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AnchorFree Proxy iOS SDK by AnchorFree Followers

The AnchorFree Proxy iOS SDK provides a way to protect your applications from throttling, censorship and interference. It provides a way to achieve anti-blocking features for mobile applications that protects all qualifying HTTP/HTTPS requests. Some features includes; Protects your API calls from being blocked by IP address or DNS name, Protects your API calls from being eavesdropped by third-party and Protects user data such as cookies, tokens and sessions across the application. AnchorFree protects your user data from ISPs and hackers, and provides a way for your app to be available globally. The AnchorFree service allows you to build secure applications that can't be throttled or restricted and supports popular VPN protocols and major client platforms. AnchorFree engineers develop innovative technologies that enable users to stay secure and private online.