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Sample Source Code: Pryv App Node Backup

Simple Node.js script to backup your Pryv data.

In your terminal, run the following commands:
npm install
to download required dependencies
npm start
to launch the backup script.

This will ask you for the domain, username and password of the Pryv account you wish to back up

FormatYour data will be downloaded in ./backup/{username}.{domain}/

This downloads the following in JSON format:
  • Public profile
  • Accesses
  • Followed slices
  • Streams
  • Events
  • Account Info

As well as the following in binary files:
  • Attachment files

Running conditions
The operation might take a while in case the data size is substantial. Please, leave requests here.

As a package
It is also possible use the backup function in your code.

Add the following to your package.json: "pryv-backup":"git+ssh://"

then use it as following:
var backup = require('pryv-backup');

var settings = {
      username: USERNAME,  
      domain: DOMAIN, // optional  
      password: PASSWORD,  
      includeTrashed: true, // default: false  
      includeAttachments: true // default: false
settings.backupDirectory = new backup.Directory(settings.username, settings.domain);  

backup.start(settings, function (err) {  
      if (err) {  
        // manage error  
      // ...