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MegaMatcher SDK

Large-scale AFIS and multi-biometric identification.
MegaMatcher is designed for large-scale AFIS and multi-biometric systems developers. The technology ensures high reliability and speed of biometric identification even when using large databases. Available as a software development kit that allows development of large-scale single- or multi-biometric fingerprint, iris, face, voice or palm print identification products for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android platforms.
Features and Capabilities:
- Proven in national-scale projects, including passport issuance and voter deduplication.
- NIST MINEX-compliant fingerprint engine, NIST IREX proven iris engine.
- Turnkey multi-biometric solution for national-scale identification projects with MegaMatcher ABIS.
- High performance matching for large-scale systems with MegaMatcher Accelerator.
- Fingerprints, irises and faces can be matched on smart cards using MegaMatcher On Card.
- Includes fingerprint, iris, face, voice and palm print modalities.
- Rolled, flat and latent fingerprint matching.
- BioAPI 2.0 and other ANSI and ISO biometric standards support.
- ICAO requirements compliancy check for face images.
- Effective price/performance ratio, flexible licensing and free customer support.