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Sample Source Code: ParallelDots Keyword Generator Followers

The ParallelDots Keyword Generator is a powerful tool with text analysis that can be used to index data, generate tag clouds and accelerate the searching time. It generates an extensive list of relevant keywords and phrases to make research more context focused. This code sample is for use with the ParallelDots Keyword Generator API. from paralleldots.config import get_api_key import requests import json def get_keywords( text ): api_key = get_api_key() if not api_key == None: if type( text ) != str: return { "Error": "Input must be a string." } elif text in [ "", None ]: return { "Error": "Input string cannot be empty." } url = "" r = url, params={ "api_key": api_key, "text": text } ) if r.status_code != 200: return { "Error": "Oops something went wrong ! You can raise an issue at" } r = json.loads( r.text ) return r else: return { "Error": "API key does not exist" }