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Sample Source Code: Postman Examples by AWeber Communications

AWeber's Postman samples outline common tasks that your application may need to perform. These tasks include: - Find a list and get tags - Find a list on an account - Get the list's tags - Find a subscriber on a list - Add the subscriber if not found - Update the subscriber - Get the subscriber's activity - Delete the subscriber - Create a custom field - Update the custom field - Delete the custom field - Find a subscriber in an account by email address - Get subscribers for a list - Get a specific subscriber - Move the subscriber to the another list - Create a broadcast - Schedule the broadcast - Get Sent Broadcast Details - Get all broadcasts for a list - Get total number of draft, scheduled and sent broadcasts - Get the subject of the first draft, scheduled and sent broadcasts - Get broadcasts for a list - Get statistics for a broadcast (campaign) - Get broadcasts for a list - Get messages for a broadcast - Get subscribers for all messages of the broadcast - Get Email address for a subscriber of the message - Get message opens and clicks - Get campaigns for a list - Get links for a campaign - Get clicks for the campaign - Get webforms for a list - Get webform split tests for a list - Get split test components - Get integrations used for email sharing