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Telesign Push Verify Android SDK by Telesign Followers

The Push Verify SDK for Android enables developers to integrate mobile applications with TeleSign's Push Verify service. The Push Verify SDK provides libraries to implement TeleSign soft tokens and push notifications for securing logins, password requests, and other online transactions. Push Verify allows you to enable two-factor authentication in your Android and iOS applications and allows you to; Generate backup codes, Register new customers, Send push notifications and verify transactions. Push verification enables mobile applications to confirm a user's identity by prompting the end user to allow a transaction to occur or not. "Verification" refers to the process of confirming a person's identity; "push" refers to the push notification service used to send the allow/deny message. TeleSign provides a way to build communications and account security into your web and mobile apps. It is a cloud communications platform that empowers Web and mobile app developers the ability to build powerful and secure communication products using a dynamic platform with a large global network. TeleSign supports numerous use cases from SMS and voice messaging, two-factor authentication (2FA), one-time passwords (OTPs), data intelligence, fraud scoring and more.