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Expedia Android SDK

Expedia, the travel resource to plan a trip from beginning to end, features an Android SDK. The project contains 2 components: An Android optimized Java library to make calls to the Expedia Affiliate Network API and a sample Android app that uses the API to visualize the example of the calls made. The requirements to create applications with travel features include Java JDK 1.6+ and Apache Ant 1.7+. The Expedia Android SDK needs to have the tools and the platform directories on the path, and supports Android version Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and above. If users are have additional interest about development possibilities such as how to build a fully API dependent site, style content to a particular business model, or control brand with SEO/SEM benefits, then they can use the Expedia EAN API. With the EAN API, users can register for an API key and launch a site.