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mojitok Sticker Swift SDK

Mojitok Sticker Store SDK is a curated store of licensed animated stickers, emojis, and GIFs. Mojitok Sticker Store SDK is being used by some of the largest messaging and keyboard apps around the world, including Samsung in their native messaging app on their Galaxy phones. Mojitok Sticker Store SDK makes it easy for developers to add a sticker/emoji store into their app with a curated feed of licensed animated stickers that their users can purchase and use within their iOS, Android, or web app. Included in this SDK are the following APIs available in Release state: Content API: grants access to over 150,000 licensed animated stickers in GIF and PNG file formats. Text Search API: analyzes user text input with our award-winning text-to-emotion algorithm in order to recommend the most relevant stickers Authentication tokens can be requested at