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Mapbox Directions Swift SDK by Mapbox Followers

The Mapbox Directions Swift SDK provides a simple way to connect your iOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS application to the Mapbox Directions API. MapboxDirections.swift pairs well with MapboxGeocoder.swift, MapboxStatic.swift, the Mapbox Navigation SDK for iOS, the Mapbox iOS SDK or macOS SDK and works in Objective-C and Cocoa-AppleScript code, in addition to Swift 3. It allows you to get driving, cycling, or walking directions, for nonstop or multiple stopping points, using a simple interface. The Mapbox Directions API is powered by the OSRM routing engine and open data from the OpenStreetMap project. Some features include; calculate optimal driving, walking, and cycling routes, produce turn-by-turn instructions and produce routes with up to 25 coordinates anywhere on earth. Mapbox is an open source mapping platform for developers.