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Guidebook Python SDK by Guidebook Comments

Guidebook Python SDK is a python client for the Guidebook API.

Guidebook is a simple, yet powerful, app building platform that lets you create an app in four easy steps - no technical skills required. Choosing from a gallery of mobile app templates, you select your features and fill it with content. After publishing, your app will be live in Google Play and the Apple App Store in minutes.

The Guidebook API allows you to manage a subset of the resources available in the Guidebook Builder CMS. The Open API uses resource-oriented URLs, standard HTTP response codes, and HTTP verbs to segment different types of requests. The REST API is intended for content management. If you are interested in integrating with metrics data via our Export API, see the section on Webhooks. To access Guidebook's Open API, you'll need to include an API Key with your requests.