Scale, Apigee and Daily Deals Aggregation 10-09-2011
23 APIs Used in 7 Days: Bandcamp, Facebook, Tumblr 10-08-2011
53 New APIs: Google+ Hangouts, PicYou, 2009 Recovery Act data 09-25-2011
13 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twilio, Geoloqi, Jamendo 09-24-2011
Thrutu Announces Judges for Their Button Developer Contest 09-22-2011
40 New APIs: Google Plus, Social Trip Planning, Foodspotting 09-18-2011
26 APIs Used in 7 Days: Bing Maps, Flickr, Hoiio 09-17-2011
Register Now For the Twilio Conference 09-12-2011
36 New APIs: Cloud-Based Video Encoding, Fotomoto, RealGravity 09-11-2011
17 APIs Used in 7 Days: Interfax, Heroku, YouTube 09-10-2011
85 New APIs: InfoChimps, Uberblic, Social Bookmarking 09-04-2011
17 APIs Used in 7 Days: Box.net, iTunes, Twitter 09-03-2011
Enhance Phone Calls in the Thrutu Developer Contest 08-31-2011
40 New APIs: Automated Trading, Flickr Real Time, Best Buy BBYOpen 08-28-2011
25 APIs Used in 7 Days: CareerBuilder, Last.fm, LinkedIn 08-27-2011
6000 Mashups: Social Continues Rising 08-26-2011
45 New APIs: MongoDB, Podcast Retrieval, Skyscanner 08-21-2011
23 APIs Used in 7 Days: Nexmo Wholesale SMS, Google Maps, Facebook 08-20-2011
61 New APIs: Apple iCloud, Jonathan's Card, Micropoll 08-14-2011
23 APIs Used in 7 Days: Twilio, Yelp and Travel Booking 08-13-2011
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34 New APIs: Political Influence, Cloudwords, Font Kit Publishing 08-07-2011
28 APIs Used in 7 Days: Yahoo PlaceFinder, Flickr, Groupon 08-06-2011
20 New APIs: Paspartout, Locr and Electricity Metering 07-24-2011
20 APIs Used in 7 Days: Thrutu, Bing, Twilio 07-23-2011
54 New APIs: Aviary, Maestro, and Mobile Payments 07-17-2011
42 APIs Used in 7 Days: Aviary Effects, eBay, Google Maps 07-16-2011
40 New APIs: BlinkCampaign, BlueMelon, and Mobile Marketing 07-10-2011
36 APIs Used in 7 Days: Zillow, Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix 07-09-2011
38 New APIs: BlueVia, MLKSHK and Wine Search 07-03-2011
17 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Tasks, Twitter, Wikipedia 07-02-2011
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22 New APIs: Freshmeat, Zatune, Social Search and Recommendation Service 06-26-2011
32 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, FourSquare, Flickr 06-25-2011
31 New APIs: My Opera, Aculab Cloud, Real-Time Group Chat 06-19-2011
17 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Maps, YouTube, Twitter 06-18-2011
29 New APIs: Forrst, Location Based Audio Platform and USA Today Census 06-12-2011
39 APIs Used in 7 Days: Facebook, Flickr and Netflix 06-11-2011