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Checkmate Vivus PHP SDK by Checkmate Concevoir Comments

This PHP SDK allows you access to the Checkmate Vivus API. Checkmate Vivus is an events social network designed to provide a way of socializing via events. It helps developers integrate the events API on various browsers and devices, that allows programmatic access to much of the data in the Checkmate system. Checkmate Vivus is an Events management and social network platform to share events, build connections, buy tickets, host events, promote, and reach out to your intended targets. It enables you to create events, see what events people are talking about, view popular events with your target audience and advertise to them using digital posters and join one of the thousands events managers and companies who use the checkmate vivus platform to get instant feedback. Checkmate Concevoir is a is a data management company in the United Kingdom with products that includes; Checkmate Vivus, Deus and Iuvo.