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Neurotechnology SentiBotics Navigation SDK

Imitation learning-based autonomous robot navigation kit. The software development kit is designed for researchers and engineers working on autonomous robot navigation projects. The kit may be also used for educational purposes in universities and other education institutions. Available as either a complete, ready-to-run robotics system that includes Neurotechnology's mobile reference platform prototype, or as a software-only option for integration into existing robotics hardware. Features and Capabilities: - Proprietary deep neural network based algorithm for imitation learning based autonomous robot navigation. - Autonomous navigation over long distances. - Object learning and recognition engine included. - Software Development Kit is based on Tensorflow and ROS (Robot Operating System) framework middleware. - Gazebo simulator is fully integrated with the kit, and can be used for software development and algorithm evaluation without the need for robotic hardware. - Complete source code for the robotics algorithms is included. - Detailed specifications for the robotics hardware are included. - Ready-to-run mobile robot prototype is optionally available.