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Sample Source Code: BlinkStick .Net Sample Code by BlinkStick Followers

This is an officially supported BlinkStick sample code implementation for Microsoft.NET/Mono frameworks, complete withan examples folder within source repository containing all examples ready to compile and run. The code samples will allow you to execute the following functions on both BlinkStick and BlinkStick Pro: Get Information About BlinkStick, Find By Serial Number, Set Random Color, Turn BlinkStick Off, Blink Color, Morph to Color, Pulse Color, and Monitor when BlinkStick is connected or disconnected. Also included, are the following for ode samples only for BlinkStick Pro: Set Indexed Colors and Send Color Frame BlinkStick is a smart LED controller with integrated USB firmware. It plugs into your computer and allows control the color of individually addressable or single color LEDs and LED strips and wide range programming language implementations give you the power to control the LEDs without the need to program a microcontroller.