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Liopa LipSecure Android SDK

The Liopa LipSecure Android SDK provides two levels of operations that includes a packaged LipSecure FragmentActivity for direct incorporation into any existing application pathway and access to the LipSecure REST API to post and analyse captured video. This LipSecure service checks for your Android applications, enabling you to verify that a real user is present at key points during application operation. The API requests a random phrase from the LipSecure Phrase Verifier, returning the phrase and a transaction ID and more. LipSecure prompts the user to speak a specific phrase or digit sequence and captures a short video of the user’s lips during their response. The video is then analysed LipSecure’s cloud platform and given a liveness score that is returned to the client application. Liopa technology understands speech just from lip movements; Augmenting audio recognition; Supporting biometrics.