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Reincubate iCloud C#/.Net SDK by Reincubate Followers

This is a C#/.Net client for Reincubate's iCloud API. It is a module the works with iOS 10.3 and 7 backups. Ricloud is a Reincubate icloud service that provides functionality for accessing information stored on iCloud, both in batch form from iOS device backups, and in real-time and near-time from other sources with supported access to iCloud. The Reincubate iCloud API provides programmatic iCloud access to investigators, application developers and integrators. It is a RESTful service that makes forms of data available as JSON feeds. This includes functionality for extraction, manipulation and recovery of many types of iOS data, with bulk, scheduled, and realtime data access. It fully supports iOS 9 CloudKit-based iCloud backups, and backups created with the new A9 chipsets. Reincubate provides a way to make Cloud data access simple, for business and consumers.