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Neurotechnology FingerCell SDK

Fingerprint identification for embedded platforms. FingerCell technology is designed for embedded biometric systems developers and features compact, sensor-independent and cross-platform fingerprint recognition algorithm. It offers decent performance on various embedded devices based on low-power microcontrollers or processors. FingerCell is available for integrators as Software Development Kits (SDK) with FingerCell library or source code for developing a fast and reliable system on embedded or mobile platform. Features and Capabilities: - Fast performance even on low speed processors. - Verification (1-to-1 matching) and identification (1-to-many matching) are provided. - Compact fingerprint template and unlimited database size. - ANSI and ISO biometric standards support. - Cross platform algorithm with compact portable source code. - FingerCell Demo Unit with pre-installed algorithm is optionally available. - VeriFinger SDK for desktop and mobile platforms is optionally available. - Reasonable prices, flexible licensing and free customer support.